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Inevitable lujvo war :-)

Re ninsiski (originally used) -> ninsisli'u:

  • ninsisli'u. sisku x2 won't allow lo kensa.
    • Why does ninsiski need to have siski's place structure? whats wrong with x1 explores volume/set x2 for thing x3?
      • What's right with "x1 searches for previously undiscovered property x2 among x3" is that it's a lot easier to predict, given the place structures of cnino and sisku. Yes, seljvajvo are my hobby-horse, not yours; but ninsisku to me doesn't mean "explore"; it means "search for something new" (as in, search, Lojban style, as in, search for property to be matched x2 by what you find within a set of candidates x3.) If you don't agree, fine; I can't and won't compel you to use ninsisku the way I prefer. (I'm hoping you're blinded by its sheer reasonableness instead. :-) ) But remember, you might have to tell people you mean 'explore' instead of 'search, Lojban style, for something new', because the latter is a quite reasonable default assumption. (Oh, and exploration's primarily about travel anyway, I believe.) -- mi'e nitcion
        • I'll be convinced quite a bit more by the construction of a lujvo which does mean exploration, rather than saying mine doesn't mean exploration. :) --Jay
        • Um, dude: ninsisli'u: le ninsisli'u (noi se cnino zi'e noi sisku) cu litru le se litru (poi lu'i ke'a se sisku ku'o); le te litru; le se sisku. x1 explores area x2, using means x3, searching for x4. Whaddaya think? -- nitcion.
          • Er. Durh. Now I feel silly. Ok. That one is excellent. (Changed it above)