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Custom information
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My avatar is a message in the dotsies font. It reads "ko dunda lo bangu lo skami", my translation of "give language to computer".
Custom 2
I tried to Lojbanize my "real" name for my account name, but it keeps appearing with a capital M. Is there a workaround to force it to a lower-case m?
Other information
bananas, carrots, onions, avocados, bread, brie cheese
water, tea, quality beer
Personal information
Real name
Mark Haferkamp
Flagstaff, AZ,
Choose from: programmer, mathematician, tech support, Linux sysadmin, and general comrade.
Websites (main personal site); (has posts on Lojban for Programmers)

Places I have lived
Tucson, Arizona, USA;

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Northern Arizona University, 2011-2014, BS in Mathematics;

Neumont University, 2008-2010, "Half BS" in Computer Science

About me
I want to make better people than humans. I have friends working on the cyborgization branch of this goal. I'm working on the AI side, trying to give language ability to a computer. I'm still early on in learning the language.

ko dunda lo bangu lo skami

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posted 1545 days ago

I think it's just {ro da} for "anything" that is needed here.