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I've been programming computers, doing mathematics, and learning languages since childhood. My invented languages (none of which is anywhere near finished, but I can say a few sentences) include the language families Borogoni (Filofonecian, Azarian, Melonian, Gratye, �nt�bamshi, etc.) and Pihaki (Pigaic, Ubnadck, and an assortment of Seligamine dialects), both of which are vaguely similar to Indo-European, and Weniti (Wanian, Fonrati, and others unnamed) which is completely different (it's agglutinative, the head of a phrase is always at the end, and a noun can take multiple case endings). When I found Lojban, it resonated with some ideas I already had about languages.

I was born in New York, grew up in California and Ohio, and have been in North Carolina for a number of years.

I am an unabashed creationist and think that the influence of cladistics on taxonomy has gone too far. Often I go to the library and study taxonomy, trying to remember which fishes have scales and figure out which birds are clean as well as their orders and families. (Anyone got a good reference for plant taxonomy? The Internet) Although I believe that man is a special creation of God, I believe equally strongly that taxonomically he belongs next to the great apes.

Pierre Abbat has often gone by the name phma.

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