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brivycme (Experimental lujvo from brivo + cmene; brivo is an experimental gismu for brivla) (Non-experimental synonym: brivlacme) are names (typically prefixed by la) that take the form of brivla instead of cmevla. Some brivycme may take the form of words that do not have a defined meaning otherwise. (Often they are nonce-lujvo, but they may even take the form of undefined gismu or zi'evla if they happen to be aesthetically pleasing. Rafsi are often chosen for semantic assonance rather than literal correctness, after all, "what's in a name?", as they say.)

They are often preferred for calqued / translated (rather than transliterated) names, as they do not require pauses, and won't cause possible ambiguity between consonant-final rafsi and added final consonants. (e.g. is la .mensis. derived from mensi, or menli sisku?)

As brivycme cannot currently be entered into jbovlaste, here is a list of common brivycme used (feel free to add more, but keep the alphabetical order. Avoid personal names unless they are common renderings for a particular common name or famous person)

Additional note: There are experimental rafsi, -bom- and -nom-, indicating "start of name" and "end of name" respectively; either one is elidable. Usage of these is mostly informal and undefined, but may be useful for building words for concepts specific to a named system, similar to how zei is sometimes used with cmevla.

Second additional note: Breved letters (e.g. ĭ, ŭ) are only added to aid pronunciation by marking semivowels, and are not strictly needed.

  • la adzau : Voat (news aggregator website)
  • la baupla fuzykamni, abbrev. bypyfyky / byfy : The BPFK
  • la bauspo fazykamni, abbrev. bysyfyky / bysy : The BSFK
  • la bercribe : Ursa Minor (constellation)
  • la canko : Windows (operating system)
    • variants: la cankyŭidje, la mikranti canko, la mikca'o
    • la canko litru / la ca'orli'u : Windows Explorer (program)
  • la cnino tankoi : New Horizons (space probe)
  • la dontu'u : YouTube (video-sharing website)
  • la dzapre : "Someone", the god of lazy people (also seen as la su'o da)
  • la faglo'u : Firefox (web browser)
  • la fircku : Facebook (social media website)
  • la gadganzu, abbrev. gygy : The gadganzu proposal
  • la gugle : Google (search engine or company)
    • la guglycartu : Google Maps
    • la guglyfanva : Google Translate
    • la guglygri : Google Groups
      • guglyzamgri might be useful to distinguish one Google Group from another. -zam- is the rafsi of zai'e, indicating a jargon word.
    • la guglykagni : (specifically refers to company)
    • la guglymri : Gmail (email provider)
    • la guglysisku : (specifically refers to search engine)
      • la guglyxrasisku : Google Image Search
    • la guglyterdi : Google Earth
    • la guglyŭencu : Google Docs
  • la jamymru : Warhammer (game series)
  • la jaskelci'e / la nunjansu : Diplomacy (board game)
  • la jbomriste : The official Lojban Google Group / mailing list
  • la jbosely'irci : The official Lojban IRC channel
  • la jboŭitki : The official Lojban wiki (this very wiki)
  • la jbovlaste, abbrev. jyvysy : Jbovlaste, community-maintained Lojban dictionary
  • la jvozba : Lujvo building program, another one
  • la kakpyzba : Minecraft (computer game)
  • la kerbale kesli'uci'e : Kerbal Space Program (computer game)
  • la kibli'u : Internet Explorer (web browser)
  • la lojbangri / la lojbangirzu : The Logical Language Group
  • la korpora zei sisku, abbrev. kyzysy : Lojban corpus search engine
  • la makfa nunjmaji / la mafkelci'e / la makfa : Magic: The Gathering (card game)
  • la mensi : Mensi / "Sister", a program with various functions including dictionary search and parsing, available in la jbo'irci and this portal
  • la mi dirba xirma / la mi cmaxi'a : My Little Pony (cartoon)
  • la mikranti / la mikri : Microsoft (software company)
    • la mikca'o : Microsoft Windows (as with la canko)
    • la mikybriju : Microsoft Office
      • la mikyjonse / la miky'aksese : Microsoft Access
      • la mikyvla : Microsoft Word
      • la mikyvli : Micorsoft PowerPoint
      • la mikyxautce / la miky'eksele : Microsoft Excel
    • la mikyvinji : Microsoft Flight Simulator (computer game)
  • la mliba'u : Mumble (voice chat software)
    • Sometimes seen as la mumble, despite being a lujvo with a rather silly jvotau.
    • cmevla version: la .mambyl.
  • la mulno jbobau : The Complete Lojban Language (abbrev. cylyly). See la xuncku.
  • la mupli : website
  • la nikyge'u / la nikyge'u selkei : The Tall-tale game: la nikyge'u
  • la pitxona : Python (programming language)
    • cmevla version: la .piton.
  • la plise : Apple (software company)
  • la pu tcidu / la .putcid. / la .redit. : Reddit (website)
  • la remoi nunji'e / la relnunji'e : Second Life (virtual roleplaying system)
  • la romge : Chrome (web browser)
  • la selskiski: Adjective-noun-style tanru (see selskiski); brivla form: tanruselskiski
  • la skaipe : Skype (chat program)
  • la skiselski: Noun-adjective-style tanru (normal tanru order for Lojban and English); brivla form: tanruskiselski
  • la sutysisku : Sutysisku / "Fast-searcher", a search engine for la jbovlaste.
  • la ŭitkipedi / la ŭitki : Wikipedia (website, community-maintained digital encyclopedia)
    • la ŭitkycku : Wikibooks
    • la ŭitkyvlaste : Wiktionary
    • la ŭitkyvrici: Wikimedia
  • la xorlo : The xorlo reform: redefinition of lo
  • la xuncku : "the Red Book", a nickname for the Complete Lojban Language (la mulno jbobau). So named because of its red cover, and for the association with the other infamous red book, the Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung.