sesame Street kei without ku Gotcha

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This incredible and nasty Gotcha surfaced in the Lessons, where I (mi'e nitcion) claimed that lenu in lenu tivni la SEsamis.strit. cu se tcika li ze, cu was optional. Trapped by Nora:

No. This parses as:

({} KEI) {se tcika}] KU>

  • } VAU). This shows that the nu...kei is treated like a brivla and is the first part of a tanru, with the second part of the tanru being "se tcika"; so it's a nu...kei type of se tcika as the 1st sumti. The "cu" is necessary, therefore!
    • ji'a zo ku ka'e basti zo cu
      • Nora replies: ku does not always work. If the trailing sumti of tivni is a description (including a name description like "la tsijrsesame klaji") then the ku merely closes that sumti and you would need a second "ku".
    lenu punji le sovda be lo'e cipnrkuku kukuku zvati le zdani be lo'e drata cipni. Take one of the "ku"s out and the parse changes. (Edit: Changed 'lenu that' to 'that lenu' so it made sense in the sentence.)