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This page contains a lot of crap. I will slowly comment it out or put it here.

The page must provide only usable links to good texts. (talk) 10:07, 24 madjio 2014 (UTC)

  • Useless since no content there: Everyday Lojban, a textbook of everyday dialogues in English and Lojban. Beginner-and-intermediate level.

lo .uenzi

This section will contain links to corrected texts for The Crash Course in Lojban.

To solve

What we need here is selected texts from Lojban corpus where most lujvo are replaced with tanru or decompressed if they are jvajvo. Limited vocabulary unless absolutely needed.

to add

  • banli nalci bo since - original work by la taun.
  • pa cipni - translation by danr of a shortened version of the chapter "Føgeln", "The Bird" in "Naiv. Super." by Erlend Loe.