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la zantufa xi su'o pi pa cu te drata lo namcu lo nacle'u i mupli fa zo pa'y --la guskant te'i li pi'e 2015 xiny 07 xily 23 xidy 06 xicy 06 ximy 14 xisy tete'i UyTyCy

Spheniscine (talk) 19:55, 5 avgusto 2015 (PDT)

mi'e la zipcpi

I have removed the xo'epavo thing, and instead created a new tag xyny to refer to year of century. Probably doesn't solve the problem of what bare xo'e means though.

I think bare xo'e should refer to any number, composed of any number of digits (because it's convenient for eliding any number... xo'eva'e e.g.), while something else (say xoi'e) refers to a single digit. I'm not sure something is needed to repeat xoi'e an arbitrary number of times; is something needed to repeat pa an arbitrary number of times?