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I have long suspected that zodiacal astrology contains an anticipation of neoJungian typology; that the signs of the zodiac represent types (or pairs of types); that a person can be born to any "sign" on any day; & that the positions of the planets are used as "fudge factors". (This puts me at odds with astrology buffs, who want a science with plug-in answers, & with psychologists, who prefer to avoid any contamination from the "occult"...) Anyway, this is what i came up with-- Aries ISTP, Taurus ESTJ, Gemini INTP, Cancer ESFJ, Leo ENTJ, Virgo ISFP, Libra INFP, Scorpio INTJ, Sagittarius ESTP & ESFP, Capricorn ISTJ & ISFJ, Aquarius ENFP & ENTP, Pisces ENFJ & INFJ. Why bother? Because some of the writing on astrology (particularly the sign & sign compatibility analyses) contains insights that Myers-Briggs writing doesn't. (Of course, a lot of it is poppycock, too.) The spiritual side, as well, is not neglected.

.ui .i'e .i mi cmima la'o xy. Sag EN-p .xy .i mi'e xod

Odd coincidence. I'm actually a Scorpio and INTJ. But anyway, what does this have to do with Lojban? --tsali

See le mi naljbo -- nitcion (where mi is not me...)

I am a virgo and INTP. -- TheodoreReed