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jvocmevla (from lujvo (compound word), cmene (name), and valsi (word)) are cmevla that can be decomposed into a sequence of rafsi, but that are not valid lujvo as they do not satisfy the necessary condition for being a brivla, namely that the word must have a consonant cluster in the first five letters and end in a vowel. Usual considerations for the creation of brivla, such as the slinku'i test or the tosmabru test do not apply to jvocmevla, as jvocmevla are guaranteed to not fall apart by the presence of the word-final consonant and the surrounding dots.

Some example jvocmevla:

  • .fancylojban. fancylojban from fancu, logji, and bangu, meaning "functional lojban";
  • .camgusmis. camgusmis, from carmi, gusni, and misno, meaning "Brilliant Fame", the jbocme of Robin Lee Powell, a translation of his last name;
  • .lojban. from logji and bangu, meaning "logical language";
  • .gilban. from glico and bangu, meaning "English language".

In fact, as we can see in the two examples .gliban. and .lojban., we can change which rafsi of bangu is used to produce a valid lujvo quite easily, glibau and lojbau, which would respectively mean "English language" and "logical language". This changing of terminally-allowed rafsi into terminally-forbidden rafsi is a common pattern for manufacturing jvocmevla from existing lujvo.