The Lojban Reference Grammar

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN OLD VERSION. The current version is linked from The Complete Lojban Language.

This is the pre-final version of the Lojban reference grammar, and has some typos. This document is available for sale as The Complete Lojban Language.

Another version of the reference grammar is available here. This version contains various fixes as pointed out in the errata page.

A CLL Beginner's Order has been proposed for the reading of the reference grammar as a primary learning material.

Anyone interested is urged to read the book and send comments to John Cowan at <[email protected]>.

Here are the individual chapters:

  1. Lojban As We Mangle It In Lojbanistan: About This Book
  2. A Quick Tour of Lojban Grammar, With Diagrams
  3. The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Lojban
  4. The Shape Of Words To Come: Lojban Morphology
  5. Pretty Little Girls' School: The Structure Of Lojban selbri
  6. To Speak Of Many Things: The Lojban sumti
  7. Brevity Is The Soul Of Language: Pro-sumti And Pro-bridi
  8. Relative Clauses, Which Make sumti Even More Complicated
  9. To Boston Via The Road Go I, With An Excursion Into The Land Of Modals
  10. Imaginary Journeys: The Lojban Space/Time Tense System
  11. Events, Qualities, Quantities, And Other Vague Words: On Lojban Abstraction
  12. Dog House And White House: Determining lujvo Place Structures
  13. Oooh! Arrgh! Ugh! Yecch! Attitudinal and Emotional Indicators
  14. If Wishes Were Horses: The Lojban Connective System
  15. 'No' Problems: On Lojban Negation
  16. 'Who Did You Pass On The Road? Nobody': Lojban And Logic
  17. As Easy As A-B-C? The Lojban Letteral System And Its Uses
  18. Lojbau mekso: Mathematical Expressions in Lojban
  19. Putting It All Together: Notes on the Structure of Lojban Texts
  20. A catalogue of selma'o
  21. Formal Grammars

The entire reference grammar is available as a single zip file:

  • HTML format (, 563; 1.6Mb unzipped; MD5 = 0d72c94cd07282b884c9725fb208da12)
  • SIL IPA fonts (Truetype and PS) (404kb, MD5 = b5c0c0aab352ac9909809cfcb9b6d89b)