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la cein. po'u lo cilre be fi la lojban.


tu'a mi


.i mi'e cein.

.i mi cilre lo lojbo

.i mi jbena fo le merko jecrnudjerzi

.i mi pilno ti le nu kajde do mi zo'o

.i mi se bangu le glibau

.i mi ka'e se bangu le fasybau .e la .esperanton.

.i mi merko le ka se natmi

.i mi jitro le datni pe i

.i mi sarji la lojban. .e le ifmutmi'i

.i mi troci lenu cilre fi la lojban. fo la .uikis.

tu'a lo certu

mi se bangu le glibau .i mi ka'e go'i le fasybau

.i ji'a mi milxe se bangu le bangrnesperanto

tu'a lo bangu

mi nelci tu'a lo me la'o gy. polysynthetic agglutinative .gy bangu ne le traji be le ka melbi gi'e cmaci be'e ckaji.

.iji'a mi djica le nu zasti fa le bangu poi ckaji le ka le nu cilre ce'u kei cu frili kei gi'e nutli le ni slabu .i mu'i go'i mi sarji le su'u tadni gi'e tocpli la'o sy. ona .sy

tu'a lo tadni

mi cilre .i traji le ka cinri tu'a le cmaci

.i se cinri lenu cilre le jungo bangu ki'u le ka frica .e le ka so'i se bangu

"Audience" Interaction

General query


If Sapir wanted to test his famous hypothesis by creating a language, as some have done with the result of creating Loglan and Lojban, would he have taken a much different route, with respect to this prospective experimental mind-altering artificial language's mophology, syntax, word coinage, semantics, modals, tenses, anaphora, etc., than have and do the mentioned languages' creators?

  • VERY hard to say, since Sapir was an empirical (descriptive) linguist, so the idea of experimenting would not have occurred to him. Also, the constructed languages known to him were all very SAE (Solrisol, Esperanto and its idos)so, even if he had thought of doing experiments, a constructed language would not have been his choice. Whorf would not have thought of it either, but, if he had thought of it, he would have used something very much like Hopi (probably Hopi, in fact), since he seems to have thought that Hopi accurately represented the world-- or came closer than any other language.
    • When Whorf put forth the idea, his first example was based on Shawnee, in which the two sentences "I pull the branch aside" and "I have an extra toe on my foot" are almost identical. He claims that Shawnee people percieve the two ideas as similar, as well. I don't know if he's right about that, though, since Shawnee was not his specialty. - mi'e. .kreig.daniyl.
  • Answer me!
    • Yassuh! whoever you be. Whorf's Hopi studies and the material they provided for his "hypothesis" are from the late 20's and through the 30's; his first Shawnee paper is '38 or so, though it is perhaps the first one in which the hypothesis appears in a recognizable form, though I see it -- perhaps in retrospect -- already in Aspects of Hopi Verbs (36) and certainly in Hbitual Thought and Behavior (39)with Hopi examples. --pc
  • Regardless of what tests Mr. Sapir would have constructed, what might occur to the modern researcher is one or a group of randomly generated languages.