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Here is all the info I posted about myself on jboste, enjoy

Name: Gregory Dyke (greg.daik.)


Occupation: student, IT, EPFL, Switzerland

Hobbies (things I do when I'm not doing smth else): skiing, programming,

tolkien, his languages, lojban, working my way through w3c proposals (yep,

the geeky type)

What I think of lojban : hopefully, will help me understand what I'm saying

and thinking if I'm not sure, gives an introduction to logic (I never

realised that "a if b" was "a or not b"), makes for very powerful

expressions - can't think of any right now %^) ; not likely to succeed for

sapir-whorf, or as an international language. Great potential though for the

semantic web, for translating and for computer-human communication ... oh

yes! and as a conlang worth learning. I wish I could teach my kids (If and

when I have any) lojban, but it would be a bit cruel - so I probably won't.

I aspire to becoming competent at communicating in the language (but I've

got to get through the gismu and cmavo first).

I show up on IP: 213.3.*.* (most often)

My ICQ is 131702262, look for tirno (there are only two of us)


Stuff on the wiki I'm working on: