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Ni'o ni'o lo nu casnu lo papri

  • Ko'oi sai ga lo jufmei pe na'e bo la Janli Nunctu zenba lo ka gadnysmi, gi lo me JN moi cu jdika. I e'e su'o me la su'o da cu sidju, mi'e tolcre be lo ka finti lo gadnu do'u, mi'e la Cirko (talk) 15:32, 20 May 2016 (PDT)
    • mu'o mi'e La Gleki (talk) 00:51, 21 May 2016 (PDT):
    • i lo gadnu cu mo i ta'o nai e'u ge la janli cu jdike gi lo drata cu zenba i ku'i mi ji'a tolcre lo ka finti

Future additions

"Speak Lojban!" course

Interactive stuff

  • Audio recordings
  • Audio applications ala Flash apps (but on HTML5) showing the pronunciation of Lojban sounds
  • Video introductions


Reading texts in Lojban is also a great Different texts for beginners.

ELG - extended grammar

The full reference grammar. It is an optional part, it is not to be included into all published editions.

It's based on CLL and is intended for those who've read The Crash Course and now want more. ELG is to be written in simple Lojban, although editions in other languages are possible (as of now English edition is under way).

Some parts: "Lojban for logicians", "Math in Lojban"

Lojban Expertise Test

An exam that is to be developed

Syntactic parser

For now the parser trying to stick to the official grammar is to be used. It doesn't support some new particles, though.

Different auxiliary resources