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In Lojbanistan, Loglan is variously thought to be "naive", "crude", or even "moribund". But with the death of the Founder, and now that of its leading writer, perhaps we will begin to see it as an endangered language worth preserving; and use of its words will begin to have a nostalgic feel...

I partly agree with the "na�vete" part of your description. But to me, the feeling of the Loglan language is more one of simplicity (ka sampu, not ka frili), pureness, perhaps even serenity. Of course, that's entirely subjective, and only the way I see it. --mi'e tsali

.i .e'a roda frati fi zo'e pe da .i ku'i lesi'o lojbo ralju (to zoigy. Lojban Chauvinism gy.toi) cu tcaci nibli ledu'u xebni le dzena .iepei .i ji'a leka panpi poi do ckajygau fi la dzejbo cu pe'i jalge lenu do lifri loi nundarlu befi le stura be la dzejbo na.e la lojban. po'o .i lo morsi cu me le'e panpi -- mi'e nitcion

Loglan is just another language community like ours. Besides, if we copy all their words as loglo fu'ivla we hasten their death - they become assimilated into Lojbanistan. We chose to speak lojban. We didn't choose our native language, but if we had and had wanted to preserve a dying language, the right thing to do is pick that one, not to grow up speaking English or whatever and then stroke the dying languages of the world saying "Poor baby." Don't turn loglan into a subset of lojban, either a) become a loglanist (yes, you can be both!) or b) don't worry about it, it was only ever as much a living language as any other conlang besides Esperanto, which has native speakers. - .kreig.daniyl.