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These lessons are based on SpanishPod newbie lessons for beginners. The teaching language is English; there are no prerequisites. The lessons can be studied in any order; thus, you are free to choose lessons according to your preferences. It is not necessary to study all lessons; however, it is very recommendable to review the lessons as often as possible.

An index of dialogue lines is available. It includes the lines of all lesson dialogues with translations and audio files.

An introduction to Lojban grammar is also available. This introduction is particularly useful to look up grammar terms that appear in the vocabulary lists of the lessons.


ID lesson title main topic grammar topic verb
A0001 Are you ready yet? leisure: getting ready imperative of esperar estar – to be
A0002 Birthday party leisure: asking to go out present tense of ir ir – to go
A0003 At the bar food: ordering a beer adjectives for m./f. nouns servir – to serve
A0004 She's not Mexican asking: for a name nationalities llamarse-to call oneself
A0005 Take a picture asking: for a favor titels: Señorita, Doña,... tomar – to take
A0006 How's it going? small talk: greetings compliments: guapa/-o alegrar – to delight
A0007 Where are you from? small talk: country of birth ser de – to be from ser – to be
A0008 How do you say ...? asking: for a translation pronunciation of d decir – to say
A0010 I'm hungry leisure: planning to go out querer + infinitive querer – to like
A0011 Call me small talk: saying good bye pronunciation of b and v ver – to see
A0013 Doing the laundry at home: searching hay; voy a + infinitive saber – to know
A0015 Table for two leisure: being seated usted form of verbs importar – to matter
A0016 I feel sick health: stomach ache pronunciation of h and o doler – to hurt
A0019 How do you spell beige? asking: a question impersonal se; spelling escribir – to write
A0021 I'm sleepy leisure: not going out phrases for good bye preferir – to prefer
A0023 Going to the market food: buying apples usted form of verbs dar – to give
A0027 The Neighbor small talk: neighborhood irregular verbs conocer – to know
A0030 Call back later small talk: phone calls pronunciation of ll llamar – to call
A0033 It's expensive in public: taboo subjects adjectives for m./f. nouns tener – to have
A0035 Is anyone in there? in public: in the bathroom poder + infinitive poder – to be able
A0037 The baby is sleeping at home: commanding pronunciation of g and d estar – to be
A0041 Cheers! leisure: toasting subject pronouns brindar – to toast
A0047 Coffee time food: drinking coffee pronunciation of o apetecer – to appetize
A0052 Smells good food: smelling cookies ser and estar oler – to smell
A0056 What time is the train? asking: for the time time of day salir – to leave
A0062 At the bank in public: banking commands with llenar prestar – to loan
A0066 Bottle of water food: ordering water article el for agua (fem.) dar – to give
A0072 Here is my card small talk: networking word ending -ción poder – to be able
A0076 Jet-lag health: jet-lag phrases to agree tener – to have
A0082 My name is... small talk: introducing ones. reflexive verbs llamarse-to call oneself
A0086 Are you single? small talk: in a relation? adjectives for m./f. nouns ser – to be
A0092 How old are you? asking: for one's age tener + number + años parecer – to seem
A0096 I am allergic health: allergies pronunciation of g querer – to want
A0102 Where is the restroom? asking: for the bathroom pronunciation of d estar – to be
A0106 Room service food: ordering a hamburger pronunciation of h llevar – to bring
A0112 What is your
telephone number?
asking: for a phone number phone numbers llamar – to call
A0116 Do you want a mint? health: bad breadth directness of Latinos oler – to smell
A0122 Telephone card asking: to buy something question for buying s.th. dar – to give
A0127 Flirting leisure: flirting gerund (ing-form) sonreír – to smile
A0131 I miss them health: homesickness pronunciation of ll extrañar – to miss