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This template produces a box with links to a portal or to multiple portals. It is most often used in the "See also" section of an article.


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Basic usage
{{Portal |Portal 1 |Portal 2 |Portal 3 |... }}
All options
 | Portal 1
 | Portal 2
 | Portal 3
 | ... 
 | left = 
 | margin = 
 | break = 
 | boxsize = 


Within articles, this template is meant to be placed at the bottom of the article in the See also section. If there is no See also section, you can put it in the External links section instead; there is no need to create a new section just to house this template. If there is no External links section either, just put it below the article text in the place that seems most appropriate.

There are no particular rules about the placement of portals on other kinds of page.


The portal image names are stored in subpages of Module:Portal/images, organised by the first letter of the portal name. For example, the first letter of Portal:Fishing is "F", so the image name is stored at Module:Portal/images/f. If there is an entry for a portal on the correct page then the corresponding image will be shown next to the portal link. If no image is found then File:Portal-puzzle.svg will be shown instead.

It is also possible to specify aliases for portal images. For example, the code {{portal|Detroit}} produces the same image as the code {{portal|Metro Detroit}}. The "Detroit" alias is found on the page Module:Portal/images/aliases.

The image-detection algorithm is case-insensitive. For example, the code {{portal|Detroit}} will produce the same image as the code {{portal|detroit}} (although the portal links will be different). Portal names are stored in lower case in the image subpages, and input is converted to lower case before being checked.

To add new images to the list, please make a protected edit request at Template talk:Portal to get an administrator to edit the correct subpage for you. Portal images must be either in the public domain or available under a free license that allows commercial reuse and derivative works; fair-use images are not acceptable.


Code Result
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Name Value Description
1, 2, 3 ... The portal name, e.g. Literature The positional parameters specify the portals to be displayed.
left yes If set to yes, the portal appears on the left side of the page instead of the right.
margin CSS margin value, e.g. 1.2em 3em 0.5em 1em This allows you to set a custom margin. All valid CSS margin values are accepted.
break yes If set to yes, a line break is inserted after the portal name and before the word portal.
boxsize Size in pixels, e.g. 300 This sets a custom box width in pixels.


The following tracking category lists instances where the template is used incorrectly:

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