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The LFK (a.k.a. "the Lojban Committee"; Lojban: "la lojbo fuzykamni" or "lyfy") is a standing committee of the LLG. It succeeds the BPFK and is charged with improving formal descriptions of Lojban, elaborating under-documented language features, responding to issues that arise in usage, and maintaining language documentation and instructional materials. Regarding these ends, the LFK is also charged with soliciting and evaluating feedback from members of the Lojban community, encouraging volunteer activity, and generally promoting the growth of the language community.

Meeting Place

The LFK currently holds its general discussions in the #LFK channel on the LLG's "Lojban" chat server at Framateam.org. Meeting place changes, if any, will be announced on this page and elsewhere.

The LFK welcomes to its meeting places everyone who would like to observe the discussion, share ideas or otherwise participate.

Joining Framateam

In order to join the discussion at Framateam (often called "Mattermost", which actually is the name of the software), you'll first need to sign up at Framateam.org by filling out the form and confirming your email address. The interface is in French, but once you get inside, you can change the interface language to English (or Japanese, Spanish, or Portuguese). Here are a few translations to get you through the sign-up part:

  • Quelle est votre adresse e-mail ? = What's your email address?
  • Spécifiez votre nom d'utilisateur = Specify your username.
  • Spécifiez votre mot de passe = Specify your password.
  • Créer un compte = Create an account.

After you sign up, click this invite link in order to join the LLG's "team" (i.e. chat server).

After you click the invite link, click this link to find us in the #LFK channel. (You will be able to join many other channels as well.)

If you get stuck for any reason, please leave a comment on the discussion page and we will try to help.


The LFK came into existence during the 2018 LLG Members' Meeting with the adoption of the LFK Charter.


The initial members of the LFK, joining during the 2019 LLG Members' Meeting, were, in order, Phma, BookOfPortals, Karis, Ilmen, and Maik.

The current members are the same:


The LFK selected Phma to be the first chairperson in January of 2020. He is the current chairperson.


The LFK adopted its standard Procedures, which are intended to make consensus rather than voting the preferred method of making decisions, in February of 2020.


The LFK maintains a log of the actions that it has formally decided to take through its standard procedures. It also maintains an archive of news and other communications.


The LFK has opted to organize its activity in the form of official LFK projects. Each project will have a project coordinator whose role is to organize the activity and keep the project moving toward completion.

Official Lojban Dictionary

The Official Lojban Dictionary Project is a LFK project aimed at creating a new Wiki-based, collaboratively edited dictionary for Lojban intended to contain practical, good-quality definitions for Lojban's core vocabulary. The dictionary's core data will be stored and structured in such a way as to facilitate the exporting of a dictionary entry list printable in a traditional book form.