Broken Phone

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  • rapyfanva keinritli
    • ki'a mi'e greg.
  • la selporpi fonxa (la because it is called that, but it is not any kind of fonxa)
    • la spofu fonxa (spofu because it malfunctions, it is not broken into pieces)
    • la seldicra fonxa (isn't anything after la unparsable ? mi'e greg.)


Broken phone is a Lojbanistani version of Chinese Whispers. Here is the telegraphic description of how it works:

  • Take a list of people
  • Choose a text
  • The first person on the list translates it into lojban and sends it on to the next
  • The message gets forwarded all the way round, being translated back and forth betwen Lojban and English
  • Some coordinator gets everything together and posts it on the mailing list, the wiki and wherever else he thinks is convenient.

N.B.: The intermediate language doesn't have to be English.

Broken phone rounds

Here is a list of participants (please try to keep this up to date)