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Custom information
Custom 1

My avatar is a message in the dotsies font. It reads "ko dunda lo bangu lo skami", my translation of "give language to computer".

Custom 2

I tried to Lojbanize my "real" name for my account name, but it keeps appearing with a capital M. Is there a workaround to force it to a lower-case m?

Other information

Týr, Infected Mushroom, Andrew Jackson Jihad


bananas, carrots, onions, avocados, bread, brie cheese


water, tea, quality beer

Personal information
Real name

Mark Haferkamp


Flagstaff, AZ,


Choose from: programmer, mathematician, tech support, Linux sysadmin, and general comrade.

Websites (main personal site); (has posts on Lojban for Programmers)

Places I have lived

Tucson, Arizona, USA;

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Flagstaff, Arizona, USA


Northern Arizona University, 2011-2014, BS in Mathematics;

Neumont University, 2008-2010, "Half BS" in Computer Science

About me

I want to make better people than humans. I have friends working on the cyborgization branch of this goal. I'm working on the AI side, trying to give language ability to a computer. I'm still early on in learning the language.

ko dunda lo bangu lo skami

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posted 3394 days ago

I think it's just {ro da} for "anything" that is needed here.