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Runs on: 828.sip - Android, 804.sip - iPhone, 831.sip - Linux, 830.sip - Mac, 829.sip - Windows, Gnome-globe.svg - in browser or universally.

Learning Lojban

Sounds of Lojban

Flashcard Programs


  • Gnome-globe.svg vlasisku is an easy-to-use online Lojban <-> English dictionary. It is a convenient way to browse and search the definitions from the jbovlaste database.
  • Gnome-globe.svg The official Lojban live dictionary project jbovlaste contains complete or near-complete dictionaries for Russian, Spanish, Esperanto, and English, and the Lojban-in-Lojban dictionary is progressing rapidly.
  • 831.sip 829.sip 830.sip 828.sip A GoldenDict distribution for Lojban has numerous dictionaries suitable for everyone. The best offline choice.
  • 831.sip 829.sip 830.sip 828.sip fricukt supports any operating system where Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari browser can run on. The list of supported devices includes iPads, most Android devices and Chromebooks. Download the app (which is in fact just a sophisticated web-page) using corresponding link there or use it online. Touchscreen-friendly. Also contains some useful tables of cmavo etc.
  • 828.sip lojban dictionary| An android app by Yoshikuni Jujo for quick word lookup.
  • 831.sip 829.sip 830.sip 828.sip lojban dictionaries in Stardict format created from xml dumps of jbovlaste. Several languages are available. View them with GoldenDict, Taptionary, Dictionary Universal and so on.
  • lojban dictionary for Kindle in mobi format created from xml dumps of jbovlaste. Mainly in Japanese.



Syntactic Parsers

Based on the official grammar

Based on experimental grammars

Semantic Parsers

  • Gnome-globe.svg (Haskell) la tersmu by Martin Bays. It translates lojban text to a predicate logic.
  • Gnome-globe.svg (Haskell) la cakyrespa by Yoshikuni Jujo. Run turtle like LOGO with lojban.
  • Gnome-globe.svg (Haskell) la lojysamban by Yoshikuni Jujo. Prolog with lojban.

Word lists


  • 831.sip 829.sip Nick Nicholas translated the text of Colossal Cave in 1991. Robin Lee Powell has heroically translated that translation into a working game - see Colossal Cave for that, and also for the Inform Localisation files needed to create your own Lojbanic IF.
  • 829.sip Colour Bind is a physics platform-puzzler set in an abstract world where gravity is determined not by mass, but by colour. It features a full Lojban translation by Lindar. The game is available on team.
  • 831.sip 830.sip 829.sip Minecraft is a creative exploration game where you pick and place blocks to build worlds. Lindar and other contributors have created a community translation of Minecraft, which is easy to download and install. Unfortunately, we've been yet unsuccessful in getting the attention of the developers to enable Lojban input on Minecraft's public translation website, as it needs further translation. Give them a shout! Community translation file (Outdated) Installation Instructions


  • 831.sip A vim filetype plugin for convenient word-list lookup, auto-lujvoification, and other useful things.
  • 831.sip Lojban-mode syntax highlighting and other support code for emacs
  • 831.sip jbofacki is a jbofihe/camxes CLI shell with Tab-completion of valsi and rafsi, colorized word lookups by literal name or string, etc. Intended for increased fun in exploring the construction of Lojban texts/sentences; also useful as a aid to memory (mi'e la kampu). Requires Python 2.5+, and currently also makfa-cli for generation + update of dictionary data.

Machine translation

  • Gnome-globe.svg zmifanva created by Masato Hagiwara, Lojban ↔ English Machine Translation Engine based on phrase-based statistical machine translation.


Other software can be seen on the talk page.