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The canonical Lojban calendric system(s) are discussed in [1] ; they are number-based. (January = pavmast., Sunday = nondjed.)

The chief holiday is Logfest, held on a weekend in July on various dates.

There are exactly twelve color gismu (see: [2]), various attempts to match up the regular months of the year have been proposed. E.g. in the beginners' stuff in this order:

blabi, grusi, xekri, xunre, crino, blanu, pelxu, cicna,

nukni, zirpu, bunre, narju

le'i mastycme

la labmast. la ri'ormast. la nukmast.

la rusymast. la blamast. la zirmast.

la xekmast. la pelmast. la burmast.

la xunmast. la cicnymast. la najymast.

The days of the week have been correlated to metals, & other sets of mnemonic or mythological names... E.g.

we can translate our existing weekdays back into

planets & then into the lojbanic names for their traditional

metal correspondences:

le'i jefcme

monday= la rijdei

tuesday= la tirdei

wednesday= la magdei

thursday= la tincydei

friday= la tukydei

saturday= la nisydei

sunday= la slodei

the traditional assignment of colors to planets gives:

monday white = la labdei

tuesday red = la xundei

wednesday gray = la rusydei

thursday blue = la bladei

friday green = la ri'ordei

saturday black = la xekydei

sunday yellow = la peldei

Another proposal uses the signs of the zodiac for months and the Japanese and Korean names for the days of the week. See Dates and Times in the Phrasebook.

Other proposals, some of them rather extensive, can be found be clicking the "discuss" tab below.