la nikyge'u

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^Translation in progress.^

la nikyge'u (le ikyge'u selkei)

The Tall-tale Game

Due to the fact that this was absolutely hilarious and Lojban lacks some of its own culture-words, this spawned the cimjvo ikyge'u. Borrowing from the idea of 'a big fish' and selckiku's previous suggestion of having 'cimjvo', a new term was coined.

Some time between late Sunday (06/Sept./09} and early Monday a few people were very bored and accidentally created what is probably the best game known to Lojbanistan. The game first started as a play on games similar to Shiritori and Fortunately, Unfortunately' in an attempt to find an interesting and entertaining way for new and old speakers alike to practice their Lojban. We first started off just by naming gismu that began with the last two or three letters (see rules for details) of the previously named gismu, but found this to be somewhat boring. Another player suggested we make whole bridi out of these selbri to make things more memorable, and so we went along with it, saying rather silly things to accommodate the rules. Eventually somebody had said "lo gerku cu nikle", which we thought was absolutely hilarious, and so the next player went on about "lo nikle gerku", which quickly became "le nikle gerku", and evolved into a full-blown story about the nickel-dog, the gold-dog, their child the copper-dog, and their arch-villains the air-dogs (which, sadly, can't remember that they get flight-sick very easily). Out of the many Bill Braskian things attributed to nickel-dog, a few of them are:
  • Magic.
  • Shapeshifting
  • Excreting metals
  • Sapience
||{img src="img/wiki_up/nickel-dog1.jpg" } le nikle gerku cu jundi||


  • 最初のプレイヤーは bridi を“プレイ”します。 普通は、「ニッケル犬/le nikle gerku」を x1 とする何かについて述べます。
  • 次のプレイヤーは、先のプレイヤーが使った selbri の語末の2つか3つの字で始まる別の selbri を使って別の bridi をプレイします。 前の bridi との間に物語が生まれるような脈絡が必要です。
    • 例: A「le nikle gerku cu zvati」 B「i ri tinbe mi」 C「i ri bevri lo bolci」 D「i ri _vri_ci」
  • selbri が tanru の場合、 tanru 中の最後の brivla が続きの対象となります。

Memorable Lines

  • {file name="le nikle gerku.txt" desc="A log of the first game of le nikyge'u selkei."}
  • A sizeable quote from the first game:
    • || pafcribe: ni'o lo nu lo nikle gerku cu makfa cu nibli lo nu ri kakne lo nu steci gasnu .imu'a...

pafcribe: couldn't remember the word for "textual ...."

harblcat: {lo nu} is an event?

pafcribe: yes

pafcribe: the event of ....

pafcribe: I think I got that right, selckiku, can you verify that what I was saying made sense?

harblcat: I see, it modifies the bridi?

pafcribe: I was shooting for "the event of the nickle dog being magic logically necessitates the event that it can do special things"

lindar: le nikle gerku ka'e se bliku fi le solji gerku

selckiku: yes that's what i understood

lindar: >_> There is only one word in all of the gismu list that starts with "bli".

selckiku: except i understood "steci gasnu" as more like "do particular things"

harblcat: special /= particular ?

pafcribe: mmm, what would the word for "special" be?

lindar: lo se steci = a thing with a special/specific/particular quality.

pafcribe: and I was trying to lead into the next person with the {mu'a ...}

pafcribe: true

selckiku: le solji gerku cu kubli lo mutce barda

lindar: Yes, you see I followed the .imu'a.

pafcribe: yes, very nice

pafcribe: though I'm still trying to figure out what you said exactly


||{img src="img/wiki_up/nickel-dog2.jpg" }

Nickel-dog is polygonal and standing at attention!||