LFK Procedures

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This page contains a record of approved LFK Standing Orders, Policies, and Procedures.

The contents of this page are copied from the records officially kept in #LFK-logs channel on Mattermost.

See also: LFK Action Log.

Calling for consensus on proposed actions

A proposed action shall be considered "under review" by the LFK after a committee member states, in the agreed forum for committee discussion (currently the Mattermost channel), that they "call for consensus" to perform the action, pinging the other members of the committee if possible; they should do this once the proposal has been discussed enough that they feel the committee is ready to perform this course of action, a threshold which will vary heavily from proposal to proposal.

When there are no objections to the action and at least four days have passed, with another ping if possible midway through (and at least a day before the final closure), any committee member can "close the review" and declare the action taken on the committee's behalf, provided they log the action in the appropriate way, as defined elsewhere in these procedures.

If there is an objection to an action, discussion should follow with the goal of making the action satisfactory to all concerned. If there is still an objection after that discussion, a vote may be called. If there are more than two proposed resolutions, the vote shall be instant runoff. Voting shall remain open at least four days.

Any time period stipulated by this document may be waived if a majority of the committee supports expediting the action. Nothing in this document is intended to prevent committee members from taking minor actions on their own initiative if they do not require the assent of the committee.

Logs shall be kept in the appropriate log channel until the committee may otherwise direct. A log entry must include sufficient information to understand the action without consulting the context in which the action was taken.