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  1. bra- prefix generates cimjvo. brabroda - something like broda metaphorically. The place structure is identical to broda. bramlatu is Big Cat, not big cat. braxamsi is described by some not just as a big xamsi but having some new properties.
    • Not sure if it's truly a cimjvo. It seems like brabroda is more like ce'u broda ce'u li'o gi'e barda gi'e co'e, with co'e being defined by whatever semantic needs that drive one to use brabroda over barda (je) broda or ze'u broda.
      • the examples with bramlatu and braxamsi show that the meaning can't be clearly predicted. La Gleki (talk) 23:44, 31 djulio 2015 (PDT)
      • "cimjvo" removed from this section. mu'o mi'e La Gleki (talk) 11:14, 18 avgusto 2015 (PDT)