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Lojban gotchas, unexpected points to keep in mind

Before adding something as a gotcha, make sure it really fits the nebulous definition of a "gotcha". Before thinking that your mistake is a gotcha, please consider: Did you just make a typo? Did you just misunderstand a single aspect of the language, or was there some degree of deeper confusion, caused by the interaction of multiple features of the language? This isn't intended to prevent you from adding your gotcha, merely to make you think about more deeply about the nature of what you're reporting, so that this list doesn't simply become an enumeration of all possible mistakes.

Moved, because not really a Gotcha, and already discussed in [How to say it in Lojban|How to say it in Lojban:

  • There is no known, easy way to say what in English is expressed as e.g. "The 17 tallest men". If you say "le paze clanyrai nanmu", you are actually saying that each of the 17 men are tallest, implying that they are all the same height. You have to say "The tallest man, and the second to tallest man, and the third tallest man, and the fourth tallest man ..." etc., ad nauseam.
    • nitcion:
      I think the complaint overstated, and wish this had been asked of the mailing list first. The answers compiled under The 17 tallest men vary, but some of them are reasonably simple, all things considered.
    • rab.spir:
      Certainly. ro lo clani nanmu su'epazemoi is very Lojbanic and does not imply that each of them is the tallest. The vast majority of the discussion on that page is about various ways to say "the Nth tallest man" where the fact that N is (at most 17) only complicates matters.