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The BPFK (a.k.a. "banpla fuzykamni", "baupla fuzykamni", "byfy") is hereby dissolved.

The LLG hereby commissions the LFK (a.k.a. "lojbo fuzykamni", "lyfy") as a standing committee. This committee shall succeed the BPFK and assume its rights and responsibilities, insofar as they are not superseded by this charter. The LFK is charged, on behalf of the LLG, to:

  • Improve and maintain formal descriptions of, and technical standards for, Lojban;
  • Elaborate upon undocumented and under-documented language features;
  • Respond to issues that arise in usage;
  • Maintain language documentation and instructional materials;
  • Coordinate a Request for Comment process whereby any member of the Lojban community can make proposals relating to the these purposes, solicit public comment on the proposals, and have their proposals evaluated and decided upon by LFK or its delegates;
  • Supervise and encourage volunteer activity related to these purposes; and
  • Always consider the implications of its actions for the retention of current language users and the growth of the language community.

The LFK is expressly empowered to determine its own decision-making process and pursue its own agenda within the scope of its charge as specified in this charter. The LFK is encouraged to review the governance models of other open organizations, including open source projects, and to consider them in the formulation of its rules. It is also encouraged to annually review its policies in the light of experience and changing circumstances.

It is expected that almost all decisions of the LFK will be made by consensus, rather than a pure vote. While the LFK may formulate standards for determining consensus, a matter shall be settled by a vote only if no other option appears viable. The LFK is expected to be transparent in the conduct of its affairs, ensuring that all of its processes are openly advertised and easy to find, and responding to all concerns raised by members of the public about its decisions or processes. The LFK shall provide ample opportunity for public comment before any significant decision is made.

The LFK may select a chair, coordinator, or other leader, according to whatever procedure and with whatever responsibilities it decides. If it decides not to elect another leader, it must at the very least select a spokesperson, who will represent it as necessary before the Board of Directors and any Annual or Special Meeting of the LLG. Until the LFK otherwise directs, its leadership shall be vested in a chair, selected by instant runoff vote of the whole committee for a term of 6 months and thereafter until a successor is elected, who shall have responsibility for reporting on its activities to the outside world, presenting its annual report to the LLG, representing it before the LLG and Board, coordinating its members, overseeing the formulation of its agenda, supervising its meetings, and ensuring that accurate, complete, and organized records of its decisions are kept. Although the chair shall have primary responsibility for discharging these functions, all final responsibility and power shall be vested in the committee as a whole.

The LFK is authorized to adopt standards for the Lojban language which may include, but are not limited to, lists of words, definitions in various languages, human or mechanical specifications of the grammar, and instructional or reference texts. The LFK may develop standards documents or recognize documents which have been developed by other bodies or individuals.

Standard documents approved by the LFK shall be deemed a "candidate standard" of the LLG. The LFK shall report all standards adopted by it and not yet presented for review to each annual meeting of the LLG. The LLG reserves the power to review such standards and to ratify them by majority vote, or to decline to do so, or to ratify them with changes, as it sees fit. If a standard presented to it is so ratified, the standard may thereafter be described as an "official standard" of the LLG. Until the ratification takes place, a standard cannot be considered a standard part of the Lojban language and should not be presented as being official or standard Lojban, although it may be used for the purposes of testing and experimentation.

The LFK is responsible for maintaining documentation, including the CLL and such other documentation as it may deem beneficial to its purposes, in two editions, one updated to match "official standards" and one updated to match "candidate standards", each conspicuously labeled as such.

The LFK shall, in addition to any other information in its annual report, include a summary of everything it has done in the proceeding year and specific areas of focus for the following year. It may also recommend for consideration by the membership any amendment to this charter or other action that it believes will be beneficial.

Upon adoption of this policy, the Annual Meeting of LLG membership may appoint members to the committee by a simple majority vote. After this election, the authority to appoint or elect members to the LFK will be delegated to the committee itself. The members appointed by the LLG will be considered to constitute the entire and exclusive membership of the committee until such a time as the LFK exercises the authority to manage its own membership.

In the case that policies specified in this document are found to contradict policies previously established by the LLG, its Board of Directors, or the BPFK, the policies in this document should be held to supplant the previous policies.

The LLG Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws shall in all cases supersede this motion and any policies adopted under it by the LFK.