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A Lojban parser (syntax analyzer) in Java by camgusmis and xorxes.

Has been superseded by Masato Hagiwara's parser, and applied to la ilmentufa, la zantufa etc.

Bug reports / requests

  • kpreid:
    • ke ko'a ce ko'e ke'e ce ko'i does not parse.
      • The parse tree for ke ko'a ce ko'e ke'e ce ko'i is unnecessarily hard to process, as it contains the ke/ke'e brackets in the same parent node (sumti1) as the elements of the outer list; the (somewhat postprocessed) output in TermL syntax is sumti1(sumti2, joikEk, KE, sumti, KEhE); it would be preferable for the last three elements to have a subnode to themselves.
      • Non-Lojban words in ZOI quotes yield invalid TermL: "zoi zoi $ zoi" contains innerWord( $ ) when it should be innerWord( "$" ). 'zoi zoi " zoi' is probably another useful test case.