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  • new section: explanations of su'oi, ro'oi, ru'oi


  • this version of xorlo affects only lo.
  • the old lo is changed to loi'o everywhere in the text.
  • the new lo: plural logic maximum-scope descriptor: those who individually or collectively are ... By default has no outer and inner quantifiers thus without an outer quantifier is not affected by the scope of outer quantifiers of other 'sumti-5' constructs that are children of 'sumti' constructs (only direct hierarchy 'sumti => sumti-1 => sumti-2 => sumti-3 => sumti-4 => sumti-5' is taken into account) at the same layer of formal grammar hierarchy as the 'sumti' construct, of which the current lo'o'o is a child. Nor is it affected by the scope of other direct children of 'term' rule (sumti | (tag | FA #) (sumti | /KU#/) | termset | NA KU # ). lo gerku cu citka can mean both 'Dogs eat collectively' and 'Each dog eats'.


  • totally ugly system: le - lei - le'i but loi'o - loi - lo'i