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posted 1081 days ago

Original English: Thanks for catching my "jufra" error on proga:LMW - Lojbanic MediaWiki! I got confused by the Lojban Wave Lessons page describing jufra as "utterances". I misinterpreted this description as "anything that can be said".

Lojban translation: .i mi kirsku do lo nu do cfaga'e .ui lo nu mi fliba .ui nai lo nu cusku'i la'e zoi zoi. proga:LMW - Lojbanic MediaWiki .zoi kei ku kei ku poi lo'u jufra le'u ku'o kei ku .i fe mi pu toldra jungau fa lo se batkyci'a ku poi la'e zoi zoi. Lojban Wave Lessons .zoi ku'o fi lo du'u fe lo'u jufra le'u smuni fa zoi zoi. utterances .zoi kei ku .i mi pu toldra jimpe fi lo'u jufra le'u fe lo du'u dunli la'e zoi zoi. anything that can be said .zoi kei ku

Translation back to English: I thank you for (the state of you noticing [☺] (the state of me failing [☹] at (the thing of editing the thing referred to by proga:LMW - Lojbanic MediaWiki))). I was wrongly informed by (the writing which is referred to by "Lojban Wave Lessons") that "jufra" has meaning "utterances". I wrongly understood about "jufra" that it is the same as "anything that can be said".

(Translation note: I couldn't figure out how to translate "anything" without using the experimental cmavo "ro'oi", so I left the whole phrase in English. I welcome any critiques and suggestions on my translations ☺.)