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  • this dictionary lists basic words. Lojban is a live and dynamic language and accumulates more words over time.
The general rule is that everyone is free to create new words in Lojban. When you need a new word consult Lojbanists to discuss a place structure and the sounding of it.
  • examples are provided only for most useful places of verbs.
    • Places not listed here may be sometimes used by people in real conversations. Feel free to consult them on the meaning of those places.
    • In most cases if a verb may have more places its definition has " ..." at the end.
    • some examples represent advanced style. I added them to show different (sometimes more powerful) applications of a word. You may try to analyze them later.
  • for verbs with many places you may remember only a few of them. Not all places are always needed. Practice will allow you to gradually internalize needed places while speaking to Lojbanists in real time.


Lojban verbs have place structure. Places are to be filled with nouns, names or pronouns.

mi prami do
I love you.
mi = I
prami = x1 loves x2
do = you

Here the verb prami (to love) has two places. The first place (x1) is filled with the pronoun mi (I) and the second place (x2) with the pronoun do (you).

Every verb can be turned into a noun by putting the particle lo in front of it:

prami = x1 loves x2
lo prami = the one who loves, lover

Hence, lo prami refers to the first place (x1) of the verb prami. To refer to the second place (x2) the particle se is put in front of the verb:

lo se prami = the one who is loved, beloved one

Types of places

Each place in Lojban can contain one of the following:

  • clause (of which property and proposition are its special cases)
  • entity (of which text is a special case)
  • number

Those are put in brackets after each place, for example:

catlux1(entity) looks at x2(clause)
In case of doubt with places open this dictionary and look at the examples for the word you need. At least one of the usage examples will have all places filled.

Besides, every place (no matter whether it's a clause or an entity) can be explicitly marked as:

  • group
  • ordered group


Entity place in a noun matches an entity place of the main verb:

lo plise cu grute
Apple is a fruit.
lo = takes the first place of verb and converts the verb to a noun
plise = x1 (entity) is an apple of species x2
cu = marks the beginning of the clause tail
grute = x1 (entity) is a fruit of plant x2


  • the first place of plise is an entity,
  • plise is converted to a noun,
  • this noun is put into the first place of the verb grute,
  • the first place of grute is also an entity,
  • hence entity in the noun matches entity of the verb.


Clause place in a noun matches a clause place of the main verb.

It means that the place is filled either with a clause or with another place of clause type:

lo cipra cu cumki
A test is possible.
cipra = x1(clause) is a test, act of examination, study of x2(entity)
cumki = x1(clause) is possible

Here, the first place of cipra is a clause and it matches the first place of cumki which is also a clause.

mi djica lo se nitcu
I want what is needed.
djica = x1 wants x2 (clause)
nitcu = x1 needs x2 (clause)
se = makes a new verb by exchanging first two places in a verb
se nitcu = x1 (clause) is needed by x2

Here, the second place of djica is a clause and it matches the second place of nitcu which is also a clause.

lo nicte cu nu lo solri na se viska
Nighttime is when the Sun isn't seen.
nicte = x1 (clause) is a nighttime
nu = makes a verb of clause type out of a clause
lo solri = the Sun
na = not
se viska = x1(entity) is seen by x2(entity)

Here, we have a clause created using nu and it matches the first place of nicte which is also a clause.

Group and ordered group

do jo'u mi casnu lo nanba
You and I are discussing bread.
casnu = x1(entity group) discuss x2(entity)
lo nanba = bread

The first place of the verb casnu describes a group, members of which discuss something between themlseves. Here jo'u joins two pronouns into such a group.

Usual nouns can be used in such places as well:

lo prenu cu casnu lo nanba
You and I are discussing bread.
lo prenu = people

pruce fo {lo nu gau glare} ce'o {lo nu gau lenku}
It's a process coming through stages of {heating} and then {chilling}.
pruce = x1(clause) is a process with input x2(entity) and output x3(entity) via stages x4(entity ordered group)

The fourth place of the verb pruce describes an ordered group specifying stages. We use ce'o here to join nouns (describing stages) into an ordered group.

Property (infinitive)

Property is a clause that contains a ce'u particle:

mi gleki lo ka ce'u prami means the same as
mi gleki lo nu mi prami
I am happy that I love, I am happy of loving (someone).

mi gleki lo ka prami ce'u means the same as
mi gleki lo nu prami mi
I am happy that someone loves me, I am happy of being loved (by someone)

The particle ce'u is used for referring to the noun from the outside verb.

  • Definitions of verbs usually explicitly specify to what place ce'u refers to:
lo ka na jinga pu betri mi
Not winning was a tragedy to me.
betri = x1(property of x2) is a tragedy for x2(entity)
- here it's the speaker who didn't win.

If not explained in the dictionary then:

  • ce'u in the first place of the verb refers to the 2nd place of the verb like in the previous example.
  • ce'u in another place refers to the 1st place of the verb:
mi kakne lo ka limna
I am able to swim.
kakne = x1(entity) is capable of doing x2(property of x1)

ka is used to express English infinitives:

mi djica lo ka pinxe or mi djica lo nu mi pinxe
I want to drink.

Put it another way, ka creates a property, which has at least one "open slot" (marked by ce'u). Certain verbs expect such a property in one of their places, and in such verbs properties are applied to one of the other places. So if we put a property in one place, the verb copies values of other places in place of ce'u.

ce'u by itself doesn't have special meaning. It's the definitions of verbs in this dictionary that tell the relations between places and what value will ce'u take.

Omitting ce'u

If ka is used to start the clause then the first omitted noun in that clause is automatically assigned the value of ce'u. So we can make the first sentence shorter:

mi gleki lo ka prami means the same as
mi gleki lo ka ce'u prami
I am happy that I love, I am happy of loving (someone).

However, compare:

mi gleki lo ka prami ce'u

Here, in order to omit ce'u we need to somehow fill the first noun so that ce'u goes to the next unfilled noun. Here is how we cand do that:

mi gleki lo ka do prami means the same as
mi gleki lo ka do prami ce'u or mi gleki lo nu do prami mi
I am happy that you love me, I am happy of being loved by you.

ce'u referring to several places

Some properties can refer equally to several places. For example, for zmadu and mleca the particle ce'u refers equally to the first two places:

mi zmadu do lo ka clani vau lo mitre be li pi no mu
I am 5 centimeters taller than you.
I am more than you in length by 0.05 meters. [literally]
zmadu = x1(entity) exceeds or is more than x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2 with kau) by amount x4(entity)

Here, mi and do are compared, and ce'u in the third place refers to mi and do equally.

ce'u in simxu

A very special case is simxu that has in its second place two ce'u:

mi jo'u do simxu lo ka ce'u ce'u prami
You and I love each other.

The first place of simxu is one or several nouns connected with jo'u.

The second place of simxu is an abstraction. The first two unfilled places take have ce'u implied. So you can remove both ce'u in this example:

mi jo'u do simxu lo ka prami
You and I love each other.

kau in places

The interjection kau allows putting indirect questions that can refer to other places:

mi lacri do lo ka ma kau sidju ce'u
I rely on you to help me.
lacri = x1(entity) relies, counts on, trusts x2(entity) to bring about, ensure, maintain state x3(property of x1 with kau)

Here, ma kau refers to the x2 place of lacri.

lo mlatu cu klani li pi mu lo ka mitre ma kau
A cat is measured 0.5 meters (e.g. in length or some other dimension).
klani = x1(entity) is measured by x2(number) on x3(property of x1 with kau)

Here, ma kau refers to x2 place of klani.

Proposition type

Proposition is a place filled with du'u. It works exactly as nu but is traditionally used with some places and always mentioned for them in the dictionary:

djuno = x1 (entity) knows that x2 (proposition) is true
mi djuno lo du'u do stati
I know that you are smart.

Instead of property you may use another type of clause with nu or du'u. Compare

mi djica lo ka sipna
I want to sleep.
mi djica lo nu do sipna
I want you to sleep.
I want that you sleep. [literally]

Text type

Text place is filled with quotes and start with zo, lu ... li'u, zoi or some other particles. The dictionary provides examples of such places.

Number type

Numbers are marked with li:

ti mitre li mu
This is 5 meters long.
or a "number" place from another verb: lo namcu, lo se mitre.

Other types

There are other more rare types of places like taxon. taxon is filled with names of species, plant varieties, which start with la.

tu'a and zo'ei

le nakni na nitcu lo ka co'e
He does not have to do this.
co'e — elliptical/unspecified verb. Often translated with this, that, it.
le nakni = he
na = preposition: not
nitcu = to need
ma pu co'e
Who did it?
mi curmi lo nu do co'e
I will give you permission to do it.
pu = preposition: past tense
curmi = to let something happen

So co'e is a verb that is known from context. mi co'e might mean I am doing you know what, or You know who I am.

While zo'e is the ‘don't care’ noun, co'e is the ‘don't care’ verb. For example, when I say mi klama lo barja, I'm not bothering to specify my point of origin, route, or vehicle. And when I say mi co'e lo barja I don't specify what I'm doing to the bar, probably I'm visiting it. So mi co'e lo barja means something like I thingummy the bar: the bar and I are in some relationship, but I'm not bothering to say what it is. I might be going to it, coming from it, sleeping in it, refurbishing it, or hearing about my neighbor getting drunk in it once. It just doesn't matter enough for me to say what.

The verb djica requires us to specify an event that one desires.

mi djica lo nu mi citka lo plise
I want to eat an apple.
citka = to eat
lo plise = apple/apples

Okay, but usually we just say in English I want an apple. We can't desire the apple itself, we want to do something with it.

Here we can omit the second mi and replace the verb to eat with co'e.

mi djica lo nu co'e lo plise
I want something to do with an apple.

So I let it be up to context what abstraction about the apple I desire.

There is a compact abbreviation for lo nu co'e which is tu'a:

mi djica tu'a lo plise
I want an apple.

tu'a takes a noun and converts it to an elliptical abstraction which has something to do with that noun. One always has to guess what abstraction the speaker means by tu'a + the noun, so it should only be used when context makes it easy to guess.

Another example:

za'a do gasnu tu'a lo skami
I see that you make the computer do something.
gasnu = x1 does, brings about x2 (clause)

There are situations where you cannot use tu'a, even though it would seem suitable. These situations are when I don't want the resulting noun to be an abstraction, but a concrete noun. In this case, one can use zo'e pe or its abbreviation zo'ei.

mi djuno zo'ei do or mi djuno zo'e pe do
I know about you, I know something about you.

Colloquial: an entity place into a clause place

These last two rules can be found in colloquial speech. They are sometimes avoided by careful speakers. However, if you bump into them you will know how to deal with them.

Putting an entity place into a clause place denotes an obvious relation:

mi djica lo plise
I want apples.
The second place of djica is a clause. Thus lo plise, an apple plays some role in that clause. Probably it means:
mi djica lo nu mi citka lo plise
I want to eat apples.
but maybe I just want to hold an apple in my hand. If you need vagueness or just lazy to say more you can use this method.

Thus, this situation can be viewed as omitting tu'a in mi djica tu'a lo plise.

do nabmi
You are a problem.
nabmi = x1(clause) is a problem...
probably means that there is something problematic with you.

Thus, this can be viewed as omitting tu'a in tu'a do nabmi, or (which would mean the same) as omitting jai in do jai nabmi.

This situation is also called "grammatical raising" in English. It neither recommended, nor terribly wrong. Still it won't be smoothly accepted by everyone. Compare literal English translation doesn't sounding right:
mi pacna lo so'i se dunda
I hope many presents. [literally]

instead of

mi pacna tu'a lo so'i se dunda
I hope for many presents.

Colloquial: a clause place into an entity place

A clause place in a noun can be put into an entity place of the main verb:

mi klama lo nu penmi
I go to a meeting.
klama = x1(entity) goes to x2(entity)...
The second place of klama denotes a place where you go. lo nu penmi denotes a process of meeting, thus we assume that here it is bound to some location where I go.
Another example:
lo ka kucli pu catra lo mlatu
Curiosity killed the cat.
- here curiosity is turned into an entity that is able to kill. As it's a clause with ka it has to refer to some place.
As the definition of catra says nothing about such situation we assume that it refers to the first unfilled place: here it's x2. Thus, it's the curiosity of the cat that killed it.

Lojban to English Dictionary

a [conjunction for nouns]and/or

i ei mi tavla la alis a la kevinI need to speak to Alice or Kevin (or to both of them).
Comment: means at least one of the two (of nouns connected using a).
Related words: ja, a, e, ji, o, u

a bu [pronoun]a (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like a bu is for the last la alis used.

a'a [interjection] — attention, a'a cu'i — inattentiveness, a'a nai — avoiding

i a'a ko ca'o skicuI'm listening, go on talking!
i a'a cu'i ko denpa le nu mi jai gau mulno fai tiEh, just a second, let me finish this.
i do tavla da a'a naiLa, la, la, I'm not listening what you are talking about.
Related words: jundi, rivbi

a'e [interjection] — alertness, a'e naiI'm tired

i a'e ba vlile tcimaIt's going to be a storm.
i a'e nai mi ba klama le ckanaYaaaawn, I'm going to bed.
Related words: sanji, cikna, tatpi

a'i [interjection]Oomph! (effort, endeavor), a'i cu'i — no special effort, a'i nai — repose

i a'i mi ca'o ralteI'm trying to hold it!
i a'i cu'i la'e ti friliAh, this is easy.
i a'i nai cikre tuNah, why bother fixing it.
Related words: snada, fliba, gunka, nandu, troci

a'o [interjection] — hope, a'o naiGah! (despair)

i a'o pluka be do nicteGood night to you!
i a'o vamji fa le nu zukteI hope, it's worth doing it.
i a'o nai mi co'u ponse daGah, I lost all my property.
Related words: pacna

a'oi [vocative]Ahoy! (greeting in a piratic manner)

i a'oi la kevin ma nuzbaAhoy, Kevin! What's up?
Related words: coi, co'oi

a'u [interjection]Hmm... I wonder ... (interest), a'u cu'iHo-hum (disinterest), a'u naiEww! Yuck! (repulsion)

i a'u ro jbopre cu stati prenuInteresting, all Lojbanists are smart people.
i a'u ma krinuHm, what is the reason?
i a'u cu'i do ne ka'ai pa nanla cu se zdaniIt's none of my business that you live with a boy.
i a'u nai do co'i speni le fangeYou married a stranger, it's none of my business, I'd avoid this topic.
i a'u nai iu nai panci fa le kalci i ai nai mi citka tiYuck, that smells like shit! I'm not going to eat this.
Related words: lo se cinri

ai [interjection]I'm gonna ... (intent), ai cu'i — indecision, ai nai — unintentionally, accidentally

i ai mi vitke doI'm going to visit you.
i a'i cu'i mi klama le zarciI'm indecisive to whether I should go to a shop.
i ai nai mi pu darxi doI didn't mean to hit you.
Related words: te mukti, zukte, cuxna

aidjix1(entity) intends to do x2(property of x1)

lo se aidji — intended action.
i mi aidji le ka klama la niponI am going to go to Japan.
Related words: lo te mukti

ankax1(entity) is a thigh, hip of x2(entity)

i le mi'u verba pu jai gau spofu le anka be le no'aThe child broke his thigh.
Related words: tornozelo

artex1(entity) is a piece of artwork

lo arte — piece of artwork.
i ti noi arte cu pu jai rinka so'i nu darluThere've been a lot of debates caused by this artwork.
Related words: larcu, finti, pixra

arxokunax1(entity) is a raccoon of species x2(taxon)

lo arxokuna — raccoon.
i pa arxokuna cu zvati le mi kumfa pe le'e nu jukpaThere's a raccoon in my kitchen.
Related words: danlu, mabru

asnax1(property of x2) is a posture, stance, asana of body x2(entity)

lo asna — posture (of body), body position, stance (of body), asana.
i ra co'a se asna pa jai ckape vi le barda fenraHe took a dangerous pose near the abyss.
Related words: morna

au [interjection]Wish ... (desire), au cu'imeh (indifference), au naiNuh-uh! (disinclination, reluctance)

i au e'o tcatiI'd like some tea, please.
i au cu'i do jai gau bredi fai le cidjaYou prepare the food or not ... I don't have any preferences.
i au nai do clivaI don't want you to leave.
i au mi stali bu'u le zdani gi'e nai kansa le mi'u nakniI'd rather stay at home than come with him.
Related words: djica

ba [preposition of tense]after ... (in time), adverb: in future (expresses future tense)

i mi ba bevriI will bring it.
i le snuti ba fasnuAccidents will happen.
i mi pu na kufra ba le nu le mi'u festi cu cinba miI felt uncomfortable after she kissed me.

ba'a [interjection]I expect, ba'a cu'iI experience, ba'a naiI remember

i ba'a le mamta be mi ca zvati le mi'u zdaniI expect my mother to be at home now.
i ba'a le mi'u pendo be mi pu jingaI expect my friend to have won.
i ba'a cu'i le se klani be le sovda cu lacri le tcika be le nu le jipci co'a co'eIn my experience, the number of eggs depends on when a hen starts.
i ba'a nai do na nelci le laldo prenuAs I remember, you don't like old people.
Comment: ba'a might refer to past events, which you simply don't have information about yet. ba'a marks not yet known, ba'a cu'i marks knowledge being acquired at the moment of speaking, ba'a nai marks already acquired knowledge.
Related words: lifri, vedli, kanpe

ba'e [left interjection] — puts an emphasis on the following construct

i mi djuno le mi'u du'u ma kau darxi ba'e la alisI know who hit ALICE (not someone else).
i vajni ba'e miIt's important to ME.
Related words: ba'e, za'e

ba'o [preposition of aspect]in the aftermath (retrospective aspect)

i mi ba'o citka pa pliseI have eaten an apple.
i mi'o ba'o tavlaWe are done talking.
i mi ba'o xagjiI'm no longer hungry.

ba'u [interjection] — exaggeration, ba'u cu'ito be precise, literally, ba'u naito put it mildly (understatement)

i do no ba'u roi jimpe fi miYou never understand me.
i le mi'u pa tadni pu no ba'u cu'i roi jimpe zo'e noi mi ciksi fo ke'aThe student literally never understood my explanations.
i le mi'u terdi cu barda ba'u naiThe Earth is big, to put it mildly.
Related words: satci, zildukse

bacrux1(entity) utters x2(sound, text)

lo se bacru — uttered text or sound.
i ko na bacru su'o claduDon't talk loud.
Comment: bacru is to vocally utter an actual sound, cusku is to say some text (which can be in any form including vocal)
Related words: krixa, cusku, casnu, tavla, voksa, pinka

badnax1(entity) is a banana fruit or plant of species x2(taxon)

lo badna — banana.
i ma jdima lei badna poi kilto le grakeHow much is the kilo of bananas?
Related words: grute

badrix1(entity) is sad about x2(abstraction)

lo badri — sad. lo se badri — sad event.
i mi pu badri le nu mi pu e'ande le fetsi le ka zukteI was sad that I had allowed her to do it.
Related words: klaku, gleki, betri, cinmo, junri

bai [preposition from bapli]compelled by force ...

i mi pu stali bu'u le zdani bai le ka bilmaI stayed at home forced by my illness.

bajrax1(entity) runs on surface x2(entity) using limbs x3(entity) ...

lo bajra — runner.
i mi bajra vi'i le mitre be li ci ki'oI ran three thousands meters.
i xu do su'o roi senva le nu do bajra le jdika grana lei xance be doHave you ever dreamt of running on your hands on a narrow rod?
Comment: doesn't necessarily imply any destination point. bajra muvdu can be used to describe both moving to and from some places by running.
Related words: cadzu, klama, litru, stapa, plipe, cpare

bakfux1(entity) is a pack or bundle containing x2(entity group) held together by x3(entity)

lo bakfu — pack, bundle. lo se bakfu — content of a pack.
i ti bakfu le se dunda le dasriThis is a gift packed with a ribbon into a bundle.
Related words: daski, dakli, tanxe

baknix1(entity) is a cow or bovine of species x2(taxon)

lo bakni — cow.
i mu bakni cu zvati le purdiThere are five cows in the garden.
Related words: danlu

bakrix1(entity) is some chalk ...

lo bakri — chalk.
i mi xebni le'e bakri i ki'u bo ri punji le'e purmo le xanceI hate chalk. It leaves powder on hands.
Related words: pinsi, blabi, jilka

baktux1(entity) is a pail, bucket containing x2(entity) ...

lo baktu — bucket, pail. lo se baktu — contents of a bucket.
i ko bevri le baktu be lo festi fo le dinjuTake the pail of bucket out of the house.
Related words: botpi, patxu, tansi, lante, lanka

baljix1(entity) is a bulb of plant x2(taxon)

lo balji — bulb (of a plant).
i ra pu sombo pa balji be pa xrula le purdiShe planted a flower bulb in the garden.
Related words: spati

balnemax1(entity) is a baleen whale of species x2(taxon)

lo balnema — baleen whale.
i lei litru ca'o zgana le melbi nu muvdu fa le balnemaThe tourists are watching the graceful movement of a baleen whale.

balnix1(entity) is a balcony or shelf of structure x2(entity)

lo balni — balcony. lo se balni — building with a balcony.
i mi cpana le balni be le zdani be miI am on the balcony of my home.
i le jvinu be fi le balni cu melbiThe view from the balcony is beautiful.
Related words: kajna

balrex1(entity) is a blade of tool or weapon x2(entity)

lo balre — blade. lo se balre — tool with a blade, weapon with a blade.
i le balre be le dakfu cu kinliThe blade of the knife is sharp.
Related words: dakfu, tunta, tutci, guska, kinli, katna

balvix1(clause) is in the future of x2(clause) ; x1 is later than x2

lo balvi — later event, future event. lo se balvi — earlier event, past event.
i la kevin co'u zvati .i je le nu go'i cu pu balvi le nu ju'a mi mo'u klama le xotliKevin left, and that happened after my arrival to the hotel.
Related words: lidne, cabna, purci, farna

bambolax1(entity) is a doll

lo bambola — doll.
i le nixli cu nelci tu noi bambolaThe girl likes that doll.
Related words: keltci, kelci

bambux1(entity) is a bamboo of variety x2(taxon)

lo bambu — bamboo.
i le bambu cu torni le brifeThe bamboo bends before the wind.
Related words: spati, tricu

bancux1(entity) is beyond boundary x2(same type as x1) from x3(same type as x1) in x4(property of x1, amount of x1)

i pa lalxu cu bancu le tcaduThere is a lake beyond the city.
i le tai fasnu cu bancu le se kakne be miSuch things are beyond my powers.
i le zdani cu bancu le vu tricu ti le ka darno tiThe house is beyond those trees from here in how far it is from here.
Related words: zildukse, ragve, zmadu, kuspe

bandux1(event) defends x2(object, state) from threat x3(event)

i le nu brife e le nu carvi cu bandu le dinju le nu ri jelcaWind and rain protect the house from burning.
Related words: ckape, fanta, fapro, marbi, rivbi, zunti, snura, binra, lunbe, pulji

banfix1(entity) is an amphibian of species x2(taxon)

lo banfi — amphibian.
i le remna cu simsa le banfi le ka se tarmiHumans look like amphibians.
Related words: danlu, respa

bangux1(entity) is a language used by x2(entity) to express x3(si'o, proposition)

lo bangu — language. lo se bangu — user of a language.
i xu do se bangu la lojbanDo you speak Lojban?
i le mi'u nanmu pu pilno le bangu be fi le mablaThe man used foul language.
Comment: x2 are usually live beings or computer programs.
Related words: tance, cusku, ve tavla, valsi, gerna, jufra, natmi, slaka

banlix1(entity) is great, magnificent in x2(property of x1) ...

lo banli — great (superior).
i le jvinu be le xamsi bei le kumfa be le xotli cu banli le ka se tarmiThe view of the sea from the hotel room is magnificent i its form.
Related words: barda, nobli, se sinma, pluja, misno, vajni, fasnu, cizra, traji, mutce, marvele

banrox1(entity) grows to size or into form x2(entity) from x3(entity)

i le spati ca'o banro le tricu pa se katna jimcaThe plant is growing into a tree from a cut off branch.
Related words: farvi, zenba, jmina, barda, makcu, ferti

banxax1(entity) is a bank owned by x2(entity) for banking functions x3(event)

lo banxa — bank. lo se banxa — bank owner, bank system. lo te banxa — function of bank.
i ti banxa le gugde le ka canja fo le kagni i je to'u ti banxa fi tu'a le kagniThis bank owned by state works with companies, in short, this is a commercial bank.
Comment: x2 can be a banking system.
Related words: sorcu, zarci, canja, kagni

banzux1(object) is enough for purpose x2(clause) to take place ...

— '
— '
Related words: zildukse, claxu, nitcu, ricfu, e'ande

baplix1(property of nonce place) forces, convinces x2(event) to occur

lo bapli — force.
i le tcima pu bapli le nu le nakni cu stali le zdaniThe violent weather forced him to stay at home.
i le snuti pu bapli le nu le prenu cu zenba le ka jundiThe accident convinced him to be more careful.
Related words: fanta, rinju, jimte, jitro, rinka, krinu, zukte, tolpro, danre, bai, marxa, tinsa, xarnu

bardax1(entity) is big, large in length/width etc. x2(property of x1) ...

lo barda — large, big.
i le tanxe pu barda le ka se canluThe box occupied large space.
i le nu penmi cu pu barda le ka se ditcuThe meeting lasted for a large amount of time.
Related words: banli, clani, ganra, condi, plana, cmalu, rotsu, banro, xanto

bargux1(entity) is an arch over or around x2(entity) ...

lo bargu — arch.
i lei tricu cu bargu le darguThe trees form an arch over the road.
Related words: cripu, korcu, condi

barjax1(entity) is a bar serving x2(entity) to customers x3(entity)

lo barja — bar.
i ti barja le ckafi le'e litruThis is a bar serving coffee to tourists.
Related words: gusta, birje, jikru, sanmi, vanju, xotli, ckafi, se pinxe

barnax1(entity) is a mark, spot on x2(entity) ...

lo barna — mark, spot.
i le barna be le kamju cu tcita le dargu tu'a lo flaluThe mark on the pillar is a road sign.
Related words: sinxa, pixra, se ciska, se prina

bartux1(entity) is outside of x2(entity)

lo bartu — something outside. lo se bartu — something inside.
i ei mi klama lo bartu be le zdaniI should go out.
Related words: jibni, nenri, sruri, lamji, korbi, calku, vasru

basnax1(entity) emphasizes x2(entity) by action x3(action, property of x1)

lo se basna — emphasis (something emphasized).
i mi pu basna le nu le nu ca'o gunka cu vajni vau le ka cladu cuskuI emphasized the importance of continuing to work by saying it aloud.

bastix1(entity) is a replacement for x2(entity) in circumstance x3(property of x1 and x2) ; x1 is instead of x2

lo basti — replacement (object). lo se basti — something replaced.
i ma ba basti do le ka gunkaWho will replace you?
Related words: se ba'i, binra

batcix1(entity) bites or pinches x2(entity) ...

lo se batci — bitten.
i pu ku pa gerku cu batci le tuple be miA dog bit my leg.
Related words: denci, jgalu, guska, citka

batkex1(entity) is a button or knob on x2(entity) ...

lo batke — button.
i ra pu ru'i jgari pa batke be le kosta pe vo'aHe was holding a button of his coat.
Related words: jadni, balji, punji, jgari, lasna

bau [preposition]in language ...

i mi tavla bau la lojbanI talk in Lojban language.
Comment: in the clause where bau is used x1 is user of the language, the clause itself describes what is expressed in this language.

bavlamdeix1(clause) is tomorrow, the day that follows the day x2(clause)

lo bavlamdei — tomorrow, the day that follows.
i ko klama ca le bavlamdeiCome tomorrow!
i pu ku ca le bavlamdei be le nu mi mo'u klama vau mi co'a ganse lo cizraOn the day following my arrival I started feeling something strange.
Related words: djedi, cabdei, prulamdei, cedra, ditcu

bavmix1(entity) is some barley of species x2(taxon)

lo bavmi — barley.
i lo'e bavmi cu ralju se cupra bu'uBarley is the main product here.
Related words: gurni

be — continues the verb by adding more nouns to it (by default starting from x2) and prepositions

i le tixnu be mi cu melbiMy daughter is pretty.
Related words: bei

be'e [vocative] — request to send/speak

i be'e le nobli do mulno xuPardon, Sir/Madam, are you finished?
i be'e le mi'u pendoHello, are you still there, friend?

be'i [preposition from benji]sent by ...

i ti me le se dunda ne be'i la kevinThis a present sent by Kevin.

be'o [terminator] — ends a construct started with: be, bei

be'u [interjection modifier] — lack/need, be'u cu'i — presence/satisfaction, be'u nai — satiation

i u'i be'u ko skicu le pa drata lisriHehe, not that funny, tell me another story.
i ui be'u cu'i do bevri le mi'u re verba mlatu noi mi pu djicaYay, you brought the two kittens whom I wanted.
i u'i be'u nai ba'a mi ca farlu le loldiHa-ha-ha, so funny, I can't laugh anymore, I might fall down to the floor now.
Related words: claxu, nitcu, mansa

bebnax1(entity) is foolish, stupid in x2(event, action, property of x1)

lo bebna — fool, stupid. lo se bebna — foolish action.
i ko na bebna le ka ce'u da ca'o cuskuDon't be silly in repeating the same.
Related words: fenki, xajmi, prije, fliba

bei [middle separator] — separates nouns attached to verb with be — ends a construct started with: be

bekpix1(entity) is the back, dorsum, 'posterior' body-part of x2(entity)

lo bekpi — back (of body).
i le bekpi be mi za'o se cortuMy back still hurts.
Comment: not necessarily at the back of body (determined by bilateral symmetry of the body).
Related words: trixe, cutne

bemrox1(entity) is North American in x2(property of x1)

lo bemro — North American.
i mi nelci le bemro tumlaI like North American lands.
Related words: merko, ketco

bendex1(entity) is a team or crew of persons x2(entity group, full set) led by x3(entity) organized for purpose x4(clause)

lo bende — team (crew). lo se bende — member of a team. lo te bende — leader of a team.
i mi cmima le'i stati prenu ku noi se bende pa da la robin le nu ro cmima be le se nei cu tadni la lojbanI am a member of a team of smart people led by Robin and learning Lojban.
Related words: gunma, girzu, dansu, jatna, jitro, kagni, kamni, minde, ralju, cecmu, gidva

benjix1(entity) transmits x2(entity) to receiver x3(entity) from origin x4(entity) via x5(entity)

lo benji — transmitter. lo te benji — transmission receiver. lo ve benji — origin of a transmission. lo xe benji — medium of transmission.
i mi ba benji pa xatra do fu la internet fo le skami pe le mi zdaniI will send you a letter via the internet from my home computer.
i pa gunka pu benji pa sance sinxa pa drata gunka le galtu le vacriA worker sent a sound signal to another worker from the above over the air.
Comment: transmitter in English can denote both lo benji and lo xe benji.
Related words: muvdu, dunda, mrilu, nirna, volta, cradi, tivni, preja, be'i, bevri, mrilu, tcana

bersax1(entity) is a son of x2(entity)

lo bersa — son. lo se bersa — parent of a son.
i mi se bersa re daI have two sons.
Related words: tixni, se rirni, verba, nanla, nakni, patfu, bruna

bertix1(entity) is to the northern side of x2(entity) ...

lo berti — northern.
i le za'u pa purdi be fi le'e grute cu berti le tcaduFruit gardens are to the north of the city.
Related words: snanu, stici, stuna, farna

besnax1(entity) is a brain of x2(entity)

lo besna — brain.
i ro remna su'o da se besnaAll humans have brains.
Related words: menli, stedu, rango, pensi

betfux1(entity) is a belly, abdomen, lower trunk of body x2(entity)

lo betfu — abdomen, belly.
i le betfu be mi cu se cortuMy belly hurts.
Related words: cutne, livga, canti

betkax1(entity) is a beet of variety x2(taxon)

lo betka — beet.
i ti na ciblu gi'e ja'a betkaIt's not blood. It's beet.
Related words: stagi

betrix1(property of x2) is a tragedy for x2(entity)

lo betri — tragedy.
i pu betri le nakni fa le nu ri co'u se bersa le ro pa meiIt was a tragedy for him to lose his only son.
Related words: badri, xlali, morsi, binra

bevrix1(entity) brings, transports x2(entity) to x3(entity) from x4(entity) by path x5(entity)

lo bevri — carrier. lo se bevri — cargo.
i mi pu bevri pa patxu be lo nudle fu'e ta'o fi le purdi fo le kumfa pe le'e nu jukpa vau fu le rokci dargu fu'oI carried a bowl of noodles (to the garden from the kitchen via a rocky road).
i la kevin pu bevri pa gerku le zdaniKevin brought a dog home.
i mi pu bevri pa fonxa fo pa daskiI took a phone out of a pocket.
Related words: bevri, marce, muvdu, benji, klama

bi [digit/number]8, eight

i bi penbi cu se pilno miThere are 8 pens that I use.

bi'i [conjunction]between ... and ...

i mi sanli pa dinju bi'i pa rirxeI am standing between a house and a river.

bi'o [conjunction]between ... and ... (ordered)

i mi gunka de'i li cy bi bi'o li cy pa zeI work from 8 to 17 o'clock.

bi'u [interjection] — newly introduced information, bi'u nai — previously introduced information

i le bi'u nai nixli pu klama pa panka i bi'u le mi'u nixli ca tavla pa nanla bu'u le mi'u pankaThat girl (mentioned earlier), she went to a park. What is new is that she is talking to a boy there.
Comment: the situation may be not new but that the noun marked with bi'u appears in it is new. bi'u introduces new objects, events facts, not just rephrases earlier facts.
Related words: cnino

bidjux1(entity) is a bead, pebble ...

lo bidju — pebble, bead.
i pu ku mu bidju ti zvatiThere were five pebbles here.
Related words: bolci, canre, lakse, dirgo

bifcex1(entity) is a bee or wasp of species x2(taxon)

lo bifce — bee, wasp.
i le bifce cu vofli vi lei xrulaBees are flying near the flowers.
Related words: cinki, sfani, lakse

biklax1(entity) whips, lashes

lo bikla — whip.
i le carvi pu bikla ta'i le nu ri janli le cankoThe rain whipped against the window.
Related words: skori, darxi

bilgax1(entity) is obligated to do x2(property of x1) by agreement x3(proposition)

lo se bilga — obligation, duty.
i mi bilga le ka bevri ti noi cukta vau le ponse ca le cabdei vau le pu se nupre be miI must take this book to the owner today fulfilling my earlier promise.
Related words: zifre, fuzme

bilmax1(entity) is ill, sick with symptoms x2(property of x1) from disease x3(clause)

lo bilma — ill. lo se bilma — symptom of an illness. lo te bilma — disease.
i ra pu terpa le nu vo'a co'a bilma fi la zukamShe was afraid to catch a cold.
i mi bilma le ka cortu le denci vau le influ'enzaI've got the flu and my teeth hurt.
Related words: kanro, mikce, spita, senci, kafke, binra

binrax1(entity) insures x2(person) against threat x3(event) with benefit x4(event)

lo binra — insurer, underwriter. lo se binra — insured thing or person. lo ve binra — insurance compensation.
i le kagni cu binra le sportivo lo'e xrani le ka pleji le jdiniThe company insures the sportsman against injuries by paying money as an insurance.
Related words: bandu, cirko, betri, basti, bilma

binxox1(entity) transforms into x2(entity) ...

i le tsiju ba zi binxo lo tricuThe seed soon will turn into a tree.
Comment: binxo describes that entity turns into another entity, galfi is to turn one entity into another one. cenba describes how entity changes its state while remaining the same entity, stika is to make entity change its state.
Related words: cenba, galfi, stika, zasni

birjex1(entity) some beer brewed from x2(entity)

lo birje — beer, ale.
i ti birje lo'e badnaThis is banana beer.
Related words: pinxe, barja, jikru, vanju, xalka, fusra

birkax1(entity) is an arm of body x2(entity)

lo birka — arm.
i ra pu jai se torni pa birka be miShe twisted my arm.
Related words: jimca, janco, xance, rebla

birtix1(entity) is convinced that x2(proposition) is true

lo birti — convinced, sure.
i mi birti le du'u do ba snadaI am sure you will succeed.
i xu do pu'i jai gau birti fai lei rirni be do le du'u le nu litru na ckapeHave you persuaded your parents that the journey wouldn't be dangerous?
Related words: jetnu, jinvi, krici, djuno, senpi, sruma

bislix1(entity) is some ice ...

lo bisli — ice.
i au mi viska lo bisli cmanaI'd like to see ice mountains.
Related words: kunra, litki, lenku, krili, bratu, snime, carvi

bitmux1(entity) is a wall separating x2(entity) and x3(entity) ...

lo bitmu — fence, wall.
i le bitmu be le purdi bei le foldi cu rotsuThe fence between the garden and the field is thick.
i pa me ti noi bitmu le malsi cu sinxa le pu nu le gugde cu vlipaOne of these walls of the temple is a sign of the past power of the country.
Related words: jbini, sepli, fendi, canko, drudi, kumfa, loldi, senta, snuji, pagre, gacri, kuspe, marbi, vorme

bitnix1(entity) is x2(number) bits in size

lo se bitni — bit (data).
i le vreji cu bitni li pa ki'oThe file is 1000 bit.
Related words: datni

blabix1(entity) is white

lo blabi — white.
i lei denci be le fetsi pu blabiHer teeth were white.
Related words: skari, xekri, grusi, kandi, manku, carmi, bakri, blanu, bunre, cicna, crino, narju, nukni, pelxu, xunre, zirpu

blacix1(entity) is some glass ...

lo blaci — glass (substance).
i le kabri cu blaciThe cup is made of glass.
Related words: kabri

blanux1(entity) is blue

lo blanu — blue.
i le tsani cu blanu ca le cabdeiThe sky is blue today.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, zirpu, kandi, carmi, cicna

blatox1(entity) is a cockroach, termite of species x2(taxon)

lo blato — cockroach.
i lo'e blato cu mipri le nei ca lo'e donriCockroaches hide themselves during daytime.
Related words: cinki, civla, manti

blikux1(entity) is a block ...

lo bliku — block.
i le dinju cu te zbasu le rokci blikuThe house is built of stone blocks.
Related words: tapla, kubli, tanbo, canlu, kojna, sefta, bolci, kurfa, tarmi

blondinex1(entity) is blond, fair-haired

lo blondine — blond.
i pa blondine nixli pu mo'u klama te zu'e le nu vo'a penmi doA girl with blond hair arrived to meet you.
Comment: blond is a color special to mammal and human hair.
Related words: brunete, kerfa

blotix1(entity) is a boat or ship for carrying x2(entity) propelled by x3(entity)

lo bloti — boat. lo se bloti — cargo of a boat. lo te bloti — motor of a boat.
i mi pu se marce pa bloti be lo'e prenu bei pa te falnuI was a passenger on a sailboat for carrying people.
Related words: falnu, fulta, marce, jatna, sabnu

bo [1st meaning] — more tightly binds two parts inside a compound verb

i mi pu penmi pa drata merko bo jbopreI met another American Lojbanist.
i ko catlu le barda se kanla melbiLook at the beauty with big eyes.
i ko catlu le barda se kanla bo melbiLook at the big beauty-with-eyes.
Related words: ke

bo [2nd meaning] — placed after preposition to bind the sentence to the previous sentence

i mi pu plipe i ja'e bo mi pu kuspe le drudiI jumped so that I reached the roof.
Related words: i

bo [3rd meaning] — placed after preposition to bind constructs from both sides of a conjunction

i la tom pu bilma gi'e ja'e bo pu na kakne le ka klamaTom was ill and that's why couldn't come.
i mi e ba bo do klama le nenriFirst I, then you enter.
Related words: i

boi — ends a string of numbers

i mi pu citka ci boi ro moi jbariI ate three last berries.
Comment: usually used to separate a number from the next number belonging to another construct.

bolcix1(entity) is a ball ...

lo bolci — ball, sphere.
i le bolci pu gunro fe'e co'u le flu'enteThe ball rolled into the stream.
Related words: bliku, cukla, bidju, gunro

bombilax1(entity) is a light bulb

lo bombila — light bulb.
i le bombila cu spofuThe light bulb is broken.
Related words: minji, cabra, matra, tutci

bongux1(entity) is a bone performing function x2(property of x1) ...

lo bongu — bone.
i mi pu jai gau janli fai pa grana le bongu be le ka sarji le tuple be miI hit my leg bone with a stick.
Related words: greku, denci, jirna, sarji

boskex1(entity) is a forest with components x2(taxon)

lo boske — forest, selva, jungles.
i ti boske le clani tricu jo'u le kliti dertuThis is a forest of long trees and clay loams.
Related words: foldi, tricu, mudri, gumri, danlu

botpix1(entity) is a sealable bottle for x2(entity) made of x3 with lid x4

lo botpi — bottle, jar, flask. lo se botpi — contents of a bottle.
i ti botpi le'e birje le blaci le pa xunreThis is a bottle of beer made of glass and having a red lid.
Comment: bottle described by botpi must have a lid by design. For bottles without lids use kabri or patxu.
Related words: baktu, lante, patxu, tansi, tanxe, vasru, gacri

boxfox1(entity) is a sheet ...

lo boxfo — sheet, blanket.
i mi ba bevri pa boxfo doI will bring you a blanket.
Related words: plita, cinje, polje, slasi, tinci

boxnax1(entity) is a wave in x2(entity) ...

lo boxna — wave.
i pu ku pa da barda boxna le xamsiThere was a big wave in the sea.
Related words: slilu, dikni, cinje, polje, morna, canre

bradix1(entity) is an enemy of x2(entity) in struggle x3(property of x1 and x2)

lo bradi — enemy. lo se bradi — someone who has an enemy. lo te bradi — struggle between enemies.
i le tance be mi mi bradi le nu mi troci le ka pilno le nei le ka bacru lo lojbo valsiMy tongue is my enemy when I'm trying to use it to utter Lojban words.
Related words: damba, jamna, darlu, pendo, fapro, gunta, sarji, jivna, jinga

bramlatux1(entity) is a big cat of species x2(taxon)

lo bramlatu — tiger, lion, panther, leopard, cheetah.
i ju'o cu'i le bramlatu cu se zdani le mi'u tutraBig cats may inhabit this area.
Related words: cinfo, mlatu

bratux1(entity) is hail, sleet of components including x2

lo bratu — hail, sleet.
i le nu le bratu be lo snime cu carvi cu pu vlileThe precipitation of sleet was violent.
Comment: lo bratu is the frozen substance. carvi is to fall down as rain or sleet and thus describes the manner of falling.
Related words: djacu, snime, bisli, carvi, tcima

brazox1(entity) is Brazilian in x2(property of x1)

lo brazo — Brazilian.
i le mi'u finti cu brazoThe author is Brazilian.
Related words: porto, ketco

bredix1(entity) is ready for x2(event)

lo bredi — ready.
i mi bredi le ka kansa do le ka cadzuI am ready to walk with you.
Related words: spaji, jukpa

bridix1(text) is a clause with the main verb x2(text) that has arguments x3(ordered text group)

lo bridi — grammatical clause. lo se bridi — main verb of a clause. lo te bridi — places of a grammatical clause.
i lu ma nuzba li'u bridi"What's up?" is a grammatical clause.
i lu mi dunda ti do li'u bridi zo dunda zo mi ce'o zo ti ce'o zo do"I give this to you." is a clause with the main verb "give" that has sequential places "I","this","you".
Related words: bridi, sumti, fancu

brifex1(entity) is wind from direction x2(entity) ...

lo brife — wind. lo se brife — direction of a wind.
i oi le brife be lo'e berti se la'u li du'e carmiOh, the northern wind is too strong.
Related words: tcima

brijux1(entity) is an office or bureau of workers x2(entity) at place x3(entity)

lo briju — office (bureau).
i ti briju le mikce le tcaduThis is the doctor's city office.
Related words: jibri, gunka

broda [verb] — to be the thingumajig No. 1 (predicate variable 1)

i mi pu klama cei broda le zarci i ba bo mi ze'a sipna i xu do ba brodaI went to the market, and then I slept. Will you go to the market?
Comment: a dummy verb, a placeholder for any verb (that thus can have any place structure). broda, brode etc. are just variables, they can denote different verbs or the same verb. broda brode is a generalized representation of a compound verb (lo tanru) made of two verb words. [broda, brode, brodi, brodo, brodu and ko'a, ko'e, ko'i, ko'o, ko'u can be used to show bare grammatical structures without overloading text with unnecessary meaning..
Related words: bu'a

brode [verb] — to be the thingumajig No. 2 (predicate variable 2)

i la alis mo'u citka cei brode pa plise i je la kevin mo'u brodeAlice has eaten up an apple. And Kevin ate an apple too.
Comment: can have any place structure.
Related words: bu'a, broda

brodi [verb] — to be the thingumajig No. 3 (predicate variable 3)

i la alis pu ca'o ku zgana cei brodi le pixra i mi na brodiAlice was beholding the pictures. I wasn't.
Comment: can have any place structure.
Related words: bu'a, broda

brodo [verb] — to be the thingumajig No. 4 (predicate variable 4)

i ma pu renro cei brodo le rokci i mu'a mi pu na brodoWho threw the rock? For example, I didn't.
Comment: can have any place structure.
Related words: bu'a, broda

brodu [verb] — to be the thingumajig No. 5 (predicate variable 5)

i ti gusta lo se nelci be mi cei brodu i ku'i le ji'a mamta be mi cu zbasu lo cidja poi broduThis restaurant serves the food that I like. However, my mother as well makes food that I like.
Comment: can have any place structure.
Related words: bu'a, broda

brunax1(entity) is a brother of x2(entity) bonded by x3(property of x1 and x2)

lo bruna — brother. lo se bruna — sibling of a brother.
i do bruna mi le ka se mamtaYou are my brother since we are born from the same mother.
Related words: mensi, tunba, tamne, famti, bersa

brunetex1(entity) is a brunet/brunette, having brown or black hair

lo brunete — brunet.
i doi la alis ma traji le ka do nelci vau fo lo'e blondine ce lo'e bruneteAlice, whom do you like more, blondes or brunets?
Related words: blondine, kerfa

bu — turn one word into letter pronoun

i mi pilno la'e me'o vy bu vy bu vy buI use WWW.
i la alis pu klama pa zarci i je ku'i mi na djuno le mi'u du'u a bu pu te vecnu ma kauAlice went to a store, but I don't know what A (Alice) bought.
Comment: From verbs: xy zei kantu bu (lujvo formed with zei). From nouns: vy. bu (it denotes the letter "w" and thus isn't the same as vy.), zo a bu, zoi bu, lo'u klam le'u bu. The following sequences are not grammatical: bu bu, si bu, sa bu, zei bu, fa'o bu, zo bu, zoi bu, lo'u bu.

bu'a [verb]there exists some relation: 1st verb of bu'a, bu'e, bu'i series

i fau le nu do djica le nu bu'a cu bu'a gau koIf there is something you want to happen, make it happen.

bu'e [verb]there exists some relation: 2nd verb of bu'a, bu'e, bu'i series

i su'o bu'a su'o bu'e su'o bu'i zo'u le nu bu'a cu ka'e se jalge le nu bu'e ca le nu bu'iThere is an event X, an event Y and event Z such that X can lead to Y during Z.

bu'i [verb]there exists some relation: 3rd verb of bu'a, bu'e, bu'i series

i su'o bu'a su'o bu'e su'o bu'i zo'u le nu bu'a cu ka'e se jalge le nu bu'e ca le nu bu'iThere is an event X, an event Y and event Z such that X can lead to Y during Z.

bu'o [interjection modifier] — shows the start of emotion, bu'o cu'i — shows the continuation of emotion, bu'o nai — shows the end of emotion

i za'o ku do klama mo'u ui bu'oAt last you arrived, and I'm happy now!
i ua nai bu'o cu'i la alis cu simsa fi le ka na zvatiWhat's going on, Alice is also not present.
i u'i bu'o nai mi di'a gunkaEnough laughing, I'm back to work.

bu'u [preposition of place]at ... (some place)

i mi xabju ze'a le nanca be li ci le bu'u dinjuI've been living for three years in this house.
i le mi'u verba ca sipna bu'u le mi'u kumfaThe child is now sleeping in the room.

budjox1(entity) is Buddhist in x2(property of x1)

lo budjo — Buddhist.
i xu do budjoAre you a Buddhist?
Related words: latna, lijda

bukpux1(entity) is some cloth ...

lo bukpu — cloth.
i le bukpu cu cpana le jubmeThe cloth is on the table.
Related words: mapni, matli, sunla, slasi, silka

bumrux1(entity) is covered by a fog or mist of liquid x2(entity)

lo bumru — foggy. lo se bumru — fog, mist.
i le xamsi cu bumru lo lenku dirgoThe sea is covered by a fog of cold drops.
Related words: djacu, carvi, danmo, lunsa, tcima, gapci

bundax1(entity) is x2(number) weight units in standard x3(property of x1) ...

i ti noi tanxe cu bunda li pa no le'e glicoThis box is 10 Engish pounds in weight.
Related words: grake, junta, tilju, rupnu, fepni, dekpu, jmagutci, minli, merli, kramu

bunrex1(entity) is brown

lo bunre — brown.
i le bunre gerku pu zvafa'i pa blabi ractuThe brown dog found a white rabbit.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi

burcux1(entity) is a brush for doing x2(event) with bristles x3(entity)

lo burcu — brush. lo se burcu — purpose for a brush. lo te burcu — bristle of a brush.
i ti burcu le nu punji le cinta vau lei cmaluThis is a brush for painting with small bristles.
Related words: kombitu, pinsi

burnax1(entity) is flustered, disconcerted by x2(abstraction, clause)

lo burna — flustered. lo se burna — befuddling event.
i xu do burna le nu do pilno la lojbanAre you disconcerted of using Lojban?
Related words: cinmo

by [pronoun]b (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like by is for the last lo bredi used.

ca [preposition of tense]during ..., at ... (at time), simultaneousely with ... (in time), adverb: meanwhile, now, currently (expresses present tense)

i lei mi'u rirni pu zvati le barja i ca bo lei mi'u verba cu kansa no da bu'u le zdaniThe parents were in the bar; meanwhile the children were alone at home.
i ko smaji ca le nu mi tavlaBe quite while I'm talking.
i ca le nu do cinmo le ka kansa no da zo'u ko morji le se gleki be mi'o mokcaWhen you feel lonely, remember the happy moments we had together.
i mi pu prami do i mi ca prami do i mi ba prami doI loved you. I love you. I will love you.
i le pendo be mi be'o joi mi pu mo'u klama pa cizra stuzi ca le nu no lu'a vo'a sanji le du'u le stuzi ka'e jai ckapeMy friend and I arrived at a strange place lacking the awareness that it can be dangerous.

ca'a [preposition of potential]actually is ..., actually does ...

i mi ca'a limnaI'm actually swimming.
i la kevin ca ca'a jatnaKevin is now acting as a captain.
Comment: describes demonstrated activity.
Related words: jarco, pu'i, fau

ca'e [interjection]I define

i ca'e do zutse vaYou sit there!
i ca'e do klama ka'ai miYou go with me!
i ca'e le se gunka cu mulnoThe work is hereby done.
i ca'e gusniLet there be light!
Related words: jetnu

ca'o [preposition of aspect] — progress of the event. be doing ... (someone or something), being ... (someone or something), already

i le mi'u verba ca'o citkaThe child is eating.
Comment: describes an event as progressing whether or not it is continuous (for which ru'i is to be used); progressive aspect.

ca'u [preposition of cardinal direction]to the front of ..., between me and ...

i le snime cu mitre li pa ca'u le vorme pe doThere is snow one meter thick in front of your door.

cabdeix1(clause) is today, the same day as x2(clause)

lo cabdei — today.
i le cabdei cu detri li jy dy zeToday is Sunday.
Related words: djedi, prulamdei, bavlamdei, cedra, ditcu

cabnax1(clause) is current with x2(clause) in time

lo cabna — current, concurrent, simultaneous.
i so'i roi ku le xamgu fasnu cu cabna le xlali fasnuGood events often happen at the same time as bad events.
Related words: zvati, balvi, purci, ca, ca'a

cabrax1(entity) is apparatus for function x2(property of x1) controlled by agent x3(entity)

lo cabra — apparatus. lo se cabra — function of an apparatus.
i ti cabra le ka zalvi le gurni vau le xanceThis is a hand-controlled machine for grinding grain.
Comment: cabra is for devices controlled by external force, minji is for machines working automatically, zmiku is for robots in general.
Related words: tutci, minji, finti, girzu, ganzu, pilno

cacrax1(clause) is x2(number) hours in duration ...

lo cacra — hour-long event.
i lo'e nicte be le cabna bei ti cu cacra li muAt this time and this place, night is 5 hours long.
Comment: if x2 is not used denotes one hour in duration
Related words: junla, mentu, snidu, tcika, temci

cadzux1(entity) walks on surface x2(entity) with limbs x3

lo cadzu — walker.
i pu ku ca le nu do mo'u klama vau mi ru'i cadzu le srasu le jamfuWhen you arrived I was walking on the grass on foot.
Related words: stapa, bajra, klama, litru

cafnex1(event) occurs frequently ...

lo cafne — frequent event.
i mutce cafne fa le nu mi vitke le patfu be miIt's quite often that I visit my father.
Related words: rirci, fadni, kampu, rapli, krefu, lakne, so'i roi

cagnax1(entity) at locus x2(entity)

lo cagna — wound.
i ti cagna le pu se zvati be pa denci bu'u le moklu be le mi'u nakni ri'a le nu le mikce mo'u vimcu le mi'u denciThis is a wound in his mouth at the place where there was a tooth and caused by removal of the tooth by a doctor.
Related words: xrani, bilma

cai [right scalar particle] — critical, extreme intensity

i oi caiAh, pain, I'm going to lose consciousness now!!!

caklax1(entity) is some chocolate or cocoa

lo cakla — chocolate.
i mi nelci le blabi cakla ne se mau le manku caklaI prefer white chocolate to dark chocolate.
Related words: ckafi

calkux1(entity) is a shell or husk around x2(entity) ...

lo calku — shell.
i mi nitcu le calku be le steduI need a head helmet.
Related words: pilka, skapi, gacri, bartu

cancix1(entity) vanishes from location x2(entity) ...

i do canci le jvinu be fi miYou disappeared from my view.
Related words: cliva, ganse, zgana, lebna, vimcu

cangex1(entity) is a farm or ranch at x2(entity) farmed by x3(entity) that raises or produces x4(entity)

lo cange — farm. lo te cange — farmer. lo ve cange — farm production.
i ti cange le barda tumla le mensi be mi le vanjbaThis is a farm covering a large parcel of land; it's kept by my sister and produces grapes.
Related words: purdi, nurma, ferti, foldi, xarju

canjax1(entity) trades commodity x2(property of x1) for x3(property of x4) with x4(entity)

lo canja — trader. lo se canja — commodity.
i e'u mi canja tu'a le bidju le ka jarco le tatru be do mi vau doLet me give you these beads in exchange that you show me your breast.
Comment: jdima is for cost/price/value distinction.
Related words: dunda, friti, vecnu, zarci, jdini, pleji, jdima, jerna, kargu, banxa, cirko, dunda, janta, kargu, prali, sfasa, zivle

cankox1(entity) is a window or portal in wall or building x2(entity)

lo canko — window. lo se canko — building with a window.
i le mi'u canko be le mi'u karce cu kalriThe window in the car is open.
Related words: vorme, bitmu, ganlo, murta, pagre, kevna, jvinu, kalri, kuspe

canlux1(entity) is a space or room occupied by x2(entity)

lo canlu — space.
i le canlu be le mi'u purdi cu bardaThe garden occupies a large space.
Related words: kensa, bliku, kumfa, kevna, kunti, tubnu, dekpu

canpax1(entity) is a shovel or spade for digging x2(entity)

lo canpa — shovel.
i ti canpa le dertu ji le snimeIs this spade for digging ground or snow?
Related words: kakpa, guska, tutci

canrex1(entity) is some sand or grit ...

lo canre — sand.
i mi pu zvafa'i le jamfu prina be le canreI found some footprints in the sand.
i mi pu se nandu le ka cadzu le canre poi gunma le cmalu rokciIt was hard for me to walk on the sand made of small stones.
Related words: bidju, rokci, zalvi, boxna

cantix1(entity) is the intestines or guts of x2(entity)

lo canti — intestine, gut.
i le jurme co'a xabju le canti be le cifnu ba zi le nu ri jbenaBacteria colonize the intestines of a child soon after it is born.
Related words: betfu

carcex1(entity) is a carriage or wagon with wheels for carrying x2(entity) ...

lo carce — carriage. lo se carce — cargo of a carriage.
i mi sazri pa carce be le karceI am driving a car transporter.
Comment: carce is designed to be with wheels, marce isn't and is more generic.
Related words: karce, xislu, marce, matra

carmix1(entity) is bright or intense in x2(property of x1) as observed by x3(entity)

lo carmi — bright, intense.
i ti noi bombila cu carmi le ka te gusni vau miThis light bulb to me gives a bright light.
Related words: denmi, gusni, kandi, ruble, skari, tilju, tsali, mutce, blabi, blanu, bunre, cicna, crino, grusi, narju, nukni, pelxu, xekri, xunre, zirpu

carnax1(entity) turns or rotates around axis x2(entity) in direction x3(entity)

lo carna — rotating. lo se carna — axis of rotation. lo te carna — direction of rotation.
i ko carna klama le prituTurn to the right.
i ko pritu carnaTurn right.
i le mi'u xislu pu carna le grana le zunle ki le galtuThe wheel was rotating around the rod counterclockwise when viewed from above.
Comment: in x3 use lo pritu for clockwise movement and zunle for counterclockwise movement.
Related words: gunro, jendu

cartux1(entity) is a chart or diagram of x2(entity) showing formations or points x3(entity)

lo cartu — chart. lo se cartu — picture on a chart.
i ti cartu pa fange tcadu le darguThis is a map showing roads of an alien city.
i gau ko zgana fa mi le cartu be le nu'o se zvati be mi'oShow me a map of a place where you and I haven't been.
Related words: platu

carvix1(entity) rains or showers to x2(entity) from x3(entity)

lo carvi — rain. lo te carvi — rain cloud.
i ca ca'o carviIt's raining.
i le snime pu carmi carvi le mi'u lalxu le barda dilnuIt was snowing hard onto the lake from a large cloud.
Related words: bratu, dilnu, santa, snime, tcima, bisli, bumru

casnux1(entity group, entity mass, entity) discuss x2(entity)

lo casnu — debaters. lo se casnu — topic of a discussion.
i le mi'u fetsi jo'u mi pu casnu pa arteShe and I discussed a piece of art.
Comment: x1 is usually a mass like lei prenu (the mass of people), an individual like mi (I) or a group connected with jo'u. do jo'u mi casnu means You and I discuss with each other, la alis jo'u do jo'u bo mi casnu means Alices discusses with us (you and me) (not necessarily that you and I discuss it), do e mi casnu means You discuss, I discuss (not necessarily with each other, each of us might be discussing with different people).
Related words: bacru, cusku, darlu, tavla

catkex1(entity) shoves or pushes x2(entity) ...

i ko catke la'e me'o so pa paDial 911!
i le mi'u nixli pu catke le mi'u nanla re'o le stedu be riThe girl pushed the boy on his head.
Comment: danre is for non-agentive force.
Related words: danre, darxi, lacpu

catlux1(entity) looks at x2(entity)

i ko catlu miLook at me.
Related words: jvinu, minra, simlu, viska, lanli, zgana, setca, viska

catnix1(entity) has authority over matter x2(property of x1) on the basis of x3(property of x2)

lo catni — someone with authority.
i mi co'a catni le ka te cange ti vau le ka te e'ande mi le patfu be miThe authority to be a farmer on this land has been given to me by my father.
Related words: turni, tutra, krati, jaspu, pulji

catrax1(entity) kills x2(entity) ...

lo catra — killer. lo se catra — killed.
i le mi'u nakni cu kakne le ka catra se pi'o pa rokci re cipniHe can kill two birds with one stone.
Related words: morsi, xarci

cau [preposition from claxu]lacked by ...

caucnix1(entity) misses, feels the lack of x2(entity)

i mi caucni doI miss you.
Related words: claxu, cinmo, badri, klaku, gleki, betri

caxnox1(entity) is shallow in property x2(property of x3) away from reference point x3(entity) ...

lo caxno — shallow.
i ti noi lalxu cu caxno le ka sraji vau le sefta be vo'aThis lake is shallow in separating its bottom from its surface.
Related words: condi, tordu, jarki, cinla, cmalu, jarki, jmifa

ce'i [digit/number] — '%' (percentage symbol), hundredths

i le ninmu cu ji'i mu no ce'i si'ei le remnaApproximately 50% of humans are women.

ce'o [conjunction]and then ... (forms ordered sequence)

i li pa ce'o li re ce'o li ci cu porsi1,2,3 is a sequence.
Comment: joins nouns to create a new noun of ordered group type.
Related words: ce, je, e

ce'u [pronoun] — inside an abstraction of a verb ce'u is applied to another place of that verb

i mi nitcu le ka da tavla ce'uI need someone to talk to me.
Comment: definitions of verbs show which place ce'u is applied to. If not explicitly stated then ce'u is applied to the first place of the verb. To apply to the head of a relative clause use ke'a.

ceclax1(entity) launches projectile or missile x2(entity) ; x1 is a gun ...

lo cecla — gun. lo se cecla — missile.
i ti cecla le fagriThis is a fire gun.
Related words: renro, danti, jakne, jbama, spoja

cecmux1(entity) is a community or colony of organisms x2(entity group)

lo cecmu — community. lo se cecmu — member of a community.
i pa cecmu be le cipni mo'u muvdu le bu'u tcaduA colony of birds moved to this city.
Related words: bende, kulnu, natmi, tcadu, jecta, girzu

cedrax1(clause) is an era or age characterized by x2(event, property of nonce place)

lo cedra — era.
i le cabna cu cedra le nu pilno le skamiThese days are the era of using computers.
Comment: x2 is the defining characteristic of the period
Related words: ranji, temci, citsi

ceithat will from now on be called ... (main verb follows)

i mi ba klama cei broda le zarci i au do brodaI will go to the store. I'd like you go there too.
Comment: cei copies the whole main verb with all its places that can later be filled with another nouns.

cenbax1(entity) varies in x2(amount of x1, property of x1) in amount x3(entity) ...

lo cenba — variable.
i do cenba le ka ma kau se cpedu vau le bardaYour demands vary to much degree.
i ro linji ka'e cenba le ka clani ma kau vau ro daAny line segment can be changed in its length to any degree.
Comment: binxo describes that entity turns into another entity, galfi is to turn one entity into another one. cenba describes how entity changes its state while remaining the same entity, stika is to make entity change its state.
Related words: cenba, galfi, stika, stodi, zasni, binxo

censax1(entity) is holy or sacred to x2(entity)

lo censa — holy.
i le bu'u tcadu cu censa ro prenu pe viThis city is holy to all people here.
Related words: cevni, krici, latna, pruxi, lijda, sinma

centerox1(entity) is in the center of x2(entity)

lo centero — center.
i ti noi tcadu cu centero le mi'u gugdeThis city is in the center of the country.
Comment: lo midju is center point, lo centero is central subset (of a set or territory), lo kernelo is core.
Related words: xadba

centix1(entity) is a hundredth of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

lo centi — 1/100.
i le insekto cu centi be le mitre le ka claniThe insect is 1 centimeter long.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: grake, mitre, snidu, stero, delno, molro, kelvo, xampo, gradu, litce, merli, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti, gotro, kilto, megdo, mikri, milti, nanvi, petso, picti, terto, xatsi, xecto, xexso, zepti, zetro

cerdax1(entity) inherits x2(property of x1 and x3) from x3(entity) according to rule x4(proposition, clause)

lo cerda — inheritor, heir. lo se cerda — inherited, heritage.
i mi cerda le ka ponse le dinju vau le patfu be mi su'o se djica be riI inherited the house from my father according to his will.
Related words: jgina

cermursex1(entity) happens at the dawn of day x2(clause) at location x3(entity)

lo cermurse — dawn.
i mi ba klama le boske ca le cermurse be le bavlamdei bei tiI will go to forest tomorrow at dawn at this place.
Related words: cerni, kandi, vanci

cernix1(entity) happens in the morning of day x2(clause) at location x3(entity)

lo cerni — morning.
i cerni coiGood morning!
i ca cerni pa cnino la nipon.It is now the morning of a new day in Japan.
Related words: vanci, cermurse, vacmurse, tcika

certux1(entity) is skilled at x2(event, activity) ...

lo certu — expert, master. lo se certu — field of expertise.
i fau ei ro da mi se zu'e se marvele le nu le mi'u prenu se la'u li xo kau certu le ka limnaI cannot but wonder at his skill in swimming.
Related words: djuno, stati, kakne

cevnix1(entity) is a god of people or religion x2(entity) with dominion over x3(property of x1)

lo cevni — god.
i do cevni mi le nu carviYou are a god of rain for me.
Related words: censa, krici, lijda, malsi

cfarix1(state, event, process) commences, begins, or starts

lo cfari — beginning, start.
i de'i li cy xo le se tigni cu cfariAt what time does the performance begin?
Related words: sisti, krasi, fanmo, mulno

cfikax1(entity) is a work of fiction about plot or theme x2(entity) ...

lo cfika — work of fiction. lo se cfika — plot of a work of fiction.
i la'e lu la lunra cu kusru turni li'u cfika le logji bangu 'The Moon is a harsh mistress' is a fiction about logical languages.
Comment: for story in sense narrated by someone use lisri.
Related words: cukta, lisri, prosa, fatci, jitfa, jetnu, xanri

cfilax1(property of x2) is a flaw or defect in x2(entity) causing x3(clause)

lo cfila — flaw. lo se cfila — flawed.
i mi se cfila le nu le drata cu xankaI have my faults making other nervous.
Related words: cikre, srera, fenra, fliba, prane

cfinex1(entity) is a wedge ...

lo cfine — wedge.
i mi pu setca pa cfine le loldi te zu'e le nu le mi'u vorme co'a kalriI drove a wedge into the floor so that the door was open.
Related words: tutci

cfipux1(event, state) confuses, baffles observer x2(entity) (property of x1) ...

lo cfipu — confusing. lo se cfipu — confused, baffled.
i zo zabna jai cfipu mi fai le ka se smuniTo me zabna is confusing in meaning.
i do je'a xu se cfipu le ka cuxna le ka zukte ma kauAre you really confused of deciding what to do?
Related words: pluja, senpi, zunti

ci [digit/number]3, three

i ci delfinu ca limna vi le korbiThere are three dolphins swimming near the shore.

ci'angulox1(entity) is a triangle

lo ci'angulo — triangle.
i ma se sinxa ti noi ci'anguloWhat does this triangle signify?

ci'e [preposition from ciste]in system/context ...

i ci'e la internet le vrici prenu ka'e jikca zu'aiIn the system of the internet, various people can socialize with each other.

ci'i [digit/number] — infinite number

i ci'i da te cuxnaThere is an infinite number of possibilities.
i ci'i da te cuxna fi le pa prenu i je ci'i re da te cuxna fi le re prenuThere is an infinite number of possibilities for one man, and twice as many for two men.
Comment: when followed by digits denotes aleph cardinality.

cibjmagutcix1(entity) is x2(number) yards in length/height/... in standard x3(entity) ...

i le foldi cu clani je cibjmagutci be li pa re no bei le'e glicoThe field is 120 yards in length.
Related words: minli, clani, ganra, rotsu, condi, mitre, dekpu, merli, bunda, kramu

ciblux1(entity) is blood of organism x2(entity)

lo ciblu — blood.
i le ciblu be mi cu klesi li a bu ma'u buMy blood type is A positive.
Related words: risna, flu'ente

cicnax1(entity) is torquoise or cyan

lo cicna — cyan (color).
i le vanci tsani co'a cicnaThe evening sky became turquoise.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, crino, blanu

cidjax1(entity) is food or nutriment for x2(entity)

lo cidja — food.
i le rectu na cidja le xirmaMeat is not a food for horses.
i mi nelci le jungo cidjaI like Chinese food.
Related words: citka, nitcu, pinxe, xagji, cpina

cidnix1(entity) is a knee, elbow, or other hinged joint of limb x2(entity) ...

lo cidni — knee, elbow.
i le cidni be le tuple be mi cu se xraniMy knee is injured.
Related words: jimca, birka, xance, tuple, jamfu, janco, korcu, jganu

cidrox1(entity) is a quantity of hydrogen

lo cidro — hydrogen.
i le cidro cu traji linto se ratniHydrogen is the lightest element.
Related words: gapci, xukmi

cifnux1(entity) is a baby, young living being of species x2(taxon)

lo cifnu — baby, young living being, infant.
i xu le mi'u cifnu xa'o jimpe le lojbo se smuskuDoes the infant understand Lojban yet?
Related words: makcu, verba, citno, panzi

ciglax1(entity) is a gland secreting x2(entity) in body x3(entity)

lo cigla — gland. lo se cigla — secretion of a gland.
i ti cigla le xasne le remnaThis human gland secrets sweat.
Related words: vikmi, xasne

ciknax1(entity) is awake

lo cikna — someone awake.
i xu su'o do ciknaIs any of you awake?
i mi pu co'a clira ciknaI got up early.
i ko jai gau cikna fai mi de'i li cy biWake me up at 8.
Related words: sanji, sipna, tatpi

cikrex1(entity) repairs or mends x2(entity) for use x3(property of x2)

lo cikre — repairer. lo se cikre — repaired.
i mi cikre le mi'u spofu stizu le ka ka'e se zutseI repair the chair so that one can sit on it.
Related words: cfila, spofu

ciksix1(entity) explains x2(event, state, property of nonce place) to x3(entity) as having details x4(proposition)

lo ciksi — expounder. lo ve ciksi — explanation.
i mi pu ciksi fi le mi'u ctuca fe le nu mi na zvati le mi'u nu penmi vau fo le nu mi na pu djuno le mi'u du'u sarcu fa le nu mi zvati nu buI explained to the teacher my absence at the meeting that I didn't know that I should've been there.
Comment: x4 is the explanation of x2, its underlying mechanism, purpose or method
Related words: cusku, tadji, jetnu, cipra, danfu, jalge, jinvi, krinu, mukti, nabmi, spusku, rinka

cilcex1(entity) is wild or untamed

lo cilce — wild.
i ti noi foldi cu cilceThis field is untamed.
i ra sazri pa cilce xirmaHe rides an untamed horse.
Related words: pinfu, panpi, tarti

cilmox1(entity) is moist or damp with liquid x2(entity)

lo cilmo — damp, moist, wet.
i ko lumci le mi'u canko se pi'o le cilmo bukpuClean the window with a damp cloth.
Related words: litki, lunsa, sudga

cilrex1(entity) learns some fact or information x2(proposition) about x3(entity) from doing or being x4(clause) ...

lo cilre — learner. lo se cilre — learned.
i mi cilre fi la lojbanI learn Lojban.
i mi pu cilre le mi'u du'u le remna na smaniI learnt that humans are not monkeys.
i mi tcidu mu'i le nu mi cilreI read in order to learn.
i mi so'i da pu'i cilre fo le nu mi pu zgana le cipniI learned a lot from watching birds.
Related words: info, saske, ctuca, tadni, djuno, ckule

ciltax1(entity) is a thread, wire, filament ...

lo cilta — thread (cord), cord.
i mi pu katna le mi'u cilta le ci meiI cut the wire into three pieces.
Comment: unlike skori doesnt describe the object as consisting of more than one filament.
Related words: fenso, nivji, skori, silka

cimdex1(entity) is a dimension of space or object x2(entity) according to rule or model x3(property of x2)

lo cimde — dimension.
i le mitre be li re cu cimde le mi'u kumfa le ka claniTwo meters is the dimension of the room in length.
Related words: morna, ckilu, merli, manri

cimnix1(entity) in infinite in x2(property of x1) ...

lo cimni — infinite.
i si'au le mi'u nu penmi cu cimni le ka se ditcuIt seems to me, the meeting will never end.
i le mi'u munje cu cimni le ka se canluThe world is infinite in space.
Related words: vitno, renvi, munje, fanmo, sisti

cinbax1(entity) kisses x2(entity) ...

lo se cinba — kissed.
i mi pu cinba le mi'u fetsi re'o pa kerloI kissed her in the ear.
Related words: ctebi

cindux1(entity) is an oak of species x2(taxon)

lo cindu — oak.
i xu da cindu bu'u le mi'u cmanaAre there oak trees on the mountain?
Related words: tricu

cinfox1(entity) is a lion of species x2(taxon)

lo cinfo — lion.
i mi pu se spaji le ka viska le cinfoI was surprised to see a lion.
Related words: bramlatu, mlatu

cinjex1(entity) is a wrinkle in x2(entity)

lo cinje — wrinkle. lo se cinje — wrinkled.
i da cinje le bukpuThere are creases in the cloth.
i gau ko ri xutlaSmooth out it.
Related words: korcu, polje, boxfo, boxna

cinkix1(entity) is an arthropod of species x2(taxon)

lo cinki — arthropod.
i le insekto cu cinkiInsects are arthropods.
Related words: insekto, civla, danlu, blato, ankabuta, manti, sfani, toldi, bifce

cinlax1(entity) is thin in length/width etc. x2(property of x1) ...

lo cinla — thin.
i le mi'u ninmu cu cinla le ka se tupleThe woman has thin legs.
Comment: the third largest dimension. tordu, jarki and cinla specify the three dimensions of objects.
Related words: rotsu, jarki, tordu, cmalu, caxno, plana, jarki

cinmox1(entity) feels emotion x2(property of x1) about x3(entity)

lo cinmo — emotional (live being). lo se cinmo — emotion, feeling (impression).
i mi cinmo le ka gleki vau le nu mi'o tavla zu'ai bau la lojbanI feel happy that we talk in Lojban.
Related words: cumla, jilra, nelci, xendo, ckeji, cortu, jgira, kecti, kufra, marvele, prami, steba, zungi, badri, burna, gleki

cinrix1(clause) interests observer x2(entity)

lo cinri — interesting. lo se cinri — interested.
i ma se cinri le nu ca ma kau le mi'u fetsi co'a speniWho cares when she gets married?
i mi se cinri le nu xu kau sarcu fa le nu mi cusku fi la alis fe le se du'u mi pu zi zukte ma kauI wonder if I should tell Alice what I just did.
Related words: zdile, kucli, marvele, kurji

cintax1(entity) is some paint of substance x2(entity) in a base of x3(entity)

lo cinta — paint (coloring substance). lo se cinta — pigment of a paint. lo te cinta — paint base.
i mi pu punji le cinta be le kliti bei le sovda le mi'u bitmuI put an oil paint (with clay as a pigment) on to the wall.
Comment: lo te cinta (paint base) is the part of the paint that is not a lo se cinta (pigment).
Related words: pixra, skari

cinturax1(entity) is a waist of body x2(entity)

lo cintura — waist (of body).
i le cintura be do cu klani ma le ka claniWhat is the length of your waist?
Related words: xadni, cutne, midju, cinla, rotsu

cinzax1(entity) is a pincer of x2(property of x3) used to pinch x3(entity)

lo cinza — pincers.
i lei re cinza be le manti bei lei cidja ca ca'o sutra muvduThe two pincers of the ant used to pinch food are quickly moving.
Related words: tutci

cipnix1(entity) is a bird of species x2(taxon)

lo cipni — bird.
i le mi'u pa cipni ca'o vofliThe bird is flying.
Related words: datka, gunse, jipci, nalci, pimlu, vofli, xruki, danlu

ciprax1(event, process) is a test, act of examination, study of x2(property of x3, state) in subject x3(entity, entity group, full set)

lo cipra — study, test (act of examination). lo se cipra — tested.
i le nu catlu le kanla be do cu cipra le nu do stace se la'u li xo kauTo look into your eyes is a test of your sincerity.
i mi pu gasnu le cipra be tu'a le mi'u karceI tested the car.
i ba zi ku mi jai se cipraI will have a test soon.
Related words: ciksi, troci, jarco, pajni, saske

cirkox1(entity) loses x2(property of x1) at x3(entity, property of x1)

lo cirko — loser. lo se cirko — lost, not in possesion.
i mi cirko le ka kakne le ka sazri le xirma vau le ka xabju le tcaduI lost my ability to ride a horse while living in the city.
Related words: facki, ralte, sisku, claxu, jinga, pleji, canja, sfasa, dapma, binra, mipri

cirkulox1(entity) is a circle

lo cirkulo — circle.
i mi pu ciska pa cirkuloI drew a circle.
Related words: cukla, djine

cirlax1(entity) is some cheese ...

lo cirla — cheese.
i xu do djica tu'a le cirlaWould you like cheese?
Related words: ladru

ciskax1(entity) writes x2(text) on medium x3(entity) ...

lo ciska — writer. lo se ciska — written text. lo te ciska — writing medium.
i mi ba ciska lu coi munje li'u le peljiI will write "Hello, world!" on the paper.
Comment: for 'author' or specific authorial works use finti.
Related words: papri, penbi, pinsi, tcidu, xatra, pixra, prina, finti, barna, pinka

cismax1(entity) smiles

i se ja'e ma do cismaWhy are you smiling?
Related words: xajmi, cmila, frumu

cistex1(entity) is a system with structure x2(entity) ...

lo ciste — system. lo se ciste — structure of a system.
i le kibro cu ciste le se tcana be le skami poi se pi'o ce'u le prenu cu jikcaThe internet is a system with computer nodes, using which people communicate.
Related words: ci'e, cmima, girzu, gunma, stura, tadji, munje, farvi, ganzu, judri, julne, klesi, morna, tcana

citkax1(entity) eats x2(entity)

lo citka — eater. lo se citka — eaten.
i mi mo'u citka pa badna e re mangoI've eaten a banana and two mangoes.
Related words: cidja, pinxe, tunlo, xagji, xaksu, batci, gusta, kabri

citnox1(entity) is young in that it has x2(property of x1)

lo citno — young.
i le mi'u nixli cu citno le ka lifri le xo kau meiThe girl is young in how much she experienced.
Related words: laldo, cnino, slabu, verba

citrix1(entity) is a history of x2(entity) according to x3(entity)

lo citri — history. lo se citri — having a history.
i mi tadni le citri be le mi'u kagni bei le cnino lanliI'm studying the history of the company according to new analysts.
Related words: muzga, purci

citsix1(entity) is a season defined by x2(clause) of year x3(entity, number)

lo citsi — season.
i ca citsi le nu carvi vau le pa no no mu moiNow it's the season of rains of year 2005.
i vi ku le dunra cu citsi le nu lenkuHere, winter is a cold season.
Related words: cedra, crisa, critu, dunra, ranji, temci, vensa, jbena

civlax1(entity) is a flea or louse of species x2(taxon) parasitic on x3(entity)

lo civla — flea, louse.
i xu le civla be fi le gerku cu ckape le remnaAre dog louses dangerous to humans?
Related words: insekto, cinki, blato

cizrax1(entity) is strange to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo cizra — strange.
i le mi'u valsi cu cizra mi le ka se smuniThe word is strange to me in meaning.
i cizra fa le nu la tom na zvatiIt's strange that Tom is not present.
Related words: ranxi, rirci, fange, banli

ckabux1(entity) is some rubber ...

lo ckabu — rubber.
i le bolci poi ckabu cu plipe ri'a le ka pruniA rubber ball jumps because it is elastic.
Related words: pruni

ckafix1(entity) is some coffee ...

lo ckafi — coffee.
i do pinxe le ckafi ji le tcatiWill you drink coffee or tea?
Related words: tcati, barja, cakla

ckajix1(entity) is characterized by x2(property of x1)

lo se ckaji — property.
i le mi'u prenu na simlu gi'e ku'i ja'a ckaji vau le ka ninmuThe person doesn't look like a woman but she is.
i le ka masno bacru cu se ckaji tu noi nanmuSlow speech is the characteristic of that man.
Related words: kai, tcaci, tcini

ckanax1(entity) is a bed ...

lo ckana — bed.
i au mi vreta le ckanaI want to lie down in bed.
Related words: kamju, kicne, nilce, palta, cpana, vreta, jubme, stizu, matci, zbepi, palne, sarji

ckapex1(clause) is dangerous to x2(clause) ...

lo ckape — dangerous. lo se ckape — threatened.
i ka'e ckape le nu do kanro vau fa le nu do zukte le se stidi be la kevinIt can be dangerous for your health to do what Kevin suggested.
i do jai se ckape fai le ka co'a bilmaYou are at risk of getting ill.
Related words: te bandu, te kajde, te marbi, se snura, se xalni

ckasux1(entity) mocks at x2(entity) about x3(property of x2) by doing x4(property of x1)

i pa pendo pu ckasu mi le ka cadzu tai ma kau vau le ka cusku le mablaA friend mocked at the manner I walk by saying bad words.
Related words: cmila

ckejix1(entity) feels ashamed, mortified about x2(clause) before audience x3(entity)

lo ckeji — ashamed. lo se ckeji — shameful event.
i le mamta be mi pu ckeji le nu mi tarti ma kau vau lei prenuMy mother was ashamed in front of the crowd of my conduct.
Related words: cinmo

ckikux1(entity) is a key fitting lock x2(entity) ...

lo ckiku — key (of a lock). lo se ckiku — lock (of a key).
i ti ckiku le xunre vorme i ma ckiku le jaspu be doWhat is the password to your account?
i mi mo'u cirko le pe mi ckikuI lost my keys.
Comment: x2 can describe doors in the sense of entities that lock access.
Related words: stela

ckilux1(property of nonce place with kau) is a scale of units for measuring x2(property of nonce place with kau)

lo ckilu — scale.
i le ka mitre ma kau cu ckilu le ka te sepli ma kau ma kauMetric scale measures the distance between two points.
Related words: gradu, merli, cimde, manri

ckinix1(entity) is related to x2(entity) by relationship x3(relation between x1 and x2, contains two places for ce'u)

lo ckini — related. lo te ckini — relationship.
i mi na jimpe le te ckini be le mi'u panci bei le se vecnu be fi doI don't understand the relation between the smell and your purchases.
i ti'e le mi'u sance cu ckini le barda mabru le ka ce'u cupra ce'u fau le nu ri pagre tiThey say the sound is related to a large mammal that produces it while passing here.
i le nu da'i mi pu zvati la nipon cu ckini fi no daThe fact that I was in Japan is totally irrelevant.
Related words: ponse, srana, steci, mapti, sarxe, fange

ckirex1(entity) is grateful or thankful to x2(entity) for x3(property of x2)

lo ckire — thankful. lo te ckire — reason for gratitude.
i mi ckire do le mi'u ka sidju miThank you for helping me.
i ckire fi le balviThanks in advance.
Related words: cinmo, friti, pluka

ckulex1(entity) is a school serving at area x2(entity), teaching x3(proposition) to x4(entity) ...

lo ckule — school. lo te ckule — subject taught in a school. lo ve ckule — pupil of a school.
i ti ckule le bu'u gugde le ve mikce le citno tadniThis is a medical school serving in this area teaching therapy methods to young students.
i mi ve ckule fi le raljuI'm in primary school.
Related words: cilre, ctuca, tadni

ckunux1(entity) is a conifer of species x2(taxon) ...

lo ckunu — conifer.
i xu le tsiju be ti noi ckunu cu kukteAre pine nuts of this conifer tasty?
Related words: tricu

cladux1(entity) is loud at observation point x2(entity) ...

lo cladu — loud (producing loud sound). lo se cladu — loud place.
i le zgike cu cladu le bu'u kumfa ku ji'aThe music is loud even when you are in this room.
Related words: tolycladu, sance, savru

clanix1(entity) is long in length/width etc. x2(property of x1) ...

lo clani — long.
i la tom cu clani le ka srajiTom is tall.
i le mi'u cmana cu claniThe mountain is high.
i le mi'u nu penmi pu clani le ka se ditcuThe meeting was long.
i clani le ka mitre li reThe length is two meters.
Comment: the first largest dimension. ganra, rotsu and clani specify the three dimensions of objects. clani can be used to describe 'tall' or 'high' (in the sense of vertical length). For lengthy time intervals barda is also used (choice depends on personal philosophy of the speaker).
Related words: slabu, condi, ganra, rotsu, tordu, barda, ganra, jmagutci, minli, rotsu

claxux1(entity) lacks x2(entity, property of x1)

lo claxu — deficient.
i mi claxu le ka djica le ka citkaI lack the desire to eat.
i si'au do claxu le ka cinmo daLooks like you lack any emotions.
i mi claxu su'o penbiI don't have a pen.
Related words: cau, cirko, kunti, nitcu, pindi, banzu

clikax1(entity) is lichen or moss of species x2(taxon) growing on x3(entity)

lo clika — moss.
i ti clika fi le rokciThis is moss growing on rocks.
Related words: mledi

clirax1(clause) is early by standard x2(proposition)

lo clira — early event.
i le nu la alis cu cliva le mi'u briju pu clira le se sruma be miAlice leaving the office was early according to my assumption.
Related words: lerci

clitex1(entity) is polite in matter x2(property of x1) (clause) ...

lo clite — polite. lo se clite — polite behaviour.
i do pu na clite le ka cusku le se du'u le mi'u ctuca na draniYou wasn't polite in saying that the teacher isn't right.
Related words: ritli

clivax1(entity) leaves x2(entity, property of x1) via x3(entity)

i ra pu cliva le mi'u kumfa pa cankoHe left the room via a window.
Related words: litru, canci, vimcu, lebna, muvdu

clupax1(entity) is a loop of material x2(entity)

lo clupa — loop.
i ko jai se torni le mi'u skori ja'e le nu ri clupaTwist the rope into a loop.
Related words: djine

cmacix1(proposition) is mathematics describing x2(entity)

lo cmaci — mathematics. lo se cmaci — field of mathematics.
i mi tadni le cmaci be le klaniI study arithmetic (mathematics of quantity).
Related words: mekso

cmalux1(entity) is small in length/width etc. x2(property of x1) ...

lo cmalu — small.
i le nu penmi ba cmalu le ka ditcuThe meeting will be short in duration.
i le mi'u cukta cu cmalu le ka jai vajniThe book is of little importance.
Related words: caxno, cinla, jarki, tordu, barda

cmanax1(entity) is a mountain projecting from land-mass x2(entity)

lo cmana — mountain. lo se cmana — land mass with a mountain.
i so'i da cmana le bu'u tumlaThis land has a lot of mountains.
Related words: punli, derxi

cmavox1(text) is a grammatical particle of class x2(text) ...

lo cmavo — grammatical particle. lo se cmavo — selma'o.
i zo ka cmavo ma'oi nuka is a grammatical particle of class "NU" (clause prefix)
Comment: a Lojban word starting with one vowel or one consonant followed by vowels or '. i, ui, le, co'o etc. are cmavo.
Related words: gismu, lujvo, gerna, smuni, valsi

cmenex1(text) is the name for x2(entity) used by x3(entity)

lo cmene — name. lo te cmene — namegiver.
i ma jetnu cmene doWhat is your real name?
i mi se cmene zo glekiMy name is Gleki.
i le bruna be mi cu te cmene mi zo ractuMy brother calls me "Rabbit"
i le mi'u kamni pu xusra le du'u le mi'u prenu pu zukte no se cmene be lu na'e drani li'u bei la kamniThe committee asserted that the person had done nothing "incorrect" (quoting the committee's words).
Comment: the first place of cmene requires a quote using e.g. zo or lu ... li'u.
Related words: gismu, tcita, valsi, judri

cmevlax1(text) is a cmevla (Lojban word ending in a consonant)

lo cmevla — cmevla.
i zo lojban cmevla"Lojban" is cmevla.
Comment: lojban, nipon are cmevla.
Related words: selbrivla, gismu, zi'evla, cmavo, cmene

cmilax1(entity) laughs ...

i ra pu co'a cmilaShe started laughing.
Related words: ckasu, frumu, xajmi, cisma

cmimax1(entity) is a member of set x2(entity, full set)

lo cmima — member. lo se cmima — set.
i mi cmima pa kamni pe le mi'u gugdeI am a member of a state committee.
Comment: x1 describes members of a set. To specify all members of a set use gunma.
Related words: ciste, porsi, jbini, girzu, gunma, klesi, mei, kampu, lanzu, liste

cmonix1(entity) howls, utters, moans x2(sound) expressing x3(property of x1)

lo cmoni — moaner.
i le mi'u prenu pu cmoni zo a le ka glekiThe person uttered "A!" expressing his happiness.
Comment: cmoni describes emotional utterances. For uttering text use bacru, for shouting text use krixa.
Related words: krixa, bacru, cusku, cortu

cnanox1(entity) is normal in x2(property of x1) among x3(entity group, full set) ...

lo cnano — norm.
i le ki'ogra be li ci cu cnano le ka se junta vau le ca zi jbena3 kilograms is a normal weight of newborns.
Comment: cnano is the generalized opposite to any/all of these concepts: cizra, fadni, cafne, kampu.
Related words: tcaci, fadni, kampu, lakne, tarti, rirci

cnebox1(entity) is a neck of body x2(entity)

lo cnebo — neck.
i le cnebo be le za'u vi ninmu cu claniThese women have long necks.
Related words: galxe, cutne

cnemux1(entity) rewards x2(entity) for atypical x3(property of x2) with x4(property of x2)

lo cnemu — rewarder. lo se cnemu — rewardee. lo te cnemu — reason for a reward. lo ve cnemu — reward.
i mi pu cnemu le mi'u gerku le ka bevri le grana vau le ka te cpacu le sakta le mi'u gerkuI rewarded the dog for bringing the stick by giving it sugar.
Comment: x4 is the property the recipient gets.
Related words: dunda, friti, jerna, jinga, jivna, pleji, sfasa, venfu, prali, dapma

cnicix1(entity) is neat or orderly in x2(property of x1)

lo cnici — neat.
i le mi'u kerfa cu cnici le ka se ganzu fi le carmiThe hair is neat in being organized into a shining part.
Related words: cunso, kalsa

cninox1(entity) is new to observer x2(entity) in property x3(property of x1) ...

lo cnino — new.
i le pendo be mi co'a cnino mi le ka kakne le ka zgipli le pipnoMy friend appeared new to me in being able to play the piano.
i cnino fa no cnita be le mi'u lunraNothing is new under the Moon (saying).
Related words: nuzba, slabu, citno, se djuno

cnisax1(entity) is some quantity of lead metal

lo cnisa — lead (metal).
i ra pu troci le ka zbasu le solji le cnisaHe tried to make gold out of lead.
Related words: jinme, tinci

cnitax1(entity) is directly beneath, directly below x2(entity) ...

lo cnita — what is beneath. lo se cnita — what is above.
i le mi'u pelji cu cnita le mi'u cuktaThe paper is below the book.
Related words: dizlo, gapru, galtu, farna, loldi

co — inverts the order of parts of compound verb

i lu le ractu co melbi li'u dunli lu le melbi ractu li'u"Pretty bunnies" is the same as "bunnies, the pretty".

co'a [preposition of aspect] — at the start of the event (inchoative aspect)

i pu co'a ru'i carviIt started raining.
i le mi'u plise co'a fusraThe apple has begun to decay.
i co'a pelxuIt's turning yellow.
i do pu co'a lazniYou became lazy.

co'e [verb] — main verb unspecified or known from context

i mu'i ma do co'e miWhy are you doing this to me?
i za'o co'eIt's going on for too long.
i ei do troci le ka co'e bu'u le drataYou should try it somewhere else.

co'i [preposition of aspect] — aspect treating the whole event without internal structure (perfective aspect), co'i nai — aspect treating the whole event as having internal structure (imperfective aspect)

i mi pu co'i nai citka pa mango ca le nu ra co'i klama le nenriI was eating a mango when she entered.
i mi co'i cirkoI've lost it.

co'o [vocative]Goodbye! Bye!

i co'o le tumla pe miGoodbye, my land!
i co'o ro doGoodbye to all of you!

co'oi [vocative]Ciao! (hello! or goodbye! depending on context)

i co'oi le pendo be miCiao, my friend!
Related words: a'oi, coi, co'o, rinsa

co'u [preposition of aspect] — quitting, stopping even if before the expected end (cessative aspect)

coi [vocative]Hello! Hi!

i coi le mi'u munjeHello, world!
i coi ro doHello, everyone!

cokcux1(entity) soaks up x2(entity) from x3(entity) into x4(entity)

lo cokcu — absorber. lo se cokcu — absorbed.
i le mi'u verba cu cokcu le ladru le tatru le mokluChildren suck up milk from breast into the mouth.
Related words: panje, sakci, lacpu

condix1(entity) is deep in property x2(property of x3) away from reference point x3(entity) ...

lo condi — deep.
i ti noi xamsi cu condi le ka sraji vau le sefta be vo'aThis sea is deep in separating its bottom from its surface.
i e'o do bevri pa condi kabriPlease, bring a deep glass.
Related words: clani, caxno, bargu, ganra, rotsu, barda, jmagutci, minli

cortux1(entity) feels pain at x2(entity)

lo cortu — who feels pain, person in pain. lo se cortu — location of pain.
i mi cortu le xanceMy hand hurts.
i mi cortu le galxe be miI have a sore throat.
Comment: often the second place of x2 is the same as x1.
Related words: cinmo, xrani

cpacux1(entity) acquires or gets x2(entity, property of x1) from x3(entity)

lo se cpacu — acquired.
i mi ba cpacu le grute miI'll get fruits for myself.
i mi ne le xance pu te cpacu fi la kevin fe le dakfuI handed Kevin a knife.
Related words: punji, lebna, vimcu

cpanax1(entity) is on top of x2(entity) ...

lo cpana — what is on top. lo se cpana — what is below.
i su'o bisli cu se cpana le cmanaThere is ice on top of the mountain.
Comment: to lay upon is punji.
Related words: se vasru, jbini, zvati, nenri, vreta, ckana, diklo, jibni, lamji, zutse, punji, sarji, zbepi

cparex1(entity) climbs on x2(entity) ; x1 wades through x2 ...

i ra pu mo'u cpare le mi'u cmanaShe has climbed on the mountain.
Related words: klama, litru, bajra, farlu, plipe

cpedux1(entity) requests or asks for x2(clause, property of x3) from x3(entity) ...

lo se cpedu — something requested.
i le mi'u nanmu pu cpedu le ka jai gau kalri fai le mi'u vorme vau mi ta'i le ka jai gau muvdu fai le xanceThe man asked me to open the door by moving his hand.
Comment: a request may be indicated in speech, in writing, or by an action (e.g. petitions are often in writing, while begging/panhandling may be indicated by an action or even demeanor).
Related words: cusku, pikci, retsku, se spuda, danfu

cpinax1(entity) is pungent or irritating to observer x2(entity)

lo cpina — pungent, irritating.
i le mi'u sanso cu cpinaThe sauce is hot.
i le mi'u panci cu cpinaThe smell is irritating.
Related words: vrusi, kukte, cidja, panci, sumne

cradix1(entity) broadcasts or transmits x2(entity) via station or frequency x3(entity) to receiver x4(entity)

lo cradi — broadcaster. lo se cradi — broadcasted. lo te cradi — broadcasting station. lo ve cradi — broadcast receiver.
i ti cradi le vajni notci le tordu boxna le se bevriThis is a radio transmitter sending important messages on short waves to portable receivers.
Related words: tivni, benji, tcana

cranex1(entity) is in front of x2(entity) facing x3(entity)

lo crane — something in front.
i pa tricu cu crane la alis la kevinA tree is before (in front of) Alice from Kevin's position.
i pa tricu cu crane miA tree is in front of me.
i pa ctino cu pagre bu'u le crane be le mi'u lunraA shadow passed before the moon.
Related words: sefta, flira, trixe, mlana, pritu, zunle

crekax1(entity) is a shirt ...

lo creka — shirt.
i do poi dasni le creka cu simlu le ka statiYou look smart in the shirt.
Related words: taxfu

crepux1(entity) harvests, plucks x2(property of x3) from x3(entity)

lo crepu — harvester. lo se crepu — harvested crop. lo te crepu — crop field.
i ra crepu le vanjba le mi'u purdiShe is harvesting grapes from the garden.
Related words: lebna, vimcu, katna, critu, sombo, jmaji

cribex1(entity) is a bear of species x2(taxon)

lo cribe — bear (animal).
i le cribe cu se zdani le vi boskeBears live in this forest.
Related words: danlu, mabru

cridax1(entity) is a fairy, elf, or other mythical humanoid ...

lo crida — fairy, elf.
i fi mi pu lisri pa da le za'u cridaI told a story about fairies.
Related words: ranmi, lijda

crinox1(entity) is green

lo crino — green.
i ca le crisa le pezli poi crino co'a xunreIn the fall leaves that are green, turn red.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, cicna

cripux1(entity) is a bridge across x2(entity) between points x3(entity group) ...

lo cripu — bridge.
i mi'a muvdu fo le cripu be pa rirxe bei pa tcadu jo'u le nurmaWe are moving over the bridge across a river that connects a city and the rural zone.
Related words: bargu, kruca, ragve, kuspe

crisax1(entity) is summer of year x2(entity) at location x3(entity)

lo crisa — summer.
i ca crisa le re no no mu moi be le nanca tiNow it's summer of year 2005 at my place.
Related words: citsi, critu, dunra, vensa

critux1(entity) is autumn of year x2(entity) at location x3(entity)

lo critu — autumn.
i xu ca critu le re no no mu moi be le nanca doIs it now autumn of year 2005 at your place?
Related words: citsi, crisa, dunra, vensa, crepu

ctarux1(entity) is a tide in x2(entity) ...

lo ctaru — tide.
i le ctaru be le xamsi cu bardaThe tide in the sea is high.
Related words: xamsi

ctebix1(entity) is a lip of orifice x2(entity) ...

lo ctebi — lip. lo se ctebi — orifice with a lip.
i le se dekpu be le ctebi be le mi'u vlagi cu banzu le nu le panzi cu pagreThe size of the hole of the vagina is enough for the child to pass.
Related words: moklu, korbi, cinba

ctekix1(property of x3) is a tax on x2(property of x3) levied against x3(entity) by authority or collector x4(entity)

lo cteki — tax. lo se cteki — taxable property. lo te cteki — taxpayer. lo ve cteki — collector of a tax.
i le prenu pu na nelci le noi cnino vau cteki be le ka ralte le bakni bei ro le xabju bei lei turniPeople didn't like the new tax on keeping cows levied against everyone by the government.
i le rupnu be li re mu cu cteki le ka ralte le bakni25 dollars is the tax for keeping cows.
Related words: pleji, flalu, turni

ctilex1(entity) is some petroleum ...

lo ctile — petroleum.
i ti minji le nu cokcu le ctileThis is a machine for pumping out oil.
Related words: grasu

ctinox1(entity) is a shadow of x2(entity) made by light source x3(entity)

lo ctino — shadow.
i mi pu terpa tu'a le ctino be le tricu bei le mi'u lunraI was afraid of shadows of trees in moonlight.
Related words: manku, gusni

ctucax1(entity) teaches to x2(entity) ideas or method x3(property of x2) ...

lo ctuca — teacher. lo se ctuca — taught audience. lo te ctuca — subject taught.
i le mi'u prenu pu ctuca mi'a le traji tasmi be le nu tavla fo la lojbanThe person taught us the best style of speaking Lojban.
i le mi'u mamta cu ctuca le mi'u verba le mi'u du'u le nu cladu tavla na se cliteThe mother taught the child that talking loud isn't polite.
i le mi'u laldo pu ctuca mi le tadji be le nu na ganse le ka cortuThe old one taught me the method of not feeling the pain.
Related words: ckule, cilre, tadni

cu — shows that the main verb of the clause is coming next; in other words, shows the beginning of the clause tail

i lei mi'u rirni cu zvati ti caThe parents are here now.
Comment: cu can be omitted if the previous word is a pronoun of the same clause, can also be replaced with prepositions.

cu'e [preposition] — asks for an appropriate preposition or a combination of them

i lu do cu'e vitke la nipon li'u lu pu'o li'u"Have you been to Japan?" "I'm about to."
i lu le mi'u penbi cu'e zvati li'u lu pu vu li'u"Where is the pen?" "It was over there."

cu'i [right scalar particle] — shows middle meaning of interjection or interjection modifier

i au cu'i le bruna mo'u klamaThe brother arrived, meh.
Comment: au cu'i means indifference (middle attitude between desire and reluctance). Definitions of interjections and interjection modifiers contain meanings of them with nai too.

cu'o [verb] — turn number into verb denoting probability

i le mi'u nu casnu cu su'o cu'o le nu le mi'u jatna cu klamaThe discussion is possible if the boss comes.
i le nu mi ricfu cu ro cu'o le nu mi ponse le megdo be le rupnuHad I a million dollars I'd be rich.
Comment: x1(entity) has probability (n) of occurring under conditions x2(entity). The number (n) is put in front of cu'o.

cu'u [preposition from cusku]as said by ...

i cu'u la gleki la lojban cu vlipa banguAs said by La Gleki, Lojban is a powerful language.
Comment: used for quotations.

cuklax1(entity) is round

lo cukla — round.
i le mi'u lunra noi pelxu gi'e cukla gi'e carmi cu zvati le tsaniThe Moon, yellow, round and bright, is in the sky.
Related words: djine, ranji, bolci, tarmi

cuktax1(entity) is a book with work x2(entity) ...

lo cukta — book. lo se cukta — work in a book.
i mi tcidu fi pa cukta be le cinriI read a book with an interesting content (an interesting book).
Related words: cfika, prina, prosa, tcidu, papri

culnox1(entity) is full of x2(entity)

lo culno — full.
i le mi'u lanka cu culno le peljiThe basket is full of paper.
Related words: tisna, kunti, mulno, setca, tisna

cumkix1(event, state, property of nonce place) is possible ...

lo cumki — possible.
i cumki fa le nu la alis ba jai lerciIt's possible that Alice will be late.
Related words: lakne

cumlax1(entity) is modest or humble about x2(property of x1)

lo cumla — modest.
i mi'ai pu cumla le ka kanpe ma kauWe were modest in our expectations.
Related words: cinmo, jgira

cunmix1(entity) is some millet or grain of species x2(taxon)

lo cunmi — millet.
i le jipci cu citka le cunmiHens eat millet.
Related words: gurni

cunsox1(clause) is random, unpredictable ...

lo cunso — random.
i le cabna be le nu ra mo'u klama cu pu cunsoWhen would he come was unpredictable.
Related words: cnici, lakne, funca, kalsa, snuti

cuntux1(clause) is an affair or organized activity involving persons x2(entity)

lo cuntu — affair, business (activity).
i ra pu se cuntu le zekriHe was involved in a crime.
Related words: jikca, srana

cuprax1(entity) produces product x2(entity) by process x3(property of x1)

lo cupra — producer, origin, source. lo se cupra — product. lo te cupra — process of production.
i le karce cu cupra le nejni le ka jai gau jelca le livlaCar produces energy by burning fuel.
i le tricu cu se cupra le gruteTrees come from fruits.
Related words: zbasu, farvi, gundi, jukpa, genja, jicmu

curmix1(entity) lets x2(clause) happen; x1 makes x2 possible ...

i le saske cu curmi le nu jimpe le munjeScience allows understanding the world.
i le mi'u canko cu curmi le nu le vifne vacri cu pagreThe window permits the passage of the fresh air.
Related words: e'ande, rinju, banzu, ralte, jimte, jaspu, zifre

curnux1(entity) is a worm of species x2(taxon)

lo curnu — worm.
i le mi'u cipni mo'u kavbu le curnuThe bird caught a worm.
Related words: since, silka

curvex1(entity) is pure in x2(property of x1)

lo curve — pure.
i ti noi djine cu curve le ka soljiThis ring is of pure gold.
Related words: prane, jinsa, manfo, sampu, sepli, traji, lumci, xukmi

cuskux1(entity) says x2(text) for audience x3(entity) ...

lo cusku — who says. lo se cusku — what is said. lo te cusku — audience.
i ba bo mi pu cusku fi le mi'u ninmu fe lu do mutce xendo li'uAnd then I said to the woman "You are very kind."
i do pu cusku le se du'u do ba katna le nanbaYou said that you would cut the bread.
Comment: skicu is to tell, cusku is to say, tavla is to talk, benji su'o notci is to notify. The second place of skicu is filled with a topic like skicu su'o dansu (tell about dancers), the second place of cusku is filled with a text like cusku zo dansu (to say "dance"")
Related words: retsku, spusku, spuda, cu'u, bacru, tavla, casnu, bangu, dapma, jufra, pinka

cutcix1(entity) is a shoe for covering x2(entity) ...

lo cutci — shoe.
i ti noi prenu cu zbasu le cutci be le suftiThis person makes horseshoes.
Related words: smoka, taxfu, skiji

cutnex1(entity) is the chest of body x2(entity)

lo cutne — chest.
i le mi'u nanla pu ca'o jgari le gerku re'o le cutneThe boy was holding the dog near the chest.
Related words: cnebo, betfu, xadni, tanxe

cuxnax1(entity) chooses, decides on x2(entity) from complete set x3(entity group, full set)

lo se cuxna — what is chosen. lo te cuxna — set of choices, menu of choices.
i mi nu'o mo'u cuxna le ka zukte ma kauI haven't yet decided what to do.
i nandu fa le ka cuxnaIt's hard to choose.
i mi pu cuxna la alis le nixliI chose Alice from the girls.
i la alis pu cuxna le blanu le taxfuAlice chose the blue dress out of all.
i mi pensi cuxna le nu mi citka ma kauI'm thinking about what to eat.
Comment: pajni is for judging matters, jdice is for actual decisions, cuxna is for deciding (choosing) on something out of options.
Related words: jdice, pajni, nelci

cy [pronoun]c (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like cy is for the last lo carvi used.

da [pronoun] — there exists something or someone: 1st pronoun of da, de, di series

i mi se bruna daI have a brother.
i mi nelci ro daI like everything.

da'a [digit/number]all except ..., all but ... (number follows; by default 1)

i da'a re prenu pu zvati vaAll but two people were present there.

da'i [interjection]supposing, da'i naiin fact

i da'i mi ricfuI could be rich.
i da'i nai mi se zdani le dapluI do live on an island.
Related words: se xanri, sruma

dacrux1(entity) is a drawer in x2(entity) ...

lo dacru — drawer.
i pa junla ca cpana le se dacru be le bardaA clock stands on a chest of big drawers.
Related words: nilce, tanxe

dactix1(entity) is a thing, a material object enduring in space-time

lo dacti — material object.
i tu noi dacti cu moWhat is that object over there?
Related words: marji, xanri

dadjox1(entity) is Taoist in x2(property of x1)

lo dadjo — Taoist.
i le mi'u tcaci cu dadjoThe tradition is Taoist.
Related words: lijda, jegvo

dai [interjection modifier] — marks empathetic use of interjection, shows another's feelings

i oi ro'o dai tuple doi le mi'u cifnuI know it hurts, baby!
i do jinga ui daiYou won, yay you!
i ui nai dai le gerku pe do co'a morsiYou must be sad, your dog died.
Related words: kansa

dakfux1(entity) is a knife for cutting x2(entity) ...

lo dakfu — knife.
i ti dakfu le nanbaThis is a knife for cutting bread.
Related words: denci, balre, katna, tunta, forca, smuci, kinli

daklix1(entity) is a bag or sack containing x2(entity) ...

lo dakli — bag. lo se dakli — contents of a bag.
i mi ba bevri pa dakli be le tamca le nenriI will take a bag of tomatoes inside.
Comment: pouch is lo daski.
Related words: daski, bakfu

dambax1(entity) fights or struggles with x2(entity) over issue x3(clause)

lo damba — fighter.
i mi pu damba le mensi be mi le mi'u du'u ma kau klama ka'ai lei rirniI fought with my sister of who would go with parents.
Comment: war (lo nu jamna) usually consists of battles (lo nu damba).
Related words: bradi, gunta, talsa, darlu, fapro, jamna, sonci

damrix1(entity) is a drum, gong or other percussion instrument with beater x2(entity)

lo damri — drum. lo se damri — beater of a drum.
i le mi'u nakni pu zgipli pa damri be le xanceHe was playing a hand struck drum.
Related words: rilti, zgike

damva'ux1(entity) smokes, inhales smoke x2(entity)

lo damva'u — smoker.
i le mi'u prenu cu damva'u le se panci be le mablaThe person smokes something that has a shitty smell.
Related words: danmo, vasxu

dandux1(entity) is suspended, hangs from x2(entity) at joint x3(entity)

i le mi'u smani pu dandu le galtu jimca le reblaThe monkey was hanging its tail from a high branch.
Related words: lasna, jorne

danfux1(entity) is the answer or solution to question or problem x2(clause)

lo danfu — solution to a problem. lo se danfu — problem.
i le ka pilno le drata ckiku cu danfu le tadji be le ka jai gau karli fai le mi'u vormeUsing another key is the answer to the problem of opening the door.
Comment: spuda is for agentive response/reply.
Related words: ciksi, retsku, nabmi, spuda, cpedu

danlux1(entity) is an animal of species x2(taxon)

lo danlu — animal, creature.
i mi pu viska pa danlu bu'u le mi'u boske i le mi'u danlu cu jutsi maI saw an animal in the forest. What species does it belong to?
Related words: banfi, cinki, cipni, finpe, ankabuta, respa, since, mabru, bakni

danmox1(entity) is smoke from source x2(entity)

lo danmo — smoke.
i le danmo be le noi ca'o jelca vau tricu co'a denmiThe smoke from the burning trees is becoming dense.
Related words: pulce, gapci, sigja, bumru

danrex1(entity) puts pressure on or applies force to x2(entity)

lo danre — pressure.
i le brife cu danre le mi'u falnuWind puts pressure on the sail.
Related words: catke, bapli, prina, tinsa

dansux1(entity) dances to accompaniment or rhythm x2(entity)

lo dansu — dancer.
i e'u mi'o dansu le ca zgikeLet's dance to this music.
Related words: bende, zgike, zajba

dantix1(entity) is a bullet, missile, or other ballistic projectile for firing by x2(entity)

lo danti — bullet. lo se danti — gun.
i pa danti be le cecla mo'u muvdu le dinjuA bullet from a gun reached the house.
Related words: cecla, renro, jakne

daplux1(entity) is an island ...

lo daplu — island.
i fe'e ro roi le mi'u daplu le remna cu xabjuPeople live all over the island.
Related words: lalxu, rirxe, xamsi, dirgo

dapmax1(entity) wishes to x2(entity) luck or fate x3(event)

lo se dapma — condemned.
i mi pu dapma le mi'u fetsi le ka se funca le zabnaI wished her good luck.
i le cizra pu dapma le virnu le nu ri ba zi morsiThe monster cursed the brave person to die soon.
Comment: can describe any type of fate: good luck or bad luck (to condemn, to curse).
Related words: mabla, dimna, cnemu, sfasa, dunda, cusku, cirko, jdima, di'ai

dargux1(entity) is a road or highway ...

lo dargu — road.
i da bisli vi'a le mi'u darguThere is ice on the road.
Related words: flu'ente, naxle, pluta, klaji, tcana

darlux1(entity) argues for stance x2(proposition) against stance x3(proposition)

lo se darlu — stance (in a discussion).
i lei enge pu darlu le nu le mi'u dargu cu se stuzi le berti vau le nu le mi'u dinju cu se zbasu fi le rokciEngineers argued for the road to be located to the north and against the house to be built of rock.
Comment: opponent is not necessary.
Related words: fapro, jamna, sarji, talsa, sumti, tugni, casnu, damba, bradi, tavla

darnox1(entity) is distant from x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo darno — distant.
i le mi'u muzga cu darno tiThe museum is far from here.
i le jungo bangu cu darno le glico bangu le ka va'o ce'u ma kau tarmi le nu bacruChinese language is far from English in the manner of pronunciation.
Related words: jibni

darsix1(entity) shows audacity in behavior x2(property of x1)

lo darsi — cheeky. lo se darsi — audacious behaviour.
i la edvard ca darsi le ka na cusku le jetnu la tomEduard dares not tell Tom the truth.
Related words: virnu

darxix1(entity) hits or strikes x2(entity) ...

lo darxi — who strikes. lo se darxi — struck, stricken.
i mi pu darxi le xedja be le mi'u nakni se pi'o le xanceI hit his jaw with hand.
i mi pu darxi la alis se pi'o le zunle jamfu be mi re'o le betfuI kicked Alice with my left foot in the belly.
Related words: bikla, gunta, jenca, tunta, janli, jgari, pencu

daskix1(entity) is a pocket or pouch in x2(entity)

lo daski — pocket.
i mi pu punji le xance be mi le daski be le kosta pe miI put my hand into the pocket of my coat.
Related words: dakli, taxfu, bakfu

dasnix1(entity) wears x2(entity) as garment of type x3(property of x1)

lo dasni — who wears a garment. lo se dasni — garment worn.
i e'o do co'a dasni le cutciPlease put on your shoes.
i le mi'u nixli cu dasni le creka le skaciThe girl wears a shirt as a skirt.
Related words: taxfu

daspox1(entity) destroys x2(entity, property of x1)

lo daspo — destroyer. lo se daspo — destroyed.
i ra pu daspo le ka kanroHe ruined his health.
i le fagri pu daspo ci me le dinjuThe fire destroyed three of the buildings.
Related words: spofu, xrani, marxa, zalvi, xaksu

dasrix1(entity) is a ribbon ...

lo dasri — ribbon, strip.
i le mi'u jai se dunda pu se bakfu fi pa dasriThe gift was tied with a ribbon.
Related words: djine

datkax1(entity) is a duck of species x2(taxon)

lo datka — duck.
i so'o datka ru'i limna le mi'u lalxuSeveral ducks are swimming in the lake.
Related words: cipni

datnix1(property of x2) is information about x2(entity) gathered by method x3(property of x2)

lo datni — information. lo te datni — method of getting information.
i le ka zukte le zekri cu datni le mi'u nanmu le ka zgana le se zukte be ce'uBeing a criminal are the data about the man collected by monitoring his actions.
i ai mi tavla do le datni be fi le cipraI'm going to talk to you about experimental data.
Comment: synonym of info.
Related words: fatci, saske, vreji

dau [digit/number] — hex digit A (decimal 10), ten

i ei mi'o denpa ze'a le djedi be li dauWe should wait for 10 days.

dau'i [right scalar particle] — shows equal intensity of interjection or interjection modifier

i ju'o la alis ba mo'u klamaI'm sure Alice will arrive.
i ju'o dau'i ji'a la kevin ba vitke mi'aAnd I'm equally sure that Kevin will visit us.
Comment: usually specifies an intensity of an interjection equal to the intensity of the same interjection earlier used.
Related words: dau'i, mau'i, me'ai, cu'i, sai, ru'e

de [pronoun] — there exists something or someone: 2nd pronoun of da, de, di series

i ro da poi ke'a sinma ke'a cu se sinma ro de poi ke'a sinma diEveryone who respects oneself is respected by everyone who respects someone.

de'a [preposition of aspect] — pause (pausative aspect)

i le mi'u fetsi pu de'a vasxuShe ceased to breathe.
i mi de'a jundiI won't be paying attention for a while.
Related words: di'a

de'e [pronoun] — text of a near future utterance

i de'e cinri jufra i au do tirna mi i le xunre cu srana le nu fenguThe utterance that comes is interesting. I'd like you to listen to me. Red is related to the state of being angry.

de'i [preposition from detri]on date/time ... (date stamp follows)

i de'i li ly ci dy pa mu mi pu zvati la niponOn March 15 I was in Japan.
i de'i li cy pa ci mi'a clivaWe leave at 1 pm.
i mi'a cliva de'i li cy so my ci noWe leave at 9:30
Comment: ny is put before years, ly is put before months, dy is put before days, cy is put before hours, my is put before minutes, sy is put before seconds.

de'u [pronoun] — text of a recent utterance

i sei suksa co'a gusni bu'u le darno i ba bo le mi'u gusni cu canci i ro le mi'u re mei pu troci le ka ganse le mi'u gusni vau za'u re'u i ku'i le mi'u re mei na pu djuno le mi'u du'u xu kau la'e de'e cu du le sinxa poi le mi'u re mei ze'u kanpe tu'a ke'aSuddenly a light appeared far away and then the light disappeared. They both tried to observe it once again. But they didn't know whether that was the sign they had been expecting for so long.

dectix1(entity) is a tenth of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

lo decti — 1/10.
i le mi'u bitmu cu decti be le mitre le ka rotsuThe fence is 10 centimeters thick.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

degjix1(entity) is a finger, toe, or digit on limb x2(entity) ...

lo degji — finger, toe, digit (of body). lo se degji — limb with fingers or toes.
i le degji be le pritu xance be mi cu cortuThe fingers of my right hand hurt.
Related words: nazbi, tamji, tance, xance

degygutcix1(entity) is x2(number) inches in length/height/... in standard x3(entity) ...

i le jesni cu degygutci li pa pi re le'e glicoThe needle is 1.2 English inches in size.
Related words: minli, clani, ganra, rotsu, condi, mitre, dekpu, merli, bunda, kramu

dei [pronoun] — text of this utterance

i le mi'u nu casnu pe dei ca zenba le ka cinriThis discussion is getting more interesting.

dejnix1(entity) owes debt x2(entity, property of x1) to creditor x3(entity) in return for service x4(entity, property of x1)

lo dejni — debtor. lo se dejni — debt. lo te dejni — creditor of debt.
i mi dejni le ka sidju vau do le ka se sidju doI am obliged to help you in return for your help.
i mi dejni fi le patfu be mi fo le ka snadaI owe my success to my father.
Related words: jbera, janta, zivle

dekpux1(entity) is x2(number) volume units in standard x3(property of x1) ...

i ti noi botpi cu dekpu li pa le ka litceThis bottle is one liter in volume.
Related words: canlu, litce, rupnu, fepni, jmagutci, minli, merli, bunda, kramu

dektox1(entity) is ten of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

lo dekto — 10.
i le mi'u dinju cu dekto be le mitre le ka claniThe house is 10 meters high.
i mi ponse le dekto be le mlatuI own 10 cats.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units, le dekto be le mlatu is the 10 cats.
Related words: centi

delfinux1(entity) is a dolphin of species/breed x2(taxon)

lo delfinu — dolphin.
i le'e delfinu cu statiDolphins are generally smart.
Comment: see mabru, xamsi, flu'ente.
Related words: mabru, xamsi, rirxe

delnox1(entity) is x2(number) candela in luminosity ...

i ti noi bombila cu delno li ji'i pa re noThis light bulb has a luminous intensity of around 120 candela.
Related words: centi, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti, gotro, kilto, centi

dembix1(entity) is a legume, bean, or pea from plant x2(entity)

lo dembi — legume seed. lo se dembi — plant with legumes.
i mi ca ca'o citka le stasu be le dembiI am eating a bean stew.
Related words: grute, sobde, tsiju

dencix1(entity) is a tooth of x2(entity)

lo denci — tooth.
i le denci be mi cu cortuI have a toothache.
Related words: dakfu, pagre, jgalu, moklu, dakfu, pagre, jgalu, batci, bongu

denmix1(entity) is dense in x2(property of x1) ...

lo denmi — dense.
i le karce flu'ente cu denmi le ka se pagbu le xo kau karce bu'u le klajiThe car traffic is intense in the streets.
Related words: carmi, midju, viknu

denpax1(entity) waits or pauses for x2(event) at state x3(state of x1) before doing x4(action of x1, process of x1)

i ko ze'i denpaWait a bit. Just a moment!
i xu do pu denpaDid you wait?
i mi denpa le nu le patfu cu volta vau le ka kelci vau le ka clivaI am waiting for my father to arrive playing before leaving.
Related words: dicra, fanmo, sisti, fliba, basna

dertux1(entity) is some soil or dirt ...

lo dertu — soil, dirt, ground (soil), earth (soil).
i pu ze'a ku le mi'u karce cu muvdu bu'u le dertuFor a while, the car moved on the soil.
Related words: kliti, terdi, loldi

derxix1(entity) is a heap or stack of x2(entity) ...

lo derxi — heap.
i mi pu cupra pa derxi be le mudriI chopped a pile of wood.
Related words: gunma, cmana

deskux1(entity) is shakes or vibrates from force x2(clause)

lo desku — something vibrating.
i ra pu desku le ka terpaShe was shaking with fear.
Related words: slilu, janbe

detrix1(number) is the date of x2(event, state) at location x3(entity) in calendar x4(entity)

lo detri — datestamp.
i li ly pa dy pa ze ny re no pa xa detri le nu mi co'a tadni la lojban vau la nipon. la gregoris.January 17, 2016 (Japanese timezone, Gregorian calendar) is the date when I started studying Lojban.
Comment: in x1 ny is put before years, ly is put before months, dy is put before days, cy is put before hours, my is put before minutes, sy is put before seconds.
Related words: de'i, djedi, jeftu, masti, nanca, tcika, judri

di [pronoun] — there exists something or someone: 3rd pronoun of da, de, di series

i ku'i la'a nai su'o da cizra ro de ro diBut it is unlikely that something is strange to everyone in every way.

di'a [preposition of aspect] — resuming (resumptive aspect)

i mi na ba di'a zgipli le pipnoI won't play the piano again.
i mi di'a jundiI'm listening again.
Related words: de'a

di'ai [vocative] — expression of well-wish, di'ai nai — expression of curse

i di'ai doGood luck to you.
i mi pacna le nu do ba jinga di'ai doI hope you will win, good luck to you.
i ko na raktu mi di'ai nai doDon't disturb me, damn you!
Comment: used to express well-wishes/curses.
Related words: dimna, dapma, ki'e, doi, fu'au

di'anzix1(entity) is an electronic device

lo di'anzi — electronic.
i gau do e'i to'e akti fa le di'anzi pe doTurn off your electronic devices.
Related words: letri

di'e [pronoun] — text of the next utterance

i di'e na drani i la djon cu cmene mi i lu zo djon cmene mi li'u drani ku'iThe following sentence isn't correct. Someone called John is my name. "John is my name" is correct, though.

di'i [preposition of aspect]regularly (iterative aspect), di'i naiirregularly

i mi di'i cadzu bu'u le mi'u pankaI regularly walk in the park.
i pa cukta di'i te tcidu miI read the same book again and again.
i mi di'i nai citka le koksoI eat coconuts here and there.

di'u [pronoun] — text of the last utterance

i ma zabna traji tadji le nu tadni la lojban i di'u zabna se retskuWhat is the best method of learning Lojban? That is a good question.
i la alis ze'a le djedi be li za'u re na zvati i la'e di'u cizraAlice isn't present for more than two days. That is strange.

dicrax1(entity) interrupts or disrupts x2(entity) due to quality x3(property of x1)

i le sance pu dicra le nu mi sipna vau le ka claduThe sound woke me up since it was loud.
Related words: zunti, fanza, raktu, denpa

diklox1(entity) is confined to location x2(entity) within range x3(entity)

lo diklo — local.
i le ca carvi cu diklo le stuna le bu'u tcaduWithin the borders of this city, the rain is in the south.
Related words: bu'u, zvati, jibni, cpana, nenri, lamji, stuzi, tcila

diknix1(entity) is regular or periodic in x2(property of x1) with interval x3(entity)

lo dikni — regular.
i mi dikni le ka lumci le kumfa pe mi vau le jeftuI am regular in cleaning my room every week.
Related words: slilu, rilti, xutla, manfo, boxna

dilcux1(number) is a quotient of x2(number) divided by x3(number), leaving remainder x4(number)

lo dilcu — quotient. lo se dilcu — dividend of a quotient. lo te dilcu — divisor of a quotient. lo ve dilcu — remainder of a quotient.
i li re dilcu li pa ci li mu li ci2 is the quotient of 13 divided by 5 with the remainder 3.
Related words: frinu, fendi, katna, parbi, mekso

dilnux1(entity) is a cloud of material x2(entity) ...

lo dilnu — cloud.
i le mi'u cmana cu cupra le dilnu be le danmoThe mountain produces clouds of smoke.
Related words: carvi, tcima

dimnax1(property of x2) is a fate or destiny of x2(entity)

lo dimna — destiny.
i le ka xabju ti cu dimna miTo live here is my fate.
Related words: dapma

dinjux1(entity) is a house, building for purpose x2(property of x1)

lo dinju — house, building.
i ti dinju le nu lumciThis is a bathhouse.
Related words: ginka, zdani, zarci

dinkox1(entity) is a nail or tack for purpose x2(entity) ...

lo dinko — nail (tack).
i mi pu lasna le mi'u pixra le mi'u bitmu pa dinko se pi'o pa mruliI nailed the picture to the wall using a hammer.
i ti dinko le ka lasna le cutci le xirma ce'uThis is a nail for fastening horseshoes.
Related words: pijne, lasna

dirbax1(entity, property of x2) is dear, precious to x2(entity)

lo dirba — precious, dear (of great value).
i do pu zvati ma doi le dirbaWhere have you been, dear?
i le nu jmive cu dirba ro daLife is dear to everybody.
Related words: tcika, kargu, vamji, vajni, pleji, jadni, jemna

dircex1(entity) radiates, emits x2(property of x1) ...

lo dirce — emitter. lo se dirce — radiation.
i le mi'u jinto cu dirce le djacuThe spring of fluid emits water.
Related words: gusni

dirgox1(entity) is a drop of x2(entity) ...

lo dirgo — drop.
i sa'u ti dirgo le djacuIt's just a drop of water.
Related words: daplu, bidju

ditcux1(clause) is the time-duration/period of x2(clause)

lo ditcu — period.
i ma ditcu le nu do limna le mi'u rirxeHow long have you been swimming in the river?
Related words: cedra, ranji, tcika, renvi, temci, canlu, kuspe

dizlox1(entity) is low compared to x2(entity) (entity) ; x1 is a lower part of x2 ...

lo dizlo — low, bottom.
i le mi'u gerku cu dizlo le mi'u mlatu poi cpare le mi'u tricuThe dog stands low compared to the cat climbing the tree.
i mi mo'u farlu le dizlo be le mi'u bitmuI fell down to the foot of the fence.
Related words: cnita, galtu, gapru, farna, loldi

djacux1(entity) is some water

lo djacu — water.
i le mi'u nakni pu pinxe le djacu pa kabriHe drank some water from a cup.
Related words: lalxu, rirxe, xamsi, limna, litki, lumci, bumru, jinto

djedix1(clause) happens during x2(number) full days ...

lo djedi — day (full day). lo se djedi — number of full days.
i mi volta ba zi le djedi be li pa noI will return in 10 days.
Comment: if x2 is not used denotes one full day in duration
Related words: donri, detri, jeftu, masti, nanca, nicte, tcika

djicax1(entity) desires or wants x2(event, state) for purpose x3(clause)

lo se djica — something desired.
i mi djica le nu mi cusku le xajmi vau le nu do cismaI want to tell something funny to make you smile.
i mi djica tu'a le pliseI want apples.
i mi djica le nu do smadiI want you to guess.
Related words: taske, xagji, mukti, nitcu, nelci, pacna, prami, rigni, trina, xebni, xlura

djinex1(entity) is a ring ...

lo djine — ring.
i ti solji djineThis is a golden ring.
Related words: cukla

djunox1(entity) knows fact x2(proposition) about x3(entity) on grounds x4(proposition)

lo se djuno — known fact. lo ve djuno — grounds of knowledge.
i mi djuno le mi'u du'u mi zasti vau fo le mi'u du'u mi pensiI know that I exist since I think.
i mi djuno so'i da la lojbanI know a lot about Lojban.
i mi djuno mo'a da le cmaciI know too little about math.
Comment: to be familiar with is se slabu, na'e se cnino, na'e se fange.
Related words: krici, jinvi, cilre, certu, facki, jijnu, jimpe, senpi, smadi, kakne, birti, mipri, morji, saske, viska

do [pronoun]you (the listener)

i xu do djica le nu mi sidju doDo you want me to help you?

do'a [interjection]generously, broadly construed, do'a naiat least (parsimoniously)

i do'a mi do ka'e ctuca le se jminaI could teach you some additional things.
i do'a nai do no da zekri lebnaAt least you didn't steal anything.
i a'o mi te dunda le pa kargu karce a ke do'a nai le pa karce poi na spofuHopefully, I'll be given an expensive car or at least one that isn't broken.
Related words: sa'e nai

do'e [preposition from co'e] — preposition with the meaning unspecified or known from context

i ti karda do'e le valsiIt's a card with a word.
Comment: used in speech when it's hard to find an appropriate preposition on the fly.

do'i [pronoun] — tex of an utterance unspecified or known from context

i do'i me le jufra pe pa se cukta poi mi pu tciduThat sentence is from a book that I had read.

do'o [pronoun]you and others (the listener + other persons not in the dialog)

i lu mi'a pu casnu le nu litru li'u lu do'o pu cuxna ma li'u"We discussed travelling." "What did you choose?"

do'u [terminator] — ends a construct started with: be'e, co'o, co'oi, coi, di'ai, fe'o, fi'i, je'e, ju'i, ke'o, ki'e, mi'e, mu'o, nu'e, a'oi, re'i, ta'a, vi'o, ki'ai, cu, cu'e, do'u, doi

doi [vocative] — general vocative, identifies intended listener.

i doi le nobli do co'u morji fi le ckiku pe doOh, sir! You forgot your keys.

donrix1(entity) happens during daytime of day x2(clause) at location x3(entity)

lo donri — day (daylight time), daytime.
i ra stali le zdani ca le donri be le prulamdei bei vo'eHe stayed at home in the daytime.
Related words: nicte, djedi, tcika

dracix1(entity) is a drama or play about x2(entity) ...

lo draci — play (drama). lo se draci — plot of a drama.
i pa pendo be mi cu finti pa draci be le nabmi pe le te seksiMy friend is the author of a drama about the problem of sexes.
Related words: finti, cukta, lisri, cfika

dranix1(entity) is correct in x2(property of x1) ...

lo drani — correct.
i do drani le ka pilno ma kau noi valsiYou are correct in what words you use.
Related words: srera, mapti

dratax1(entity) is not the same as x2(entity) ...

lo drata — different, another, other.
i le drata be mi ka'e sidjuSomeone else but me can help.
Related words: mintu, frica, dunli

drudix1(entity) is a roof or lid of structure x2(entity)

lo drudi — lid. lo se drudi — something with a lid.
i le drudi be le mi'u dinju cu ei se cikreThe roof of the building needs fixing.
Comment: lo drudi is designed to be over, above lo se drudi and shelters it from other things above lo drudi.
Related words: bitmu, stedu, galtu, gapru, loldi, marbi, gacri, mapku

dux1(entity), x2(entity), x3 are the same thing

lo du — identically equal.
i li pa su'i pa du li re li pa no fe'i mu1 + 1 = 2 = 10 / 5.
i xu do du le prenu poi mitysisku mi ca le prulamdeiAre you the same person who searched for me yesterday?
Comment: corresponds to the operator = in math, can have any number of places.
Related words: bitmu, stedu, galtu, gapru, loldi, marbi, gacri, mapku

du'e [digit/number]too many

i le mi'u vacri ca se la'u li du'e glareIt's too hot.
i du'e prenu cu zvati le mi'u klajiThere are too many people in the street.
Comment: subjective estimate.

du'i [preposition from dunli]as much as ..., adverb: equally

i mi'a du'i casnu le mintuWe equally discussed the same.
i xu do pe du'i mi zukcfuAre you as busy as I am?
Comment: noun after du'i is compared with x1 of the clause, the clause itself describes the comparison.

du'u [clause prefix] — turn clause into verb

i mi djuno le mi'u du'u do na fuzmeI know that you are not responsible.
Comment: x1 (entity) is the clause (that follows) expressed in sentence x2(text).

dugrix1(number) is the logarithm of x2(number) to base x3(number)

lo dugri — logarithm. lo te dugri — base of a logarithm.
i li ci dugri li pa no no no li pa no3 is the logarithm of 1000 to base 10.
Related words: tenfa

duktix1(entity) is opposite or contrary to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2 with kau)

lo dukti — opposite.
i la alis la kevin pu dukti le ka catlu ma kauAlice and Kevin looked in the opposite directions.
Related words: ranxi, ragve

dundax1(entity) gives or donates x2(entity) to x3(entity)

lo dunda — giver. lo se dunda — gift, present. lo te dunda — receiver of a gift.
i mi pu dunda tu'a pa plise doI gave you an apple.
Comment: lo se dunda doesn't need to be only special present.
Related words: benji, muvdu, canja, pleji, vecnu, friti, sfasa, dapma, cnemu, prali

dunjax1(entity) freezes ...

i ra na ru'e dunjaHe almost froze.
Related words: febvi, lunsa, litki, sligu

dunkux1(entity) is distressed or anguished by x2(clause)

lo dunku — distressed. lo se dunku — distressing event.
i mi pu dunku le ka kansa no daI was distressed at being alone.
i xu do dunku le nu le mensi be do cu bilmaAre you distressed at your sister being ill?
Related words: fengu, surla

dunlix1(entity) is equal to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2 with kau) ...

lo dunli — equal.
i mi dunli le mensi be mi le ka clani i ku'i mi na mintu le mi'u mensiI am as long as my sister is. But I'm not her.
i mi dunli do le ka jinvi ma kau le se zukte be le mi'u prenuI am in concord with you in what we think about his actions.
Related words: du'i, satci, frica, simsa, mintu

dunrax1(entity) is winter of year x2(entity) at location x3(entity)

lo dunra — winter.
i ca le dunra be le re no no mu moi bei la australiias mi pu zvati tiDuring Australian winter of year 2005 I was here.
Related words: citsi, crisa, critu, vensa

dy [pronoun]d (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like dy is for the last lo drudi used.

dzenax1(entity) is an elder or ancestor of x2(entity) by bond x3(property of x1 and x2)

lo dzena — ancestor. lo se dzena — descendant.
i do dzena mi le ka ce'u ce'u lidne le ka jbena ca ma kauYou are my ancestor since you were born before me.
Related words: patfu, rirni, tamne

dzipox1(entity) is Antarctican in x2(property of x1)

i au mi vitke le dzipo tumlaI want to visit the Antarctica.
Related words: ketco, friko, sralo, terdi

e [conjunction for nouns]and

i mi e do pu casnu le za'u banguI discussed languages, and you discussed languages (maybe not with each other, maybe in different discussions).
Related words: ce, je, a, e, ji, o, u

e bu [pronoun]e (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like e bu is for the last la edvard used.

e'a [interjection]help yourself, you may, I allow, e'a nai — prohibiting

i e'a do klama le nenriYou may come in.
i e'a nai fagriNo fire allowed!
i e'a nai crepu le xrulaYou may not pick the flowers.
Related words: e'ande

e'andex1(entity) allows, permits x2(entity) to do x3(property of x2)

lo e'ande — who allows. lo se e'ande — who has permission. lo te e'ande — what is allowed.
i e'o do e'ande mi le ka tcidu le mi'u cukta ba le nu do mo'u tcidu riPlease, allow me to read the book after you finish reading it.
i le mi'u rirni pu e'ande le mi'u verba le ka kelci bu'u le mi'u pankaThe parent let the child play in the park.
Related words: curmi, rinju, banzu, ralte, jimte, jaspu, zifre

e'e [interjection]Come on! (encouragement, instigation, provokation), e'e nai — discouragement, demoralization

i e'e klama le zdaniLet's go home.
i do e'e co'u denpaC'mon, what are you waiting for?
i e'e do jarco le ka vlipaShow your strength, go for it!
i e'e mi kuspe doI'll reach you.
i e'e nai mi claxu le se ditcuSorry, I lack time.
Related words: kakne, certu

e'i [interjection] — command, instruction, imposing obligation (imperative interjection)

i e'i mi clivaI have to leave.
i do sanga e'iSing!
i e'i do carmi gunkaYou ought to work hard.
Related words: bapli, rinju

e'o [interjection]please (request), e'o nai — offer, grant

i e'o mi zganaLet me see.
i e'o do dunda le mi'u jisra miWill you pass the juice, please?
i e'o nai ko lebna le titlaHere, take some candies.
Related words: cpedu, pikci

e'u [interjection]Let's (suggestion), e'u nai — warning, disadvise

i e'u mi'o trociLet's try.
i e'u klamaLet's go.
i e'u nai do stapa le cripuYou'd better not step onto the bridge.
i e'u do dasni le kostaYou ought to wear a coat.
Related words: stidi, kajde

ei [interjection]I should ..., one should ..., as I feel it it should be so that ... (obligation), ei nai — freedom, how things might need not be

i ei do ca sipnaYou should be sleeping now.
i ei do djunoYou ought to know.
i ei nai do mipri le neiYou needn't hide yourself.
i ro da cu se senpi eiEverything should be doubted.
Related words: bilga, zifre

engex1(entity) is an architect/designer/engineer of x2(entity)

lo enge — designer.
i le patfu be mi pu enge ti noi dinjuMy father was an architect of this building.
Related words: zbasu, platu

entuzix1(entity) is enthusiastic, excited about x2(clause, property of x1)

lo entuzi — enthusiastic.
i la kevin cu mutce le ka entuzi le ka co'a se jibri le cninoKevin is very enthusiastic about getting a new job.
Comment: carmi akti is for the meaning excited (in high energy state).
Related words: xanka, carmi, akti

fa [case tag] — prefix for the 1st place of the current clause

i fe zo coi cusku fa miHello, said I.
i fe ma fa mi zukte eiWhat should I do?
i sarcu fa le nu do zvatiIt's required that you are present.

fa'a [preposition of place]directly towards ...

i ko catlu fa'a le mi'u cankoLook in the direction of the window.
i xu le mi'u pa cipni ca'o vofli fa'a le solriIs the bird flying towards the Sun?

fa'u [conjunction]and respectively ... (forms unmixed set)

i zmadu fa'u mleca fi le ka sampu fa'u le ka draniIt's more easy and less correct, respectively.

fackix1(entity) discovers fact x2(proposition) about x3(entity) ; x1 finds out that x2 is true

lo facki — discoverer. lo se facki — discovery.
i mi facki le jitfa le pu se cusku be la alisI discovered false statements in what Alice said.
i mi facki le mi'u du'u le mi'u tcadu cu jibniI found that the city is near.
i mi pu facki le mi'u du'u le mi'u lisri cu xajmiI found the story funny.
Comment: for searching for objects and finding them use mitysisku and zvafa'i.
Related words: cirko, djuno, jijnu, smadi, sisku

fadnix1(entity) is ordinary in x2(property of x1) among x3(entity group, full set)

lo fadni — typical, ordinary.
i fi le'i pendo be mi cu fadni fa la kevin le ka cusku le simsa noi srana miAmong my friends, it's common for Kevin to say such things about me.
Related words: cafne, rirci, kampu, lakne, tcaci, cnano

fagrix1(entity) is a fire in fuel x2(entity) burning in x3(entity: 'oxygen' by default)

lo fagri — fire. lo se fagri — fuel for fire. lo te fagri — oxidizer of fire.
i le fagri be le mi'u boske bei le brife co'a carmiThe fire in the forest burning in the wind becomes intense.
i le mi'u mudri cu se fagriThe wood is burning.
Related words: jelca, sacki

fai [case tag] — restores the part of a clause omitted using jai

i le nu jimpe la'e ti cu nandu i la'e ti jai nandu fai le ka se jimpeUnderstanding this is hard. This is hard to understand.

falnux1(entity) is a sail for gathering wind x2(entity) on vehicle or motor x3(entity)

lo falnu — sail. lo se falnu — wind for a sail. lo te falnu — sailboat, motor of sailboat.
i ti noi bloti cu te falnuThis is a sailboat.
i ti noi molki cu te falnu le djacu pa xisluThis mill operates on a water wheel.
Comment: x2 can be wind, water or other forces enabling the sail to work.
Related words: bloti

famtix1(entity) is an aunt or uncle of x2(entity) by bond x3(property of x1 and x2)

lo famti — aunt, uncle. lo se famti — niece, nephew.
i do famti mi le ka ce'u mensi le mamta be ce'uYou are my aunt since you are a sister of my mother.
Related words: bruna, mamta, mensi, patfu, rirni, tamne

fancux1(entity) is a function mapping argument domain x2(entity) to function range x3(entity) defined by rule x4(text) ; x1 is a function of x2

lo fancu — function. lo se fancu — domain of function arguments. lo te fancu — range of function.
i le nu se la'u li xo kau mi'o snada cu te fancu le nu se la'u li xo kau mi'o trociOur success depends on how hard we try.
i le jdima be le broda cu te fancu le nu le mi'u broda tai ma kau cu se sabji jo'u le nu le mi'u broda cu se cpedu xo kau daThe price of a good is a function of its supply and demand.
i le nu mi jimpe la'e ti na te fancu tu'a doI don't depend on you to understand this.
i li fy pe li xy cu fancu li ma'u li ma'u no me'o vei xy su'i pa ve'o pi'i vei xy vu'u pa ve'of(x) = (x + 1) (x − 1), where x>1, f(x)>0.
Related words: mekso, bridi

fangex1(entity) is alien or unfamiliar to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo fange — alien, unfamiliar.
i ra fange mi le ka zukte ma kauHe is alien to me in what he does.
Related words: cizra, jbena, ckini

fanmox1(entity) is the final, last part leading up to completion of x2(entity)

lo fanmo — finish, finale, final part, end (ending). lo se fanmo — process being finished.
i do te mukti le ka mo ca le fanmo le ca jeftuWhat are you going to do on weekend?
i le fanmo be le mi'u te jivna ba cinri ba'aI expect the final part of the competition interesting.
Comment: can refer to place.
Related words: cfari, sisti, krasi, mulno, denpa, jipno, traji

fanrix1(entity) is a factory or mill producing x2(entity) from x3(entity)

lo fanri — factory, mill. lo se fanri — product of a factory. lo te fanri — raw material for a factory.
i ti fanri le nanba le gurniThis is a mill producing bread from grain.
Related words: molki, gundi

fantax1(entity) prevents x2(clause) from occurring

lo se fanta — event being prevented.
i le bumru pu fanta le nu mi'a viska daFog prevented us from seeing anything.
Related words: pinfu, bandu, zunti, rinju, jimte, bapli, rivbi

fanvax1(entity) translates x2(text) to language x3(entity) from language x4(entity) with result x5(text)

lo fanva — translator. lo se fanva — text to be translated. lo te fanva — target language for translation. lo ve fanva — source language for translation. lo xe fanva — translation (text).
i mi pu fanva lu coi ui li'u le glico le lojbo zoi gy.yay, hello!.gy.I translated coi ui to English from Lojban as "Yay, hello!"
i xu lu coi do li'u drani xe fanva zoi gy.Hello, you!.gy.Is coi do a correct translation of "Hello, you!""?
Comment: traduki is an alternative to fanva.
Related words: cusku, bangu, traduki

fanzax1(clause) annoys x2(entity)

lo fanza — annoying event. lo se fanza — annoyed person.
i le nu le verba cu klaku cu fanza le mamta be le mi'u verbaBaby crying annoys his mother.
i do fanza miYou annoy me.
Related words: fengu, raktu, dicra, tunta, zunti, jicla

faprox1(entity) opposes, doesn't surrender to x2(entity) about x3(entity, property of x1) ; x1 refuses to do x3

i mi pu fliba le ka fapro le nu do cismaI couldn't resist your smile.
i xu do fapro fi le ka sidju miDo you refuse to help me?
Related words: bandu, bradi, darlu, damba, jivna, lanxe, rivbi, sarji, xarnu

farlux1(entity) falls to x2(entity) from x3(entity) ...

i mi pu farlu fi pa skalera fe le dertuI fell down from the stairs onto the ground.
i la alis pu jai gau farlu fai le mi'u dakli le mi'u jubmeAlice dropped the bag on the table.
Related words: lafti, cpare, klama, sfubu

farnax1(entity) is the direction of x2(entity) from origin x3(entity)

lo farna — direction, trend.
i le mi'u canko cu farna le nu la alis pu catlu vau miFrom my viewpoint, Alice was looking at the direction of the window.
Related words: zunle, pritu, galtu, gapru, cnita, dizlo, berti, snanu, stuna, stici, purci, balvi, lidne

farvix1(entity) evolves or develops into x2(entity) from x3(entity) through stages x4(ordered entity group)

lo ve farvi — stage of development, version in development.
i le'e nanba cu farvi le bredi le te zbasu le nu co'a mixre le purmo jo'u le matne jo'u le sovda jo'u le sakta vau jo'u ba bo le nu glare jo'u ba bo le nu satre vo'a le matneOne makes a standard cake from raw materials by mixing flour, butter, eggs and sugar together, then heating, then greasing the cake with butter, and after that, it is ready.
Related words: pruce, banro, makcu, ciste, cupra, ferti

fasnux1(clause) occurs or happens

lo fasnu — occurrence, case (occurrence).
i le cizra pu va fasnuThere were strange things happening there.
i le ei ba fasnu ba fasnuWhatever shall be will be.
Related words: fau, krefu, lifri, fatci, rapli, gasnu, zukte, banli

fatcix1(proposition) is a fact

lo fatci — fact, factual.
i mi se la'u li me'i ro birti le mi'u du'u ro se djuno be mi bei le mi'u munje cu fatciI'm not completely sure that all that I know about the world are actual facts.
Related words: datni, jitfa, xanri, jetnu, fasnu, zasti, cfika, saske

fatrix1(entity) is distributed among x2(entity) with portions x3(entity)

lo fatri — distributed. lo te fatri — portion of a distributed thing.
i gau mi fatri fa le titla le verba le pa meiI handed out candies to children one candy to each of them.
Related words: fa'u, fendi, preja, katna, tcana

fau [preposition]with the event of ...

i fau le nu do djica vau ko cpedu fi miIf you want, ask me.
i ro da zo'u fau ro nu do nitcu da vau ko da lebnaWhenever you need something, take it.
i fau ro da da'i mi snadaI would succeed anyway.
i da'i ma fasnu fau le nu ro remna no roi sipnaWhat would happen if humans never slept?

faurbanzux1(object) is enough for purpose x2(clause) to take place ...

i le nu mi tavla fo la lojban na faurbanzu le nu mi jimpe doMy level of speaking Lojban isn't enough to understand you.
i da'i le nu do ca co'a klama cu faurbanzu le nu do ca le drani se tcika mo'u klamaLeaving now would be enough for you to arrive on time.
i banzu le se djica be miIt's enough for me.
Related words: zildukse, claxu, nitcu, ricfu, e'ande

fe [case tag] — prefix for the 2nd place of the current clause

i fe ma zvati fa la alisWhere is Alice?

fe'e [prefix for a preposition] — explicitly marks the following preposition as referring to space, not time

i ko vi'i fe'e di'i sombo le mi'u gurniSow the grain in a line and evenly!

fe'i — division operator (symbol / or : in math)

i le mi'u jubme cu mitre li pa fe'i reThe table is half a meter in length.
Comment: fe'i is used only in math expressions, for fractions use fi'u..

fe'o [vocative]over and out (at the end of discussion)

i ca ti mi cliva e'i fe'oNow I have to leave, have a nice day!

fe'u [terminator] — ends a construct started with: fi'o

febvix1(entity) evaporates, boils ...

lo febvi — something boiling.
i le mi'u djacu za'o febviThe water is already boiling.
Related words: dunja, lunsa, litki

feglix1(entity) is ugly to observer x2(entity) in aspect x3(property of x1)

lo fegli — something ugly.
i le mi'u djacu cu fegli le ka se panci ma kauThe water has an ugly smell.
Related words: rigni, melbi, pluka

fei [digit/number] — hex digit B (decimal 11), eleven

i mi ba volta de'i li cy feiI will return at 11 o'clock.

femtix1(entity) is 10-15 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le pa protoni cu femti le mitre be li ji'i pa pi xa boi le ka klani ma kauA proton has a size of about 1.6 femtometres.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

fendix1(entity) divides x2(entity) into x3(entity) ...

lo fendi — divider. lo se fendi — divided.
i mi fendi le mi'u najnimre ci spisaI divide the orange into three pieces.
Related words: sepli, bitmu, fatri, dilcu, katna, frinu

fengux1(entity) is angry with x2(entity) for x3(action of x2, state of x2, property of x2)

lo fengu — angry.
i ra pu fengu mi le ka pu na klamaShe was angry with me for not coming.
Related words: fanza, dunku

fenkix1(clause) is crazy ...

lo fenki — crazy action.
i le mi'u tcini cu fenkiThe situation is crazy.
i le ka fengu cu klesi le ka jai fenkiAnger is a form of madness.
Related words: bebna, racli, xajmi

fenrax1(entity) is a crack in x2(entity)

lo fenra — crack.
i da fenra le mi'u bitmuThere is a crack in the wall.
Related words: kevna, cfila, jinto

fensox1(entity) sews or stitches x2(entity group, full set) together with tool x3(entity) using filament x4(entity)

i le mi'u nixli pu fenso pa bukpu pa jesni pa ciltaThe girl sewed pieces of cloth using a needle and a thread.
Related words: cilta, jivbu, jorne, nivji, pijne, lasna

fepnix1(entity) is x2(number) cents/copecks in value in monetary system x3(entity) ...

i le mi'u penbi cu fepni li mu no le ropnoThe pen costs 50 eurocents.
Comment: describes money subunits like cents, kopecks.
Related words: sicni, jdini, jdima, vecnu, rupnu, dekpu, jmagutci, minli, merli, bunda, kramu

feprix1(entity) is the lung of x2(entity)

lo fepri — lung.
i ro da pu sanga se rai le ka pilno le fepri be vo'aEverybody sang at the top of their lungs.
Related words: pambe, vasxu

fertix1(entity) is fertile for growing x2(entity, property of x1)

lo ferti — fertile.
i le vi tumla cu ferti le ka te crepu le vanjbaThis land is fertile for reaping grapes.
i ti noi fetsi cu ferti le ka se tarbiThis female is fertile for conception.
Comment: covers both potential and actual/realized fertility.
Related words: vanbi, sidju, rorci, farvi, banro, cange

festix1(entity) is waste from x2(entity)

lo festi — waste.
i ko bevri le festi be le grute le klajiTake the fruit scraps to the street.
Related words: xaksu, kalci, pinca

fetsix1(entity) is a female of species x2(taxon) with feminine traits x3(property of x1)

lo fetsi — female. lo te fetsi — feminine trait.
i ti fetsi le finpe le ka se ganti ma kauThis fish is female in having a certain kind of gonads.
Related words: nakni

fi [case tag] — prefix for the 3rd place of the current clause

i mi dunda fe ti fi doI give this to you.
i mi co'i klama fi le mi'u tsaniI came from the sky.

fi'a [case tag] — asks for the case tag like fa, fe, fi, fo, fu (that should go into the place to which fi'a is put)

i lu do klama fi'a le mi'u zdani li'u lu fi li'u"Are you going home, from home or?" "From home."

fi'i [vocative]you are welcome, make yourself at home (expression of hospitality), fi'i nai — expression of inhospitality

i fi'i le vitke be le zdani be mi'aWelcome to our house.
i do le'o co'e ne'a le zdani be mi fi'i naiHow dare you show up near my house, go away!
Comment: je'e is you are welcome for replies to thanks.

fi'o — turn clause into preposition/adverb

i le mi'u mlatu pu plipe fi'o suksaThe cat jumped quickly.
i le mi'u nabmi cu nandu fi'o jinvi so'i prenuThe problem is difficult according to many people.
Comment: used in the form of 'fi'o + verb' or 'fi'o + verb + the first place of the verb' (thus the first place of the verb goes after it).

fi'u [digit/number] — fraction slash; if no number to the left then '1' is assumed; when used alone equals to golden ratio (approximately '1.618')

i mi pu citka pa fi'u ci pliseI ate 1/3 of an apple.
i le re fi'u ci si'ei be le prenu na kakne le ka limnaTwo thirds of people can't swim.
i le se klani be fi le ka clani be'o fi'u le se klani be fi le ka ganra cu du li fi'uThe length is in golden ratio to the length.
i mi pu te vecnu pa re fi'u re sovdaI bought half a dozen eggs.
Comment: for divisions in math expressions use fe'i.

figrex1(entity) is a fig of species x2(taxon)

lo figre — fig.
i mi nelci ti noi crino figreI like these green figs.
Related words: grute

finpex1(entity) is a fish of species x2(taxon)

lo finpe — fish.
i mi se pluka le ka kalte le finpeI like fishing.
Related words: danlu

fintix1(entity) invents or creates x2(entity) for purpose x3(entity) from existing elements or ideas x4(entity)

lo finti — creator. lo se finti — creation (object created), creature. lo te finti — purpose of creation. lo ve finti — raw materials for creation.
i mi pu finti pa lisri le ka jai gau zdile le mi'u verba vau le se vedli be miI created a story out of my real experience to amuse the child.
Related words: ciska, pemci, zbasu, larcu, prosa, skina

fircax1(entity) flirts with x2(entity) by doing x3(property of x1)

i ko sisti le ka firca le mensi be mi le ka benji le jai se dunda riStop flirting with my sister by sending her gifts.
Related words: seksi, prami, jikca, melbi, tirna, tarti, gletu

flalux1(entity) is a law specifying x2(property of x3) for community x3(entity) ...

lo flalu — law.
i le flalu be le ka na ralte le gerku bei ro se zdani cu cizraThe law specifying that no citizen should keep a dog is crazy.
Comment: x1 is the name of the law.
Related words: javni, ritli, zekri, pulji, tinbe

flanix1(entity) is a flute, fife

lo flani — flute.
i le sance be le mi'u flani cu jai plukaThe flute has a pleasant sound.
Related words: zgike

flaumex1(entity) is a plum of species x2(taxon)

lo flaume — plum.
i le pa spisa be le flaume torta ije uo mi ba'o xagjiA piece of a plum cake, and, voilà, I'm no longer hungry.
Comment: lo flaume poi grute is @@plum (fruit), lo flaume poi tricu is @@plum tree. flaume alone can denote either of them.
Related words: jbari, titla, grute, tricu

flecux1(entity) is a current in x2(entity) flowing towards x3(entity) from x4(entity)

lo flecu — current (flow), flow (current).
i ti flecu le condi pa lalxu pa galtu krasi pe bu'u lei cmanaThis is a current in a deep bed running towards a lake from high springheads in the mountains.
Comment: flu'ente that has a place structure identical to muvdu.

flibax1(entity) fails at doing x2(state of x1, event of x1)

i mi za'u re'u fliba le mi'u cipraI failed the test again.
i le mi'u se troci pu se flibaThe attempt failed.
i mi fliba le ka zvafa'i le mi'u penbiI can't find the pen.
Related words: cfila, snada, srera, troci, sisti, ranji, denpa, bebna, zunti

flirax1(entity) is a face of body x2(entity)

lo flira — face.
i u'e melbi flira raWhat a nice face she has!
i ra pu minde mi le ka lumci le flira be miHe told me to wash my face.
Related words: sefta, stedu, crane, mebri

flu'entex1(entity) is a fluid flowing to x2(entity) from x3(entity) via the route x4(entity)

lo flu'ente — fluent, fluid, flow.
i ti flu'ente pa lalxu pa galtu krasi pe bu'u lei cmana le condiThis is a current in a deep bed running towards a lake from high springheads in the mountains.
i le flu'ente pe le bu'u tcadu cu carmiThe traffic in this city is intense.
i le nazbi be mi cu ve flu'enteI have a runny nose.
i le mi'u cmana mo'u se flu'ente le glareThe mountain erupted jetting hot matter.
Comment: muvdu is a more general term. senta is for where no directionality is implied.
Related words: rirxe, naxle, senta, rinci, xampo, letri, sakci, gapci, litki, ciblu

fo [case tag] — prefix for the 4th place of the current clause

i mi pu ciksi fe le mi'u nu mi pu na zvati vau fo le nu mi pu bilmaI explained that I was absent because I was ill.

foldix1(entity) is a field made of material x2(entity)

lo foldi — field.
i mi vreta bu'u pa foldi be le xrulaI'm lying on a flower field.
Related words: purdi, cange

fonmox1(entity) is some foam or froth of material x2(entity) with bubbles of material x3(entity)

lo fonmo — foam. lo te fonmo — bubble in foam.
i le mi'u glare pu ru'i cupra le fonmo be le djacu bei le gapciThe heat was producing bubbles of gas in the water.
Related words: zbabu

fonxax1(entity) is a phone or modem in network x2(entity)

lo fonxa — telephone, phone. lo se fonxa — phone network.
i ti fonxa le skori e nai le te cradiThis is a landline phone, not a radiophone.
Related words: tcana

forcax1(entity) is a fork for x2(clause) with tines x3(entity) on base x4(entity)

lo forca — fork.
i ti forca le nu jukpa vau le ci mei le mudriThis is a wooden fork for cooking with three tines.
Related words: dakfu, smuci, kombitu, tutci

fragarix1(entity) is a strawberry of species/breed x2(taxon)

lo fragari — strawberry.
i le fragari cu je'a titlaStrawberries are really sweet.
Related words: jbari, grute, rozgu

frasox1(entity) is French in x2(property of x1)

lo fraso — French.
i xu do tavla fo le frasoDo you speak French?
Related words: ropno

fraxux1(entity) forgives x2(entity) for x3(event of x2, state of x2, action of x2)

lo te fraxu — action forgiven.
i ko fraxu mi le ka jai lerciForgive me for being late.
Related words: dunda, e'ande, zungi

fricax1(entity) differs from x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2 with kau)

lo frica — something different.
i mi frica do le ka nelci ma kauYou and I differ from each other in what we like.
Related words: ranxi, drata, dunli, simsa, vrici

frikox1(entity) is African in x2(property of x1)

lo friko — African.
i au mi viska le friko xantoI want to see African elephants.
Related words: ropno, xazdo

frilix1(property of x2) is easy for x2(entity) ...

lo frili — easy.
i ti noi karce cu jai frili fai le ka se sazriThis car is easy to handle.
i na pu frili mi fa le ka zvafa'i lei mi'u ckikuIt wasn't easy for me to find the keys.
Related words: nandu, sampu, zifre

frinux1(entity) is a fraction of x2(entity) divided by x3(entity)

lo frinu — fraction. lo se frinu — numerator of a fraction. lo te frinu — denominator of a fraction.
i li re frinu li bi li vo2 = 8 / 2.
Related words: parbi, dilcu, mekso, fendi

fritix1(entity) offers x2(clause) to x3(entity) ...

lo se friti — offering.
i mi pu friti fi le mi'u mamta fe le nu mi sidju le mi'u verba le ka klama le cnitaI offered the mother to help the child to go down.
Related words: canja, dunda, rinsa, vecnu, jdima, cnemu, pleji, vitke

frumux1(entity) grimaces, frowns ...

i le mi'u nakni pu frumu ca le nu ri catlu miHe frowned looking at me.
Related words: cmila, cisma

fu [case tag] — prefix for the 5th place of the current clause

i mi ba benji le xatra fu le kibroI will send the letter via the internet.

fu'au [interjection]luckily, fu'au naiunluckily

i fu'au mi se e'ande fi le ka dasni le tordu skaciLuckily, I'm allowed to wear a short skirt.
i do ca zvati le zdani fu'au daiYou are now at home, lucky you.
i fu'au nai le vi dacti na mutce da'i le ka plixauUnluckily, this thing wouldn't be of big help.
i fu'au nai no da pu ganse le mi'u nu le mi'u ninmu ba'o kansa mi'aUnluckily, no one noticed that she was no longer with us.
Related words: zabna, funca, ui, di'ai

fu'e — creates a scope (brackets) of influence for an interjection

i mi viska pa fu'e ia cizra zdani fu'oI can see what I believe is a strange house.
i mi ca klama le drata tcadu fu'e ta'o de'i li jy dy re te zu'e le ka viska lei rirni be mi fu'oI am going to another city (on Tuesday, by the way, to visit my parents).

fu'i [interjection modifier] — the state has been achieved easily, fu'i nai — state has been achieved hard

i e'e fu'i mi cpare le mi'u cmanaI can easily climb the mountain, I can go for it!
i ui fu'i nai mi mo'u klama le korbi be le tcaduYay, that was hard but now I'm at the edge of the city.
Related words: frili

fu'o [terminator] — ends a construct started with: fu'e

fukpix1(entity) is a copy of x2(entity) in form x3(entity) made by method x4(clause)

lo fukpi — copy, replica.
i mi ralte pa fukpi be ti noi pixra bei pa bukpu pe le jubme bei le nu prinaI have a printed copy of this picture made as a tablecloth.
Related words: krefu, rapli, gidva, zi'evla

fultax1(entity) floats in or on gas or fluid x2(entity)

i le morsi pezli xu fulta le sefta be le mi'u djacuDead leaves float on the surface of the water.
Related words: limna, bloti, sakli

funcax1(clause) is determined by the good or bad luck of x2(entity)

lo funca — luck (good or bad).
i mi se funca le ka se jundi ro daI'm lucky in that everybody listens to me.
Related words: cunso, mabla, zabna

fusrax1(entity) rots or decays ...

lo fusra — rotting.
i pa perli mo'u fusraThere is one pear and it is rotten.
Related words: birje, vanju, vifne

fuzmex1(entity) is responsible for x2(action of x1, state of x1) to authority x3(entity)

lo fuzme — responsible for, accountable for.
i la alis pu jai se facki fai le ka na fuzme le mi'u zekri vau le mi'u kamniAlice was found not responsible for the crime by the committee.
Related words: bilga

fy [pronoun]f (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like fy is for the last lo frumu used.

ga [forethought conjunction]and/or

i ga mi citka gi mi kelciI either eat or play, or do both.
Comment: used to connect nouns, adverbs, verbs, clauses. Shows that at least one of the constructs inside ga ... gi is true.

ga'a [preposition from zgana]to observer ..., observed by ..., adverb: being observed

i ga'a mi ca cerniTo me it's morning now.
Comment: not limited to vision. When used as a preposition (with a noun after it) the clause itself describes what is being observed. When used after ne the clause itself describes sense via one observes.

ga'i [interjection] — expressing hauteur, ga'i cu'i — expressing equal rank, ga'i nai — meekness (used with one of lower rank)

i do nitcu ma doi le pikci ga'iWhat do you need, you beggar?
i mi ro do ga'i cu'i tavlaI'm talking to you, my peers.
i e'o doi le turni ko sidju mi'a ga'i nai saiPlease, governor, help us, worthless people.
Related words: gapru, cnita

ga'u [preposition of cardinal direction]up from ..., adverb: above

i pu bumru ga'u le lalxuThere was mist over the river.

gacrix1(entity) is a lid for covering x2(entity)

lo gacri — lid. lo se gacri — something with a lid.
i le snime cu gacri le mi'u dertuSnow covers the ground.
Related words: pilka, gapru, marbi, drudi, botpi, bitmu, calku

gadrix1(text) is a gadri, a grammatical particle producing noun out of verb x2(text) ...

lo gadri — gadri (grammatical particle).
i zo le mi'u gadri lu nu dansu li'ule is a gadri.
Comment: lo, le, la, lai, loi, lei, lo'e, le'e are the most common gadri.
Related words: valsi, cmavo

gai [digit/number] — hex digit C (decimal 12), twelve, dozen

i mi citka de'i li cy gaiI eat at noon (12 o'clock).

galfix1(entity) transforms, modifies, changes x2(entity) into x3(entity)

lo galfi — modifier, transformer.
i le mi'u mamta pu galfi le mi'u rectu jo'u le mi'u nanba le pluka snujiMother turned the meat and the bread into lovely sandwiches.
i ju'o le mi'u ninmu ba galfi la kevin le speni be vo'aI'm sure she will make Kevin her spouse.
i le lenku brife pu galfi le mi'u pezli le bunreThe cold wind turned the leaves brown.
Comment: binxo describes that entity turns into another entity, galfi is to turn one entity into another one. cenba describes how entity changes its state while remaining the same entity, stika is to make entity change its state.
Related words: stika, binxo, cenba, zasni

galtux1(entity) is high in reference frame x2(entity) ; x1 is an upper part of x2 ...

lo galtu — high.
i le mi'u cipni cu galtu miThe bird is high compared to me.
Related words: gapru, dizlo, cnita, drudi, farna

galxex1(entity) is a throat of x2(entity)

lo galxe — throat.
i da'i le djacu cu xamgu le galxe be doWater would be fine for your throat.
Related words: cnebo, kevna, tunlo

ganlo — portal x1(entity) is closed, preventing access to place x2(entity) for object x3(entity)

lo ganlo — closed.
i le mi'u vorme cu ganlo le nenri le fangeThe door is closed not letting the strangers in.
Related words: kalri, pagre, canko, vorme, zunti

ganrax1(entity) is broad or wide in length/width etc. x2(property of x1) ...

lo ganra — broad, wide.
i le mi'u tricu cu ganra le ka se midjuThe tree is thick in the middle.
Comment: the second largest dimension. ganra, rotsu and clani specify the three dimensions of objects.
Related words: clani, jarki, rotsu, condi, barda, jmagutci, minli

gansex1(entity) detects or senses x2(entity) by means x3(property of x1) ...

lo se ganse — feeling (sensation).
i mi ganse le nu ti cpina vau le ka smaka riI sense it being irritating by tasting it.
Related words: pencu, sanji, viska, sumne, tirna, zgana, canci, simlu

gantix1(entity) is a gonad/ovary of x2(entity) of sex x3(entity)

lo ganti — gonad. lo te ganti — sex (biological).
i le xanto cu se ganti le barda le nakniMale elephants have large testicles.
Related words: plibu, sovda, nakpinji, gutra, mabla

ganxox1(entity) is the anus of x2(entity)

lo ganxo — anus.
i le mi'u mikce pu kucli tu'a le nabmi pe le ganxo be le mi'u nanmuThe doctor was curious about the problem with the anus of the man.
Related words: zargu, kalci, mabla, rinci

ganzux1(entity) organizes chaos x2(entity) into order x3(entity) by principle x4(proposition)

lo ganzu — organizer. lo se ganzu — chaotic, not organized. lo te ganzu — organized.
i le mi'u turni pu ganzu le ruble prenu le vlipa jenmi le ka bapli le nu le mi'u jenmi cu zukte le te mindeHe turned weak people into a powerful army by making them execute orders.
Related words: ciste, morna, stura, cabra

gapcix1(entity) is a gas ...

lo gapci — gas.
i ti noi karce cu se livla le gapciThis car is powered by gas.
Related words: pambe, vacri, litki, sligu, danmo, bumru, cidro, flu'ente

gaprux1(entity) is directly above x2(entity) ...

lo gapru — something above.
i le mi'u solri ca gapru miThe Sun is now above me.
Related words: tsani, galtu, cnita, drudi, gacri, dizlo, farna

garnax1(entity) is a railing or bar supporting or restraining x2(entity) ...

lo garna — rail.
i ti garna le xanceThis is a handrail.
Related words: kamju, grana, tutci

gasnux1(entity) causes x2(clause) to happen

lo gasnu — agent.
i do pu gasnu le nu mi klakuYou made me cry.
Comment: lo zukte is who do something themselves, lo gasnu is agent who causes something, lo se jalge is event that causes something.
Related words: gau, gunka, zukte, rinka, fasnu, jibri, kakne, pilno

gastax1(entity) is some steel ...

lo gasta — steel.
i le balre be ti noi dakfu cu gastaThe blade of this knife is made of steel.
Related words: jinme, molki, tirse

gau [preposition from gasnu]with active agent ...

i ba gau mi do clivaI will make you leave.
i mi pu jai gau citka fai le mi'u verbaI fed the child.
Comment: the clause describes the event cause by the agent; agent/ergative case tag.

ge [forethought conjunction]and

i mi ge citka pa torta gi pinxe le jisraI both eat a cake and drink some juice.
Comment: used to connect nouns, adverbs, verbs, clauses. Shows that both constructs inside ge ... gi are true.

ge'e [interjection] — attitude unspecified or known from context

i ge'e le mlatu pe mi mo'u se jbena pa no daWell, my cat has given birth to ten kittens.

ge'i [forethought conjunction] — question

i lu do ge'i citka le torta gi pinxe le jisra li'u lu ge li'u"What connective of GA series matches your situation: you eat a cake, you drink some juice?" "I do both."
Comment: used to connect nouns, adverbs, verbs, clauses.

ge'u [terminator] — ends a construct started with: goi, ne, pe, po'e

genjax1(entity) is a root of x2(entity)

lo genja — root.
i ti noi spati cu se genja le claniThis plant has long roots.
Related words: jamfu, jicmu, patlu, samcu, spati, krasi

genxux1(entity) is a hook ...

lo genxu — hook.
i mi pu kavbu pa finpe pa genxuI caught a fish with a hook.
Related words: korcu

gerkux1(entity) is a dog of species x2(taxon)

lo gerku — dog.
i mi jai gau citka fai le gerku pe mi re roi ro djediI feed my dog twice a day.
Related words: lorxu, labno, mlatu

gernax1(proposition) is the grammar of language x2(entity) for structure x3(text)

lo gerna — grammar. lo te gerna — text.
i le mi'u du'u le gadri cu lidne le se du'u selbri cu gerna la lojban le sumtiThat gadri precede selbri is the grammar of Lojban for sumti.
i zoi ry.привет.ry. te gerna le rusko"привет" is a Russian text.
Related words: bangu, stura, cmavo, jufra

gi [middle separator] — separator of the two parts in the forethought connection

i ge do gi mi nelci le perliBoth you and I like pears.

gi'a [connective for clause tail]and/or

i mi citka gi'a sangaI do at least one of the following: I drink and I sing. I drink or I sing.
Comment: means at least one of the two (of clause tails connected using gi'a).

gi'e [connective for clause tail]and

i ai mi lumci le kumfa gi'e jukpa le tortaI'm going to clean the room and cook a cake.

gi'e nai [connective for clause tail]and not

i mi tavla bau la lojban gi'e nai certu tu'a riI speak Lojban but I'm not an expert in it.

gi'i [connective for clause tail] — question

i do klama gi'i staliAre you going or staying?

gi'o [connective for clause tail]both or none

i ro da ka'e prenu gi'o ka'e tavlaEveryone either can be a person and can talk, or have none of that.
Comment: describes event requiring both connected main verbs to be true in respect to their shared nouns.

gi'u [connective for clause tail]whether or not

i mi citka gi'u sangaI eat (whether or not I sing).

gidvax1(entity) guides or leads x2(entity) in x3(property of x2)

lo gidva — guide (conductor).
i ra gidva mi le ka tadni la lojbanHe guides me in studying Lojban.
Related words: jitro, ralju, sazri, te bende, jatna, fukpi, morna

gigdox1(entity) is a billion, 109 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le vi tcana cu gigdo le bitni le ka benji ca ro sniduThis network station sends 1 gigabit of data per second.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

ginkax1(entity) is a camp of inhabitants x2(entity) ...

lo ginka — camp. lo se ginka — camper.
i mi'ai pu zbasu pa ginka pe bu'u le mi'u lalxuWe made camp near the lake.
i mi'ai pu se ginka ze'a le jeftuWe camped there for a week.
Comment: temporary residence.
Related words: dinju, xabju, zdani

girzux1(set of entity) is a group with common feature x2(property of member of x1) ...

lo girzu — group.
i mi cmima lo girzu be le ka tadni la lojbanI belong to a group of those who learn Lojban.
Related words: bende, ciste, cmima, gunma, panra, cabra, cecmu, kansa, klesi, lanzu, liste, vrici

gismux1(text) is a root verb ...

lo gismu — gismu (root verb).
i zo zgana gismuzgana is a gismu (root verb).
Related words: selbrivla, lujvo, zi'evla, cmevla

glarex1(entity) is hot ...

lo glare — hot.
i le mi'u tcati cu glareThe tea is hot.
Related words: lenku

glekix1(entity) is happy about x2(event, state)

lo gleki — happy.
i mi gleki le nu do jingaI am happy that you won.
Related words: badri, cinmo

gletux1(entity) copulates or mates with x2(entity)

i ko na gletu ra mu'i le nu do djica ku po'oDon't have sex with her just because you want to.
Related words: seksi, nakpinji, plibu, vibna, vlagi, mabla, speni

glicox1(entity) is English in x2(property of x1)

lo glico — English.
i mi traduki le vi uenzi le glicoI'm translating this text to English.
Related words: sralo

glutax1(entity) is a glove or mitten ...

lo gluta — glove.
i le mi'u gluta pu jai gau stodi fai le xance be ra le ka mliglaThe gloves kept her hands warm.
Related words: taxfu

go [forethought conjunction]both or none

i go la alis ba lumci le kumfa gi la kevin cu sidju la alisAlice will clean a room if, and only if, Kevin helps her.
Comment: used to connect nouns, adverbs, verbs, clauses. Shows that the whole assertion is true if each of its parts (the construct inside go ... gi and the construct after gi) are true..

go'a [verb] — copies a recent completed main level clause

i au mi ne ka'ai do zgana pa cnino skina i ku'i za'a do ca zukcfu so'i da i ca ma mi'o ka'e go'aI'd like to watch a new movie with you. But as I can see you are very busy now. When can we do that?

go'i [verb] — copies the last completed main main level clause

i au mi penmi do i xu le nu go'i cu cumkiI'd like to meet you. Is this possible?

go'o [verb] — copies the next main main level clause

i sa'u mi pu jinvi le nu go'o i do mutce le ka tatpiI simply thought this: you are very tired.

goctix1(entity) is 10-24 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le pa protoni cu gocti le grake be li ji'i pa pi ze bei le ka tiljuProton is approximately 1.7 Yoctogram.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

goithat will from now on be called ... (a noun follows)

i i'a da goi ko'a dinjuOkay, so there is a house, let's call it ko'a from now on.
i ko'a simlu le ka zarci i je so'i prenu ta'e klama le nenri jo'u le bartu i ji'a cinri fa le nu pa canko be ko'a cu spofuko'a looks like a store, many people go in and out. In addition, it's interesting that there is a window in ko'a that is broken.

gotrox1(entity) is 1024 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le terdi cu gotro le grake be li ji'i pa ki'o boi le ka tiljuThe mass of the Earth is approximately 6000 Yottagram.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

gradux1(entity) is a unit on scale x2(property of x1 with kau) measuring x3(property of x1 with kau)

lo gradu — unit. lo se gradu — scale with units.
i le centi be le mitre cu gradu le ka mitre vau le ka te sepliCentimeter is a unit on metric scale, which measures distance.
Related words: ckilu, kantu, kelvo, merli, ranti, selci

grakex1(entity) is x2(number) grams in weight ...

lo se grake — weight in grams.
i lei mi'u plise cu grake li pa ki'oThe apples are 1 kilogram in weight.
Related words: junta, kilto, bunda, centi, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti, gotro, litce, centi

granax1(entity) is a rod or pole ...

lo grana — rod, stick.
i ra pu jgari pa granaHe was holding a rod.
Related words: garna

grasux1(entity) is some grease, oil ...

lo grasu — grease.
i ko punji le so'o grasu le mi'u xisluPut some grease on the wheel.
i ri se savruIt squeaks.
Related words: ctile, matne, plana

gredilex1(entity) is a grill/grid/graticule consisting of lines x2(entity)

lo gredile — grill, grid. lo se gredile — line of a grid.
i ti gredile le ci pinta jo'u le re srajiIt's a grid with three horizontal and two vertical lines.
Comment: see cartu, sraji, pinta, kamju.
Related words: greku, kamju, sraji, pinta

grekux1(entity) is a frame or structure supporting x2(entity)

lo greku — frame.
i le greku be le mi'u bitmu cu mudriThe frame of the fence is wooden.
Related words: korbi, stura, tsina, bongu

grusix1(entity) is gray

lo grusi — gray.
i ca le nicte ro mlatu cu grusiAt night, all cats are grey.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi

grutex1(entity) is a fruit of species x2(taxon)

lo grute — fruit (of a plant).
i ti noi grute be le plise cu crinoThis apple fruit is green.
Related words: badna, dembi, figre, tcilokoiotli, narge, perli, pilka, plise, spati, stagi, tamca, tsiju, tarbi, panzi, rorci, te pruce, jbari, nimre

gu [forethought conjunction]whether or not

i la alis cu gu stati gi melbiAlice is smart whether or not she is beautiful.
Comment: used to connect nouns, adverbs, verbs, clauses.

gu'a [forethought conjunction for tanru]and/or

i le mi'u nu litru ba gu'a clani gi ckapeThe journey will be dangerous or long.

gu'e [forethought conjunction for tanru]and

i ca pa djedi mi ba gu'e badri gi gleki daOne day there will be something so that I will be both sad and happy about.

gu'i [forethought conjunction for tanru] — question

i lu do gu'i citka gi pinxe li'u lu ge li'u"Do you eat or drink?" "Both."

gu'o [forethought conjunction for tanru]both or none

i ai mi te vecnu pa gu'o cnino gi kargu karceI'm going to buy an expensive car if and only if it is new.

gu'u [forethought conjunction for tanru]whether or not

i ai mi te vecnu pa gu'u kargu gi cnino karceI'm going to buy a new car whether or not it is expensive.

gubnix1(entity) is public to community x2(entity)

lo gubni — public. lo se gubni — community with something public.
i le mi'u panka cu gubni le prenuThe park is public and open to people.
Related words: sivni

gugdex1(entity) is the country of inhabitants x2(entity) with territory x3(entity)

lo gugde — country. lo se gugde — citizen of a country. lo te gugde — territory of a country.
i ti gugde le cilce prenu le na'e bardaThis is a country of wild people covering not a big territory.
.i ti te gugde mi'aThis is our land.
Related words: turni, natmi, jecta, tumla, tutra, lanci

gumrix1(entity)  is a mushroom of species x2(taxon)

lo gumri — mushroom.
i ti noi gumri cu vindu le remnaThis mushroom is poisonous to humans.
Related words: mledi

gundix1(entity) is industry producing x2(entity) by process or means x3(clause)

lo gundi — industry. lo se gundi — product of an industry. lo te gundi — industrial process.
i le mi'u gundi be le taxfu be le ka macnu se cupra cu carmi le ka farviThe industry of producing handmade dresses is intensely developing.
i mi se cuntu le gundi be le zgikeI am involved in music industry.
Related words: cupra, fanri, rutni, zbasu

gunkax1(entity) works on x2(property of x1) with goal x3(clause, property of x1)

lo gunka — worker. lo se gunka — work activity. lo te gunka — work goal.
i mi gunka le ka tadni la lojban vau le ka sutra tavla bau la lojbanI'm working on learning Lojban in order to quickly talk in it.
Comment: zukte need not be labor.
Related words: sazri, gasnu, se jibri, briju, lazni, akti, selfu

gunmax1(entity) is a joint mass, team of components that are x2(entity group)

lo gunma — mass, aggregate. lo se gunma — component of a mass.
i pa gunma be le prenu ca'o sruri le mi'u dinjuThe crowd of people is surrounding the building.
Comment: x2 describes the whole set. For a particular member of a set use cmima.
Related words: bende, girzu, pagbu, loi, lei, lai, ciste, cmima, kansa, joi

gunrox1(entity) rolls on surface x2(entity) rotating on axis or axle x3(entity)

i ba bo le mi'u verba co'a gunro pa salpo mo'i ni'a fi le cutne be vo'aAnd then the child started rolling down the slope rotating around his chest.
i mi ca'o gunro le vacriI am spinning in the air.
Related words: bolci, carna, jendu, slanu

gunsex1(entity) is a goose of species x2(taxon)

lo gunse — goose.
i ju'i do ci gunse ca'o limna le mi'u lalxuHey, look, three geese are swimming in the lake.
Related words: cipni

guntax1(entity) attacks x2(entity) with goal x3(property of x1)

lo gunta — attacker. lo se gunta — attacked.
i lei ratcu ca'o gunta le mi'u dinju le ka cpacu le gurniRats are attacking the building to get the grain.
Related words: bradi, damba, darxi, jamna, jenca, jursa

gurnix1(entity) is grain from plant x2(entity)

lo gurni — grain.
i mi vi ku ralte le gurni be le zumriI keep here maize grain.
Related words: bavmi, cunmi, mavji, maxri, molki, mraji, rismi, sobde, spati, zumri, nanba, sorgu

guskax1(entity) erodes x2(entity) from x3(entity)

lo guska — blade, scraper, erosive, abrasive.
i mi pu guska le skapi le cidni be miI scraped the skin off my knees.
Related words: balre, sraku, batci, canpa, mosra

gusnix1(entity) is light falling down on x2(entity) from source x3(entity) ; x3 illuminates x2 with illumination x1

lo gusni — light (illumination). lo se gusni — illuminated. lo te gusni — illuminator.
i le fagri pu te gusni le mi'u kevna le xunreThe fire illuminated the cave with red light.
Related words: dirce, manku, solri, carmi, ctino, kantu

gustax1(entity) is a restaurant serving food x2(entity) to x3(entity)

lo gusta — restaurant.
i banli gustaNice restaurant.
i bu'u le mi'u xotli da gusta le kukte le vitke be le mi'u xotliIn the hotel there is a restaurant serving tasty food to guests of the hotel.
Related words: selfu, barja, citka, kukte, sanmi, xotli

gutrax1(entity) is the womb of x2(entity)

lo gutra — womb.
i le gutra be le mamta be mi pu se vimcuMy mother had uterus removed.
Related words: jbena, rorci, sovda, tarbi, ganti, mabla

gy [pronoun]g (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like gy is for the last lo grana used.

i — separates sentences

i da vi fasnu i je le nu da mo kau cu na klinaSomething is happening here, and what it is isn't exactly clear.

i bu [pronoun]i (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like i bu is for the last lo intele used.

i'a [interjection]OK (acceptance), i'a nai — resistance

i i'a mi ba denpaOkay, I will wait.
i i'a mi na certuWell, I'm not an expert.
i le danfu i'a nai cu ei drataNo, the solution doesn't satisfy me, it should be different.
Related words: mansa, fapro, fi'i

i'e [interjection]Fine! (approval), i'e cu'i — non-approval, i'e naiBoo! (disapproval)

i i'e do pu gunka le vajniVery good! You did an important work.
i i'e cu'i do pu ku ca le se tcika mo'u klamaWell, okay, you arrived on time.
i i'e nai do jai lerciOy, you are late.
Related words: zanru

i'i [interjection] — togetherness, comradeship, i'i nai — antagonistically

i i'i do badri doi le pendoYou are sad, I know that feeling, bro.
i i'i nai mi zukte le na me do moiIt's your problems, I'm not doing your work.
Related words: kansa, gunma, sivni, sepli

i'o [interjection] — appreciation, i'o nai — envy

i i'o do je'a pendoAh, you're a true friend.
i i'o nai do ro roi se funca le zabnaMmm, you are always lucky.
Related words: ckire, jilra

i'u [interjection] — familiarity, i'u nai — unfamiliarity, mystery

i coi i'uGreetings, old friend.
i i'u ti noi plise so'i mei cu kukteYes, these apples are sweet.
i ti i'u nai xotliIt's some hotel.
Related words: slabu

ia [interjection] — belief, ia cu'iallegedly (skepticism), ia naiPshaw! (disbelief)

i ia draniI believe that's correct.
i mi viska pa ponse be ia pa blanu zdaniI see an owner of what I believe to be a blue house.
i ia cu'i le mi'u prenu cu catraAllegedly, he is the murderer.
i ia nai le mi'u prenu cu stace miI don't believe, he is frank with me.
Related words: krici, jinvi

ie [interjection]Yeah! Aye! (agreement), ie nai — disagreement

i ie la kevin ka'e pu zvati tiYes, Alice could be here.
i le mi'u danlu cu morsi ie naiNo, I don't agree that the animal is dead.
Related words: tugni

ii [interjection]Eek! Yikes! (fear), ii nai — safeness

i ii da klamaEek, there is someone coming!
i ii nai le mi'u djacu na ba kuspe mi'oThe water won't reach us.
Related words: terpa, snura

influ'enzax1(entity) is an influenza, grippe, flu

lo influ'enza — influenza, grippe, flu.
i mi bilma fi le influ'enzaI've got the flu.
Related words: bilma

infox1(proposition) is information about x2(proposition) gathered by method x3(clause)

lo info — information. lo te info — method of gathering information.
i le info be le nu vofli cu vajni miThe information about flights is important to me.
i le ka zukte le zekri cu info le mi'u nanmu le ka zgana le se zukte be ce'uThat he is a criminal is the information about the man collected by monitoring his actions.
Related words: datni, vreji, kucli, djuno

insektox1(entity) is an insect of species x2(taxon)

lo insekto — insect.
i mi se cinri le ka tadni le insektoI am interested in studying insects.
Related words: cinki, civla, danlu, blato, ankabuta, manti, sfani, toldi, bifce

intelex1(property of x2) is an intellect of bearer x2(entity)

lo intele — intellect.
i le ka facki le mi'u du'u ma kau drani cu intele le panzi be miThe ability to determine who is right is the sign of high intellect of my child.
Comment: the realized capacity of thinking, judging, abstract reasoning, and conceptual understanding; the cognitive capacity.
Related words: menli, besna, morji, mucti, pensi, sanji, xanri, sevzi, xadni

io [interjection] — respect, io nai — disrespect

i ko io jersi miThis way, Sir!
i ko io nai ti klamaGet your asses over here!
Related words: sinma

ircix1(entity) is an IRC user, chats in IRC on channel x2(entity) in network x3(entity)

lo irci — IRC user.
i la tom cu irci la'o la'o gy.freenode.gyTom chats in IRC channel #lojban of freenode network.
Related words: jikca, kibro

iu [interjection]Aww! Mm! (love), iu nai — hatred

i da'i mi stali iuI'd love to stay.
i do iu nai na pu sidju miYou didn't help me, hate you!
i cakla iu naiI hate chocolate.
Related words: prami

ja [conjunction]and/or

i ba'a le mi'u tanxe cu barda ja tiljuI expect the box to be big or heavy (at least one of the two characteristics).
Comment: means at least one of the two (of constructs connected using ja).

ja'a [preposition of truth/falsehood]It is true that ...

i mi ja'a jimpeI do understand.

ja'a [2nd meaning] — left affirmer in conjunctions

i la alis pu ku sinma ja'a gi'e nai sidju vau miAlice did respect me but didn't help me.

ja'ai [1st meaning: interjection] — affirms attitude. Used as a modifier of interjection

i ui ja'aiYay indeed!
Comment: affirmative/negation pairs are ja'ai/nai, ja'a/na, je'a/na'e, jo'a/na'i.

ja'ai [2nd meaning: right scalar particle] — affirms prepositions, pronouns, clauses, verb words

i mi pu citka se pi'o ja'ai le forcaI ate indeed using a fork.

ja'ai [3rd meaning] — placed after a connective affirms the part after that connective

i mi djica na gi'e ja'ai brediI don't want but I'm ready.

ja'e [preposition from jalge]resulting in ...

i pu lerci i ja'e bo mi pu bilga le ka voltaI was late. Therefore, I had to return.
i mi pu tatpi i ja'e bo mi co'a sipnaI was so tired that I fell asleep.

ja'o [interjection]I conclude

i ja'o do merkoThen, you must be an American.
i ja'o do na nelci le birjeSo, you don't like beer.
Comment: ja'o is applying general rules to specific cases, deduction. su'a is extrapolating general rules from specific cases, induction. su'a nai is making the most likely explanations from some cases, abduction..
Related words: nibli

jabrex1(entity) brakes or slows activity x2(clause) with mechanism or principle x3(property of x1)

i do jabre le nu mi gunka vau le ka ru'i tavlaYou slow my work down by your constant talk.
Related words: mosra

jadnix1(entity) is a decoration of x2(entity)

lo jadni — ornament, decoration (ornament). lo se jadni — adorned.
i le tarci cu jadni le mi'u tsaniStars decorate the sky.
Related words: jemna, dirba, batke

jai [1st meaning] — Splits a clause into "some noun + cu jai" and "fai lo ka+the rest of the clause"

i lei mi'u ckiku cu jai nandu fai le ka se zvafa'i i va'i le nu zvafa'i lei mi'u ckiku cu nanduThe keys are hard to find. In other words, to find the keys is difficult.
i le bangu cu jai nandu i le bangu cu jai nandu fai le ka cilre fi ce'uLanguages are difficult. Languages are difficult in learning things about them.
i ko cusku le jai se djica be doSay what you want.
i do ro roi cusku le jai nandu be fai le ka jimpe fi ce'uYou always say something hard to understand.
Comment: lei ckiku cu jai nandu - not keys themselves are hard but e.g. finding them is hard. lo bangu cu jai nandu - not languages themselves can be difficult but e.g. learning things related to them is difficult like in the example.

jai [2nd meaning] — Some noun + jai + some preposition take the first place of the main verb. The old first place can be expressed with the case marker fai

i mi jai gau farvi fai pa proga i va'i pa proga gau mi farviI develop a program. In other words, with me as the agent a program develops.

jaknex1(entity) is a rocket ...

lo jakne — rocket.
i le mi'u jakne ba klama fi le mi'u terdi fe le mi'u lunraThe rocket will go from the Earth to the Moon.
Related words: cecla, danti, spoja

jalgex1(action of nonce place, event, state) is the result or outcome of x2(event, state, process)

lo jalge — outcome of an event, result of an event.
i le mi'u snuti pu se jalge le nu le mi'u nakni pu na jundiThe accident happened because he hadn't been careful.
i le cizra pu jalgeThere ensued something strange.
Related words: se mukti, te zukte, se rinka, se krinu, se nibli, mulno, sumji, pilji, mekso, ja'e, ciksi

jalnax1(entity) is some starch ...

lo jalna — starch.
i ta'i ma jukpa le rismi se pi'o nai le jalnaHow to cook rice without starch?
Related words: patlu, samcu

jamfux1(entity) is a foot of x2(entity)

lo jamfu — foot.
i le jamfu be mi cu lenkuMy feet are cold.
Related words: jicmu, genja, zbepi, tuple, jubme, xance, tamji

jamnax1(entity) wars against x2(entity) over territory or matter x3(proposition)

lo te jamna — reason for a war.
i la alis jo'u la meilis pu jamna zu'ai le mi'u du'u jdice le mi'u du'u ma kau traji le ka melbi vau le me vo'aAlice and Mei Lee were at war with each other in deciding who was prettier among them.
Comment: war (lo nu jamna) usually consists of battles (lo nu damba).
Related words: bradi, gunta, panpi, damba, darlu

janbex1(entity) is a bell or chime producing sound x2(entity)

lo janbe — bell. lo se janbe — sound of a bell.
i mi pu tirna le janbe be le claduI heard a loud bell ringing.
Related words: zgike, tonga, desku, slilu

jancox1(entity) is a joint attaching limbs x2(entity group) ...

lo janco — joint. lo se janco — limb with a joint.
i le anka cu janco le tuple jo'u le cutneAnkle is a joint between chest and leg.
Comment: lo tornozelo is ankle, lo anka is hip.
Related words: birka, tornozelo, anka

janlix1(entity) collides with or crashes into x2(entity)

i bu'u le mi'u klaji mi co'i janli pa pendo be miI bumped into a friend of mine in the street.
Related words: darxi

jansux1(entity) is a diplomat representing polity x2(entity) in negotiation/with function x3(property of x1) ...

lo jansu — diplomat. lo te jansu — diplomatic negotiation.
i mi jansu le gugde pe mi le ka du le prenu poi jdice vau fau le nu casnu le nu lebna le ctileI represented my country in discussions on getting oil as a person that takes decisions.
Comment: lo krati (representative) is a more broad term.
Related words: jecta, krati

jantax1(entity) is a bill, invoice for goods or service x2(property of x3) billed to x3(entity) by x4(entity)

lo janta — bill, invoice, account (bill).
i ti jatna le grute le kagni pe mi le te vecnu pe le drata gugdeThis is a bill for the fruits issued to my company by customers from another country.
Related words: jdima, vamji, vecnu, canja, jerna, dejni, jbera

jarbux1(entity) is a suburban area of x2(entity)

lo jarbu — suburban area.
i mi se zdani le jarbu be la londonI live in the suburbs of London.
Related words: nurma, se tcadu

jarcox1(entity) demonstrates or shows x2(property of x1) to x3(entity)

lo se jarco — demonstrated, manifested property.
i fi mi'a fa la alis cu jarco le ka statiTo us Alice appeared to be smart.
i la kevin cu jarco le ka gidvaKevin acts as a guide.
Related words: tigni, cipra, zgana, jvinu, lanli, mipri, simlu

jarkix1(entity) is narrow in length/width etc. x2(property of x1) ...

lo jarki — narrow.
i le mi'u dargu cu jarki le ka se pagbu tiThe road is narrow here.
Comment: the second largest dimension. tordu, jarki and cinla specify the three dimensions of objects.
Related words: caxno, cinla, tordu, tagji, cmalu

jaspux1(entity) is a passport issued to x2(entity) by x3(entity) allowing x4(property of x2)

lo jaspu — passport, account (registry to a service), permit (document). lo se jaspu — something having a passport.
i e'o le jaspu be doYour passport, please.
i ti jaspu mi le jecta le ka klama la niponThis is my passport issued by the state allowing me to go to Japan.
Related words: pikta, catni, e'ande

jatnax1(entity) is a commander or leader of x2(entity)

lo jatna — commander, leader, captain, boss.
i le mi'u jatna be le kamni pe mi'o cu jinvi maWhat does the commander of our committee think?
Related words: jitro, lidne, te bende, minde, ralju, gidva, bloti

jau [digit/number] — hex digit D (decimal 13), thirteen

i e'u mi'o zu'ai penmi de'i li cy jauLet's meet at 1pm.

javnix1(proposition) is a rule regulating x2(event, state) in x3(entity)

lo javni — rule, regulatory rule. lo se javni — regulated by a rule. lo te javni — people to whom the rule is applied.
i mi te javni le ka co'u tavla gi'e co'a jundiI should stop talking and start listening.
i e'u zukte le javni be le ka di'i retskuI suggest you follow the rule or regularly asking questions.
i ma javni le nu pilnoWhat are the terms of usage?
Related words: flalu, ritli, marde, tcaci, tinbe, zekri

jbamax1(entity) is a bomb with explosive x2(entity)

lo jbama — bomb. lo se jbama — explosive of a bomb.
i le jbama be le djacu cu se pilno mi'a le ka jai gau sisti le nu fagriWater bombs are used by us to stop fire.
Related words: cecla, spoja

jbarix1(entity) is a berry of plant x2(entity)

lo jbari — berry.
i mi pu citka so'o jbari be le fragariI ate several strawberries.
Related words: grute, tsiju, narge

jbenax1(entity) is born to x2(entity) ...

lo jbena — born. lo se jbena — birth giver.
i le mi'u speni be mi mo'u se jbena pa tixnuMy wife gave birth to a daughter.
Related words: fange, gutra, rorci, mamta, salci, citsi

jberax1(entity) borrows x2(entity) from x3(entity) for time x4(clause)

lo se jbera — borrowed.
i e'a pei mi jbera le vi penbi doMay I borrow this pen from you?
i mi ba te jbera pa karce doI will lend you a car.
Related words: dejni, janta, zivle

jbinix1(entity) is between x2(entity group, full set) in x3(property of x1)

lo jbini — something between.
i la alis cu jbini li re no jo'u li ci no le ka jai nancaAlice is between 20 and 30 years old.
Related words: se vasru, nenri, zvati, cpana, snuji, senta, bitmu, jimte, kuspe, jibni, lamji, sruri, vanbi, midju, cmima, setca

jboprex1(entity) is a Lojbanist

lo jbopre — Lojbanist.
i ju'i le jbopre do se zdani maHey, Lojbanist! Where do you live?
Related words: lojbo, prenu

jdarix1(entity) is firm or resistant to force x2(clause) ...

lo jdari — firm.
i le cilmo mudri cu jdari le ka jelcaWet wood is resistant to burning.
Related words: nandu, ralci, fapro, ranti, tinsa, toltinsa, sligu, stodi

jdicex1(entity) makes a judgement, decides that x2(proposition) is true about x3(event, state)

i mi mo'u jdice le mi'u du'u sarcu fa le nu mi'a staliI decided that we need to stay.
i xu do jdice le ka jai se kufra vau le zdani be doHave you decided that your home is comfortable?
i mi'a zanru le se jdice be le mi'u kamniWe welcome the decision of the committee.
Comment: pajni is for judging matters, jdice is for actual decisions, cuxna is for deciding (choosing) on something out of options.
Related words: pajni, cuxna, manri

jdikax1(entity) decreases in x2(property of x1) by amount x3(entity)

lo jdika — decreasing.
i le prenu pu jdika le ka gunma vau le ci meiPeople decreased in number by three persons.
Related words: zenba, mleca, vimcu

jdimax1(property of x3) is the price of x2(property of x3) to x3(entity) set by x4(entity)

lo jdima — price. lo se jdima — something having a price. lo ve jdima — price-maker.
i ma jdima ti fo doWhat is your price for this?
i le rupnu be li ci cu jdima le ka sazri le se kelci karce vau le verba le ponse be le karceThree dollars is the price of riding a toy car for children set by the owner of the car.
Comment: lo vamji is value, lo ve vecnu is for cost (cose unlike price is the total amount transferred in the transaction).
Related words: canja, friti, janta, jdini, kargu, pleji, dapma, vamji, ve vecnu, fepni, jerna, jinga, prali, rupnu, sfasa

jdinix1(entity) is money issued by x2(entity)

lo jdini — money.
i xu ti du le pe do jdiniIs this your money?
i le jdini be lei merko turni ba se pilno fi le nu sidju le pindiMoney issued by the American government will be used to help the poor.
Related words: fepni, jdima, rupnu, sicni, canja

jdulix1(entity) is some jelly of material x2(entity)

lo jduli — jelly. lo se jduli — contents of a jelly.
i le jduli be le vanjba se rai se nelci miI like grape jelly best.
Related words: pesxu, litki, sligu

je [conjunction]and

i do pu je ca je ba pendo miYou were, are and will be my friend.

je'a [left scalar particle]indeed ... (affirms the position on the scale)

i do je'a stati doi lei prenuYou are really smart, people.
i lei mi'u grute cu se tasta le je'a rigniThe fruits are indeed disgusting in taste.

je'ai [left scalar particle] — asks which particle fits the place where je'ai is put: je'a, na'e, no'e or to'e

i lu do je'ai nelci le gerku li'u lu to'e li'u"You like/dislike dogs?" "I hate them."

je'e [vocative]roger, I got your message; not at all, you are welcome (in reply to thanks), je'e naiI didn't get your message

i lu ki'e do li'u lu je'e do li'u"Thank you!" "You are welcome!"
Comment: fi'i is you are welcome for expressing hospitality.

je'i [conjunction] — question

i do ba'o je'i pu'o citkaHave you eaten yet or are you only about to eat?

je'u [interjection]truly, yes, je'u naino (false)

i je'u do stati prenuTruly, you are a smart person.
i le mi'u purdi je'u nai cu se ponse le za'u cizra prenuThis "garden" (which is in fact not a garden) is owed by some weird people.
i xu do kansa mi'a i je'u naiAre you with us? No.
Related words: jetnu

jectax1(entity) is a polity or state governing x2(entity)

lo jecta — polity, state.
i le nu se sazri za'u pa turni cu jecta le vi tutraBeing controlled by more than one government is the political system of this area.
Related words: gugde, tutra, turni, natmi, jansu, lanci, cecmu

jeftux1(clause) is x2(number) weeks long ...

lo jeftu — week-long event.
i mi'o ba volta ti za le jeftu be li reWe'll return here in two weeks.
Comment: if x2 is not used denotes one week in duration
Related words: detri, djedi, masti, nanca

jegvox1(entity) is Abrahamic (Judaic, or Christian, or Moslem) in x2(property of x1)

lo jegvo — Judaic or Christian or Moslem.
i xu do se lijda le jegvoDo you belong to an Abrahamic religion?
Related words: lijda, muslo, dadjo, xriso

jelcax1(entity) burns ...

i le mi'u mudri cu jelcaThe wood is burning.
Comment: se fagri is preferable to jelca.
Related words: fagri, kijno, sigja, livla, sacki

jemnax1(entity) is a gem ...

lo jemna — gem.
i pa nixli pu zvafa'i pa rokci noi ba ku jai se facki fai le ka jemnaA girl found a stone that later was turned out to be a gem.
Related words: kunra, rokci, jadni, dirba, kargu, krili, pulji

jencax1(clause) shocks or stuns x2(entity)

lo jenca — shocking event. lo se jenca — shocked.
i pu jenca le fetsi fa le nu vo'a ka'e mo'u klama lo drata gugdeIt shocked her that she could get to another country.
Related words: darxi, gunta, spaji

jendux1(entity) is an axle on which x2(entity) rotates ...

lo jendu — axle.
i le mi'u jendu be le re xislu cu mudriThe axle of the two wheels is wooden.
Related words: se carna, gunro, tutci

jenmix1(entity) is an army serving x2(entity) in doing x3(property of x1)

lo jenmi — army.
i ti jenmi le vi gugde le ka vimcu be le fagriThis is an army of firefighters of this country.
i le mi'u re ki'o sonci cu jenmi le mi'u pagbu be le mi'u gugdeThe two thousand soldiers is an army of this part of the country.
Related words: sonci, xarci

jernax1(entity) deserves, earns salary or payment x2(entity, property of x1) for work x3(property of x1)

lo jerna — deserving. lo se jerna — deserved, salary.
i do jerna le ka se sinma vau le ka carmi gunkaYou are worth being respected for your hard work.
i mi pu jerna le rupnu be li pa no no le ka lumci lei paltaI earned 100 dollars for washing the dishes.
Comment: jerna doesn't imply that one is actually paid for the work. pleji is for actual paying.
Related words: jibri, pleji, vecnu, cnemu, canja, jdima, jinga, prali, sfasa, janta, kargu, vamji

jersix1(entity) chases x2(entity)

lo jersi — chaser. lo se jersi — chased.
i lei gerku cu jersi pa lorxuDogs are in pursuit of a fox.
i e'o do jersi miPlease, follow me.
Related words: kavbu, rivbi, kalte, lidne

jesnix1(entity) is a needle ...

lo jesni — needle.
i gau mi tunta fa le tamji be mi pa jesniI pricked my thumb with a needle.
Related words: konju, pijne, jipno, kinli

jetnux1(proposition) is true by standard x2(proposition)

lo jetnu — true.
i pa da poi prije prenu zo'u le mi'u du'u le remna cu xendo cu jetnu le se jinvi be daAccording to one wise person, it's true that all humans are kind.
i u'a la'e di'u se jetnu le du'u mi draniAha, that proves that I am right.
Related words: stace, jitfa, fatci, birti, cfika

jgalux1(entity) is a claw of x2(entity)

lo jgalu — claw, nail, fingernail.
i le mi'u cipni cu se jgalu le kinliThe bird has sharp claws.
Related words: denci, jirna, batci

jganux1(entity) is an angle from vertex x2(entity) subtended by lateral x3(entity)

lo jganu — angle. lo se jganu — vertex of an angle. lo te jganu — lateral of an angle.
i ti jganu me'o a bu le mitre be li pi mu gi'e stero be li reThis is an angle from vertex A having the lateral of 0.5 meters and subtending two steradians.
Related words: kojna, linji, konju, mokca

jgarix1(entity) holds, clutches x2(entity) ...

lo jgari — holder. lo se jgari — held.
i le mi'u nakni mo'u co'a jgari le stedu be la alis se pi'o le xance be le mi'u nakniHe grasped Alice's head with his hand.
Related words: ralte, pencu, darxi, batke, rinju

jgenax1(entity) is a knot in x2(entity)

lo jgena — knot. lo se jgena — something with a knot.
i ti jgena so'i blanu skori jo'u pa xunre skoriThis is a knot of many blue ropes and one red rope.
Related words: pluja, julne, lasna, skori

jginax1(entity) is a gene of x2(entity) determining trait x3(property of x2)

lo jgina — gene.
i xo da jgina le remna le ka le skapi be ce'u cu skari ma kauHow many genes in humans determine the color of skin?
Related words: cerda

jgirax1(entity) feels pride in x2(clause, property of x1)

lo jgira — proud.
i mi jgira le nu do co'a kakne le ka zgipli le pipnoI am proud that you are now able to play the piano.
Related words: cinmo, cumla, sevzi, sinma, snada

jgitax1(entity) is a guitar or stringed musical instrument with plectrum or bow x2(entity)

lo jgita — guitar, stringed musical instrument. lo se jgita — bow of a guitar, bow of a stringed musical instrument.
i xu do kakne le ka zgipli le jgita be lei ze meiCan you play a 7-stringed guitar?
Related words: zgike

ji [conjunction] — asks for the connective (that should go into the place to which ji is put)

i do djica tu'a le ckafi ji le tcatiDo you want tea or coffee (make a choice)?
Related words: a, e, ji, o, u

ji'a [interjection]too, additionally

i mi ji'a je'a nelciI like it too.
i le xagji cribe cu citka le insekto ku ji'a saiA hungry bear will eat even insects.
i ji'a mi citka lo titlaAdditionally, I eat sweeties.
i mi citka lo titla ji'aI eat what is additionally sweet.
i mi citka lo ji'a titlaI eat sweeties among other things.
Comment: ji'a means 'additionally', si'a means 'similarly' implying that there is another salient difference.
Related words: jmina

ji'e [preposition from jimte]up to limit ..., to the degree of ..., adverb: limitedly

i mi tsali ji'e le nu mi ka'e lafti le pipnoI'm strong to the degree that I can lift the piano.
i la kevin cu ricfu ji'e le nu ri ponse so'i dinjuKevin is so rich that he owns several houses.

ji'i [digit/number]approximately ... (number follows; by default the typical value in this context)

i ji'i pa no tadni ca zvati le mi'u kumfaAbout 10 students are in the room.

jibnix1(entity) is near or close to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo jibni — near.
i zo xagri zo tabra cu jibni le ka se smuniThe terms "pipe instrument" and "horn" are close in their meanings.
Comment: See notes for simsa.
Related words: simsa, darno, nenri, vanbi, jbini, lamji, zvati, cpana, bartu, diklo, stuzi

jibrix1(property of x2) is a job of person x2(entity)

lo jibri — job. lo se jibri — employed, in a job.
i mi se jibri le ka vecnu le gruteI have a job as a fruit seller.
i xu do se jibri le ka samplaDo you have the job of a programmer?
Comment: lo te jerna is work that is worth paying, lo ve pleji is work actually paid.
Related words: briju, gunka

jiclax1(entity) stirs fluid x2(entity)

i ko jicla le mi'u tcatiStir the tea.
i ko jicla le mi'u stasu co'u le nu ri febviStir the soup until it boils.
Related words: fanza, tunta, mixre

jicmux1(event, property of nonce place) is the fundamental principle, basis of x2(event, state)

lo jicmu — basis, fundamental principle.
i le logji cu jicmu la lojbanLogic is the foundation of Lojban.
i le tcica cu jicmu ro nu jamnaTrickery is the basic of every war.
i le nu zgana gi'e lanli cu jicmu ro saskeMonitoring and analysis is the foundation of every science.
Related words: jamfu, zbepi, genja, krasi

jijnux1(entity) intuitively knows x2(proposition) ...

lo se jijnu — intuitively known.
i mi pu jijnu le mi'u du'u le mi'u fetsi cu smusku le jitfaI knew intuitively that she was lying.
Related words: djuno, facki, jimpe, jinvi, nabmi, pensi, sidbo, smadi

jikcax1(entity) socializes, interacts socially with x2(entity)

i ra jikca le so'i prenu gi'e di'i gasnu le te salciHe is a sociable person interacting with many people and regularly organizing parties.
Related words: tarti, penmi

jiknix1(entity) is the economic market, system of political body or sector x2(entity)

lo jikni — economic system.
i le nu frili vecnu cu jikni le vi tutraFree market is the economy of this region.
Related words: vecnu, cupra, canja, jecta

jikrux1(entity) is some liquor distilled from x2(entity)

lo jikru — strong alcoholic drink, liquor, spirits.
i mi pu pinxe le jikru be le mrajiI drank an alcoholic drink distilled from rye.
Related words: barja, vanju, birje, xalka

jilkax1(entity) is a quantity of alkali of metal x2

lo jilka — alkali.
i mi pu lumci le palta se pi'o le jilka be le sodnaI washed dishes using soda.
Related words: sodna, bakri, sodva

jilrax1(entity) is envious or jealous of x2(entity) about x3(property of x2)

lo jilra — envious, jealous.
i mi pu jilra le bruna be mi le se frili poi tai ke'a tavla fa ce'u bau la lojbanI envied the ease at which my brother talked in Lojban.
Related words: cinmo

jimcax1(entity) is a branch of x2(entity)

lo jimca — branch.
i le jimca be le za'u vi tricu cu snime blabiBranches of these trees are snow white.
Related words: birka, rebla, tuple

jimpex1(entity) understands x2(proposition) about x3(entity)

i mi na jimpe zo'ei doI don't understand you.
i mi na jimpe le smuni be le se cusku be doI don't understand the meaning of said by you.
Related words: djuno, jijnu, morna, smuni, saske, viska

jimtex1(entity) is a limit or border of x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2, has two places for ce'u)

lo jimte — limit. lo se jimte — something with a limit.
i ti noi mokca cu jimte mi le ka mo'u se klamaThis point is the limit that I can reach.
Related words: ji'e, traji, korbi, kuspe, rinju, bapli, e'ande, fanta, jbini

jincix1(entity) are shears or scissors for cutting x2(entity)

lo jinci — scissors.
i ti jinci le peljiThese are scissors for cutting paper.
Related words: katna

jingax1(entity) wins prize x2(event, property of x1) from competitors x3(entity) in competition x4(clause)

lo jinga — winner. lo se jinga — prize won.
i la alis pu jinga le ralju le drata nixli pa nu vi'i ve'u bajraAlice won the main prize gaining the victory over other girls in a long distant race.
Comment: x1 together with x3 form the full set of competitors.
Related words: cirko, jivna, talsa, cnemu, prali, pleji, sfasa, jdima, jerna, bradi, kargu, kelci

jinkux1(entity) is a vaccine protecting x2(entity) against x3(property of x2) introduced by method x4(property of x1)

lo jinku — vaccine. lo se jinku — vaccinated. lo te jinku — disease prevented by vaccine. lo ve jinku — method of vaccination.
i ti jinku le remna tu'a le vidru le ka se setca fi le cibluThis a vaccine for human use, it protects against viruses and is to be injected into the blood.
Related words: jinku, jurme, kanro, mikce, senci, kafke, jesni, bilma

jinmex1(entity) is a quantity of metal ...

lo jinme — metal.
i ti noi grana cu jinmeThis rod is metallic.
i le slami cu daspo le jinmeAcid destroys metal.
Related words: cnisa, gasta, lastu, margu, nikle, ransu, romge, sodna, tinci, tirse, tunka, zinki, kunra, sodva

jinrux1(entity) is immersed or submerged in liquid x2(entity)

lo jinru — immersed.
i le mi'u ba'o tricu pu jinru le djacuThe stump was immersed in the water.
Related words: lumci, nenri, jinsa

jinsax1(entity) is clean of material x2(entity) ...

lo jinsa — clean.
i mi pu jai gau jinsa fai le mi'u jubme lei paltaI cleared the table of dishes.
Related words: lumci, jinru, curve, sepli

jintox1(entity) is a well or spring of fluid x2(entity) ...

lo jinto — well (of fluid), spring (of fluid). lo se jinto — fluid of a well, spring water.
i ti jinto le jinsa djacuThis is a spring of clean water.
Related words: krasi, djacu, fenra

jinvix1(entity) has an opinion that x2(proposition) is true about x3(entity) on grounds x4(proposition)

lo jinvi — having an opinion. lo se jinvi — opinion.
i mi pu darsi le ka tugni ra pa se jinvi be raI dared to support his opinion.
i mi jinvi le ka na jinga vau la alis le mi'u du'u ri tatpiI think Alice won't win since she is tired.
Comment: jinvi requires some sort of evidence, real or fancied, unlike krici. For thinking (musing upon something) use pensi.
Related words: pe'i, djuno, krici, ciksi, jijnu, nabmi, pensi, senpi, sidbo, birti, pinka

jinzix1(property of x2) is an innate or natural property of x2(entity)

lo jinzi — intrinsic, innate, character (property), nature (property).
i le mi'u fetsi cu se jinzi le ka certu le ka zgipliShe has a natural talent for playing the music.
i do se jinzi le ka badriYou are a boring person.
Related words: lakne, rarna, stati, ka'e, tcaci

jipcix1(entity) is a chicken of species x2(taxon)

lo jipci — chicken.
i le jipci cu nelci le tsijuChickens like seeds.
Related words: cipni

jipnox1(entity) is a tip or point on object x2(entity) at location x3(entity)

lo jipno — tip.
i mi pu pencu le mi'u plise se pi'o le jipno be le mi tanceI touched the apple with the tip of my tongue.
i le jipno be le nazbi be mi mo'u dunjaThe tip of my nose is frozen.
Related words: mokca, jesni, fanmo, kojna, krasi

jirnax1(entity) is a horn of body x2(entity)

lo jirna — horn.
i le mi'u mirli cu se jirna le claniThe deer has long horns.
Related words: jgalu, bongu

jisrax1(entity) is some juice from x2(entity)

lo jisra — juice.
i bu'u ma te vecnu le jisra be le gruteWhere can one buy fruit juice?
Related words: pinxe, djacu, grute, stagi

jitfax1(proposition) is false by standard or epistemology x2(proposition)

lo jitfa — false.
i le mi'u du'u le mi'u nanla cu se slabu la alis cu jitfa le mi'u du'u le mi'u nanla cu kucli le nu la alis cu mo kauIt's false that the boy is familiar with Alice since he is wondering who she is.
Related words: fatci, stace, jetnu, cfika

jitrox1(entity) has control over x2(entity) in activity x3(property of x2)

lo jitro — in control. lo se jitro — under control.
i le jatna be mi cu jitro mi le ka gunka tiMy boss controls me in working on this.
i lei pulji cu jitro le sruriThe police controls the surroundings.
Comment: gidva - does not necessarily control or command.
Related words: bapli, te bende, gidva, jatna, macnu, minde, ponse, ralju, rinka, sazri, turni, vlipa, xance, xlura

jivbux1(entity) weaves x2(entity) from material x3(entity)

lo te jivbu — yarn for weaving.
i le ankabuta cu jivbu le julne le se cigla be fi vo'aSpiders weave nets from secrets of their glands.
Related words: fenso, nivji

jivnax1(entity) competes with competitors x2(entity) in contest x3(clause) for the reward x4(entity)

lo jivna — competitor. lo se jivna — opponent in a competition. lo te jivna — competition. lo ve jivna — prize in a competition.
i la alis pu jivna le drata nixli pa nu vi'i ve'u bajra vau le ka cpacu le jdiniAlice competed with other girls in a long distance race with a monetary prize for the winner.
Related words: cnemu, jinga, talsa, bradi, fapro, kelci

jmagutcix1(entity) is x2(number) feet in length/height/... in standard x3(entity) ...

i le jubme cu jmagutci li re le'e glicoThe table is two English feet in size.
Related words: minli, clani, ganra, rotsu, condi, mitre, dekpu, merli, bunda, kramu

jmajix1(entity group) gather at location x2(entity) from locations x3(entity group)

lo jmaji — gatherers. lo se jmaji — location of gathering.
i le jbopre pu jmaji pa dinju le vrici gugdeLojbanists from various countries gathered in a house.
Related words: crepu

jmifax1(entity) is a shoal or reef ...

lo jmifa — shoal.
i pu zdile fa le ka limna vi lei jmifaIt was amusing to swim near the reefs.
Related words: caxno

jminax1(entity) combines or adds x2(entity, property of x3) to x3(entity) with result x4(entity, property of x3)

i le mi'u sfofa cu jmina le ka se kufra vau le mi'u kumfaThe sofa adds comfort to the room.
i mi ba jmina le so'o crino spati le mi'u nanba le pa snujiI will add some greenery to bread getting a sandwich.
Related words: zmadu, banro, sumji, zenba, setca

jmivex1(entity) is alive in that it does x2(property of x1)

lo jmive — alive, living being.
i le mi'u danlu cu jmive le ka ruble muvduThe animal is alive since it is weakly moving.
Related words: lifri, morsi, stuzi, zvati, xabju

jo [conjunction]both or none

i ai mi te vecnu le karce poi kargu jo cninoI'm going to buy an expensive car if and only if it is new (or not to buy any cars if they don't satisfy this condition).

jo nai [conjunction]either ... or ...

i mi tavla i jo nai do tavlaEither I talk or you talk.

jo'a [interjection] — the clause can make sense in meaning (metalinguistic affirmer)

i lu xu le mi'u prenu noi sanli vi tu noi dinju cu ninmu li'u lu jo'a i mi na djuno li'u"Is the person standing near that building a woman?" "Good question! I don't know! (there is a person standing near the building, the question of whether it's a woman is applicable)."
Comment: na'i is metalinguistic negation.
Related words: drani

jo'e [conjunction] — forms union of sets

i e'o doi io le ninmu jo'e le ctuca ko cliva le mi'u kumfaRespected women and teachers, please, leave the room.

jo'u [conjunction]in common with ..., along with ...

i do jo'u mi casnu le za'u banguYou together with me discussed languages (not necessarily with each other but just taken as a single entity).

joi [conjunction]mixed together with ..., forming a mass ... (forms mixed mass)

i ti du le sovda joi le purmoThis is a mass of eggs and flour.

jornex1(entity) is joined to x2(entity) at location x3(entity)

lo jorne — tightened, connected, tied, joined, fastened.
i la alis cu jorne pa stizu pa skoriAlice is tied to a chair with a rope.
i ko jorne la'e me'o so pa paCall 911!
i mi ba jorne do ba le nu mi cliva le ckuleI will call you after I leave the school.
Comment: x1 and x2 form a union.
Related words: lasna, fenso, kansa, pencu, penmi

ju [conjunction]whether or not

i ei zukte i ju le mi'u nanmu cu klamaLet's do it whether or not he comes.

ju'a [interjection]I state (non-specified source of information)

i la alis cu jinvi le du'u ju'a le mi'u nakni cu fenkiAlice has an opinion that the man is crazy, and it is so, I say.
Comment: ju'a is always assumed to be present in the main clause. Inner clauses within places are not stated with ju'a unless explicitly specified..
Related words: xusra

ju'e [conjunction] — forms two independent sentences

i mi ju'e do casnu le za'u banguI discussed languages. You discussed languages.
Comment: mi ju'e do klama means the same as mi klama .i do klama.

ju'i [vocative]Hey! Psst! Ahem! Attention!, ju'i cu'iAt ease!, ju'i naiIgnore me! Nevermind!

i ju'i le nixli ma cmene doHey, girl, what is your name?
i ju'i cu'i sonciAt ease, soldiers.
i mi co'a si'u nai jimpe ju'i naiI understood myself, never mind.

ju'o [interjection]I'm sure (certainty), ju'o cu'imaybe, perhaps (uncertainty), ju'o naiI have no idea! (lack of certainty)

i ju'o do pu pensi daYou must have thought of something.
i ju'o cu'i le mi'u nakni cu zukte se va'u le fetsiMaybe, he is doing it for her, I'm not sure.
i ju'o nai xu le tai valsi cu se pilnoAre such words used? I have no idea!
Related words: birti, cumki

jubmex1(entity) is a table ...

lo jubme — table.
i xu da kunti jubmeIs there a free table?
Related words: ckana, jamfu, nilce, zbepi, tsina, stizu

judrix1(entity) is an address of x2(entity) in system x3(entity)

lo judri — address. lo te judri — address system.
i ma judri do le tcaduWhat is your city address?
i ma judri do le kibro ve mriluWhat is your e-mail address?
Related words: tcita, cmene, ciste, stuzi

jufrax1(text) is a sentence or statement about x2(entity) in language x3(entity)

lo jufra — sentence. lo se jufra — topic of a sentence. lo te jufra — language of a sentence.
i lu i le mlatu cu pinxe li'u jufra le danlu la lojbani lo mlatu cu pinxe is a sentence about animals in Lojban language.
Related words: valsi, bangu, gerna, cusku, smuni

jukpax1(entity) cooks or prepares food x2(entity) by recipe x3(property of x1)

lo jukpa — cook. lo se jukpa — cooked food. lo te jukpa — recipe for cooking.
i le mi'u mamta pu jukpa pa torta le ka punji pa pu'o torta le toknuMother cooked a cake by putting a raw "cake" in the oven.
Comment: x2 is the result of cooking, the product ready to use.
Related words: cupra, bredi

julnex1(entity) is a filter passing x2(entity) and prohibiting x3(entity) ...

lo julne — filter.
i ti julne fi le finpeThis is a fishing net.
i tu julne le djacu le rismiThat is a colander that lets the water pass and retains rice.
Related words: kombitu, ciste, jgena

jundix1(entity) pays attention to x2(entity)

lo jundi — attentive. lo se jundi — object of attention.
i mi pu jundi le nu ra pu cusku ma kauI was attentive at was he was saying.
Related words: kurji, zvati

jungox1(entity) is Chinese in x2(property of x1)

lo jungo — Chinese.
i le mi'u fetsi cu jungo le ka tcila be le flira be ce'uThe girl is Chinese in her face features.
Related words: xazdo

junlax1(entity) is a timer, clock measuring time units x2(entity) ...

lo junla — clock, timer, watch (timer). lo se junla — unit of time.
i ti junla le snidu be li pi muThis clock measures seconds to the precision of 0.5 seconds.
Comment: x2 can be show the precision to which time units are measured.
Related words: cacra, mentu, snidu, tcika, temci

junperox1(entity) is a juniper (genus Juniperus) of species x2(taxon)

i mi pu jmina so'o jimca be le junpero le fagriI added some juniper twigs to the fire.
Comment: Some junipers are commonly called "cedars".
Related words: spati, tricu, ckunu

junrix1(entity) is earnest about x2(event, state, action)

lo junri — someone serious, earnest.
i xu do junri le ka te mukti le ka cliva le bu'u gugdeAre you serious in your intent to leave this country?
Related words: tilju, xalbo, badri, ritli

juntax1(entity) is the weight of x2(entity group) in field x3

lo junta — weight.
i le gunka pe le kensa cu se junta le ki'ogra be li pa no no le mi'u terdiThe space worker weights 100 kilograms in the gravity of the Earth.
Related words: grake, linto, tilju, bunda

jurmex1(entity) is a bacteria or germ of species x2(taxon)

lo jurme — bacteria.
i le mi'u lanli pu pilno le jurme le cipraThe researcher used bacteria for tests.
Related words: vidru

jursax1(event, action, state) is harsh or severe to x2(entity)

lo jursa — harsh event.
i le ka jivna pu jursa miCompetition was fierce for me.
Related words: gunta, vlile

jutsix1(entity) is a taxon of super-taxon x2(entity) ; x1 is a species of genus x2, family x3, etc. ...

lo jutsi — taxon, species.
i mi zgana le cinki poi jutsi ro daI watch insects of all kinds.
Comment: this verb potentially has infinite number of places.
Related words: klesi, lanzu

juxrex1(entity) is clumsy in doing x2(property of x1)

lo juxre — clumsy.
i mi pu ca'o juxre le ka muvduI was getting clumsy in my movements.
i le mi'u fonxa pu juxre le ka se pilnoThe phone was clumsy to use.
Related words: sluji, muvdu

jvinux1(entity) is a view of x2(entity) from viewpoint x3(entity)

lo jvinu — view. lo te jvinu — viewpoint.
i le jvinu be le xamsi bei le kumfa pe mi cu banliI have a great view of the sea from my room.
Related words: catlu, kanla, viska, canko, jarco

jy [pronoun]j (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like jy is for the last lo jorne used.

ka [clause prefix] — turn clause into infinitive

i mi djica le ka sipnaI want to sleep.
i la alis cu nitcu le ka te dunda le birjeAlice needs to be given beer.
i ta'i ku do ba cirko le ka sinma ce'uThis way you will lose respect.
i le ka pendo ku po'o cu tadji le ka se pendoThe only way to have a friend is to be a friend.
Comment: x1 (property) is the property of the clause that follows. Has at least one ce'u inside being applied to a noun of the outer clause. ka without a ce'u inside is the same as ka ce'u. Used to express infinitives.

ka bu — refers to the last ka-clause used

i mi je'a djica le ka tadni i ku'i ka bu nandu miI do want to study. But it's difficult to me.

ka'ai [preposition from kansa]with ..., with a companion ...

i mi cadzu ka'ai le gerkuI walk with a dog.

ka'e [preposition of potential]possibly can ...

i ro da ka'e te tavlaEverything can be talked about.
Comment: not necessarily innately capable, might describe what can potentially happen to the thing described.

ka'o [digit/number]imaginary i, square root of -1

i li te'o te'a vei ka'o pi'i pai ve'o su'i pa du li noe(i × π) +1 = 0.

ka'u [interjection]I know by cultural means (myth, custom)

i ka'u so'a prenu cu xebni daWe know that most people hate something.
Related words: kulnu

kabrix1(entity) is a cup or mug containing x2(entity) ...

lo kabri — cup. lo se kabri — content of a cup.
i e'o do te cpacu le pa kabri be le ckafi miPlease, give me a cup of coffee.
Comment: lo kabri is normally lifted when eaten from it, lo palta is not.
Related words: palta, citka, blaci, tansi

kacmax1(entity) is a camera recording images of illumination type x2(entity) to medium x3(entity)

lo kacma — camera.
i ti kacma le mi'u tcadu pa datni centeroThis is a camera recording images of the city to a data center.
Related words: lenjo

kafkex1(entity) coughs, farts, burps x2(entity) from orifice x3(entity)

i ra pu kafke le barda le ganxoHe made a big fart.
Related words: bilma, senci, sputu, vamtu

kagnix1(entity) is a company, corporation chartered by authority x2(entity) for purpose x3(property of x1)

lo kagni — company, corporation, business (company). lo te kagni — business (commercial activity).
i pa kagni be le jbopre bei le nu kakpa le ctile pu zvafa'i le ctile le loldi be le xamsiThe Lojbanists' chartered oil drilling company discovered oil at the bed of the sea.
Related words: cuntu, bende, girzu, kansa, kamni, banxa

kai [preposition from ckaji]characterizing ..., with ... having this property

i zildukse kai le kilto be le grakeOne kilogram was too much.
Comment: in the clause where kai is used the first unfilled place is applied to the noun that kai tags, the clause itself is the property characterizing the noun after kai; subject case tag.

kajdex1(event, experience of x2) warns x2(entity) of danger x3(event, state, property of nonce place)

i lei rirni pu kajde mi'a le ba vlile tcimaParents warned us about heavy weather.
Related words: ckape, nupre, snura, tcica, xlura

kajnax1(entity) is a shelf or counter on x2(entity) ...

lo kajna — shelf.
i mi pu punji le mi'u pelji le mi'u kajna be le fagri stuziI put the paper on the mantel.
Related words: balni

kaknex1(entity) is capable of doing x2(event of x2, state of x2) ...

lo kakne — capable, able.
i mi na kakne le ka sipnaI can't sleep.
i le mamta be mi ku po'o cu kakne le ka jai bapli le nu mi clivaOnly my mother has power to make me leave.
Comment: for e.g. "I can't wait" ka'e is more appropriate. kakne is about ability. vlipa is to be powerful enough to bring about events in other entities.
Related words: vlipa, stati, certu, gasnu, ka'e, nu'o, pu'i, djuno, zifre

kakpax1(entity) digs x2(entity) out of x3(entity) ...

lo kakpa — digger.
i la tom pu jai se bapli fai le ka kakpa pa karce pe vo'a le snimeTom had to dig his car out of the snow.
Related words: katna, plixa, sraku, canpa, sraku

kalcix1(entity) is excrement or feces of x2(entity)

lo kalci — excrement.
i le kalci be le bakni cu jai rinka le nu le dertu cu fertiCow dung makes soil fertile.
Related words: ganxo, pinca, vikmi, mabla, festi

kalrix1(entity) is open, giving access to place x2(entity) for object x3(entity)

lo kalri — open.
i le mi'u canko cu kalri le nenri le vifne vacriThe window is open letting the fresh air in.
i gau ko kalri fa le mi'u cankoOpen the window.
i ko jai gau kalri fai le mi'u cankoOpen the window.
Related words: ganlo, pagre, canko, vorme

kalsax1(entity) is a chaos, chaotic in x2(property of x1)

lo kalsa — chaos, chaotic.
i le kumfa pe mi cu kalsa le ka bu'u ce'u le bukpu pe mi cu zvati ma kauMy room is a mess (in where are my clothes).
Related words: cunso, cnici

kaltex1(entity) hunts prey x2(entity) for purpose x3(property of x1)

lo kalte — hunter. lo se kalte — prey.
i lei mi'u certu pu kalte le finpe le ka lanli riThe researches were hunting fishes to study them.
Related words: jersi, kavbu, sisku, rivbi

kamjux1(entity) is a column ...

lo kamju — pillar.
i le mi'u pa kamju cu sarji le korbi be le mi'u drudiThe column supports the edge of the roof.
Related words: ckana, garna, sanli, slanu

kamnix1(entity) is a committee with task x2(property of x1) ...

lo kamni — committee. lo se kamni — purpose of a committee.
i le mi'u kamni be le ka jai gau farvi le mi'u bangu cu gunma za'u pa no prenuThere are more than 10 members in the committee for developing the language.
Related words: bende, kagni

kampux1(property of x2) is universal among x2(entity, full set)

lo kampu — common, general, universal. lo se kampu — group with something in common.
i pa da zo'u le ka dasni da cu kampu ro tadniWearing the same uniform is common for every student.
Related words: fadni, cafne, rirci, fadni, cnano, tcaci, lakne, cmima, simxu

kanbax1(entity) is a goat of species x2(taxon)

lo kanba — goat.
i le mi'u cirla cu se zbasu fi le ladru be le kanbaThe cheese is made from goat's milk.
Related words: lanme, sunla

kancux1(entity) counts the number in x2(entity, full set) to be x3(number) by units x4(property of x2)

i mi pu kancu le mi'u prenu li pa re le ka re meiI counted the people as 12 couples.
Related words: namcu, satci, merli

kandix1(entity) is dim, non-intense in x2(property of x1) received by observer x3(entity)

lo kandi — dim, non-intense.
i fi mi fa le mi'u valsi cu kandi le ka se smuniTo me the word is dim in meaning.
Related words: blabi, carmi, klina, linto, manku, cermurse, vacmurse, ruble, skari, milxe, blanu, bunre, cicna, crino, grusi, narju, nukni, pelxu, xekri, xunre, zirpu

kanlax1(entity) is an eye of x2(entity)

lo kanla — eye.
i la alis cu se kanla le barda je melbiAlice has big beautiful eyes.
Related words: jvinu, kerlo, viska, kumte

kanpex1(entity) expects x2(clause) with likelihood x3(number: from 0 to 1, by default li so'a, i.e. near 1)

i fi li so'u fa mi pu kanpe le nu do clira voltaI didn't expect you to return early.
i le nu mi mo'u klama cu pu na ku se kanpe su'o daMy arrival wasn't expected by anyone.
Comment: expecting here may imply even undesirable events that are nevertheless expected to occur.
Related words: djica, pacna, lakne, cunso, fau, da'i

kanrox1(entity) is healthy or well in x2(property of x1)

lo kanro — healthy.
i mi kanro le ka na cortu le galxeI'm healthy in that my throat doesn't ache.
Related words: bilma, mikce

kansax1(entity) accompanies x2(entity) in state x3(event of x1 and x2, state of x1 and x2)

i le mi'u gerku pe mi fe'e ro roi kansa miMy dog is everywhere with me.
i ro roi pu pluka fa le ka kansa do le ka gunkaIt was pleasant to work with you.
Related words: kagni, jorne, gunma, girzu, lasna

kantux1(entity) is a quantum of x2(property of x1)

lo kantu — quantum.
i mi pu xaksu re kantu be le cacra ta'i le ka denpa tu'a doI wasted two hours waiting for you.
i ti du le re kantu be le makfaHere are two pieces of magic.
Comment: selci is for masses and most objects.
Related words: selci, ratni, gradu, gusni, nejni, linji

karcex1(entity) is a car, truck, van for carrying x2(entity) ...

lo karce — car, truck, van. lo se karce — cargo of a car.
i ti karce le festiIt's a trash truck.
i do te mukti le ka te vecnu le pa karce pe ma noi kagniA car of what company are you going to buy?
Comment: karce and carce are designed to be with wheels, marce isn't and is more generic.
Related words: carce, xislu, marce, sabnu

kardax1(entity) is a card ...

lo karda — card.
i xu ka'e pleji se pi'o le dejni kardaIs it possible to pay with a credit card?
Related words: matci, tapla, plita

kargux1(entity, property of x2) is expensive to x2(entity) ...

lo kargu — expensive.
i le ka tai litru cu kargu mi se la'u li du'eSuch trip is too expensive to me.
Related words: vamji, dirba, vajni, jdima, pleji, canja, jerna, jinga, jemna, sfasa, vecnu

karlix1(entity) is a belt or collar surrounding x2(entity) ...

lo karli — collar.
i le mi'u fetsi pu punji pa karli le sruri be le cinturaShe put a waist around her waist.
Related words: sruri, djine

karnix1(entity) is a newspaper, magazine with content x2(entity) ...

lo karni — journal, newspaper, magazine, press (media). lo se karni — contents of a magazine.
i mi tcidu pa karni be le pu zi nuzbaI'm reading a magazine about recent news.
Related words: papri, pelji, tcidu

katnax1(entity) cuts x2(entity) into pieces x3(entity)

i mi pu katna le mi'u nanba le pa no meiI cut the bread into 10 pieces.
Comment: sraku is for cutting into without division.
Related words: kakpa, sraku, plixa, dakfu, jinci, porpi, spofu, tunta, xrani, fatri, fendi, balre, dilcu

kau [interjection] — marks word as an indirect question

i mi djuno le du'u ma kau darxi ba'e la alisI know who hit Alice (not someone else).
i mi pu na birti le nu xo kau prenu cu zvatiI wasn't sure how many people were present.

kavbux1(entity) captures x2(entity) with trap x3(entity)

lo te kavbu — trap used for capture.
i mi pu kavbu le ka bilma fi la zukam vau le ka cadzu bu'u le bartuI caught cold by walking outside.
i le mi'u nanla pu kavbu le mi'u bolci pa xanceThe boy caught the ball with one hand.
Comment: kalte is to hunt, jersi is to follow, to chase.
Related words: jersi, kalte, pinfu, sisku, se rinju

ke — starts a new group inside a construct

i ko catlu le barda ke se kanla melbiLook at the big beauty-with-eyes.
i ko catlu le barda se kanla melbiLook at the beauty with big eyes.
i la alis e ke la kevin a la edvard ba vitke le nu penmiAlice and either Kevin or Eduard will visit the meeting.
i la alis e la kevin a la edvard ba vitke le nu penmiEither Alice and Kevin or Eduard will visit the meeting.
i au do jukpa le nanba gi'e ke lumci le mi'u kumfa gi'o nai cadzu ka'ai le mi'u gerkuI wish you cooked the bread and either cleaned the room or walked with the dog.
Related words: bo

ke'a [pronoun] — shows the head (noun) of the clause, to which this relative clause is attached

i mi pu vitke pa dinju poi bu'u ke'a mi'a se zdani ze'a le nanca be li so'oI visited a house where we lived for several years.

ke'e [terminator] — ends a construct started with: ke

ke'o [vocative]Eh? Please repeat!, ke'o naiI heard you. No need to repeat

i ke'o do mi pu na tirnaEh? What did you say? I didn't hear.
i ke'o nai do mi co'i te benji ro daAll right, no need to repeat, I got everything.

ke'u [interjection]I repeat, as I already said, ke'u naifurthermore, what is more (continuing)

i ke'u mi na tugni doI repeat, I don't agree with you.
i ke'u nai mi se zdani na ku le tcaduFurthermore, I live not in a city.
Related words: basna, krefu, rapli

kectix1(entity) feels sorry for x2(entity) about x3(proposition)

i mi kecti do le mi'u nu do fliba le ka jingaI feel sorry for you that you failed to win.
Related words: cinmo, xendo

kei [terminator] — ends a construct started with: nu

kelcix1(entity) plays game x2(entity)

lo kelci — player. lo se kelci — game (played).
i xu do kelci la fudbolDo you play soccer?
Related words: keltci, jivna, jinga, zdile

keltcix1(entity) ia a toy played by x2(entity)

lo keltci — player. lo se keltci — game (played).
i pa nixli ca'o zukte le ka se keltci le bambola pe vo'aA girl is playing with her doll.
Comment: use kelci for playing games, of which keltci may be a component.
Related words: kelci, bambola, verba, zdile, jivna, jinga

kelvox1(entity) is x2(number) degrees Kelvin ...

i le vacri ca kelvo li ji'i re ze ciIt's around 273 degrees Kelvin (0 degrees Celsius).
Comment: temperature in Kelvin is temperature in Celsius + 273 (approximately). Temperature in Celsius is temperature in Kelvin - 273 (approximately).
Related words: gradu, centi, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti, gotro, kilto, centi

kenrax1(entity) is a cancer disease in x2(entity)

lo kenra — cancer.
i le kenra be le tatru ka'e mo'u te mikceBreast cancer can be cured.
Related words: bilma, mikce, spita

kensax1(entity) is outer space near x2(entity)

lo kensa — outer space.
i so'i mluni cu vofli bu'u le kensa be le mi'u terdiThere are many satellites flying in outer space near the Earth.
Related words: canlu, munje, terdi, tsani

kerfax1(entity) is the hair of x2(entity) ...

lo kerfa — hair, fur.
i le kerfa be mi cu claniMy hair is long.
Related words: skapi, sunla, pimlu

kerlox1(entity) is an ear of x2(entity)

lo kerlo — ear.
i doi le gerku ko na pencu le kerlo be miDog, don't touch my ears!
Related words: kanla, savru, smaji, tirna, ractu

kernelox1(entity) is a kernel, nucleus, 'nut' of x2(entity) ; x1 is central

lo kernelo — kernel, nucleus.
i le kernelo be le mi'u terdi cu glareThe core of the Earth is hot.
Comment: lo midju is center point, lo centero is central subset (of a set or territory), lo kernelo is core.

ketcox1(entity) is South American in x2(property of x1)

lo ketco — South American.
i ti'e le mi'u fetsi cu klama fi pa ketco gugde ku i'u cu'iThey say she is from some South American country.
Related words: brazo, spano

kevnax1(entity) is a cavity or hole in x2(entity)

lo kevna — cavity, hole.
i da kevna le mi'u drudiThere is a hole in the roof.
Related words: fenra, kunti, canlu, canko, galxe, tubnu

ki [preposition] — sets the default tense. As a preposition sets the viewpoint in time-space

i le mi'u dinju cu darno ki miThe house is far from me.

ki'a [interjection question]Huh? (confusion about something said), ki'a naiI understand (understanding about something said)

i lu mi pu te vecnu pa granate li'u lu granate ki'a li'u"I bought granate." "Huh, granate?"
i lu sa'u le mi'u verba cu mutce le ka tatpi li'u lu ki'a nai li'u"The child is just very tired." "I understand."
Related words: cfipu, kucli

ki'ai [vocative] — makes a nonce (for this case) interjection out of the following sumti or selbri

i ki'ai salamSalam!

ki'e [vocative]Thank you! Thanks!, ki'e cu'iNo thanks to you, ki'e nai — resentment

i ki'e sai doThank you very much!
i do pu mutce sidju mi ki'e sai doYou helped me a lot, thank you very much!
i mi si'u nai mo'u zvafa'i ki'e cu'i la alisI found myself, no thanks to you, Alice.
i ki'e cu'i do mi pu ku ca le se tcika mo'u klamaI arrived on time, no thanks to you.
i mi jai lerci ki'e nai la kevinI was late, and that's because of you, bastard Kevin.

ki'o [digit/number] — number comma; shows groups of 3 digits each in decimal number

i pa ki'o mu no no prenu cu tadni ti noi ckuleOne thousand and five hundred (1,500) people study in this school.

ki'ograx1(entity) is x2(number) kilograms in weight

i lei mi'u plise cu ki'ogra li reThe apples are 2 kilograms in weight.
Related words: kilto, grake

ki'otrex1(entity) is x2(number) kilometers in x3(property of x1)

i ti noi dargu cu ki'otre li pa le ka claniThis box is one kilometer in length.
Related words: kilto, mitre

ki'u [preposition from krinu]because of reason ..., adverb: justifiably

i mi na ka'e tavla do i ki'u bo mi zvati le mi'u brijuI can't talk to you since I'm in the office.

kibrox1(entity) pertains to the internet in x2(property of x1)

lo kibro — internet.
i pa pendo be mi cu finti pa karni poi kibro le ka se benji fu ma kauA friend of mine is an author of a magazine that is delivered via the internet.
Related words: skami, se tcana, jikca

kicnex1(entity) is a cushion ...

lo kicne — cushion.
i ko jgari le kicne gi'e sipnaTake a cushion and go to sleep.
Related words: ckana, matci

kijnox1(entity) is some oxygen

lo kijno — oxygen.
i le kijno joi le cidro cu se gunma le djacuOxygen and hydrogen make water.
Related words: jelca, vacri, vasxu

kiltox1(entity) is a thousand of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

lo kilto — 1000.
i le mi'u xamsi cu kilto be le mitre le ka condiThe sea is 1'000 meters deep.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

kinlix1(entity) is sharp at location x2(entity)

lo kinli — sharp.
i le mi'u balre cu kinli le jipnoThe tip of the blade is sharp.
Related words: balre, dakfu, jesni

klajix1(entity) is a street or alley at x2(entity) allowing access to x3(entity)

lo klaji — street, avenue, alley.
i ti ralju klaji le mi'u tcadu le vrici zarciThis is the main street of the city giving access to various shops.
Related words: panka, pluta, dargu, naxle

klakux1(entity) weeps or cries tears x2(entity) ...

lo se klaku — tear wept.
i ra pu klaku le bardaShe cried large tears.
Related words: badri, krixa

klamax1(entity) goes to x2(entity) from x3(entity) via the route x4(entity set) using means x5(entity)

lo klama — passenger, goer, rider. lo se klama — destination of a ride. lo te klama — origin of a ride. lo ve klama — route, track. lo xe klama — vehicle.
i xu do klama fi la niponAre you from Japan?
i le mi'u dargu cu se kruca le pu ve klama be le ractuThe road crossed what was the rabbit's track.
i mi'a pu klama fu pa bloti fo pa lalxu fi le mi'u zdani fe pa dapluWe sailed on the boat along the lake from the home to an island.
i mi pu klama fi la nipon fu le vinjiI flew from Japan.
i xu do pu klama fu le aftobuso fe la parisDid you ride the bus to Paris?
i le mi'u nakni pu klama le nenriHe came in.
Comment: if the destination is away from the speaker, klama means to go; if the destination is near the speaker, klama means to come
Related words: cadzu, bajra, marce, vofli, litru, muvdu, cpare, se ka'a, te ka'a, pluta, bevri, farlu, limna, vitke

klanix1(entity) is measured by x2(number) on x3(property of x1 with kau)

lo se klani — amount, quantity, level (degree or amount).
i le mi'u pa mlatu cu klani li pi mu le ka mitre ma kau le ka claniThe cat is measured 0.5 meters in length.
i lei mi'u mlatu cu klani li ci le ka gunma ma kau i je va'i le mi'u mlatu cu vo meiThe mass of the cats is measured as having 4 units, in other words, there are 4 cats.
Comment: to specify the number of object loi is usually used in x1 of klani. To specify size fill x3 of klani.
Related words: pa, namcu

klesix1(entity) is a type, kind, class of x2(same type as x1) defined by x3(property of x1)

lo klesi — subset, type, kind, class.
i mi cmima le klesi be le se zdani bei le ka vecnuI belong to the merchant class of inhabitants.
i do na klesi lei se nelci be miYou are not my type.
i ti su'o si'e su'o drata klesi be le notciThis is another type of message.
Related words: me, cmima, jutsi, ciste, girzu, lanzu, vrici

klina — the medium x1(entity) is transparent, clear, penetratable to signal x2(entity)

lo klina — clear, penetrable, transparent.
i le vacri pu klina le darno voksaThe air was clean to pass a distant voice.
i le mi'u nanla pu klina le ka te smuni ma kauThe boy was pretty clear in what he meant.
Comment: lo na zunti is unhindered.
Related words: kandi, zunti

klirux1(entity) is a quantity of halogen ...

lo kliru — halogen.
i la iodi'um cu kliruIodine is a halogen.
Related words: xukmi

klitix1(entity) is some clay ...

lo kliti — clay.
i xu do mo'u zbasu le mi'u kabri le ranti klitiHave you worked the cup out of soft clay?
Related words: dertu, pesxu, staku

kluzax1(entity) is loose, bloused on x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo kluza — loose.
i le mi'u creka pu kluza mi le ka se pagbu le tubnuThe shirt was loose on me in sleeves.
Related words: tagji, trati, rinju

ko [pronoun]you !, make it true so that you ... (imperative 'you')

i ko kurji koTake care of yourself.
i ko sistiStop it!
i kukte koEnjoy your meal.
i ko dasni le taxfuGet dressed.
Comment: doesn't necessarily imply a command. Can be used for mild requests too.

ko'a [pronoun] — 1st pronoun for assignments. Specified by adding goi

i ko'a e ko'e e ko'i e ko'o e ko'u prenu i je ko'a fa'u ko'e nelci ko'e fa'u ko'i i je ko'o fa'u ko'u na nelci ko'a fa'u ko'e i je se ni'i bo ko'e se nelci maLet ko'a, ko'e, ko'i, ko'o and ko'u be people. Now ko'a and ko'e like ko'e and ko'i respectively, and ko'o and ko'u don't like ko'a and ko'e, respectively. Thus, ko'e is liked by whom?

ko'e [pronoun] — 2nd pronoun for assignments. Specified by adding goi

Related words: ko'a

ko'i [pronoun] — 3rd pronoun for assignments. Specified by adding goi

Related words: ko'a

ko'o [pronoun] — 4th pronoun for assignments. Specified by adding goi

Related words: ko'a

ko'oi [interjection] — imperative

i do o nai ko'oi mi co'a morsiEither you or I die!
i ko'oi mi'o klamaLet's go!
i le mi'u prenu ku ko'oi citka le mi'u gruteLet him eat the fruit!
i le ko'oi se platu be do cu te snadaLet your plan be successful!
Comment: hortative. ko is a short form of do ko'oi. ko'oi is a broader term than e'o, e'u, e'a, e'e, e'i.
Related words: minde, cpedu, e'ande, pacna, stidi, djica, bilga

ko'u [pronoun] — 5th pronoun for assignments. Specified by adding goi

Related words: ko'a

koblix1(entity) is a cabbage of species x2(taxon)

lo kobli — cabbage, lettuce.
i mi pu citka le kobli stasuI ate a cabbage soup.
Related words: stagi

kojnax1(entity) is a corner in x2(entity) ...

lo kojna — corner.
i le mi'u baktu cu jibni pa kojna be le mi'u kumfaThe bucket is in a corner of the room.
Related words: jipno, konju, bliku, fanmo, jganu, krasi

koksox1(entity) is a coconut of variety/cultivar x2(taxon)

lo kokso — coconut.
i xu do kakne le ka jai gau porpi fai le koksoCan you crack the coconut?
Related words: grute

kolmex1(entity) is a quantity of coal ...

lo kolme — coal.
i le kolme ca'o jelcaCoal is burning.
i mi mo'u xaksu le mi'u kolmeI've used up the coal.
Related words: tabno, tarla

kombitux1(entity) is a comb for doing x2(clause) with teeth, needles x3(entity)

lo kombitu — comb. lo te kombitu — tooth of a comb, needle of a comb.
i ti kombitu le nu jai gau cnici fai le kerfa vau le cinlaThis is a comb with thin teeth for putting hair in order.
Related words: kerfa, forca

konjux1(entity) is a cone with base x2(entity) and vertex x3(entity)

lo konju — cone. lo se konju — base of a cone. lo te konju — vertex of a cone.
i le tarci jadni cu te konju fi le mi'u tricuThe star is the tip of the tree.
Related words: jesni, djine, sovda, kojna, jganu

korbix1(entity) is an edge or border between x2(entity group) ...

lo korbi — edge. lo se korbi — something with an edge.
i ti korbi le re rirxeThis is the border between the two rivers.
Related words: greku, mlana, jimte, ctebi, bartu

korcux1(entity) is bent or crooked

lo korcu — bent.
i lei cidni be la alis mo'u korcuAlice's knees buckled.
i le mi'u jukpa pu korcu ga'u le fagriThe cook leaned over the fire.
Related words: cinje, polje, sarlu, sirji, bargu, genxu

korkax1(entity) is some cork from tree x2(entity)

lo korka — cork.
i le korka be le cindu cu rotsuThe cork of oak trees is thick.
Related words: tricu, calku, skapi, stagi

korvox1(entity) is a crow of species x2(taxon)

lo korvo — crow, raven.
i le mi'u korvo cu xekri du'i le ka kolmeThe raven is black as coal.
Related words: cipni, xekri

kostax1(entity) is a jacket or sweater ...

lo kosta — jacket.
i ko co'a dasni le mi'u kostaPut the coat on.
Related words: pastu, sunla, taxfu

kralix1(property of x2) is a legal/moral right of x2(entity) in legal system x3(entity)

lo krali — legal right, moral right.
i le prenu poi nanca li su'o po'o pa bi cu se krali le ka co'a speni vau le jecta be le vi gugdePeople of not less than 18 years only have a right to marry under the polity of this country.
Related words: flalu, zifre, pikta, zekri

kramux1(entity) is x2(number) area units in standard x3(property of x1) ...

i le vi foldi cu kramu li re ki'o le ka mitreThis field is 2000 square meters.
Related words: rupnu, fepni, dekpu, jmagutci, minli, merli, bunda

krasix1(entity) is the beginning, the initial stage, first part of x2(entity)

lo krasi — beginning (first part) of an event.
i le nu zgipli cu krasi le mi'u se tigniPlaying music is the initial part of the performance.
i pa jinto cu krasi ti noi rirxeA well is the beginning of this river.
i ma krasi doWhat is your origin?
Related words: cfari, sisti, fanmo, mulno, denpa, jipno, traji, ra'i, sabji, jinto

kratix1(entity) represents x2(entity) in function x3(property of x1)

lo krati — representative.
i pa krati be le turni bei le ka ckini fi le gubni co'a tavla lei mi'u se natmiA representative of the governor in public relations started talking to the nation.
Related words: jansu, catni, vipsi, pulji

krefux1(clause) is a recurrence of x2(clause) happening for the x3(number) -th time

lo krefu — recurrence, occurrence, case (recurrence). lo te krefu — number of recurrences.
i le na te snada cu krefu lу nu troci vau li ciThe attempt ended in a failure for the third time.
Related words: fukpi, rapli, cafne, fasnu, volta

kricix1(entity) believes x2(proposition) is true about x3(entity)

lo krici — believer. lo se krici — belief (fact in which one believes).
i mi pu krici le ka volta vau doI believed that you would return.
Comment: believing doesn't require evidence or proof. For expressing opinions use jinvi.
Related words: jinvi, djuno, censa, cevni, lijda, makfa, malsi, senpi, birti

krilix1(entity) is quantity of crystal of material x2(entity) ...

lo krili — crystal.
i ti du le za'u krili be le silnaThese are the crystals of salt.
Related words: jemna, bisli

krinux1(event, state) is a reason for x2(event, state)

lo krinu — justification, reason. lo se krinu — event justified.
i ma krinu le nu do jai lerciWhat is the reason for your lateness?
Related words: ciksi, rinka, nibli, mukti, se jalge, te zukte, ki'u, bapli

krixax1(entity) yells or cries out x2(sound, text)

i ra pu krixa zo sidjuHe cried, "Help!"
Related words: klaku, bacru

krokodilox1(entity) is a crocodile of breed x2(taxon)

lo krokodilo — crocodile, animal of family Crocodylidae.
i le krokodilo cu zvati maWhere are the crocodiles?
Related words: respa

krucax1(entity) intersects x2(entity) at location x3(entity)

lo te kruca — point of an intersection.
i ko carna fi le zunle bu'u le te krucaTurn left at the crossroad.
i mi pu denpa bu'u le te kruca be le ralju dargu bei le dertu darguI was waiting at the place where the main road was intersected by a dirt road.
Related words: cripu, ragve

krujix1(entity) is some cream ...

lo kruji — cream.
i au pei bisli krujiWould you like ice cream?
Related words: ladru, matne

krumamix1(entity) has the umami taste to x2(entity)

lo krumami — having umami taste.
i le mi'u stasu be le jipci cu krumami miThe chicken soup tastes umami to me.
Related words: titla, slari, kurki, silna

ku [terminator] — ends a construct started with: la, lai, le, lei, lo, le'e, lo'e, loi

ku [2nd meaning] — shows the end of an adverb

Comment: adverb is formed with one or more prepositions without arguments and a ku at the end, e.g. na ku, ba zi ku.

ku'a [conjunction] — forms intersection of sets

i e'o doi le ninmu ku'a le ctuca do klama le nenriThose who are women and teachers, please, enter.

ku'i [interjection]however, although, contrarily, but, in contrast, ku'i naiin line

i ku'i mi na ralte su'o jdiniHowever, I don't have money.
i le mi'u fetsi pu ku tatpi gi'e ku'i nai co'a sipnaShe was tired and in line with that she fell asleep.
Comment: English 'but' is also a conjunction and this corresponds more to je ku'i / gi'je ku'i / e ku'i. ku'i nai is used to draw conclusions in accordance with those statements which were said previously.
Related words: frica, dukti, na panra

ku'o [terminator] — ends a construct started with: noi, poi, voi

kublix1(entity) is a cube ...

lo kubli — cube.
i mi pu punji le kubli bisli le mi'u te runtaI put ice cubes into the drink.
Related words: kurfa, bliku, tanbo, tapla, tarmi

kuclix1(entity) is curious about x2(clause)

lo kucli — curious. lo se kucli — subject of curiosity.
i mi kucli le nu tu noi ninmu cu zukte maI'm curious what is that woman doing?
Related words: marvele, sisku, se cinri

kufrax1(entity) is comfortable with x2(property of x1)

lo kufra — comfortable.
i mi kufra le ka vreta bu'u le jbini be re kicneI feel comfortable lying between the two pillows.
Related words: cinmo

kuktex1(entity) is tasty or delicious to x2(entity)

lo kukte — tasty.
i le vi badna cu kukte miFor me this banana is sweet.
i ko se kukteBon appetite!
Related words: gusta, ralci, vrusi, cpina

kulnux1(property of x2) is culture of x2(entity)

lo kulnu — culture.
i le ka citka le insekto cu kulnu so'e remnaEating insects is the culture of most of humans.
Comment: x1 are customs, ideas, arts, skills.
Related words: ka'u, natmi, cecmu

kumfax1(entity) is a room in x2(entity) ...

lo kumfa — room.
i le vi kumfa be le xotli cu bardaThis hotel room is large.
Related words: bitmu, canlu, zdani

kumtex1(entity) is a camel or llama of species x2(taxon)

lo kumte — camel, llama.
i le gidva be mi'a cu kakne le ka sazri le kumteOur guide can ride a camel.
Related words: sunla, kanla, xirma, xasli

kunrax1(entity) is an ore containing material x2(entity) mined from x3(entity)

lo kunra — mineral.
i ti kunra le tirse le cmanaThis is an iron containing ore mined from mountains.
Related words: jinme, bisli, rokci, jemna

kuntix1(entity) is empty of material x2(entity)

lo kunti — empty.
i le mi'u kabri cu kuntiThe glass is empty.
Related words: culno, tisna, claxu, canlu, kevna, setca

kurfax1(entity) is a rectangle defined by vertices x2(entity group) ...

lo kurfa — rectangle.
i lei sonci pu kurfa le vo mitre be li muSoldiers formed together a rectangle 5 meters in each side.
Related words: bliku, kubli, tapla, salpo, tarmi

kurjix1(entity) takes care of x2(entity)

lo kurji — caretaker.
i ei kurji le bilmaWe should take care of the patient.
Related words: jundi, cinri, prami, raktu, zgana

kurkix1(entity) is bitter, acrid to x2(entity)

lo kurki — bitter (taste).
i le mi'u birje cu kurkiThe beer is bitter.
Related words: titla, slari

kuspex1(entity) extends or reaches over range x2(entity) ; x1 has scope over x2

lo kuspe — having scope. lo se kuspe — scope.
i lu na ku mi nelci li'u zo'u le mulno bridi poi du lu mi nelci li'u cu se kuspe lu na ku li'uAs for i naku mi nelci the whole clause mi nelci is in the scope of naku.
i mi na kakne le ka kuspe tu noi forcaI can't get that fork.
Related words: ranji, renvi, tcena, bancu, cripu, ragve, vorme, canko, bitmu, sirji, jbini, jimte, preja

kusrux1(entity) is cruel to victim x2(entity) in actions x3(property of x1)

lo kusru — cruel action. lo se kusru — victim of cruelty.
i ko na kusru miDon't be cruel to me.
i lei mi'u rirni pu kusru mi le ka na e'ande mi le ka kelci bu'u le bartuThe parents were cruel to me in not allowing playing outside.
Related words: xendo, jursa

ky [pronoun]k (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like ky is for the last lo kosta used.

la [lo gadri] — turn verb into name (sumti)

i la alis ba vitke la parisAlice will visit Paris.
i zo bruna cmene la kevin pa pendo be miBrother is how friends call Kevin.
Comment: the one that I call .... Creates personal name from verbs or cmevla. If used before a verb dissociates the meaning of that verb and makes a name. la rozgu can be translated as Rose (personal name), le rozgu as the rose (flower)..

la'a [interjection]probably, la'a naiimprobably

i la'a ti traji le ka misnoProbably, this is the most popular one.
i la'a ru'e la'e do'i cu ve ciksiProbably, it's the explanation.
i la'a nai ka'e ku gau la kevin la alis co'a birtiIt's improbable that Kevin can convince Alice.
i la'a le mi'u nakni ba zi mo'u zukteHe ought to finish soon.
Related words: lakne

la'ewhat can be referred to by ... (noun follows)

i do jo'u mi pu casnu da i la'e di'u pu cacra li ji'i paThere was something you and I discussed. And that lasted for approximately an hour.
i la'e zo alis cu cinri cukta"Alice" is an interesting book.
Comment: la'e [noun] is the same as lo se sinxa be [noun].

la'o — turn foreign text into noun that is a name

i la'o gy.The wild jai cinri skina"The wild bears" is an interesting movie.
Comment: quotes a text that can be not Lojbanic. The quotation is to be wrapped with pauses from both sides and with an additional Lojbanic word around them from both sides (this word must not be used within the text quoted). Usually the separating words is the name of the first letter of the language of the quotation.
Related words: zoi, la'o, zo, lu ... li'u, lo'e, lo'u, mu'oi

labnox1(entity) is a wolf of species x2(taxon)

lo labno — wolf.
i mi pu tirna le nu le labno cu cmoniI heard wolfs howling.
Related words: gerku

labyxu'ex1(entity) is pink, of rose color

lo labyxu'e — pink, rose (of color).
i le va nixli pe le labyxu'e cu moWho is that girl in pink?
Related words: xunre, blabi

lacpux1(entity) pulls or drags x2(entity) ...

lo se lacpu — something pulled, something dragged.
i la alis pu lacpu la kevin re'o le kerfaAlice dragged Kevin upstairs by the hair.
Related words: catke, sakci, cokcu

lacrix1(entity) relies, counts on, trusts x2(entity) to bring about, ensure, maintain state x3(event, state)

i mi lacri do le ka ma kau sidjuI rely on you to help me.
i mi xebni le ka lacri le karce pe mi le ka klama le jai se djica be mi fu ma kauI hate having to rely on my car to get where I want.
Related words: minde, nitcu, tinbe

ladrux1(entity) is some milk from x2(entity)

lo ladru — milk.
i e'o do sabji le pa kabri be le ladru miPlease give me a glass of milk.
i le mi'u nixli ca'o di'i pinxe le ladru poi se cupra le mamta be vo'aThe girl still regularly her mother's milk.
Related words: lanbi, mabru, tatru, cirla, kruji

laftix1(entity) lifts x2(entity) ...

lo se lafti — something lifted.
i xu do kakne le ka lafti le mi'u rokciCan you lift the stone?
Related words: farlu, plipe

lai [lo gadri] — turn verb into name (sumti) denoting a mass

i lai djonson pu se zdani tiThe Johnsons lived here.
Comment: the mass of those that are called ... Creates personal name that denote a mass.

laknex1(event, state, property of nonce place) is probable, likely ...

lo lakne — probable.
i lakne fa le nu ba carviI will probably rain.
i le mi'u nabmi cu jai lakne fai le ka na nanduThe problem is probably not hard.
Related words: cumki, jinzi, kampu, tcaci, cunso, cafne, fadni, cnano

laksex1(entity) is some wax ...

lo lakse — wax.
i le bifce cu cupra le lakseBees produce wax.
Related words: bifce, ranti, bidju

laldox1(entity) is old/aged in that it has x2(property of x1)

lo laldo — old, aged.
i ti noi kosta cu laldo le ka ze'a ma kau se dasniThis jacket is old in how long it has been worn.
Related words: citno, slabu

lalxux1(entity) is a lake at site x2(entity)

lo lalxu — lake, pool. lo se lalxu — place with a lake.
i ai mi vitke le lalxu be le mi'u pankaI'm going to visit a lake in the park.
Related words: daplu, djacu, rirxe, xamsi, zbani

lamjix1(entity) is adjacent, next to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2) in direction x4(property of x1 and x2, has two places for ce'u)

lo lamji — immediate (adjacent).
i le zdani be la alis cu lamji le ckule le ka stuzi vau le ka ce'u ce'u stici vo'aAlice's home is adjacent to the school in where it is located and it is to the east of the school.
Related words: zvati, cpana, jibni, diklo, stuzi, bartu, jbini

lanbix1(entity) is a quantity of protein ...

lo lanbi — protein.
i le nanba cu vasru le so'i lanbiBread contains a lot of protein.
Related words: ladru, sovda

lancix1(entity) is a flag or banner symbolizing x2(entity) ...

lo lanci — flag, banner.
i ti lanci la lojbanThis is the flag of Lojban.
Related words: gugde, jecta

lankax1(entity) is a basket containing x2(entity) ...

lo lanka — basket. lo se lanka — contents of a basket.
i ko jgari le lanka be le fragariTake a basket with strawberries.
Related words: vasru, baktu

lanlix1(entity) analyzes x2(entity) by method x3(property of x1)

lo lanli — analyst. lo se lanli — something analysed. lo te lanli — method of analysis.
i le mi'u mikce cu lanli le bilma le ka tirna le fepriThe doctor examines the patient by listening to the lungs.
Related words: cipra, catlu, zgana, jarco, pensi, pinka

lanmex1(entity) is a sheep of species x2(taxon) ...

lo lanme — sheep.
i ti noi cirla cu se zbasu fi le ladru be le lanmeThis cheese is made from sheep's milk.
Related words: kanba, sunla

lantex1(entity) is a can for x2(entity) ...

lo lante — can, pre-sealed container. lo se lante — something canned.
i ti lante le festiIt's a can for waste.
Related words: botpi, baktu, tinci

lanxex1(entity group) is in balance under forces x2(entity)

lo lanxe — balanced.
i le nu mi gunka jo'u le nu mi surla cu lanxe le se zukte be miI keep my work and my leisure time in balance.
Related words: fapro, midju, nutli

lanzux1(entity) is a family with member x2(entity) who is tied to it by bond x3(relation between members of x2, contains two places for ce'u)

lo lanzu — family. lo se lanzu — family member.
i ti lanzu le citno le ka ce'u ce'u pramiThis is a family of young people bound by mutual love.
Related words: natmi, cmima, girzu, jutsi, klesi

larcux1(property of nonce place) is an art, creative application of skill x2(proposition)

lo larcu — art. lo se larcu — craft.
i za'a do certu le larcu be le ka finti le melbi se sangaI can see, you are an expert in creating beautiful songs.
i le ka prami cu larcuLove is an art.
Related words: finti, zbasu, stati

lasnax1(entity) fastens or binds x2(entity) to x3(entity) with x4(entity)

lo lasna — fastener. lo se lasna — fastened.
i le mi'u prenu pu lasna la kevin pa kamju pa skoriThe person tied Kevin to a pillar with a rope.
Related words: jorne, fenso, jgena, batke, dinko, kansa

lastux1(entity) is a quantity of brass ...

lo lastu — brass.
i le lastu cu mixre le tunka joi le zinkiBrass is an alloy of copper and zinc.
Comment: lo lastu is an alloy made of copper and zinc.
Related words: jinme, ransu, tunka

latnax1(entity) is a lotus of species x2(taxon) ...

lo latna — lotus.
i le mi'u latna co'a me le xrula poi se panci le plukaThe lotus turns into a flower with a pleasant scent.
Related words: budjo, censa, lijda, spati

laznix1(entity) is lazy concerning action x2(action of x1)

lo lazni — lazy. lo se lazni — action lazily avoided.
i mi lazni le ka catlu le mi'u matraI am lazy to look at the engine.
Related words: nejni, vreta, gunka

le [lo gadri] — turn verb into noun: those that I describe as being or doing ...

i mi pu viska pa fetsi i le mi'u fetsi cu melbiI saw a female. She is pretty.
Comment: similar to English the. Often corresponds to English '-er' like in 'singer', 'player'. If I use le zarci I mean the things I describe as markets. Number after le is used to specify the number of such described things. le pa fetsi is similar to she, le nakni to he, le za'u mei to they. .

le'ai [terminator] — ends a construct started with: lo'ai, sa'ai

le'e [lo gadri] — turn verb into noun denoting a typical thing previously mentioned

i lo'e cipni cu kakne le ka vofli i mi tadni le'e cipniTypical birds can fly. And I study such birds.
Comment: the typical one that does or is ... (previously defined).
Related words: le, lo, lo'e

le'o [interjection]Grr! (aggression), le'o cu'i — expressing passive (non-agressive) emotion, le'o nai — expressing defensive emotion

i le mi'u'o ro ko tinbe fi miEverybody follow my orders!
i le mi'u'o cu'i sa'u mi pu retsku zo'ei le nu do se la'u li xo kau kanroHey, I just asked you about your health.
i le mi'u'o nai mi jimpe le du'u ei mi zutse tiOkay, okay, I understand that I have to sit here.
Related words: gunta, bandu

le'u [terminator] — ends a construct started with: lo'u

lebnax1(entity) takes or seizes x2(entity, property of x3) from x3(entity)

lo se lebna — something taken.
i le mi'u za'u mei pu lebna fi mi fe le ka se krali le ka ponse le mi'u karceThey took my rights on owning the car.
i mi pu lebna pa titla le mi'u tanxe ca le nu le drata na jundiI took a candy from the box when other weren't attentive.
Comment: lebna implies possession taken, cpacu doesn't imply previous possession, vimcu doesn't imply acquiring possession.
Related words: punji, cpacu, vimcu, canci, cliva

lei [lo gadri] — turn verb into noun denoting a mass previously mentioned

i mi pu zgana lei prenu gi'e ba co'a sanli i ba bo mi pu muvdu fa'a lei mi'u prenuI noticed a crowd and stood up. After that, I moved into the direction of the crowd.
Comment: the ..., the mass of those that are ... (previously mentioned).

lenjox1(entity) is a lens focusing rays x2(entity) to the focus x3(entity) ...

lo lenjo — lens. lo se lenjo — rays focused by a lens. lo te lenjo — focus of a lens.
i ti lenjo le gusni le darnoThis lens focusing light has a long focal length.
i mi co'a dasni lei lenjo te zu'e le ka sfubuI put on goggles in order to dive.
i ko bevri fi mi fe lei lenjo pe miBring me my glasses.
Comment: x2 is usually light. Light from the original object comes through x1 in the form of x2 onto x3.
Related words: kacma, minra

lenkux1(entity) is cold ...

lo lenku — cold.
i le vacri cu zenba le ka lenkuIt's getting cold.
i le mi'u jisra pe ne'i le mi'u lenku minji pu xlaliThe juice in the fridge was no good.
Related words: glare, bisli

lercix1(clause) is late by standard x2(proposition)

lo lerci — late event.
i le nu mi volta le zdani cu lerci le se jinvi be le mamta be miAccording to my mother, I returned home late.
Related words: clira

lerfux1(entity) is a letter, symbol in word or alphabet x2(entity set, text set) representing x3(entity, sound)

lo lerfu — letter, alphabetic symbol.
i zoi ry.д.ry. lerfu le rusko zo dд is a letter of Russian alphabet representing sound d.
Related words: mifra, namcu, sinxa

letrix1(entity) is electric in x2(property of x1)

lo letri — electric.
i le dilnu cu letri le ka cupra le lindiThe cloud are electric in that they produce lightning.
Related words: magneti, trina, xlura

li — turn number into value

i li vo cu sumji li re li re4 is the sum of 2 and 2.
Comment: value of the following number or a math expression.

li'a [interjection]clearly, of course, li'a nai — obscurely

i li'a do xankaYou are clearly worried.
i li'a no da poi te ckini la alis la kevin pu na draniClearly, nothing in their relations was amiss.
i li'a mi pu no roi vitke le dzipo tumlaOf course, I have never been to Antarctica.
i li'a nai le tcima cu funca le mi'u solriWeather depends on the sun, I see, but it's complicated.
Related words: klina

li'anpix1(entity) is a cheek of x2(entity)

lo li'anpi — cheek.
i ra pu se li'anpi le planaShe had chubby cheeks.
Related words: flira, mlana

li'anzix1(entity) is a length of chain with links or rings x2(entity)

lo li'anzi — chain. lo se li'anzi — link of a chain, ring of a chain.
i ti li'anzi le barda je rijnoThis is a chain with big silver rings.
Related words: djine, cukla, gunma, lasna

li'i [clause prefix] — turn clause into verb

i le pluka ko li'i se senvaHave a pleasant dream (sweat dreams!)
i le pluka ko li'i se citkaHow did you like the party?
i ma do li'i salciThe length is two meters.
Comment: x1 (property of x2) is an experience of ... (clause follows) experienced by x2. The first omitted place of the clause is assumed to be the second place of the li'i clause.

li'o [interjection]and so on (omitted text)

i la kevin cu pa moi i la edvard cu re moi i li'oKevin is the first. Eduard is the second, and so on.

li'u [terminator] — ends a construct started with: lu

Comment: seldom elidable except at end of text.

lidnex1(entity) precedes x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1 and x2)

i le mlatu ba lidne le gerku le ka se casnu ca ma kauCats will be discussed before dogs.
Comment: purci is for time sequence.
Related words: balvi, ralju, rebla, purci, jersi, porsi, jatna, farna

lifrix1(entity) experiences x2(event of x1, experience of x1)

lo lifri — experiencer, patient (experiencer). lo se lifri — experienced event, feeling (what is felt).
i mi lifri le ka pu se nanduI've had a hard life.
i do ba lifri le nabmiYou'll get into trouble.
i mi pu lifri le ka ganse le cizraI underwent strange sensation.
Related words: ri'i, jmive, fasnu, renvi

lijdax1(entity) is a religion of believers x2(entity) sharing beliefs x3(proposition)

lo lijda — religion. lo se lijda — religious believer. lo te lijda — religious belief.
i le na krici tu'a pa cevni na te lijdaNot believing in God is not a religion.
i la animism cu lijda le remna poi se zdani le vi tumla le mi'u du'u ro dacti cu vasru le pruxiAnimism is a religion of people living on this land that asserts that every object contains a spirit.
i do se lijda maWhat is your religion?
Related words: budjo, censa, cevni, crida, dadjo, jegvo, krici, latna, malsi, marde, muslo, pruxi, ranmi, ritli, xriso, zekri

limnax1(entity) swims in x2(entity)

lo limna — swimmer.
i e'a nai do limna le xamsiDon't swim in the sea!
Related words: djacu, fulta, klama, litru

limxonex1(entity) is a lemon of species x2(entity)

lo limxone — lemon.
i au mi pinxe le jisra be le limxoneI'd like to drink a lemon juice.
Related words: pelxu, nimre, najnimre

lindix1(entity) is a lightning striking at x2(entity) from x3(entity)

lo lindi — lightning.
i sa'u tu pe pu ku cu lindi le darno pa dilnuThat was just a lightning that stroke far away from here striking from a cloud.
Related words: letri

linjix1(entity) is a line segment defined by points x2(entity set)

lo linji — line. lo se linji — points defining a line.
i lei pulji pu se linji le clani te zu'e le ka kurji le cadzu prenuThe police officers formed long lines in order to protect walking people.
Related words: korcu, sirji, jganu, kantu, mokca

lintox1(entity) is lightweight ...

lo linto — lightweight, light (not heavy).
i le mi'u mlatu verba cu lintoThe kitten is lightweight.
Comment: lo xalbo is light (not serious), lo gusni is light (illumination).
Related words: junta, tilju

lisrix1(text) is a story about x2(entity) narrated by x3 ...

lo lisri — story, tale, yarn (story), narrative. lo se lisri — plot of a story.
i ko skicu pa lisri be le crida miTell me a story about fairies.
Comment: may not be fictional. For story in sense fiction created by someone use cfika.
Related words: ranmi, cfika, skicu, prosa, pemci

listex1(entity) is a list, log of x2(entity full set) ...

lo liste — list, log. lo se liste — logged.
i mi pu tcidu fi pa liste be le'i notci noi fi ke'a porsi le ka ce'u e ba bo ce'u se benjiI read a log of messages, which were sorted in the order of being sent.
Comment: unlike porsi the word liste describes an actual object with the sequence formed as is.
Related words: porsi, girzu, cmima

litcex1(entity) is x2(number) liters ...

i ti noi djacu cu litce li reIt's two liters of water.
Related words: centi

litkix1(entity) is liquid ...

lo litki — liquid.
i ko satre le mi'u litki pa panjeWipe the liquid with a sponge.
i le mi'u bisli ca'o co'a litkiThe ice is melting.
Related words: cilmo, djacu, lumci, runta, pambe, sudga, gapci, sligu, flu'ente, jduli

litrux1(entity) travels via route x2(entity set) ...

lo litru — traveller. lo se litru — travelling route.
i mi pu litru le fange gugdeI travelled abroad.
Related words: bajra, cadzu, cpare, tcana, klama, cliva, pluta, limna, muvdu

livgax1(entity) is a liver of x2(entity)

lo livga — liver.
i xu le ka citka le livga be le jipci cu xamgu doIs eating chicken liver good for you?
Related words: rango, betfu

livlax1(entity) is a fuel for powering x2(entity)

lo livla — fuel.
i le mi'u toknu cu se livla le mudriThe furnace is stoked up with wood.
i le livla na banzuThere isn't enough fuel.
Related words: nejni, xaksu, jelca

lo [lo gadri] — turn verb into noun: there are some that are ..., there are some that do ...

i le mlatu cu danluCat is an animal.
i pa sazri ca denpaA driver waits.
i za'u pa sazri ca denpaDrivers wait.
Comment: there are some that do ..., there is at least one that is .... Creates noun from verb. Often corresponds to English '-er' like in 'singer', 'player'. i lo gerku cu batci means There is at least one thing, it is a dog and it bites and thus means the same as i su'o da zo'u da gerku gi'e batci. ro lo gerku is the same as ro gerku. Under the so called 'xorlo' reform lo is equal to lo'o'o..

lo'ai — To correct yourself say lo'ai, then the incorrect construct, then sa'ai, then the same but corrected construct, then le'ai.

i mi pu vitke le dzipo le mi'u'ai naiI visited Antarctica (sic!)
i mi pu klama le zarci y le'ai pu sa'ai ba le mi'u'aiI went to the store, ehm, no, will go!
i sa'ai ba klama le mi'u'ai peiIs it "will go" that should have been said?
Comment: You may just start with sa'ai if it's obvious what is corrected. The word le'ai on its own indicates that an obvious mistake was made. le'ai dai indicates that the other partner made a mistake. le'ai pei asks whether the partner made a mistake. le'ai nai explicitly denies mistakes.

lo'e [lo gadri] — turn verb into noun denoting a typical thing

i le'e cipni cu kakne le ka vofliTypical birds can fly.
Comment: the typical one that does or is ....

lo'o [terminator] — ends a construct started with: li, me'o

lo'u — turn main verb into noun that is a quote

i ma smuni le'u vau ua le mi'u'u poi do cuskuWhat's the meaning of vau ua that you said?
Comment: lo'u ... le'u is a noun quoting any number of Lojban words.

logjix1(proposition) is a logic for reasoning about x2(proposition)

lo logji — logic.
i le mi'u du'u le prina be fi le jamfu be pa nixli cu nenri le mi'u dinju cu logji le mi'u du'u la alis pu zvati tiBy the fact that there are footprints of a girl inside the house, one concludes that Alice was here.
Related words: nibli

loi [lo gadri] — turn verb into noun denoting a mass

i lei tadni pu sruri le mi'u dinjuStudents surrounded the building.
i mi ralte pa lei re glutaI have a pair of mittens.
Comment: the mass of those that are .... Creates noun that denotes a mass.

lojbox1(entity) is Lojbanic in x2(property of x1)

lo lojbo — Lojbanic.
i mi lojbo le ka se cinri la lojban vau e no drata i je mi na tavla bau la lojbanI'm a Lojbanic person only in that I'm interested in Lojban; I don't speak it.
Related words: bangu, logji

loldix1(entity) is a floor, ground of x2(entity)

lo loldi — floor.
i mi pu sipna bu'u le loldi be le kumfa pe miI slept on the floor of my room.
Related words: bitmu, drudi, dertu, dizlo, cnita, zbepi, sarji, skalera

lorxux1(entity) is a fox of species x2(taxon)

lo lorxu — fox.
i le lorxu cu citka le jipciFoxes eat hens.
Related words: gerku

lu — turn main verb into noun that is a quote

i mi pu cusku lu coi le pendo li'uI said "Hello, friends!"
Comment: lu ... li'u is a noun quoting grammatically correct text in Lojban (can contain any number of words).

lu'ewhat refers to (noun follows)

i le re cirkulo cu du lu'e le logjiTwo circles is a symbol of logic.
i le vi janbe pe le vorme cu du lu'e miThis doorbell is to call me.
Comment: lu'e [noun] is the same as lo sinxa be [noun].

lu'u [terminator] — ends a construct started with: la'e, lu'e, tu'a, zo'ei

lujvox1(text) is a lujvo, verb made of affixes with meaning x2(entity), arguments meaning x3(ordered entity group), with affixes built from components x4(ordered text group)

lo lujvo — lujvo (compound verb made of affixes).
i zo ki'ogra lujvo le mi'u du'u kilto le grake vau le kilto ce'o le se grake zo kilto ce'o zo grakeki'ogra is a lujvo meaning "is a thousand of grams" with arguments meaning "what is measured in thousands", "the number of grams"; affixes of the lujvo are built from kilto and grake attached sequentially.
Related words: stura, cmavo, gismu, rafsi, smuni

lumcix1(entity) washes x2(entity) of contaminant x3(entity) ...

lo lumci — washer.
i mi pu lumci so'o palta le staliI washed off the remains from some dishes.
Related words: djacu, jinru, litki, zbabu, jinsa, curve

lunbex1(entity) is naked or bare

lo lunbe — naked, bare.
i le mi'u cifnu ca lunbeThe baby is naked now.
Related words: taxfu, bandu

lunrax1(entity) is the Moon, major natural satellite of planet x2(entity)

lo lunra — Moon (major natural satellite). lo se lunra — planet with a moon.
i le mi'u terdi cu se lunra pa daThe Earth has one natural moon.
Related words: planeta, solri, terdi, mluni

lunsax1(entity) condenses ...

lo lunsa — condensing.
i le bisli lunsa pu gacri le mi'u dertuFrost covered the ground.
Related words: cilmo, dunja, febvi, litki, bumru

luskax1(entity) is a mollusk of species x2(entity)

lo luska — mollusc.
i ti noi luska cu cpare co masnoThis mollusk moves slowly.
Related words: curnu, danlu, xamsi, rirxe

ly [pronoun]l (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like ly is for the last lo lalxu used.

ma [pronoun] — asks for the noun (that should go into the place to which ma is put)

i do djica maWhat do you want?
i ma noi prenu pu zvati tiWho was here?
i ma noi dacti pu zvati tiWhat object was here?

ma'a [pronoun]we with you (includes other persons not in the dialog)

i ma'a se zdani le bu'u planetaWe inhabit this planet.
i le rarna munje cu vajni ca le nu ma'a se lifriNature plays an important role in our lives.
Comment: mi'ai is a more vague pronoun.

ma'oi — quotes one next word and treats it as the name of a selma'o (class of particles). The quoted word must be delimited by pauses (in speech) or whitespace (in writing)

i zo di'ai cmavo ma'oi coidi'ai is a grammatical particle of class "COI" (vocative).
Comment: selma'o are often written in English text in capital letters e.g.: COI.
Related words: ra'oi

ma'u [digit/number] — plus sign (number follows; by default any positive)

i li ma'u re du li bi vu'u xa"+2 = 8 - 6."

mablax1(entity) is shitty, awful in x2(property of x1) according to x3(entity) ; x1 stinks, sucks

lo mabla — shitty, awful, execrable.
i fi mi le mi'u cidja cu mabla le ka se zalvi le denciFor me the food is awful in chewing it.
Related words: palci, dapma, xlali, zabna, funca, ganti, ganxo, gletu, gutra, kalci, pinca, nakpinji, plibu, vibna, vlagi, zargu

mabrux1(entity) is mammal of species x2(taxon)

lo mabru — mammal.
i le delfinu cu mabruDolphins are mammals.
Related words: danlu, ladru, tatru, ractu, xanto, xarju

macnux1(event, action, process) is manual in function x2(property of x1) ...

lo macnu — manual. lo se macnu — function done manually.
i ti noi karce cu macnu le ka gau cenba le ka sutraThe speed of this car is changed manually.
Related words: zmiku, jitro

magnetix1(entity) is magnetic in x2(property of x1)

lo magneti — magnet.
i le mi'u rokci cu magneti le ka snipa le jinmeThe stone is magnetic in that it sticks to metal.
i le mi'u rokci co'u magneti le ka co'a glareThe stone becomes non-magnetic when being heat up.
Related words: letri, trina, xlura

mai — turn number into numbered item or paragraph

i pa mai la meilis ze'i se zdani tiFirst, Mei Li has been living here for a short time.
i re mai la meilis ka'e sidju ma'aSecondly, she can help us.
i ro mai la meilis cu stati nixliLastly, she is a smart girl.
Comment: suffix of a number that marks a paragraph or item when they are ordered.

makcux1(entity) is mature in x2(property of x1)

lo makcu — mature.
i le mi'u nanmu cu simlu le ka makcu le ka seksiThe man seems to be mature in his sexuality.
Related words: cifnu, ninmu, verba, banro, farvi, nanmu

makfax1(clause) is magic or supernatural to x2(entity) performed by x3(entity)

lo makfa — magical event. lo te makfa — wizard, magician.
i le nu le mi'u ractu cu canci cu makfa le mi'u verba la djonThe disappearance of the rabbit performed by John was magical for the child.
Related words: krici, marvele

malsix1(entity) is a church, temple of people x2(entity) ...

lo malsi — church, temple.
i ti malsi le budjoThis is a Buddhist temple.
Related words: cevni, krici, lijda, ritli

mamtax1(entity) is a mother of x2(entity)

lo mamta — mother. lo se mamta — child of a mother.
i le mamta be do pu zukte ma ca le nu do mo'u klama le zdaniWhat was your mother doing when you got home?
Related words: patfu, sovda, rirni, rorci, tarbi, famti, bersa, jbena

manfox1(entity) is uniform, homogeneous in x2(property of x1)

lo manfo — uniform, homogeneous.
i le mi'u bukpu ca manfo le ka se tenguThe cloth is uniform in texture.
Related words: vrici, prane, curve, ranji, vitno, stodi, dikni, sampu, traji

mangox1(entity) is a mango of variety x2(taxon)

lo mango — mango.
i mi pu no roi citka le mangoI have never eaten mangoes.
Related words: grute

mankux1(entity) is dark

lo manku — dark.
i le mi'u kumfa cu mankuThe room is dark.
Related words: blabi, gusni, ctino, kandi, xekri, ctino

manrix1(entity) is a standard for observing x2(entity) with rules x3(property of x1)

lo manri — standard.
i mi manri le nu ma kau ba jinga vau le ka jdice ma kauI'm the standard of determining of who will win, however I decide that will be so.
i tu noi ve'i cmana ba manri le nu zgana le mi'u tumlaThat hill will be the reference frame for observing the land.
Related words: ckilu, merli, pajni, cimde, jdice, marde

mansax1(entity) satisfies x2(entity) in x3(property of x1, state of x1)

lo mansa — satisfying. lo se mansa — satisfied.
i le zdani be mi cu mansa mi le ka tcini bu'u ce'uI'm satisfied with the conditions in my house.
Related words: pajni

mantix1(entity) is an ant of species x2(taxon)

lo manti — ant.
i le sakta cu trina le mantiSugar attracts ants.
Related words: cinki, blato

mapkux1(entity) is a hat, helmet ...

lo mapku — hat, helmet.
i ai mi dasni le mapkuI'm going to put on a hat.
Related words: taxfu, stedu, drudi

mapnix1(entity) is some cotton

lo mapni — cotton.
i le mi'u mapni cu zabnaThe cotton is of high quality.
Related words: bukpu

maptix1(entity) is compatible with or matches x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo mapti — compatible, proper (fitting).
i le se cusku be do na mapti le se cusku be le jatna pe do le ka se smuniYour words are inconsistent in meaning with what your boss said.
i ti ckiku le na mapti be ti noi stelaThis is a key incompatible with this lock.
i ta mapti le zabna le ka jai se djica miThat is exactly what I want.
Related words: satci, tugni, sarxe, drani, tarmi, ckini, mintu

marbix1(entity) is a shelter protecting x2(entity) against threat x3(property of x2)

lo marbi — shelter, haven, refuge, retreat, harbor.
i mi pu jai se bapli fai le ka se marbi pa laldo dinju fi le ka cilmoI had to take shelter in an old building in order not to become wet.
Related words: bandu, ckape, snura, drudi, sepli, bitmu, gacri

marcex1(entity) is a vehicle for carrying x2(entity) ...

lo marce — vehicle. lo se marce — passenger.
i ti marce le se vecnuThis is a vehicle for carrying goods.
i ti marce ge le se vecnu na'o ku gi le remna ca'a kuThis is a vehicle intended to transport goods but actually used for transporting people.
Comment: karce and carce are designed to be with wheels, marce isn't and is more generic.
Related words: klama, matra, bevri, bloti, carce, karce, xislu, sabnu, skiji

mardex1(property of x2) is the ethics of performer x2(entity) ...

lo marde — ethics, morals, moral standards, ethical standards.
i le ka zukte le se cpedu be le bilma cu marde ei doDoing what the ill person asks should be you ethics.
Related words: palci, vrude, lijda, manri, javni, tarti, zekri

margux1(entity) is a quantity of mercury

lo margu — mercury.
i xu le margu cu jinmeIs mercury a metal?
Related words: jinme

marjix1(entity) is material of composition x2(entity) in shape x3(entity)

lo marji — material, stuff, matter. lo se marji — composition of matter. lo te marji — shape of matter.
i ti noi nanba cu marji le mraji le blikuThis bread is made of rye and has the form of a block.
Related words: morna, mucti, nejni, tarmi, dacti

marnax1(entity) is a quantity of hemp of species x2(taxon)

lo marna — hemp.
i ti skori le marnaThis is a cable made of hemp.
Related words: skori, tanko, sigja, xukmi

marvelex1(entity) is marvelous, astonishing to x2(entity)

lo marvele — marvelous.
i le bu'u stuzi cu marvele miThis place is marvelous to me.
Related words: melbi

marxax1(entity) crushes or smashes x2(entity) into x3(entity)

i mi pu marxa le patlu le pesxuI made mashed potatoes.
Related words: daspo, pesxu, zalvi, bapli

masnox1(entity) is slow at doing x2(event, state of x1)

lo masno — slow.
i le mi'u verba ca simlu le ka masno le ka cadzuThe child seems to be slow at walking.
Related words: sutra

mastix1(clause) is x2(number) months long ...

lo masti — month-long event.
i le lidne dunra cu masti li ciThe past winter lasted for 3 months.
Comment: if x2 is not used denotes one month in duration
Related words: detri, djedi, jeftu, nanca

matcix1(entity) is a mat or pad ...

lo matci — mat, pad.
i ko jai mosra le cutci pe do le mi'u matciWipe your shoes on the mat.
Related words: kicne, tapla, karda, ckana

matlix1(entity) is some flax, linen

lo matli — linen.
i ti noi creka cu matliThis shirt is linen.
Related words: bukpu

matnex1(entity) is some butter ...

lo matne — butter.
i mi pu citka pa snuji be le matne bei le nanbaI ate a sandwich with butter and bread.
Related words: grasu, kruji

matrax1(entity) is an engine driving x2(entity)

lo matra — engine.
i ti noi karce cu se matra le vlipaThis car has a powerful engine.
Related words: marce, minji, carce

mau [preposition from zmadu]with ... doing more, with ... being more

i nelci do fa mi ne mau ku'i la alisI like you but Alice likes you more.
Comment: the clause itself describes the comparison.

mau'i [right scalar particle] — shows stronger intensity of interjection or interjection modifier

i ua do ti zvati i ua mau'i ji'a la alis ti zvatiWow, you are here. Wow, wow, Alice is here too!
Comment: usually specifies an intensity of an interjection stronger than the intensity of the same interjection earlier used.
Related words: dau'i, mau'i, me'ai, cu'i, sai, ru'e

mavjix1(entity) is some oats of species x2(taxon)

lo mavji — oats.
i ze'u ku le mavji gau ralju cidja le xirmaOats have long been the main food for horses.
Related words: gurni

maxrix1(entity) is some wheat of species x2(taxon)

lo maxri — wheat.
i le nanba cu se zbasu fi le maxriBread is made of wheat.
Related words: gurni

mex1 is among the referents of ... (a noun follows)

i xu do me le ctucaAre you a teacher?

me'ai [right scalar particle] — shows weaker intensity of interjection or interjection modifier

i ua do mo'u klama doi la alis i ua me'ai ro drata ti zvati ji'aWow, you arrived, Alice! Oh well, the others are here too.
Comment: usually specifies an intensity of an interjection weaker than the intensity of the same interjection earlier used.
Related words: dau'i, mau'i, me'ai, cu'i, sai, ru'e

me'i [digit/number]less than ... (number follows)

i me'i mu prenu ca zutse bu'u le mi'u kumfaThere are less than five people sitting in the room now.

me'o — turn number into text

i ko catke la'e me'o so pa paDial 911!
i me'o pa re ci123 (as a text).
Comment: marks the following sequence of numbers as a text.

me'o denpa bu [letter]., full stop, period, dot

me'o slaka bu [letter], (comma)

me'u [terminator] — ends a construct started with: me

mebrix1(entity) is a forehead of x2(entity)

lo mebri — forehead, brow.
i le mi'u fetsi pu se mebri le kalriShe had a forehead open.
Related words: stedu, flira

megdox1(entity) is a million of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i mi ponse le megdo be le rupnu be li ciI own three million dollars.
i e'o do cuxna fi le pixra poi klani le megdo be li su'e pa bei le ka se bitni li biPlease choose an image that does not exceed 1 Megabyte.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

mei [verb] — turn number into verb denoting quantity

i mi'o re meiYou and I are two.
i pa mei le nabmiIt is one of the problems.
i le mi'u vo mei pu klama le mi'u kumfaThe four entered the room.
Comment: x1(entity) are (n) in number and are among x2(entity). The number (n) is put in front of mei.
Related words: cmima, gunma, moi

meksox1(text) is a mathematical expression under rules x2(proposition)

lo mekso — math expression.
i lu li vo du li re su'i re li'u mekso la lojbanli vo du li resu'i re is a mathematical expression in Lojban.
i zoi cy.(x+15&~15).cy. mekso le bangu poi du la c"(x+15&~15)" is a mathematical expression in C language.
Related words: cmaci, dilcu, fancu, frinu, jalge, namcu, parbi, pilji

melbix1(entity) is beautiful to observer x2(entity) in aspect x3(property of x1) ...

lo melbi — beautiful.
i le mi'u ninmu cu melbi mi le ka se catluFor me the woman is beautiful to look at.
Related words: pluka, xamgu

menlix1(clause) is a mind of body x2(entity)

lo menli — mind.
i le menli be le smani cu simsa le menli be le remnaThe mind of monkeys is similar to the one of humans.
Comment: ability of being aware of things and of rational thought.
Related words: intele, besna, morji, mucti, pensi, sanji, xanri, sevzi, xadni

mensix1(entity) is a sister of x2(entity) by bond x3(property of x1)

lo mensi — sister. lo se mensi — sibling of a sister.
i do mensi mi le ka se patfuYou are my brother since we are born from the same father.
Related words: bruna, tunba, tamne, famti

mentux1(clause) is x2(number) minutes long ...

lo mentu — minute-long event.
i le mi'u nu penmi cu mentu be li ji'i xa noThe meeting is approximately 60 minutes long.
Comment: if x2 is not used denotes one minute in duration
Related words: junla, cacra, snidu, tcika

merkox1(entity) is U.S. American in x2(property of x1)

lo merko — American (of the United States).
i mi'a pu rinsa le mi'u pa merkoWe greeted the American.
Related words: bemro, ketco, glico

merlix1(entity) measures x2(entity) as x3(number) units on scale x4(property of x2 and x3) with accuracy x5(number)

lo merli — measurer. lo se merli — measured.
i mi merli le mi'u jubme li pa le ka mitre vau li pi paI measured the length of the table as 1 meter with accuracy 0.1 meters.
Related words: kancu, rupnu, fepni, dekpu, jmagutci, minli, bunda, ckilu, gradu, satci, cimde, kramu, manri, centi

mi [pronoun]I (the speaker or the speakers)

i mi glekiI'm happy.

mi'a [pronoun]we without you

i mi'a pu casnu doWe were discussing you.
Comment: mi'ai is a more vague pronoun.

mi'ai [pronoun]we (at least two persons including at least one of the speakers)

i mi'ai se rai trociWe try our best.
i mi'ai djuno le krinuWe know the reason.
i da mi'ai nabmiWe have a problem.
Comment: English we. mi'a, mi'o and ma'a are more specific cases of mi'ai. Mostly used to more precisely translate texts from other languages..

mi'e [vocative]I am ... (self-identification of the speaker), mi'e naiI am not (denial of the speaker's identity)

i coi mi'e la glekiHello, I'm La Gleki.
i lu coi la kevin li'u lu mi'e nai la kevin li'u"Hello, Kevin!" "I'm not Kevin."

mi'i [conjunction]from center of ... and of distance ... around

i le za'u xrula cu zvati le cmana mi'i le ki'otre be li ciThe flowers are present on the mountain and three kilometers around of it.

mi'o [pronoun]you and I (the speaker and the listener)

i mi'o ba renviYou and I will survive.
Comment: mi'ai is a more vague pronoun.

mi'u [interjection]ditto (the same thing) — another one

i mi pu zukte ra mi'uI did the same thing.
i mi pu lebna pa cukta gi'e dunda pa cukta mi'u nai la alisI took a book and gave another one to Alice.
Related words: mintu, bi'u nai, le, ri, ra

midjux1(entity) is in the middle of x2(entity)

lo midju — middle.
i ra pu sanli bu'u le midju be le mi'u darguHe was standing in the middle of the road.
Comment: lo midju is center point, lo centero is central subset (of a set or territory), lo kernelo is core.
Related words: lanxe, jbini, nutli, snuji, milxe, denmi, ralju

mifrax1(entity, text) is an encoded x2(entity, text) made using cipher x3(property of x1 and x2, has two places for ce'u)

lo mifra — encrypted text. lo se mifra — not encrypted text. lo te mifra — cipher for encryption.
i zoi .mifr.cni rni dn.mifr. mifra lu coi ro do li'u le ka me'o o bu pe ce'u se basti me'o ny pe ce'ucni rni dn is an encoded Lojban phrase coi ro do where n is a replacement for o.
i zo coi mifra le nu rinsa vau le bangucoi is a greeting encoded in language.
Related words: mipri, lerfu, sinxa

mikcex1(entity) cures or treats x2(entity) for disease x3(clause) ; x1 is a doctor ...

lo mikce — doctor. lo se mikce — patient (being cured). lo te mikce — ailment treated, disease cured.
i le mi'u mikce pu minde mi le ka sipnaThe doctor ordered me to sleep.
i le mamta be mi pu mikce mi tu'a le bekpi be mi ta'i le ka punji le jduliMy mother treated my ill back by applying an ointment.
Comment: the process of treatment can be described using ta'i or tadji.
Related words: bilma, kanro, spita

mikrix1(entity) is a millionth of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le mi'u jurme cu mikri le mitre be li re boi le ka ganraThe microbe is 2 micrometers wide.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

miltix1(entity) is a thousandth of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le mi'u jubme cu milti le mitre be li bi no no le ka ganraThe table is 800 millimeters wide.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

milxex1(entity) is mild in x2(property of x1)

lo milxe — mild.
i le mi'u djacu cu milxe le ka glareThe water is warm (not hot).
i mi milxe le ka tatpiI'm tired to a moderate degree.
Related words: mutce, traji, kandi, ruble, midju, nutli, ralci

mindex1(entity) commands or orders x2(entity) to bring about x3(event, state of x2)

lo minde — commander. lo se minde — commanded. lo te minde — command (order).
i le mi'u turni pu minde mi le ka klama ca le draniThe manager ordered me to come on time.
Related words: lacri, te bende, jatna, ralju, jitro, turni, tinbe

minjix1(entity) is a machine for function x2(property of x1)

lo minji — machine. lo se minji — function of a machine.
i ti minji le ka cpacu le djacuThis is an automated apparatus for getting water.
Comment: cabra is for devices controlled by external force, minji is for machines working automatically, zmiku is for robots in general.
Related words: cabra, matra, tutci, zukte, pilno, skami

minlix1(entity) is x2(number) long distance units in standard x3(property of x1) ...

i le mi'u dargu cu minli li re le ka ki'otreThe road is two kilometers long.
Comment: describes measurement of an object in one dimension. x3 desribes the scale that might not be metric. jmagutci is used in the same way but for subjectively large objects.
Related words: jmagutci, clani, ganra, rotsu, condi, mitre, dekpu, merli, bunda, kramu

minrax1(entity) reflects or echoes x2(entity) to observer x3(entity) as x4(entity)

lo se minra — reflected, echoed.
i le djacu pu minra le gusni be fi la sol la alis le marvele barnaWater reflected the sunlight that Alice could see as marvelous spots.
i le mi'u bitmu so'i roi minra le sanceThe wall echoes the sound several times.
Related words: catlu, viska, lenjo, pensi

mintux1(entity) is identical to x2(entity) ; x1 is x2 ...

lo mintu — identical.
i tu noi nanmu gi'e dasni le pelxu cu mintu le patfu be doThat man wearing yellow is your father.
Comment: the same meaning as du but only has two places. For equality use dunli.
Related words: panra, satci, mapti, simsa, drata, dunli, du, simxu

miprix1(entity) keeps x2(entity) hidden from x3(entity) ...

lo se mipri — concealed, hidden.
i mi pu mipri le mi'u torta le mi'u verbaI hid the pie from the child.
Related words: stace, mifra, sivni, djuno, cirko, jarco

mirlix1(entity) is a deer of species x2(taxon)

lo mirli — deer.
i co'a le ka jbena vau le mirli cu kakne le ka sanliA baby deer can stand as soon as it is born.
Related words: mabru, danlu

misnox1(clause) is famous among x2(entity)

lo misno — famous.
i la su'o da cu jai misno le pilno be la lojbanSomeone (having such a name) is famous among Lojban speakers.
i le lisri be le nu pa le ralju dinju cu se darxi so'o vlipa dacti pu traji le ka misno le xabju be le bu'u gugdeThe story of one of the main buildings being hit by some powerful objects was one of the most famous events for people of this country.
i la kevin co'a jai misno fai le ka finti le cfikaKevin became famous as an author of fiction.
i la kevin pu zenba le ka jai misno fai le ka finti le cfikaKevin rose to fame by writing fiction.
Related words: se sinma, banli

mitrex1(entity) is x2(number) meters in x3(property of x1) ...

i ti noi tanxe cu mitre li pa le ka claniThis box is one meter in length.
Related words: centi

mitysiskux1(entity) searches for x2(entity) among x3(entity)

lo mitysisku — searcher.
i mi mitysisku le sunla skaci le nenri be le vi kumfaI'm looking for a woolen skirt among things in this room.
Related words: cirko, kalte, kavbu, kucli, rivbi, marvele, facki

mixrex1(entity) is a mixture including x2(group of same type as x1)

lo mixre — mixture. lo se mixre — ingredient of a mixture.
i le vacri cu mixre so'o gapciAir is a mixture of several gases.
Related words: salta, te runta, stasu, jicla, sanso

mlanax1(entity) is to the side of x2(entity) ...

lo mlana — lateral.
i le mi'u tanxe cu mlana le mi'u bitmuThe box is to the side of the wall.
Related words: lamji, cpana, galtu

mlatux1(entity) is a cat of species x2(taxon)

lo mlatu — cat.
i le ka kucli cu catra le mlatuCuriosity killed the cat.
i mi ralte pa mlatu e pa gerkuI keep a cat and a dog.
Comment: Also applies to feline animals like tigers, lions.
Related words: bramlatu, cinfo, ratcu, gerku

mlecax1(entity) is less than x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2 with kau) by amount x4(entity)

lo mleca — less. lo se mleca — more.
i pe'i le tcati cu mleca le ckafi le ka kukte vau so'i daI think tea is much less tasty than coffee.
Related words: se me'a, me'i, su'o, jdika, zmadu, traji

mledix1(entity) is a mould or fungus of species x2(taxon) ...

lo mledi — mould, fungus.
i le mledi pu sinxa le nu le mi'u kumfa cu cilmoMold was a sign that the room was damp.
Related words: clika

mliglax1(entity) is warm

lo mligla — warm.
i le vacri co'a mliglaThe air became warm.
Related words: glare, milxe, lenku

mlunix1(entity) is a satellite orbiting x2(entity) ...

lo mluni — satellite (in outer space). lo se mluni — celestial body with a satellite.
i so'i da rutni mluni le mi'u terdiThere are many satellites orbiting the Earth.
Related words: planeta, solri, lunra

mo [verb] — asks for a verb word (that should go into the place to which mo is put)

i do moHow are you?
i la lojban cu moWhat is Lojban?

mo'a [digit/number]too few

i mo'a snuji cu cpana le mi'u jubmeThere are too few sandwiches on the table.
Comment: subjective estimate.

mo'i — marks event as reaching the state specified by the clause following mo'i

i do mo'i ca'u cadzuYou walk towards my front.
i ko catke mo'i zu'aPush it to the left.

mo'o — turn number into numbered chapter

i pa mo'o pu zu ku zasti fa pa nanmu e pa ninmuChapter 1. Long ago lived a man and a woman.
Comment: suffix of a chapter or section number.

mo'u [preposition of aspect] — completing, being at the expected end (completive or telic aspect), mo'u nai — not having an end (incompletive or atelic aspect)

i xu do mo'u jukpaAre you done with cooking?
i mi mo'u citka ro pliseI've eaten up all apples.
i mo'u nai ku mi pu zbasu le dinju ze'a le mastiI built houses for a month.

moi [verb] — turn number into verb denoting ordinal position

i le vi cukta cu me mi moiThis book is mine.
i mi ci moi le pendo le ka ce'u ce'u cinbaI kiss all but two of my friends.
i le cmaci cu ro moi le saske le ka ce'u ce'u zmadu fi le ka jai se djica mi fai le ka se tadniMath is the last subject that I want to study.
i le vlaste cu jai pa moi fai le ka se catlu miI look into a dictionary first. Dictionaries are the first I look into.
Comment: x1(entity) is the n-th member of x2(entity) ordered by rule x3(relation between members of x2, contains two places for ce'u). The number (n) is put in front of moi. The two ce'u in the third place can specify the sequence in which members of the set are compared.

mokcax1(entity) is a point in time or at place x2(entity)

lo mokca — instant, moment.
i le mi'u nu jamna cu mokca po'o le remna citriThe war is just a point in human history.
i le mi'u terdi cu mokca po'o le mi'u munjeThe Earth is just a point in the Universe.
Related words: jipno, jganu, linji, stuzi, tcika

moklux1(entity) is a mouth of x2(entity)

lo moklu — mouth.
i e'e kalri fa le moklu be doOpen your mouth.
Related words: ctebi, denci, tance

molkix1(entity) is an industrial plant or mill performing x2(property of x1)

lo molki — industrial plant, mill.
i ti molki le ka zalvi le gurniThis is a mill grinding grain.
Related words: gasta, gurni, tirse, fanri, zalvi

molrox1(entity) is x2(number) moles ...

i le tabno poi grake li pa re cu molro li pa12 grams of carbon is one mole in amount.
Related words: centi

monsutax1(entity) is a monster

lo monsuta — monster.
i le mi'u monsuta pu cisma tai le ka kusruThe monster smiled in a cruel way (the monster's smile was cruel).
Related words: cizra, danlu, terpa

morjix1(entity) remembers x2(proposition) about subject x3(entity)

lo se morji — remembered.
i mi morji fi le bu'u tcadu fe le mi'u du'u pu za le nanca be li pa no no cu ralju tcadu le bu'u gugdeI remember about this city that 100 years ago it was the main city of this country.
i mi co'u morji le mi'u du'u sarcu fa le nu mi cusku ma kauI forgot what to say.
Comment: morji describes memory of general knowledge (facts, concepts), vedli describes personal experience, autobiographical events, episodic memory.
Related words: ba'a nai, menli, pensi, sanji, djuno, notci

mornax1(entity) is a pattern of forms x2(entity group) arranged according to rule x3(proposition)

lo morna — pattern.
i mi nelci le morna be le pezli bei le mi'u du'u le gunma be ri cu cirkuloI like patterns of leaves that form circles.
Related words: ciste, ganzu, marji, slilu, stura, tarmi, boxna, cimde, gidva, jimpe, rilti

morsix1(entity) is dead

lo morsi — dead.
i xo da pu co'a morsiHow many died?
Related words: jmive, catra, betri

mosrax1(clause) is friction due to rubbing of x2(entity) against x3(entity)

lo mosra — friction.
i le mi'u mlatu pu ru'i se mosra le kerfa be mi le milxeThe cat was mildly rubbing against my head.
i ai mi jai gau mosra fi le mi'u jubme fe le bukpuI'm going to wipe the table with a cloth.
Related words: sakli, sraku, jabre, satre, guska, pencu, spali

mrajix1(entity) is some rye of species x2(taxon)

lo mraji — rye.
i ra crepu le mrajiHe is harvesting rye.
Related words: gurni

mrilux1(entity) mails or posts x2(entity) to x3(entity) from x4(entity) in mail system x5(entity)

lo mrilu — mailer. lo se mrilu — mailed. lo xe mrilu — mail system.
i mi pu mrilu pa se dunda pa pendo pa dizlo tcana pa sivniI mailed a present to a friend from a local post office via a private mail system.
i mi pu mrilu pa notci fu le kibroI sent a message via the internet.
Comment: in benji the medium need not be a 3rd party service/system, and x2 need not consist of discrete units.
Related words: benji, notci, xatra, tcana

mrulix1(entity) is a hammer for doing x2(property of x1) with head x3(entity) propelled by x4(entity)

lo mruli — hammer. lo te mruli — head of a hammer.
i mi ne se pi'o pa mruli pu setca pa dinko le mi'u bitmuUsing a hammer I hammered a nail into the wall.
i ti zmiku mruli le ka setca le dinko se pi'o ce'u vau le barda le matraThis is an automatic hammer for nailing with a large head propelled by a motor.
Related words: tutci

mu [digit/number]5, five

i mu bakni pu zvati le mi'u purdiThere were 5 cows in the garden.

mu'a [interjection]for example

i mi nelci le danlu noi mu'a du le gerku e le mlatuI like animals like, for example, dogs and cats.
Related words: mupli

mu'i [preposition from mukti]with the motive of ...

i mi pu penmi la alis mu'i le ka ciksi ro daI met Alice in order to explain everything.

mu'o [vocative]I am done talking. Over. That's all I can say (in radio communications), mu'o naimore to come ... I am not done talking

i ro mai mi jinvi le mi'u du'u za'u cukta cu jai sarcu mu'oFinally, I think that more books are necessary, I'm done.
i ja'o dai le mi'u za'u sonci pu cliva le mi'u tcadu mu'o nai lei mi tadniAs you may conclude, the soldiers left the city ... no, that's not the end of the story, my students.

mu'oi — turn foreign text into verb

i la alis cu mu'oi gy.prima is a prima donna.
Comment: turns text that can be not Lojbanic into a verb. The text is to be wrapped with pauses from both sides and with an additional Lojbanic word around them from both sides (this word must not be used within the text quoted). Usually the separating words is the name of the first letter of the language of the text quoted..
Related words: zoi, la'o, zo, lu ... li'u, lo'e, lo'u, mu'oi

muctix1(entity) is immaterial

lo mucti — immaterial, not physical.
i le cmaci cu saske le muctiMathematics studies immaterial things.
Related words: marji, menli, pruxi, sidbo

mudrix1(entity) is some wood from tree x2(entity)

lo mudri — wood.
i ti mudri le laldoThis is wood from old trees.
Related words: tricu, stani

muktix1(action, event, state) is a motive for x2(action of x3, event) done by agent x3(entity)

lo mukti — motive. lo te mukti — who is motivated.
i le ka vasxu le vifne cu mukti fi mi fe le ka klama se ka'a le purdiTo breathe fresh air is my motive to go to a garden.
i le nu nitcu cu mukti ro nu fintiNecessity is the motive for every invention.
i mi te mukti le ka vitke la parisI am going to visit Paris.
Comment: lo te zukte is usually used for goal, te zu'e for with goal.
Related words: mu'i, nibli, te zukte, se jalge, krinu, rinka, ciksi, djica, xlura

mulnox1(entity) is complete, whole in property x2(property of x1) ...

lo mulno — complete.
i mi mulno le ka na kakne le ka tavla fo le frasoI can't speak French at all.
i do mulno le ka jai fenkiYou are completely crazy.
Related words: fanmo, culno, pagbu, xadba, prane, jalge, sumji, munje, sisti, xadni

munjex1(entity) is a universe of x2(entity) ...

lo munje — universe. lo se munje — domain of a universe.
i la alis cu se zdani le munje be le se xanri be vo'aAlice lives in the world of her fantasies.
Related words: ciste, planeta, kensa, mulno

muplix1(entity) is an example of x2(property of x1) that all x3(entity set) have

lo mupli — example.
i le danlu pendo pe mi cu mupli le ka ca da co'a morsi vau le mabruMy pet is an example that at one point all mammals die.
i ti mupli fi le titla vanjuThis is an example of sweet wine.
i ti mupli fi le dinju poi jai tasmi le laldo nu engeThis is an example of old architecture among buildings.
Related words: pixra

murtax1(entity) is a curtain for covering x2(entity) ...

lo murta — curtain. lo se murta — covered by a curtain.
i le dilnu cu murta le tsaniClouds are curtains of the sky.
Related words: canko, vorme

muslox1(entity) is Islamic or Moslem in x2(property of x1)

lo muslo — Muslim, something Islamic.
i le mi'u za'u mei pu casnu le flalu be fi le musloThey discussed Muslim law.
Related words: jegvo, lijda

mutcex1(entity) is extreme in x2(property of x1) ...

lo mutce — extreme, very.
i ti mutce le ka karguThis is very expensive.
i mi mutce le ka senpiI highly doubt that.
Related words: milxe, traji, banli, carmi, nutli

muvdux1(entity) moves to x2(entity) from x3(entity) over route x4(entity)

i le mi'u prenu cu muvdu le bartu le mi'u dinju le mi'u cankoThe person is moving to the outside from the building via the window.
i la alis ba jai gau muvdu fai le mi'u tanxe pa drata kumfaAlice will move the box to another room.
Comment: klama differs in that the means of motion is explicit, litru, cliva, fatri, dunda, benji is for agentive movement that does not necessarily imply alienation from origin, preja is for similar movement with no agent implied.
Related words: rinci, klama, litru, cliva, fatri, dunda, benji, preja, bevri, vimcu

muzgax1(entity) is a museum or zoo for preserving x2(entity) ...

lo muzga — museum.
i ai mi vitke le muzga be le danluI'm going to visit the Zoo.
i ma stuzi le mi'u muzga be le arteWhere is the museum of art?
Related words: citri

my [pronoun]m (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like my is for the last lo mlatu used.

na [preposition of truth/falsehood]It is not true that ...

i na ku le speni be mi cu citnoIt's not true that my wife is young.

na [2nd meaning] — left negator in conjunctions

i la kevin pu ku prami na je cinba miKevin didn't love but kissed me.

na'e [left scalar particle]not ..., other than ... (on the scale). Modifies the construct to the right

i na'e vajni miIt's not important to me.
i do ba na'e snadaYou won't make it (won't succeed).
i na'e bo mi pu zukteNot I did it.

na'i [interjection] — the clause doesn't make sense (metalinguistic negator)

i lu fe pa ractu ca ma fa do pu te vecnu li'u lu le mi'u ractu na'i li'u"A rabbit, when did you buy it?" "I didn't buy a rabbit."
i lu i do jinvi ma le pelmeni li'u lu na'i i mi na se slabu zo pelmeni li'u"What do you think of pelmeni?" "Nothing, I don't know this word."
Related words: na drani

na'o [preposition of aspect]by default

i do na'o to'e se zdileYou are a boring person.

nabmix1(event, state) is a problem to x2(entity) ...

lo nabmi — problem.
i le ka ze'a denpa na nabmi miTo wait for a while is not a problem for me.
Related words: retsku, se cfipu, danfu, ciksi, jijnu, jinvi, nandu, pensi, sidbo, spuda, raktu

nai [1nd meaning: right scalar particle] — shows opposite meaning of interjection or interjection modifier

i ui i ui naiYay! Alas!
Comment: ui nai marks unhappiness, zo'o nai marks serious (non-humorous) remarks. Definitions of interjections and interjection modifiers contain meanings of them with nai too.

nai [2nd meaning: right scalar particle]not, negates prepositions, pronouns

i si'u i si'u naiWith help. Without help.

nai [3rd meaning] — placed after a connective negates the part after that connective

i mi zgipli le pipno gi'e nai certuI play the piano but I'm not an expert.

najnimrex1(entity) is an orange of species x2(entity)

i e'o jisra le najnimreOrange juice, please!
Related words: narju, nimre

naknix1(entity) is a male of species x2(taxon) with masculine traits x3(property of x1)

lo nakni — male.
i ti nakni le mlatu le ka se nakpinjiThis is a male cat since it has a penis.
Related words: fetsi, bersa

nakpinjix1(entity) is a penis of x2(entity)

lo nakpinji — penis.
i le nakpinji be le mi'u bakni co'i muvdu le nenri be le mi'u vibnaThe bull's penis has entered the vagina.
Related words: seksi, gletu, vibna, plibu, vlagi, mabla, ganti

nalcix1(entity) is a wing of x2(entity)

lo nalci — wing. lo se nalci — winged.
i le nalci be le mi'u cipni cu spofuThe bird has its wing broken.
Related words: cipni, pimlu, rebla

namcux1(number) is a number or value

lo namcu — number.
i li bi namcu8 is a number.
Related words: lerfu, mekso, klani

nanbax1(entity) is some bread ...

lo nanba — bread.
i e'o le blabi nanba e le matneWhite bread and butter, please!
i mi pu smaka le mi'u nanbaI tasted the bread.
Related words: gurni, panlo, toknu

nancax1(clause) is x2(number) years long ...

lo nanca — year-long event.
i mi nanca li re muI am 25 years old.
i mi se zdani ti ze'a le nanca be li voI have been living here for 4 years.
Comment: if x2 is not used denotes one year in duration
Related words: detri, djedi, jeftu, masti

nandux1(property of x2) is difficult or challenging for x2(entity) ...

lo nandu — difficult, challenging.
i nandu mi fa le ka cadzu le vi boskeIt's hard for me to wade through this forest.
Related words: frili, nabmi, jdari, talsa, tinsa

nanlax1(entity) is a boy ...

lo nanla — boy.
i tu noi nanla cu moWho is that boy?
Related words: nixli, verba, nanmu, bersa

nanmux1(entity) is a man

lo nanmu — man.
i o'i le mi'u nanmu cu jgari pa xarciCareful, the man is holding a gun!
Related words: ninmu, remna, prenu, makcu, nanla, bersa

nanvix1(entity) is 10-9 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le jgalu cu nanvi le mitre le ka zenba le ka clani vau ca ro sniduOne nanometer is the length that a fingernail grows in one second.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

nargex1(entity) is a nut from plant x2(entity) with shell x3(entity) and kernel x4(entity)

lo narge — nut. lo te narge — nut shell. lo ve narge — nut kernel.
i ti narge pa kokso le rotsu pa kukteThis is a coconut with a thick shell and a tasty kernel.
Related words: grute, stagi, jbari, midju

narjux1(entity) is orange (of color)

lo narju — orange.
i le mi'u solri cu narjuThe sun is orange.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, xunre, pelxu, solji

natfex1(proposition) contradicts or denies x2(proposition) ...

lo natfe — contradiction.
i le mi'u du'u la edvard pu zvati la nipon cu natfe le se sruma be miThe fact that Eduard was in Japan contradicts my assumption.
Related words: tolna'e, nibli, tugni, zanru, xusra

natmix1(entity) is nation or ethnic group of people x2(entity)

lo natmi — nation.
i le se natmi be ma cu se zdani le vi se kuspePeople of what nationality live in this area?
i do se natmi maWhat is your nationality?
.i mi se natmiI belong to an ethnic group.
Related words: jecta, kulnu, lanzu, gugde, bangu, cecmu

navnix1(entity) is a quantity of inert gas ...

lo navni — inert gas.
i la argon cu navniArgon is an inert gas.
Related words: xukmi, gapci

naxlex1(entity) is a channel, canal to x2(entity) from x3(entity) with the route x4(entity)

lo naxle — channel, canal.
i da jdika naxle pa lalxe pa rirxe le foldi be le se xrulaThere is a narrow channel to a pool from a river, it goes through flower fields.
Related words: flu'ente, klama, pluta, rirxe, klaji, dargu

nazbix1(entity) is a nose of x2(entity) ...

lo nazbi — nose.
i le nazbi be do cu lenkuYour have a cold nose.
Related words: degji, panci, sumne, tance

newhich is about ... (a noun follows)

i mi pu cusku no da pe le mi'u nabmiI said nothing about the problem.
i mi ne se mau do cu claniI'm taller than you.

ne'a [preposition of place]next to ..., beside ... (near)

i mi ca zvati vi le tcanaI'm near the station.

ne'i [preposition of place]inside of ..., adverb: within

i le vacri ca lenku ne'i le zdani be miThe air is cold inside my house.
i xu do kakne le ka viska ne'i le mankuCan you see in the dark?

nei [verb] — copies the current clause

i mi ca'o lumci le neiI'm washing myself.
i do zbasu no da le se neiYou are making nothing out of nothing.
Comment: lo nei refers to the first place of the current clause, lo se nei to the second etc.

nejnix1(entity) is energy of x2(property of x3) of object x3(entity)

lo nejni — energy. lo se nejni — type of energy. lo te nejni — form of energy.
i ba barda fa le nejni be le ka muvdu bei ti noi rokciIt will consume a lot of energy to move this rock.
Related words: marji, tarmi, kantu, lazni, livla

nelcix1(entity) likes x2(object, state)

lo nelci — fancier. lo se nelci — liked.
i mi nelci ro nu do cusku le simsaI like whenever you say such things.
i mi nelci le ckafi ne se mauI prefer coffee.
Comment: prami is for to love, nelci is for to like.
Related words: cinmo, djica, pluka, prami, rigni, sinma, trina, xebni, cuxna, pendo

nenrix1(entity) is inside x2(entity)

lo nenri — inner. lo se nenri — outer.
i rau finpe cu nenri le vi rirxeThere are plenty of fish in this river.
i le mi'u ctuca pu klama le nenriThe teacher came in.
i mi pu punji fi le nenri be le minji be le nu lenkuI put it into the fridge.
Comment: se vasru is for containment that need not be total.
Related words: se vasru, jbini, zvati, cpana, sruri, senta, snuji, bartu, diklo, jibni, jinru, setca

ni'a [preposition of cardinal direction]down from ..., adverb: under

i gau ko stodi ni'a lei papriKeep it under papers.

ni'i [preposition from nibli]logically because ..., adverb: with logical implications

i do srera fau le ka pilno le datni pe mi i ni'i bo u'u mi pu te mu'i nai smusku le jitfaYou are wrong when using my data just because (sorry!) I unintentionally said a false thing.

ni'o [paragraph break] — starts a new topic

i mi ze'u na tavla do ni'o ei mi ca clivaI haven't talked to you in a long time. Well, now I should leave.
Comment: used to start paragraphs in written text.

ni'u [digit/number] — minus sign (number follows; by default any negative)

i li ni'u ci du li re vu'u mu '-3 = 2 - 5'.

niblix1(clause) implies x2(action, event, state) ...

i da zo'u le ka djica da cu nibli le ka claxu daWanting something implies lacking it.
i le ka frili na nibli le ka xamguBeing easy doesn't imply that it is good.
Related words: natfe, rinka, mukti, krinu, ni'i, jalge, logji

nictex1(entity) happens during nighttime of day x2(clause) at location x3(entity)

lo nicte — night-time.
i a'o pluka nicteGood night! (a well-wish)
i mi ba zvati le boske ca le nicte be le cabdei bei vo'eTonight I will be in the forest.
Related words: donri, djedi, tcika

niklex1(entity) is a quantity of nickel

lo nikle — nickel.
i le nikle cu me le jinme poi jdari gi'e se romgeNickel is a hard metal with reflective surface.
Related words: jinme

nilce — furniture x1(entity) furnishes x2(entity) serving the function x3(proposition)

lo nilce — furniture.
i le za'u vi te gusni cu nilce le mi'u kumfa le mi'u du'u ri jai zdileThese light sources furnishes the room making it amusing.
Related words: ckana, jubme, sfofa, stizu, dacru

nimrex1(entity) is a piece of citrus fruit of species x2(taxon)

lo nimre — citrus.
i ti noi nimre cu kukte gi'i kurkiIs this citrus sweet or bitter?
Related words: grute, slari, slami, xukmi

ninmux1(entity) is a woman

lo ninmu — woman.
i pa melbi ninmu poi se kerfa le pelxu pu cadzu bu'u le mi'u pankaA pretty woman with yellow hair was walking in the park.
Related words: nanmu, remna, prenu, makcu, nixli

nirnax1(entity) is a nerve or neuron of x2(entity)

lo nirna — nerve.
i le nirna be pa degji be mi cu spofuNerves in my finger don't work.
Related words: ve benji

nitcux1(entity) needs x2(clause) for purpose x3(action of x1, stage of process of x1)

lo nitcu — in need.
i mi nitcu le ka volta le zdani vau le ka cpacu lei mi'u ckikuI need to return home to get the keys.
Comment: nitcu is to be in need, sarcu is is necessary, is a requirement
Related words: banzu, cidja, claxu, pindi, xebni, sarcu, lacri, djica, taske, xagji

nivjix1(entity) knits x2(entity) from yarn x3(entity)

lo te nivji — yarn for knitting.
i le mi'u nixli cu nivji pa creka le lanme sunlaThe girl is knitting a sweater from fleece.
Related words: cilta, fenso, jivbu, pijne

nixlix1(entity) is a girl ...

lo nixli — girl.
i le mi'u nixli cu cisma fa'a miThe girl smiled at me.
Related words: nanla, verba, ninmu

no [digit/number]0, zero

i no bramlatu ca zvati le mi'u boskeThere are no big cats in the forest.

no'a [verb] — copies the outer clause in which the current one is embedded excluding sei-clauses

i xu la alis cu zukte le se nupre be le no'aDoes Alice keep her words?
i mi gleki le nu no'aI'm happy because I'm happy.

no'e [left scalar particle] — middle on the scale. Modifies the construct to the right

i le mi'u creka cu no'e cmaluThe shirt is medium in size.
i mi no'e certu tu'a la lojbanI'm fine in Lojban, neither a newbie, nor an expert.
i le vacri ca no'e glareIt's neither cold, nor hot now, it's in between.

no'i [paragraph break] — resumes the previous topic

i do zenba le ka certu tu'a la lojban no'i mi jinvi le mi'u du'u le jufra pe do na mulno draniYou are becoming more and more proficient in Lojban. Back to the previous topic, I think your sentence wasn't fully correct.

no'o [digit/number] — typical/average value

i mi se degji no'o daI have a usual number of fingers.

noblix1(entity) is noble in x2(property of x1)

lo nobli — noble.
i le mi'u nixli cu nobli le ka tartiThe girl is aristocratic in her behavior.
i mi nobli le ka jbena ma kauI am noble by birth.
Related words: banli

noi — turn clause into incidental relative clause

i mi nelci pa ninmu noi mi ta'e zgana bu'u le pankaI like a woman, whom I habitually see in the park.
i mi nelci pa ninmuI like a woman.
i mi tavla do noi mi prami ke'aI'm talking to you whom I love.
Comment: who, which. Starts relative clause that only adds additional information.

notcix1(entity, text) is a notice about x2(entity) from author x3(entity) ...

lo notci — message. lo se notci — subject of a message. lo te notci — author of a message.
i mi pu zukte le ka da notci le cipra gi'e se jufra lu mi'a nu'o djuno li'uI made a statement about the experiment: "We don't know yet."
i le turni ba skicu pa notci be le cnino jikniThe governor will announce a new economic system.
Comment: skicu is to tell, cusku is to say, tavla is to talk, benji su'o notci is to notify. The second place of skicu is filled with a topic like skicu su'o dansu (tell about dancers), the second place of cusku is filled with a text like cusku zo dansu (to say "dance"")
Related words: xatra, nuzba, mrilu, morji

nu [clause prefix] — turn clause into verb

i mi gleki le nu do klamaI am happy that you came.
i le nu prami cu nu gunkaLoving is working.
Comment: x1 (clause) is the state, process described in the clause that follows.

nu bu — refers to the last nu-clause used

i mi djica le nu do kansa mi i xu nu bu cumkiI want you to accompany me. Is this possible?

nu'e [vocative]I promise, nu'e cu'iNo promises, nu'e naiI take my promise back

i mi ba no roi zukte le simsa za'u re'u vau nu'e doI will never do that again, I promise you.
i nu'e cu'i do mi ba trociI'll try, but I don't promise anything.
i nu'e nai do i se la'u li du'e tiljuI take my promise back, it's too heavy.

nu'o [preposition of potential]possibly can but actually not ...

i mi nu'o zvati tu noi pankaI have never been to the park over there.
i mi nu'o snadaI haven't succeeded yet.
Comment: not necessarily innately capable, describes what can potentially happen but actually hasn't (has happened zero times).

nudlex1(entity) is a noodle

lo nudle — noodles.
i mi pu citka le stasu poi vasru le nudleI ate a soup with noodles.
i mi pu citka le nudle ca le cabdei pa re'uToday was the first time I ate noodles.
Related words: nanba, skori, gurni, panlo, toknu

nuknix1(entity) has magenta color

lo nukni — magenta (color).
i le mi'u pa xrula cu nukniThe flower has a magenta color.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, xunre, zirpu

nuprex1(entity) promises or threatens of x2(event, state) to x3(entity)

lo se nupre — promised.
i mi pu nupre fi la alis le ka sidju ri va'o le nu ri smajiI made Alice a promise to help her on condition that she keeps silence.
Related words: kajde, xusra

nurmax1(entity) is a countryside, rural area of x2(entity)

lo nurma — countryside.
i le mi'u nurma cu jai plukaThe countryside is pleasant.
Related words: jarbu, rarna, tcadu, cange

nutlix1(entity) is neutral in x2(property of x1)

lo nutli — neutral.
i la lojban cu nutli le ka ma kau mapti ce'u le ka traji fi le kulnuLojban is neutral in terms of what culture matches it best.
Related words: midju, lanxe, milxe, mutce, no'e

nuzbax1(proposition) is news about x2(entity) from x3(entity) to observer x4(entity)

lo nuzba — news.
i ma nuzbaWhat's up? What are the news?
i no da nuzba fi mi fo doNo news from me for you.
i le nuzba be le mi'u tcini pu se terpaNews about the situation were frightening.
i nuzba fa le nu mi pu te vecnu pa fonxaThe news are that I bought a phone.
i le mi'u du'u no da nuzba cu xamgu nuzbaNo news are good news.
Related words: cnino, notci

ny [pronoun]n (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like ny is for the last lo nobli used.

o [conjunction for nouns]both or none

i la alis o la kevin cu lumci le kumfaEither both Alice and Kevin clean a room or neither of them do.
Related words: jo, a, e, ji, o, u

o bu [pronoun]o (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like o bu is for the last lo omle used.

o nai [conjunction for nouns]either ... or ...

i do o nai mi lumci le mi'u kumfaEither you clean the room or I do.
Related words: jo, a, e, ji, o, u

o'a [interjection] — pride, o'a cu'i — modesty/humility, o'a naiHow embarrassing. It makes me ashamed.

i o'a ca ti mi kakne le ka limnaNow I am able to swim.
i mi pu bilga o'a cu'i i fe bo mi sidjuIt was just my duty, so I helped.
i o'a nai la alis nu'o brediWhat a shame, Alice is not ready yet.
i o'a nai se'i mi pu mrilu fi pa na draniOops, I mailed to a wrong address.
Related words: jgira, cumla, ckeji

o'e [interjection] — intimacy, closeness, rapport, o'e nai — distance

i o'e mi do ba kansa le ka vitke le mikceI'll go with you to see the doctor.
i o'e nai doi le dirba mi na djunoDear, I don't know.
i o'e nai mi pensiLeave me alone, I'm thinking.
Related words: kansa

o'i [interjection]Danger! (caution), o'i nai — rashness, recklessness

i o'i pa karce ca craneBe careful, a car ahead!
i o'i nai guntaGo ahead, attack!
Related words: kajde, ckape

o'o [interjection]Patience!, o'o cu'i — mere tolerance, o'o nai — impatience, intolerance

i o'o ko za'u re'u trociPatience, try again!
i o'o cu'i ma pu mukti fi doOk, what was your motive to do it?
i o'o nai le mi'u mamta ca zvati maWhere is the mother after all?
Related words: fengu, steba, denpa

o'u [interjection]Phew! (relaxation), o'u cu'i — composure, balance, sobriety, phlegm, o'u nai — stress, anxiety

i o'u ba'o vlile tcimaPhew, the storm is over.
i o'u cu'i mi pu tinbe le se flaluI followed the law.
i o'u nai le bersa be mi za'o na voltaMy son is still not back.
Related words: surla, dunku

oi [interjection]Darn! Ouch! Hmph (complaint), oi nai — pleasure

i le oi tuple be miOuch, my leg!
i oi nai vifne djacuFresh water, how nice.
Related words: pante, pluka, kufra

omlex1(entity) is an omelet containing x2(entity)

lo omle — omelette, omelet.
i mi ba citka le omle be le sovda jo'u le tamcaI will eat an omelette made with eggs and tomatoes.
Comment: use ce to specify components of the omelette in x2.
Related words: torta, sanmi, salta, nanba, sovda, ladru

pa [digit/number]1, one

i pa planeta cu xamgu lei remnaThere is one planet for humanity.

pa'a [preposition from panra]otherwise equal to ..., adverb: similarly

i le mi'u ninmu ne pa'a la alis cu se kanla le crinoThe woman is like Alice except that the woman has green eyes.
Comment: the clause itself describes the only difference between nouns compared.

pa'e [interjection]Speaking impartially, pa'e naiprejudice

i pa'e le mi'u stasu cu xlaliIn my unbiased opinion, the soup is terrible.
i pa'e nai le za'u pixra poi mi finti cu traji le ka zabnaOf course, I'm biased, but my paintings are the best.
Related words: vrude, nutli, pajni

pa'o [preposition of place]passing through ...

i ta'i da do pu pu'i limna pa'o le mi'u rirxeSomehow, you were able to swim across the river.

pacnax1(entity) hopes for x2(event) estimating its likelihood as x3(number: from 0 to 1)

lo se pacna — hope (expected event).
i mi pacna fi li so'a fe le nu solri ba ziI hope it will be sunny soon.
i mi pacna fi li so'u fe le nu do klamaI wish you came.
Related words: djica

pagbux1(entity) is a part or piece of x2(entity)

lo pagbu — part.
i le risna cu pagbu le xadniHeart is a part of body.
Related words: mulno, xadba, spisa, gunma, rafsi

pagrex1(entity) penetrates barrier x2(entity) to destination x3(entity) from origin x4(entity)

i le mi'u trene mo'u pagre le mi'u manku kevna pa nurma le jarbuThe train passed the dark hole to reach a rural area from the suburbs of the city.
Related words: bitmu, denci, ganlo, kalri, vorme, pluta, canko, ragve

pai [digit/number]number pi (approximately 3.14159)

i li pai du li ji'i ci pi pa vo pa mu soThe number π (pi) is approximately 3.14159.
i le nenri be le cirkulo be li re pi'i ry cu klani li pai pi'i ry te'o reThe area of a circle of diameter "2 × r" is equal to π × r2.

pajnix1(entity) judges matter x2(proposition)

lo pajni — judge. lo se pajni — matter judged.
i le mi'u te cange pu pajni le mi'u du'u xu kau le grute cu makcuThe farmer was deciding whether fruits were ripe.
Comment: pajni is for judging matters, jdice is for actual decisions, cuxna is for deciding (choosing) on something out of options.
Related words: cuxna, jdice, vajni, cipra, zekri, manri, mansa

palcix1(entity) is immoral, evil by standard x2(proposition)

lo palci — wicked, evil, immoral.
i pu se palci do fa le ka lebna le jdiniIt was wicked of you to take money.
Related words: zekri, vrude, xlali, marde, mabla

palkux1(entity) is a pair of pants or trousers ...

lo palku — trousers, pants.
i xu do ca dasni le palkuAre you wearing trousers?
Related words: taxfu, pastu, skaci

palmax1(entity) is a palm tree of species x2(taxon)

lo palma — palm tree.
i mi pu cpare le palma tricuI climbed a palm tree.
Related words: tricu, kokso, grasu, narge

palnex1(entity) is a tray or platter with contents x2(entity) ...

lo palne — tray, platter.
i ti palne le palta jo'u le kabriThis is a tray with plates and cups on it.
Related words: tansi, patxu, palta, ckana

palpix1(entity) touch-feels, palpates surface x2(entity)

i mi palpi le sefta be le najnimre i ri se sefta le xutlaI can touch-feel the surface of an orange. It is soft.
Related words: pencu, sefta, ganse

paltax1(entity) is a plate or saucer ...

lo palta — plate, saucer.
i mi pu jai gau porpi fai le paltaI broke a plate.
i le mi'u palta co'a porpiThe plate got broken.
Comment: lo kabri is normally lifted when eaten from it, lo palta is not.
Related words: ckana, palne, kabri, tansi, ckana

pambex1(entity) is a pump inserting fluid x2(entity) to x3(entity) from x4(entity) ...

lo pambe — pump.
i ti pambe le vacri le xislu le bartuThis is a pump for filling up the air into wheels from the outside.
Related words: gapci, litki, rinci, fepri, risna, rinci, tutci

pancix1(entity) is a smell emitted by x2(entity) detected by observer x3(entity)

lo panci — smell, fragrance.
i mi sumne le panci be le najnimre i ri se panci le xrulaI can smell a scent of an orange. It has a scent of flowers.
i mi te panci le najnimre le xrulaI can smell an orange smelling of flowers.
i le mi'u kumfa cu je'a se panci le mablaThe room really stinks.
i iu nai panci fa le kalciYuck, it smells like shit.
Related words: nazbi, sumne, cpina, vrusi

panjex1(entity) is some sponge

lo panje — sponge.
i le mi'u panje cu cokcu le so'i djacuThe sponge absorbs a lot of water.
Comment: cokcu is for a generalized absorbant.
Related words: cokcu

pankax1(entity) is a park ...

lo panka — park.
i mi se pluka le ka cadzu bu'u le panka fau le ka kansa lei pendo be miI like to walk in the parks with my friends.
Related words: sorcu, zdile, klaji, purdi

panlox1(entity) is a slice of x2(entity)

lo panlo — slice. lo se panlo — sliced.
i ti panlo le nanbaThis is a slice of bread.
Related words: spisa, pagbu, nanba

panpix1(entity) is at peace with x2(entity)

i le mi'u mensi ca panpi le bruna be vo'aThe sister is now at piece with her brother.
Related words: jamna, sarxe, smaji, tugni, cilce, jamna

panrax1(entity) is parallel, similar to x2(entity) differing only in x3(property of x1) ...

lo panra — parallel, congruent. lo te panra — the only difference.
i zo pacna zo kanpe panra le ka valsi le ka djicaThe word pacna is parallel to kanpe differing in that pacna describes desire and kanpe doesn't.
Comment: to describe the difference feature of x2 use se panra to make it x1.
Related words: pa'a, mintu, simsa, girzu, vrici

pantex1(entity) protests or complains about x2(event, state) to x3(entity) ...

lo pante — protester.
i za'u pa gunka pu pante le ka te pleji ma kau vau lei turni ta'i le ka de'a gunkaWorkers complained about their salary to the management by halting their work.
Related words: xarnu

panzix1(entity) is a child of x2(entity)

lo panzi — offspring. lo se panzi — biological parent.
i le mi'u nixli cu panzi la alisThe girl is Alice's child.
Related words: grute, verba, bersa, tixnu, se rorci, patfu

paprix1(entity) is a page of book or document x2(entity)

lo papri — page. lo se papri — paged document, paged book.
i ko catlu ti noi papri le cuktaLook at this page of the book.
Related words: karni, pelji, prina, xatra, vreji, pezli, cukta, ciska

parbi — fraction x1(number) is a ratio of x2(entity) with respect to x3(same type as x2)

lo parbi — fraction. lo se parbi — numerator. lo te parbi — denominator.
i li re parbi li vo li re2 is the ratio of 4 with respect to 2.
i le cmalu cu parbi le temci be le cabna bei le nu cliva vau le temci be le nu cliva bei le nu voltaIt's a small fraction of the time from now until leaving with respect to the time from leaving until returning.
Related words: frinu, dilcu, mekso

parjix1(entity) is a parasite of x2(entity)

lo parji — parasite.
i le vi curnu cu parji le xarjuThis worm is a parasite in pigs.
Related words: civla

participex1(entity) participates in the event x2(property of x1)

lo participe — participant, character (in a story or play).
i ma ba participe le ka casnuWho will participate in the discussion?
Related words: zvati, zukte, cmima, fasnu, cabna, vitke

pastux1(entity) is a robe ...

lo pastu — robe, gown.
i do poi dasni ti noi pastu cu simlu le ka citno nixliIn this dress, you look like a young girl.
Related words: kosta, taxfu, palku

patfux1(entity) is a father of x2(entity)

lo patfu — father. lo se patfu — child of a father.
i le patfu be mi cu gunka bu'u la tokiiosMy father works in Tokio.
Related words: mamta, rirni, rorci, tarbi, dzena, famti, panzi, bersa, sovda

patlux1(entity) is a potato of species x2(taxon)

lo patlu — potato.
i au pei stasu le patluWould you like potato soup?
Related words: genja, jalna, samcu

patxux1(entity) is a pot with contents x2(entity) ...

lo patxu — pot, sink. lo se patxu — contents of a pot.
i mi pu bevri pa patxu be le djacuI brought a pot of water.
Related words: tansi, palne, baktu, botpi

pau [interjection] — optional question marker, pau nai — marks the question as a rhetorical one

i pau do retsku le se du'u ma krinu su'o nu balvi vau ji su'o nu pilnoYou are asking of what is the reason for something happening in the future, and/or in usage. What is that reason, and is it for something happening in the future, a usage, or both?
i le prenu cu bebna ki'u ma pau naiWhy people are so stupid?
Comment: pau marks the question as non-rhetorical, in other words, the one that is expected to be answered. pau may be used for expressing symbol "¿" in Spanish.
Related words: retsku

pethat is about ... (a noun follows)

i ti du le pa karce pe la alisThis is a car of my friend.
i le pendo be mi cu jai fenki i le pendo pe mi cu jai fenkiMy friend is crazy.
i ti me le karce pe miIt's my own car.
Comment: lo mi pendo is the same as lo pendo pe mi.

pe'a — marks a construct as figurative, non-literal, metaphorical, pe'a nai — marks a construct as having literal meaning

i le ditcu cu jdini pe'aTime is money.
i le mi'u nanmu cu lanbi pe'aHe is a "sheep" (figuratively).
i mi xagji pe'a le ka tavlaI'm hungry for talking.
i mi xagji pe'a naiI'm literally hungry.

pe'i [interjection]In my opinion. I think

i pe'i do draniI think you are right.
i pe'i vamji fa le nu retskuI think it's worth asking.
Comment: for thinking (musing upon something) use pensi.
Related words: jinvi

pei [interjection modifier]what is your attitude to it?, how do you feel about it? (asks for the attitude)

i au pei mi kansa doDo you want me to accompany you?
i pei mi'o zvati le mi'u te salciWhat about going to the party?
Comment: can be used either on its own or as a modifier of interjection.

peljix1(entity) is some paper ...

lo pelji — paper.
i mi pu ciska pa xatra le blabi peljiI wrote a letter on a white paper.
Related words: karni, papri, prina

pelmenix1(entity) is a piece of dumplings/pelmeni containing x2(entity)

lo pelmeni — dumplings, ravioli, pelmeni, dim sum (Hongkong/Xianggang cuisine).
i xu do su'o roi smaka le rusko pelmeniHave you at least once tasted Russian pelmeni?
Comment: see nanba, rectu, sanmi.
Related words: rectu, nanba, cilmo

pelxux1(entity) is yellow

lo pelxu — yellow.
i le'e badna cu pelxuA typical banana is yellow.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, narju, solji

pemcix1(text) is a poem about x2(entity) ...

lo pemci — poem. lo se pemci — subject of a poem.
i mi finti le pemci be le vrici prenuI create poems about different people.
Related words: prosa, rimni, rilti, finti, lisri, sanga

penbix1(entity) is a pen using ink x2(entity) ...

lo penbi — pen. lo se penbi — ink of a pen.
i tu penbi le blanu e nai le xekriThat is a blue, not black pen.
Related words: ciska, pinsi, xinmo, pimlu

pencux1(entity) touches x2(entity) ...

lo se pencu — touched.
i mi pu pencu le vorme ta'i le ka pilno pa canpaI touched a worm with a spade.
Comment: for the touch feeling use palpi.
Related words: ganse, darxi, jgari, penmi, jorne, satre, mosra, zgana

pendox1(entity) is a friend to x2(entity)

lo pendo — friend.
i xu la alis cu pendo doIs Alice your friend?
Related words: bradi, xendo, nelci, prami, bradi

penmix1(entity) encounters or meets x2(entity) at x3

lo se penmi — encountered. lo te penmi — venue.
i mi mutce se pluka le ka penmi doI am pleased to meet you.
i mi pu penmi pa cizra prenu le jipno be le mi'u cmanaI encountered a strange person at the tip of the mountain.
Comment: x3 denotes a place where participants gather together.
Related words: jorne, jikca, pencu

pensix1(entity) ponders, is pensive about x2(property of x1)

lo pensi — thinker. lo se pensi — thought.
i mi pensi le nu mi pu zvati ma kauI'm thinking of where I was.
i mi pu pensi le nu mi volta le mi'u zdaniI was thinking of returning back home.
Comment: jinvi - to have an opinion that..., jdice - to make a decision.
Related words: pe'i, jijnu, menli, morji, sidbo, jinvi, se nabmi, minra, lanli, besna, saske, skami

perlix1(entity) is a pear of species x2(taxon)

lo perli — pear.
i mi binxo le perli se ja'e le nu mi citka le perliI become a pear because I eat pears.
Related words: grute

pesxux1(entity) is jam, paste, dough ...

lo pesxu — paste.
i au flaume pesxuI'd like some plum jam.
Related words: marxa, kliti, tarla

petsox1(entity) is 1015 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le gusni cu petso le mitre be li ji'i so pi mu le ka muvdu ca ro nanca1 light-year is approximately 9.5 Petameters (Pm).
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

pezlix1(entity) is a leaf of plant x2(entity)

lo pezli — leaf. lo se pezli — plant with leaves.
i le pezli be le tricu co'a pelxu ca le crituLeaves of tress become yellow in the autumn.
Related words: tricu, papri, spati

pi [digit/number] — radix point (number base; by default decimal)

i le vacri ca kelvo li ji'i re so ci pi muIt's around 293.5 degrees Kelvin (20.5 degrees Celsius).

pi'e [digit/number] — separates number into parts of different bases

i ko tcidu le te fendi poi pa pi'e ci mu moiRead the section 1.35.

pi'i — multiplication operator (symbol × or in math)

i li re pi'i mu du li pa no2 × 5 = 10.

pi'u [conjunction] — forms Cartesian product of sets

i le mango o nai bo le plise o nai bo le perli pi'u le xunre a bo le pelxu cu vo meiThe Cartesian product of mangoes, apples and pears that are either red or yellow has 6 members.
Comment: elements are combined by taking only one element from each set and all such possible combinations form a new set that is called Cartesian product.

pictix1(entity) is 10-12 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le ratni be le cidro cu picti le mitre be li re mu le ka klani ma kauThe atom of hydrogen is 25 picometers in size.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

pijnex1(entity) is a pin for piercing x2(entity) ...

lo pijne — pin. lo se pijne — pierced by a pin.
i ko dunda fi mi fe pa pijne be le peljiGive me a pin for fastening paper.
Related words: jesni, nivji, fenso, dinko, tutci

pikcix1(entity) pleads or begs x2(entity) for x3(property of x2)

i la kevin pu pikci la alis le ka staliKevin begged Alice to stay.
Related words: cpedu, pindi

piktax1(entity) is a ticket entitling x2(entity) to x3(event of x2, state of x2) ...

lo pikta — ticket. lo se pikta — ticket holder.
i mi pu te vecnu re pikta be le verba bei le ka klama la bostonI bought two child tickets to Boston.
Related words: jaspu

pildax1(entity) is pale

lo pilda — pale.
i le flira be do cu pilda i ma krinuYour face is pale. What happened?
Related words: kandi, blabi, grusi

piljix1(number) is the product of x2(number) multiplied by x3(number)

lo pilji — product of multiplication.
i li bi pilji li re li vo8 = 4 x 2.
Related words: mekso, sumji, rapli, jalge

pilkax1(entity) is a crust, peel of x2(entity)

lo pilka — crust, peel.
i le mi'u najnimre co'u se pilkaThe orange has been peeled off.
i mi pu vimcu le pilka be le mi'u pliseI peeled the apple off.
i le pilka be le mi'u plise cu cinlaThe peel of the apple is thin.
Related words: grute, calku, skapi, gacri

pilnox1(entity) uses x2(entity) for purpose x3(property of x1)

lo pilno — user. lo se pilno — used.
i le mi'u nixli pu pilno pa skami le ka facki le se nitcuThe girl used a computer to get the necessary information.
Related words: tutci, cabra, minji, gasnu, zukte, se pi'o, sazri, jibri

pimlux1(entity) is a feather of x2(entity)

lo pimlu — feather. lo se pimlu — feathered.
i ti pimlu le cipni pe miThis is a feather of my bird.
Related words: cipni, nalci, rebla, kerfa, penbi

pincax1(entity) is urine of x2(entity)

lo pinca — urine.
i le pinca be ko cu zvati le patxuPee to the pot.
Related words: vikmi, xasne, kalci, mabla, festi

pincivix1(entity) pees, pisses, excretes urine, urinates x2(entity)

i le se pincivi be ko cu zvati le patxuPee to the pot.
i gau le betka ra pincivi le xunreDue to beetroots, he pissed red.
Related words: pinca, vikmi

pindix1(entity) is poor in x2(property of x1)

lo pindi — poor.
i le mi'u nakni cu pindi le ka ponse no xirmaHe is poor in that he doesn't own a horse.
Comment: x2 specifies the actual state of affairs that describes why x1 is considered poor.
Related words: ricfu, claxu, nitcu, pikci

pinfux1(entity) is a prisoner of x2(entity) restrained by action x3(property of x2)

lo pinfu — prisoner. lo te pinfu — means of imprisonment.
i mi'a pu pinfu le zdani be mi'a le nu snime carviWe became prisoners of our home due to the snowfall.
Related words: zifre, kavbu, rinju, ralte, fanta, cilce

pinkax1(entity, text) is a comment about x2(entity) ...

lo pinka — comment, remark. lo se pinka — subject of a comment.
i mi pu cusku fi lei rirni fe pa pinka be le nu pu se srera fa le mi'u nu klama le bartu ca le nu carviI commented to the parents that going outside while it had been raining had been a mistake.
i au nai mi cusku le pinkaI have no comment.
i le mi'u nakni pu cusku le zabna pinka be le mi'u cuktaHe made a nice comment about the book.
Related words: cusku, notci, jinvi, zgana, lanli, bacru, ciska

pinsix1(entity) is a pencil with marking material x2(entity) ...

lo pinsi — pencil, crayon.
i ti pinsi le xunreThis is a red pencil.
Related words: ciska, penbi, burcu, bakri

pintax1(entity) is level, horizontal in frame of reference x2(entity)

lo pinta — horizontal.
i le nanmu pu ku pinta gi'e la'a sipnaThe man was in horizontal position and was probably sleeping.
Related words: sraji, plita, xutla

pinxex1(entity) drinks x2(entity) out of x3(entity)

lo pinxe — drinker. lo se pinxe — something drunk, beverage.
i mi pinxe le tcati le mi'u kabriI drink tea from the cup.
i mi pu pinxe le glare ckafi pa kabriI drank a cup of hot coffee from a cup.
Related words: cidja, citka, taske, tunlo, xaksu, barja, birje

pipnox1(entity) is a piano or other keyboard musical instrument

lo pipno — piano.
i xu do zgipli le pipnoDo you play the piano?
Related words: zgike

pixrax1(entity) is a picture of x2(entity) made by x3(entity) ...

lo pixra — picture. lo se pixra — pictured.
i ti pixra pa zbani mi poi pu zvati la niponThis is a picture of the coast that I made when I was in Japan.
Related words: ciska, cinta, prina, mupli, barna, skina

planax1(entity) is fat or obese in x2(property of x1)

lo plana — fat, obese, swollen.
i le mi'u nanla cu plana le ka se betfuThe boy is fat with his belly.
Related words: cinla, rotsu, barda, punli, grasu

planetax1(entity) is a planet

lo planeta — planet.
i le mi'u terdi cu melbi planetaThe Earth is a beautiful planet.
Related words: lunra, mluni, terdi, solri, munje

platux1(entity) plots, designs x2(entity) for purpose x3(state of x2, process of x2)

lo platu — designer. lo se platu — plot. lo te platu — purpose of a plot.
i mi platu le ka klama la nipon vau le ka surlaI'm planning to go to Japan to take rest.
Related words: cartu

plejix1(entity) pays x2(entity, property of x1) to x3(entity) for x4(entity, property of x1)

lo pleji — payer. lo se pleji — payment. lo te pleji — payee. lo ve pleji — something paid for.
i mi pu pleji le se jerna le bersa be mi le ka sidju miI paid my son for what he earned for helping me.
Related words: canja, cnemu, friti, kargu, vecnu, jdima, prali, jerna, sfasa, dunda, jinga, dapma, cirko, dirba

plibux1(entity) is a pubic area of x2(entity)

lo plibu — pubic area, external genitalia.
i la edvard pu darxi le plibu be mi se pi'o le jamfuEduard hit my pubis with a foot.
Related words: seksi, gletu, nakpinji, vibna, vlagi, ganti, mabla

plipex1(entity) jumps to x2(entity) from x3(entity) through route x4(entity) ...

i le mlatu pu plipe le bartu le dertu le galtu be le mi'u bitmuThe cat jumped to the outside from the ground over the fence.
Related words: bajra, stapa, cpare, lafti

plisex1(entity) is an apple of species x2(taxon)

lo plise — apple.
i le mi'u za'u plise cu makcuThe apples are ripe.
Comment: lo plise poi grute is @@apple fruit, lo plise poi tricu is @@apple tree. plise alone can denote either of them.
Related words: grute, tricu

plitax1(entity) is a geometrical plane defined by points x2(entity set)

lo plita — plane (shape).
i le toldi poi cpare le za'u xrula pe le mi'u loldi co'a se plita le melbiButterflies creeping along the flowers formed a beautiful flat shape.
Related words: xutla, sefta, tapla, karda, boxfo, pinta

plixax1(entity) ploughs x2(entity) using x3(entity) ...

lo plixa — plowman, ploughman. lo se plixa — ploughed, plowed. lo te plixa — plough, plow.
i le mi'u te cange pu plixa le dertu pa bardaThe farmer ploughed the ground using a large plow.
Related words: kakpa, sraku, katna, skuro

plixaux1(entity) is useful for user x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo plixau — useful.
i le ka tavla cu plixau do le rinka be le nu do certu la lojbanTalking would be useful for you in becoming an expert in Lojban.
Related words: pilno, xamgu, melbi, xlali, vrude, zabna

plujax1(entity) is complex in x2(property of x1) ...

lo pluja — complex.
i le mi'u tcini cu pluja le ka se ciksiThe situation is hard to explain.
Related words: cfipu, banli, sampu, jgena

plukax1(event, state) pleases x2(entity) ; x2 enjoys x1 ...

lo pluka — pleasant event. lo se pluka — pleased, glad.
i mi se pluka le ka kelci la tenisI like playing tennis.
i mi se pluka le ka limna le xamsiI enjoy swimming in the sea.
Related words: rigni, melbi, nelci, prami

plutax1(entity) is a route to x2(entity) from x3(entity) (entity set) ...

lo pluta — route.
i pluta le aftobuso tcana ti fa le nu klama le zunle gi'e ba bo ze'a klama le crane gi'e ba bo klama le prituThe route to the bus station from here is the following: you turn left, then go straight for a while, and then turn right.
Comment: for means to a goal lo se zukte is to be used.
Related words: litru, flu'ente, naxle, dargu, klaji, tcana, ve klama, tadji, zukte, klama, pagre

po'ethat inalienably belongs to ... (a noun follows)

i le cidni po'e mi cu cortuMy knee aches.
Comment: po'e is used organs, limbs of body, for parental relationships. pe is a more generic particle.

po'o [interjection]uniquely, only, solely (the only relevant case), po'o cu'ifor one (not excluding other), po'o naiamong others

i le troci ku po'o snada i je ku'i le troci po'o cu flibaOnly the one who tries, succeeds, and the one who only tries, fails.
i po'o mi na kansa le mi'u fetsiThe only thing is, I'm not with her.
i mi pu te vecnu le jisra ku po'oI bought only some juice.
i mi na zanru le ve sfasa noi po'o cu'i zekriI don't approve of punishments which, for one, are a crime.
i mi pu te vecnu le titla ku po'o naiI bought candies among other things.
Related words: pa mei, mulno, te panra

poi — turn clause into relative clause

i le mi'u nakni pu co'a speni pa ninmu poi pu se penmi bu'u le zarciHe married a woman met in the store.
i le mi'u nakni pu co'a speni pa ninmuHe married a woman.
Comment: that. Starts restrictive relative clause. Removing the relative clause with poi changes the meaning of the sentence.

poljex1(entity) folds x2(entity) at location x3(entity)

lo se polje — folded. lo te polje — fold, wrinkle, creae.
i mi pu polje pa boxfo so'i daI wrinkled the sheet of paper in several places.
Related words: korcu, cinje, boxfo, boxna

ponjox1(entity) is Japanese in x2(property of x1)

lo ponjo — Japanese.
i xu ti me le misno ke ponjo finpeIs this a famous Japanese fish?
Related words: xazdo, daplu, jungo, rusko

ponsex1(entity) owns x2(entity) under law x3(proposition)

lo ponse — owner, proprietor. lo se ponse — possessed, property (possessed).
i le mi'u prenu cu ponse pa karce le zekriThe person owns the car illegally (not under official law).
Related words: ckini, ralte, jitro, steci, srana, tutra, turni, zivle

porpix1(entity) breaks or shatters into pieces x2(entity)

lo se porpi — piece of something broken.
i le mi'u palta mo'u porpi so'i cmaluThe plate broke into many small pieces.
Related words: spoja, se katna, xrani, spofu

porsix1(entity full set) is a sequence ordered by rules x2(relation between members of x1, contains two places for ce'u) on unordered x3(entity full set of same type as x1)

lo porsi — sequence.
i li pa ce'o li re ce'o li ci cu porsi le ka ce'u mleca ce'u vau le namcu1, 2, 3 is a sequence of numbers where a number to the left is less than the number to the right.
i mi pu ganse le po'o porsi be fi le valsi i je mi na pu jimpe le smuni be le mi'u porsiI could only see a sequence of words, the sequence the meaning of which I couldn't understand.
Related words: fatne, ce'o, lidne, liste, cmima

portox1(entity) is Portuguese in x2(property of x1)

lo porto — Portuguese.
i le mi'u ninmu cu tavla fo le portoShe speaks Portuguese.
Related words: brazo

pralix1(entity, property of x2) is a profit or benefit to x2(entity) resulting from x3(property of x2)

lo prali — profit, benefit.
i ma prali do le ka tcidu le se cukta poi vasru no pixraWhat the use to you of reading a book that has no pictures?
Related words: vecnu, cnemu, pleji, jinga, canja, sfasa, jerna, jdima, dunda, zivle

pramix1(entity) loves x2(object, state)

lo prami — lover. lo se prami — loved.
i mi prami doI love you.
Comment: prami is to love, nelci is to like.
Related words: cinmo, xebni, nelci, djica, sinma, pluka, kurji, pendo, speni

pranex1(entity) is perfect or ideal in x2(property of x1)

lo prane — perfect.
i xu mi na prane le ka melbiAm I not perfect in my beauty?
i mi prane le ka vitke le rirni de'i ro li jy dy zeI visit my parents every Sunday without fail.
Related words: manfo, curve, traji, cfila, mulno

prejax1(entity) spreads over x2(state of x1) from initial state x3(state of x1)

lo se preja — area of expansion.
i le carvi pu fanta le nu le fagri cu preja le boske le mi'u foldiThe rain kept the fire from spreading to the forest from the field.
Related words: tcena, kuspe, ranji, fatri, muvdu, benji

prenux1(entity) is a person

lo prenu — person, people, folk.
i xo prenu ca zvati le bu'u kumfaHow many people are in this room now?
Comment: lo remna is human. In fairy tales and fantastic stories animals and alien beings from other planets can be called lo prenu - persons.
Related words: nanmu, ninmu, remna, zukte, sevzi

pretix1(text) is a question about x2(entity) ...

lo preti — question. lo se preti — subject of a question.
i mi pu cusku le preti poi du lu ma nuzba li'uI asked a question, "What are the news?"
Related words: retsku, cusku, nabmi, danfu, ciksi, spuda, cpedu

prijex1(entity) is wise about matter x2(property of x1) ...

lo prije — wise, sage.
i do pu ja'a sai prije le ka skicu la'e di'u miIt was really wise of you to tell me about it.
i mi pu prije le ka vecnu le mi'u karceYou were wise to sell the car.
Related words: bebna

prinax1(entity) is a print on x2(entity) made by x3(entity)

lo prina — print. lo se prina — surface printed on. lo te prina — printer.
i le mi'u minji na te prina le pelji le papriThe machine isn't printing the document on the paper.
Related words: cukta, papri, pelji, pixra, ciska, danre, barna

pritux1(entity) is to the right of x2(entity) in frame of reference x3(entity)

lo pritu — right (direction).
i le mi'u nanmu cu pritu le mi'u dinju miThe man is to the right of the house from my position.
Related words: ri'u, mlana, crane, trixe, farna, zunle

progax1(entity) is a computer program for doing x2(clause)

lo proga — computer program.
i mi co'i finti pa proga be le nu zmiku satre le mlatuI have written a computer program for giving cats strokes automatically.
Related words: sampla, skami, jai gau farvi, finti, ciska, pensi, mlatu

prosax1(text) is prose about x2(entity) (entity) (entity) ...

lo prosa — prose, prosaic text.
i ti cukta le prosa be le za'u kulnuThis book contains prose about cultures.
Related words: cfika, lisri, cukta, pemci, finti

protonix1(entity) is a proton

lo protoni — proton.
i le protoni cu kantuProton is an elementary particle.
Related words: kantu

prucex1(clause) is a process with input x2(entity) and output x3(entity) via stages x4(entity ordered group)

lo pruce — process. lo se pruce — process input. lo te pruce — process output. lo ve pruce — stage of a process.
i le nu zbasu le nanba cu pruce le purmo jo'u le djacu jo'u le sovda le nanba le nu mixre vo'e vau jo'u ba bo le nu jukpa — Making bread is a process with ingredients flour, water and eggs where one mixes them and then cooks.
Related words: farvi, tadji, grute, tcini

prulamdeix1(clause) is yesterday, the day before the day x2(clause)

lo prulamdei — yesterday, the day before.
i pu carvi ca le prulamdeiIt rained yesterday.
i mi pu penmi le mi'u nakni ca le prulamdei be le nu le mi'u nakni cu clivaI met him the day before he left.
Related words: djedi, cabdei, bavlamdei, cedra, ditcu

prunix1(entity) is elastic

lo pruni — elastic, spring (elastic).
i le mi'u bolci cu plipe ki'u le ka pruniThe ball bounces because it is elastic.
Related words: ckabu, tcena

pruxix1(entity) is a ghost

lo pruxi — ghostly, spiritual, ethereal.
i xu do terpa tu'a le pruxiAre you afraid of ghosts?
Related words: censa, lijda, mucti, xadni

pu [preposition of tense]before ... (in time), adverb: in past (expresses past tense)

i mi pu na viska le mi'u mlatuI didn't see the cat.
i mi pu prami pa nanmuI loved one man.
i mi ba tavla do pu le nu do clivaI will talk to you before you leave.

pu'i [preposition of potential]possibly can and at least once actually is or does ...

i xu do pu'i viska le fange ke vofli dactiHave you ever seen an unidentified flying object?
i mi djuno i ki'u bo mi pu'i tavla la alisI know, since I've already talked to Alice.
Comment: describes what can potentially happen and has already happened at least once.

pu'o [preposition of aspect]to be about to do or be ... (prospective aspect)

i mi pu'o citka le rectuI'm about to eat meat.

pulcex1(entity) is dust ...

lo pulce — dust.
i le pulce pu gacri le mi'u loldiDust covered the floor.
i le pulce brife cu muvdu tiA dust storm is coming.
i le mi'u dargu cu culno le pulceThe road is dusty.
Related words: te zalvi, danmo, purmo, sligu

puljix1(entity) is a police officer enforcing x2(property of x1)

lo pulji — police officer.
i le mi'u prenu cu pulji le nu le klaji cu smajiThe person is a police officer enforcing silence in the street.
Related words: catni, sonci, flalu, bandu, jemna, zekri, krati

pulnix1(entity) is a pulley used for x2(action of x1) rotating on x3(entity)

lo pulni — pulley. lo te pulni — axle of a pulley.
i ti pulni le nu cpacu le djacu le mi'u jinto vau le mudriThis is a wooden pulley to lift water from the well.
Related words: tutci, xislu, vraga

punjix1(entity) places, puts x2(entity) at x3(entity)

lo se punji — placed.
i e'o do punji le mi'u kabri le mi'u jubmePlease, put the cup onto the table!
i le mi'u skina pu punji mi le ka gleki cinmoThe movie put me in a happy mood.
Comment: x3 is the place, where something is being put.
Related words: cpacu, lebna, cpana, batke, setca

punlix1(entity) is a swelling, clump on x2(entity) ...

lo punli — swelling, clump, swollen.
i pu snime punli le mi'u darguIt was a clump of snow on the road.
i da punli le stedu be miI have a swelling on my head.
Related words: balji, cmana, plana

purcix1(clause) is earlier than or in the past of x2(clause)

lo purci — earlier event, past event. lo se purci — later event, future event.
i le nu la kevin cu cliva pu purci le nu mi mo'u klama le xotliKevin left earlier than I arrived at the hotel.
Related words: lidne, balvi, cabna, farna

purdix1(entity) is a garden or field of family or gardener x2(entity) growing crops x3(entity)

lo purdi — garden. lo se purdi — gardener. lo te purdi — crops of a garden.
i ti purdi lei rirni be mi le vriciThis is my parents' garden where different crops are grown.
Related words: foldi, cange, panka

purmox1(entity) is some powder of x2(entity)

lo purmo — powder.
i ti purmo le gurniThis is flour.
Related words: pulce, zalvi

py [pronoun]p (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like py is for the last lo papri used.

ra [pronoun] — a recent completed noun

i la alis pu ku mo'u klama pa zarci gi'e ba bo te vecnu le plise i ba bo ra klama le zdaniAlice entered a store and bought apples. Then she went home.

ra'e [digit/number] — infinite number of the same digit follows

i li pa fe'i ci du li pi ra'e ci"1/3 equals 0.(3)"

ra'i [preposition from krasi]beginning from ...

i mi pu ganse le pluka panci pe ra'i le mi'u purdiI felt a pleasant smell from the garden.

ra'o [interjection] — updates meaning from the viewpoint of the current speaker

i lu mi se pluka le ka penmi do li'u lu go'i ra'o li'u"I am pleased to meet you." "Me too."

ra'oi — quotes one next word and treats it as a rafsi. The quoted word must be delimited by pauses (in speech) or whitespace (in writing)

i ra'oi kla rafsi zo klamakla is an affix from the full verb klama.
Comment: rafsi sometimes can be not legal words on their own so to quote them ra'oi is useful.
Related words: ma'oi, zoi

ra'u [interjection]primarily, mainly (in importance), ra'u cu'iequally (in importance), ra'u naiincidentally (low in importance)

i ra'u ko tolxanka denpaAbove all, be patient.
i ei mi gunka i je ra'u cu'i ei mi surlaI need to work. But with equal importance I need to relax.
i ra'u nai mi na se spajiIncidentally, I'm not surprised.
Related words: ralju, vajni

raclix1(clause) is rational or sane ...

lo racli — rational event, sane event.
i racli fau da'iThat would make sense.
i racli fa le nu do pu cuxna le ka tavla bau la lojbanIt's rational that you chose to talk in Lojban.
Related words: fenki

ractux1(entity) is a rabbit of species x2(taxon)

lo ractu — rabbit.
i le ractu zi co'a se panziRabbits breed quickly.
Related words: mabru, kerlo

radnox1(entity) is x2(number: by default 1) radians ...

i ti noi jganu cu radno li paThis angle subtends one radian.
Related words: jganu, centi

rafsix1(text) is an affix for word x2(text) ...

lo rafsi — affix. lo se rafsi — word with affixes.
i ra'oi gau rafsi zo gasnu 'gau' is a rafsi of the verb gasnu.
Related words: valsi, lujvo, pagbu

ragvex1(entity) is across boundary x2(entity) from x3(entity)

i pa cribe cu ragve le mi'u rirxe miA bear is across the river from me.
Related words: dukti, kuspe, bancu, kruca, cripu, pagre

rai [preposition from traji]with the most one being ...

i mi nelci le jbari ne rai le fragariI like berries with strawberries being my favorite ones.
Comment: x1 of the clause describes the most one in the comparison described by clause itself. The noun after rai describes those among which the selection is done.

raktux1(entity) disturbs person x2(entity) ...

lo se raktu — disturbed.
i ko ko na raktu ta'i le ka cusku le simsaDon't trouble yourself saying such things.
i do raktu mi ja'e le nu mi de'a tadni la lojbanYou disturb me making me not learning Lojban.
Related words: dicra, fanza, zunti, kurji, xanka, nabmi

ralcix1(entity) is delicate, fragile in x2(property of x1)

lo ralci — fragile.
i ti noi xrula cu ralci le ka se tarmiThis flower has a delicate form.
Related words: jdari, ranti, tsali, milxe, kukte

raljux1(entity) is principal or chief among x2(entity full set) in x3(property of x1)

lo ralju — principal, chief.
i la alis cu ralju le nixli le ka cuxnaAlice is the main decision maker among the girls.
Related words: vajni, te bende, minde, lidne, jatna, jitro, gidva, midju

raltex1(entity) keeps or retains x2(entity, property of x1)

lo ralte — keeper. lo se ralte — kept.
i mi ralte le cidja ca ro nu mi litruI carry food whenever I travel.
i ralte le ka catke le mi'u karceHe keeps pushing the car.
i mi ralte re mlatuI keep two cats.
Related words: cirko, rinju, ponse, jgari, pinfu, stali, e'ande

rangox1(entity) is a bodily organ of x2(entity) performing function x3(property of nonce place)

lo rango — bodily organ. lo te rango — function of a bodily organ.
i le risna cu sluji rango fi le ka pambe le ciblu vi'u le xadniThe heart is the muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body.
i ti rango le insekto le ka tirnaThis is an organ of insects performing the function of listening.
Related words: besna, livga

ranjix1(event, state, property of nonce place) persists, continues over time interval or place x2(clause)

lo ranji — persistant.
i le gusni be fi le mi'u bombila cu ranji le mi'u nicteThe light bulb continued burning through the night.
i le djacu pu ranji le barda canluThe water continuously covered a large space.
Related words: temci, kuspe, renvi, cedra, citsi, manfo, vitci, cukla, fliba, preja, tcena

ranmix1(entity) is a myth about x2(entity) ...

lo ranmi — myth.
i mi pu tirna le simsa ranmi be pa cevniI heard a similar myth about a god.
Related words: lijda, lisri, crida

ransux1(entity) is a quantity of bronze ...

lo ransu — bronze.
i le ransu cu gunma le tunka joi tinciBronze is composed of copper and tin.
i ti noi vi'u pixra cu ransuThe statue is made of bronze.
Comment: lo ransu is an alloy made of copper and tin.
Related words: jinme, tunka, lastu

rantix1(entity) is soft to force x2(clause) ...

lo ranti — soft.
i le mi'u pesxu cu ranti le danreThe dough is soft when being pressurized.
Related words: ralci, jdari, lakse, tolpro, gradu

ranxix1(entity) is ironic, contrary to expectation x2(entity) in aspect x3(property of x1, state of x1)

lo ranxi — ironic, contrary to expectation.
i zo co'oi poi do pu cusku cu ranxi le ka se smuni zo coi vau le ka se smuni zo co'o"Chao" that you said was ironic in that instead of meaning "Hi!" it actually meant "Bye!"
i le mi'u te ranxi cu du le nu mi na merkoThe irony is that I'm not an American.

raplix1(entity) occurs, repeats x2(number) times

lo rapli — repeating event.
i le nu mi pu cusku zo coi le mi'u fetsi cu se rapli li ci i mi pu ci roi cusku zo coi le mi'u fetsiI said "Hello!" to her three times.
i le mi'u pruce cu rapli li muThe process occurs for the fifth time.
Related words: roi, cafne, krefu, fukpi, pilji, volta

rarnax1(entity) is spontaneous or natural

lo rarna — spontaneous.
i ti noi cripu cu rarnaThis bridge is a natural formation.
Related words: rutni, jinzi, nurma, stati

ratcux1(entity) is a rat of species x2(taxon)

lo ratcu — rat.
i le mi'u ratcu co'i canciThe rat disappeared.
Related words: smacu

ratnix1(entity) is an atom of element x2(number) of isotope number or weight x3(entity, number)

lo ratni — atom. lo se ratni — atomic number. lo te ratni — isotope number.
i le'e tabno cu ratni li xa li pa reCarbon is a chemical element number 6 and usually has the isotope number 12.
Comment: kantu is for a basic unit of a property or activity, selci is for a basic physical subunit, generally of a mass.
Related words: kantu, selci

rau [digit/number]enough

i rau stizu cu zvatiThere are enough chairs.
i le mi'u sakta cu me'i rau meiThe sugar is not enough.
Comment: subjective estimate.

re [digit/number]2, two

i re cribe ca cpana le bisliThere are two bears on the ice.

re'e [interjection modifier] — religious/worship/supernatural attribute, re'e cu'i — secular attribute, re'e nai — sacrilegious attribute

i ko na cliva mi doi le crida iu re'eDon't leave me, oh my beloved fairy!
i do io nai re'e nai se lijda le mablaYay, you built a temple (well, no religious feelings here)!
i ui re'e cu'i do'o pu zbasu le malsiYou belong to a shitty religion, no respect to you in this!
Comment: used without an attitudinal to indicate focus of the speaker.
Related words: lijda

re'i [vocative]ready to receive. Listening! (in radio communications), re'i nainot ready to receive

i lu ju'i li'u lu re'i do li'u"Hey!" - "Yes?"
i lu ju'i li'u lu re'i nai li'u"Hey!" - "Wait a bit…"

re'o [preposition of place]adjacent to ..., touching ..., contacting ...

i le mi'u nobli pu zutse re'o le jubmeThe sir was sitting touching the wall.

re'u [preposition] — turn number into adverb (or preposition) showing for which time it happens

i mi pu ci re'u penmi la alisI met Alice for the third time.
i mi zvati ti za'u re'uI'm here again.
Comment: event happens for the (n) time. The number (n) is put in front of re'u.

reblax1(entity) is a tail of x2(entity)

lo rebla — tail. lo se rebla — tailed.
i tu noi gerku cu se rebla le torduThat dog has a short tail.
Related words: nalci, pimlu, se lidne, trixe, birka, jimca

rectux1(entity) is some meat from x2(entity)

lo rectu — meat.
i ti rectu le bakniThis is beef.
Related words: sluji

remnax1(entity) is a human

lo remna — human.
i xu le remna ku po'o ka'e cmilaCan only humans laugh?
Related words: nanmu, ninmu, prenu

renrox1(entity) throws or launches x2(entity) to or at x3(entity)

lo se renro — thrown.
i pa nanla pu renro pa rokci le mi'u cankoA boy threw a stone at the window.
Comment: cecla is a more general term.
Related words: cecla, danti

renvix1(entity) survives or endures x2(clause) ...

lo renvi — survivor. lo se renvi — age.
i mi mo'u renvi le mi'u xlali tciniI survived that terrible situation.
Related words: ranji, kuspe, fapro, lifri, stali, temci

respax1(entity) is a reptile of species x2(taxon)

lo respa — reptile.
i le respa cu xabju le mi'u korbi be le mi'u rirxeReptiles inhabit the coast of the river.
Related words: danlu, banfi, since

retskux1(entity) makes a question x2 x2(text) to x3(entity)

lo retsku — asker. lo se retsku — question.
i le mi'u nixli pu retsku fi pa pulji fe lu ta'i ma klama la palma noi xotli li'uThe girl asked a police officer "How does one get to Palm hotel?"
Comment: alternatively one can say cusku lo preti - ask a question.
Related words: cusku, preti, spusku, pinka, spuda, bacru, tavla, casnu, cu'u, bangu, dapma, jufra

ri [pronoun] — refers to the immediately previous lo-noun that is completed

i ta me le cinri cukta i au mi te vecnu riThat is an interesting book. I'd like to buy it.
Comment: ri cannot refer to the noun in which it is located (and thus, which is not yet finished before ri is used).

ri'a [preposition from rinka]because of the cause ...

i ri'a le ka kucli vau le mlatu co'a morsiCat died because of being curious (curiosity killed the cat).

ri'e [interjection modifier] — expressing release of attitude, ri'e nai — expressing restraint of attitude

i oi ri'e mi cirko le ckiku pe miAh, I lost my keys.
i tugni na ku o'o ri'e nai fa le mi'u jatnahe doesn't agree! Ehm, well, the boss doesn't agree, you see.
i oi ri'e nai cortuMmm, it hurts.
Related words: rinju

ri'i [preposition from lifri]experienced by..., happening to...

i ri'i mi pu farluI experienced falling down.
Comment: patient case tag.

ri'u [preposition of cardinal direction]to the right of ..., adverb: rightwards

i pa nanmu cu sanli ri'u doThere is a man standing to the right of you.

ricfux1(entity) is rich in x2(property of x1)

lo ricfu — rich, wealthy.
i xu do ricfu le ka ponse le tumlaAre you rich in how much land you own?
Comment: x2 specifies the actual state of affairs that describes why x1 is considered rich.
Related words: solji, banzu, zildukse, pindi

rignix1(entity) is disgusting to x2(entity) ...

lo rigni — disgusting.
i le mi'u cidja cu rigni miThe food is disgusting to me.
Related words: djica, nelci, trina, vamtu, xebni, pluka

rijnox1(entity) is a quantity of silver

lo rijno — silver.
i le mi'u sicni cu rijnoThe coin is silver.
Related words: solji

riltix1(entity) is a rhythm, rhythmical pattern of x2(entity)

lo rilti — rhythm. lo se rilti — having a rhythm.
i le rilti be le mi'u pu se sanga be le mi'u nakni cu simsa le'u la la cu cu la la le mi'u'uThe rhythm of the phrase said by him was similar to la la tcu tcu la la.
Related words: damri, pemci, tonga, zgike, slilu, dikni, sanga, morna

rimnix1(text) rhymes with x2(text) in language x3(entity) with correspondence x4(property of x1 and x2)

lo rimni — having a rhyme. lo se rimni — rhyming with something.
i zo kansa rimni zo dansu la lojban le ka le ci lamji lerfu je pagbu be ce'u cu simxu le ka mintukansa rhymes with dansu in Lojban in that three adjacent letters in each of those words are the same.
Related words: pemci, sanga

rinci — liquid x1(entity) drains or flushes from x2(entity) through drain x3(entity) by force x4(entity)

lo rinci — draining liquid. lo te rinci — drain, strainer, colander.
i le djacu cu rinci pa tubnu za'u pa kevna le danreWater drains from a tube through holes being under pressure.
Related words: pambe, tisna, setca, flu'ente, muvdu, ganxo, rirxe

rinjux1(entity) is restrained by x2(entity) against x3(property of x1)

lo rinju — restrained. lo se rinju — restraining.
i le carmi flu'ente be le le tcadu pu se rinju mi le nu mi mo'u klama le brijuIntense traffic prevented me from getting to the office.
Related words: zifre, ralte, pinfu, kavbu, fanta, jgari, jimte, bapli, e'ande, kluza, tagji

rinkax1(event, state) causes effect x2(event, state) ...

lo rinka — cause. lo se rinka — effect.
i le nu ctuca cu rinka le nu farviEducation is the agent of progress.
Related words: gasnu, krinu, nibli, te zukte, se jalge, bapli, jitro, ri'a, mukti, ciksi, volta

rinsax1(entity) greets, welcomes x2(entity) ...

i mi pu rinsa la alis ta'i le ka jai gau slilu fai le xance be miI greeted Alice by waving my hand.
Related words: tolrinsa, a'oi, coi, co'o, fi'i

rircix1(entity) is rare, not usual in x2(property of x1) among x3(entity full set of same type as x1)

lo rirci — rare.
i le mi'u fetsi cu rirci le ka carmi gunka vau le tadni poi dunli vo'a le ka jai nancaShe works hard which is unusual among students of her age.
i mi pu rirci fi le pendo be mi fe le ka se cinri le fasnu e nai le farnaI was unusual among my friends in being interested in events and not trends.
Related words: cizra, fadni, cafne, kampu, cnano

rirnix1(entity) rears x2(entity) ; x1 is a parent of x2

lo rirni — parent (rearer).
i la edvard cu rirni la alisEdward is a parent of Alice.
Related words: rorci, mamta, patfu, sidju, dzena, famti, verba, bersa

rirxex1(entity) is a river of land mass x2(entity) draining watershed x3(entity) ...

lo rirxe — river. lo te rirxe — watershed of a river.
i ti rirxe pa sudga tumla le vifne poi flu'ente le xamsi le krasi pe le cmana le condiThis is a river in a dry land running its fresh waters in a deep river bed towards the sea from springheads in the mountains.
Related words: flu'ente, naxle, senta, daplu, djacu, lalxu, xamsi, rinci

rismix1(entity) is some rice of species x2(taxon)

lo rismi — rice.
i mi citka le rismi su'o roi ro djediI eat rice every day.
Related words: gurni

risnax1(entity) is a heart of x2(entity)

lo risna — heart.
i mi pu ganse le nu le rinsa be mi cu sutra sliluI felt my heart beating fast.
Related words: pambe, ciblu

ritlix1(property of x3) is a ceremony, rite for purpose x2(property of x3) in community x3(entity) ...

lo ritli — ceremony, rite.
i le ka pinxe le tcati su'o roi ro djedi vau fi mi'a ritli le ka tavla zu'aiTo drink tea is our ritual that we perform every day in order to talk to each other.
Related words: lijda, malsi, flalu, javni, tcaci, clite, junri

rivbix1(entity) avoids or escapes fate x2(event) through action x3(action of x1, state of x1)

lo se rivbi — avoided event.
i mi pu rivbi le ka bilma vau le ka zmadu citka e le ka jinru le glare djacuI avoided becoming ill by eating more and plunging into hot water.
i le mi'u prenu pu rivbi lei puljiThe person evaded the police.
Comment: bandu - to defend (not necessarily successful), fanta - to prevent, se jersi - to be chased.
Related words: sisku, kalte, fapro

ro [digit/number]each, all

i ro pendo be mi cu cusku le se du'u mi simlu le ka tatpiAll of my friends say that I look tired.

ro'a [interjection modifier] — interacting socially (communication, customs), ro'a cu'i — not focused towards interacting socially, ro'a nai — focused away from interacting socially

i oi ro'a ca ti mi se cfipuAwkward. I'm confused.
i ui ro'a cu'i mi cikre le skami pe miI'm just puttering here by myself, fixing my computer.
i ui nai ro'a no da zvati tiI feel so lonely, nobody is here.
Comment: used without an attitudinal to indicate focus of the speaker.
Related words: jikca

ro'e [interjection modifier] — thinking/intellectual aspect, ro'e cu'i — not focused towards contemplating, ro'e nai — mindless action

i ui ro'e mi morjiYay, I remember!
i a'i ro'e cu'i mi ba zukteI will do it not putting much intellectual effort.
i do marvele iu ro'e naiThere is no logic in it, you are just wonderful.
Comment: used without an interjection to indicate focus of the speaker.
Related words: menli

ro'i [interjection modifier] — emotionally, ro'i cu'i — non-emotionally, ro'i nai — denying emotions

i ui ro'i sai mi'a jingaI'm just overwhelmed with emotions, we won!!
i do mo ro'iHow do you feel?
i ui ro'i cu'i mi kanroFeelings apart, I'm healthy.
i ui ro'i nai do snadaNo rejoicing from me, you succeded.
Related words: cinmo

ro'o [interjection modifier] — being restricted to physical body, ro'o cu'i — not oriented towards physical experience, ro'o nai — denying physical experience

i oi nai ro'o kukteYum, yum, it's tasty.
i ii ro'o cu'i ka'e karguI'm afraid it can be expensive.
i ii ro'o nai mi na drani punji le mi'u tanxeNo, not that it requires physical work, but I'm afraid I might not put the box correctly.
Comment: used without an attitudinal to indicate focus of the speaker.
Related words: xadni

ro'u [interjection modifier] — sexually, ro'u nai — sexual abstinence

i iu ro'u doi le nanlaBoy, you are hot, I love you.
i do melbi iu ro'o cu'iYou are pretty, not that I love you in sexual sense.
i do mi kansa ui ro'u nai doi le pendoYay, you are with me, my buddy.
Comment: used without an attitudinal to indicate focus of the speaker.
Related words: seksi

roi [preposition] — turn number into adverb (or preposition) showing for how many times it happens

i mi pu'i pa roi zvati la parisI was in Paris once in my life.
i mi pu'i re roi penmi la alisI met Alice twice, two times.
i mi pu'i so'i roi zvati la parisI have been to Paris may times.
i mi limna pa roi ro jeftuI swim once a week.
Comment: event happens (n) times. The number (n) is put in front of roi.

rokcix1(entity) is a rock ...

lo rokci — rock, stone.
i le mi'u nanla ca'o renro le za'u rokciThe boy is throwing stones.
Related words: kunra, jemna, canre

romgex1(entity) is a highly reflective surface of metal x2(entity)

i pa verba ne se pi'o le degji pu pencu le romge be le mi'u karceA child touched the reflecting surface of the car with his finger.
Related words: jinme

ropnox1(entity) is European in x2(property of x1)

lo ropno — European.
i ti noi nanla cu ropno le ka tavla tai ma kauThis boy is European in how he speaks.

rorcix1(entity) procreates x2(entity) with coparent x3(entity)

lo rorci — parent (procreator), procreator.
i le mi'u ranmi danlu cu se rorci pa remna pa bakniThe mythical animal was procreated by a human and a bull.
Related words: grute, gutra, rirni, se panzi, mamta, patfu, tarbi, bersa, ferti, jbena, sovda

rotsux1(entity) is thick in length/width etc. x2(property of x1) ...

lo rotsu — thick.
i le mi'u dargu cu rotsu le ka se pagbu tiThe road is thick here.
Comment: the third largest dimension. ganra, rotsu and clani specify the three dimensions of objects.
Related words: barda, cinla, ganra, clani, condi, plana, jmagutci, minli

rozgux1(entity) a rose of species x2(taxon)

lo rozgu — rose (plant).
i pluka panci le rozgu pe le mi'u purdiRoses in the garden have a pleasant scent.
Related words: spati, xunre

ru'a [interjection]I postulate, I presume

i ru'a mi milxe le ka bilmaI presume, I am a bit ill.
Related words: sruma

ru'e [right scalar particle] — shows weak intensity of interjection or interjection modifier

i mi na ru'e se slabu doI hardly know you.
i ui ru'e do snadaYay, you won.
Comment: ui ru'e marks slight happiness, zo'o ru'e marks slightly humorous remarks.

ru'i [preposition of aspect]continuously (protractive aspect), ru'i naiintermittently

i mi pu ru'i citka le mangoI ate apples on and on.
i pu ru'i gusniThe light was glowing.
i pu ru'i nai gusniThe light was flashing.

ru'u [preposition of cardinal direction]surrounding ..., adverb: around

i pa megdo be le toldi ca'o dansu ru'u miA million of butterflies are dancing around me.

rublex1(entity) is weak, frail in x2(property of x1) ...

lo ruble — weak, frail.
i le mi'u laldo prenu cu ruble le ka pinxe si'u naiThe old man is weak in being able to drink himself.
Related words: carmi, vlipa, tsali, kandi, kandi, milxe

rufsux1(entity) is rough in texture

lo rufsu — rough (in texture).
i le mi'u skapi cu rufsuThe skin is rough.
Related words: xutla, tengu, vitci

runtax1(entity) dissolves in x2(entity) making solution x3(entity) ...

lo runta — dissolving. lo te runta — solution (mixture).
i e'o te runta fi le kunraMineral water, please.
i le mi'u jisra cu te runta le sakta jo'u le jbari le djacuThe juice is made of sugar and berries dissolved in water.
Related words: litki, mixre, sligu, sudga

rupnux1(entity) costs x2(number) major money units in monetary system x3(entity)

lo rupnu — measured in dollars / roubles / euro / yuan. lo se rupnu — money units (dollars / roubles / euro / yuan).
i ti noi jisra cu rupnu li ci la e'uropasThis juice costs three euros (European major money units).
Related words: jdini, sicni, jdima, vecnu, fepni, dekpu, jmagutci, minli, merli, bunda, kramu

ruskox1(entity) is Russian in x2(property of x1)

lo rusko — Russian.
i xu do tavla fo le ruskoDo you speak Russian?

rutnix1(entity) is artificially made by people x2(entity)

lo rutni — artificial.
i ti noi jemna cu rutni le patfu be miThis gem is artificial and made by my father.
Related words: rarna, se zbasu, arte, larcu, gundi, slasi

rutpapaiax1(entity) is a papaya fruit of variety x2(taxon)

lo rutpapaia — papaya.
i le makcu rutpapaia cu se panci le rigniRipe papaya smells disgusting.
Related words: grute

ry [pronoun]r (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like ry is for the last lo rirxe used.

sasa [word] erases text to the left until "[word]" is found.

i doi la alis ko klama ti sa i doi la kevin ko klama tiAlice, come here! No, ... Kevin, come here!

sa'ai [middle separator] — See le'ai — ends a construct started with: lo'ai

Comment: See le'ai.

sa'e [interjection]precisely speaking, sa'e nailoosely speaking

i mi ca zvati le centero be le mi'u tcaduTo be precise, I'm in the center of the city.
i le arxokuna cu mabru sa'e naiRaccoons are mammals, roughly speaking.
Related words: satci, jibni

sa'u [interjection]simply, sa'u nai — elaborating

i mi le zabna pu se funca sa'uI was just lucky.
i do zukte maWhat are you doing?
i mi ca tcidu sa'uI'm just reading.
i do tcidu ma sa'u nai daiWhat are you reading, please, elaborate.
i sa'u nai mi pu penmi pa ninmu noi mi pu tadni ka'ai ke'aTo add details, I met a woman who I had studied with.
Related words: sampu, pluja

sabjix1(entity) provides x2(entity, property of x3) to x3(entity)

lo sabji — provider. lo se sabji — provided.
i le bakni cu sabji le ladru mi'aCows provide us with milk.
i mi ba sabji fi do fe ro se nitcu be doI will provide you with everything you need.
i ko sabji le ciblu miBe my blood donor!
Related words: krasi, sorcu

sabnux1(entity) is a cabin of vehicle x2(entity)

lo sabnu — cabin of a vehicle. lo se sabnu — vehicle with a cabin.
i ra pu zutse le sabnu be le mi'u blanu karceHe was sitting in the cabin of the blue car.
Related words: bloti, marce, vinji, karce

sackix1(entity) is a match, device to make fire ...

lo sacki — match (lighter).
i ko jai gau jelca fai pa sackiLight up a match.
Related words: fagri, jelca

saclux1(text) is the decimal equivalent of fraction x2(number) in base x3(number)

i me'o re pi mu saclu li mu fe'i re li pa no2.5 is the decimal equivalent of the fraction 5/2 in base 10.
i le saclu be li pai bei li pa no cu cimni le ka claniThe decimal expansion of the number π (pi) is infinitely long.
Related words: namcu, frinu

sai [right scalar particle] — shows strong intensity of interjection or interjection modifier

i ui sai do snadaYay, you won!
Comment: ui sai marks strong happiness, zo'o sai marks very humorous remarks.

sakcix1(entity) sucks, inhales x2(entity) into x3(entity)

lo se sakci — sucked, inhaled.
i le mi'u prenu pu sakci le danmo pe ra'i le mi'u fagri le fepniHe inhaled some smoke from the fire into his lungs.
Related words: cokcu, lacpu, flu'ente

saklix1(entity) slides or glides on x2(entity)

i pa sportivo pu sakli le bisliA sportsperson was gliding on the ice.
i o'i le mi'u loldi cu se sakliWarning! The floor is slippery.
Related words: mosra, fulta, skiji, xutla

saktax1(entity) is sugar ...

lo sakta — sugar.
i mi djica tu'a le tcati be se cau le saktaI want some tea without sugar.
Related words: silna, titla

salcix1(entity) celebrates x2(clause) by doing x3(property of x1)

lo se salci — event celebrated.
i mi pu salci le nu mi jai nanca li pa no vau le ka litru la niponI celebrated my 10th birthday by travelling to Japan.
Related words: sinma, jbena

salpox1(entity) is sloped with angle x2(entity) ...

lo salpo — sloped.
i ti salpo le jganu be fi le pintaThis is a slope towards the horizontal surface.
Related words: kurfa, tutci

saltax1(entity) is a salad with ingredients x2(entity)

lo salta — salad. lo se salta — ingredient of a salad.
i mi nelci le salta be le gruteI like fruit salads.
Related words: mixre, stasu

samcux1(entity) is a cassava or yam of species x2(taxon)

lo samcu — cassava, yam.
i xu do pu'i citka le torta be le samcuHave you ever eaten a cassava cake?
Related words: patlu, genja, jalna

samplax1(entity) makes computer program x2(entity)

lo sampla — programmer. lo se sampla — computer program.
i mi sampla le cmalu pe bau la xaskelI write small programs in Haskell.
Related words: proga, skami, jai gau farvi, finti, ciska, pensi, mlatu

sampux1(entity) is simple in x2(property of x1)

lo sampu — simple.
i ti noi skami cu sampu le ka se pilnoThis computer is easy to use.
i la alis na sampu le ka te jimpeAlice is not easy to understand.
Related words: pluja, curve, frili, manfo

sancex1(sound) is sound produced by x2(entity)

lo sance — sound. lo se sance — producer of a sound.
i le mi'u janbe pu se sance le claduThe bell had a loud sound.
i zo oi pu sance le mi'u brunaoi was the sound the brother emitted.
Related words: savru, tirna, voksa, siclu, slaka

sangax1(entity) sings x2(sound, text) to x3(entity)

lo sanga — singer. lo se sanga — song, sung.
i mi pu ciska le valsi e le zgike vu'o pe le se sangaI wrote down words and melody of a song.
i le mi'u nixli ca'o sanga la'e lu mi prami do li'uThe girl is singing the song "I love you".
i mi pu troci le ka sanga zo uiI tried to sing ui.
Comment: songs can consist of lyrics and melody. x2 describes either a part of it or the whole song.
Related words: pemci, rimni, rilti, siclu

sanjix1(entity) is aware or conscious of x2(entity)

lo sanji — aware, conscious.
i mi sanji le ka pu sreraI am aware that I made a mistake.
i a'o le mi'u nakni cu sanji le se cinmo be miI hope he is aware of my feelings.
Related words: menli, morji, ganse, sipna, cikna

sanlix1(entity) stands on x2(entity) supported by x3(entity)

i ra pu sanli le canre le jamfuHe was standing on the sand on his feet.
Related words: kamju, sraji, tuple, zbepi, sarji

sanmix1(entity) is a meal including x2(entity)

lo sanmi — meal. lo se sanmi — dish of a meal.
i mi pu citka pa sutra sanmi be le sovda jo'u le ckafiI had a quick meal of eggs and coffee.
Comment: the same as gunma but applied to food. One can eat both a lo se sanmi (part of meal) or lo sanmi (the whole meal).
Related words: barja, stasu, gusta, sanso

sansox1(entity) is a sauce for use with x2(entity) containing x3(entity)

lo sanso — sauce, gravy.
i mi nelci le sanso be le nudle bei le tamcaI like tomato sauce in noodles.
Related words: sanmi, mixre, stasu

santax1(entity) is an umbrella ...

lo santa — umbrella.
i mi pu kanpe tu'a le carvi gi'e jgari pa santaI was expecting rain and took an umbrella.
Related words: carvi, solri

sarcux1(clause) is necessary for x2(state, process) to take place ...

lo sarcu — necessary condition, condition (necessary, requirement).
i le ka sipna cu sarcu le ka kanroTo sleep is a requirement of being healthy.
Comment: nitcu is to be in need, sarcu is is necessary, is a requirement
Related words: sau, nitcu

sarjix1(entity) supports, holds up x2(entity) against x3(entity) ...

lo sarji — supporter. lo se sarji — supported.
i ko sarji mi le nu mi badriSupport me against my boredom.
Related words: bradi, darlu, fapro, sidju, tugni, bongu, ckana, cpana, loldi, sanli, selfu

sarlux1(entity) is a spiral or helix ...

lo sarlu — helix, spiral.
i le calku be ti noi luska cu sarluThe shell of this mollusk is spiral in form.
Related words: korcu, tarmi

sarxex1(entity) is harmonious or in agreement with x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2, contains two places for ce'u)

lo sarxe — harmonious.
i le za'u vi prenu cu sarxe le rarna le ka ce'u jikca ce'uThese people are in harmony with nature in interacting with each other.
Related words: satci, panpi, mapti, tugni, ckini

saskex1(entity) is a lore, mass of facts about x2(proposition) based on methodology x3(clause)

lo saske — science, lore. lo se saske — subject of a science. lo te saske — methodology of a science.
i mi tadni le saske be le mi'u du'u mikceI study the medical science.
i le cmaci cu saske le mi'u du'u le namcu cu simxu le ka ckini vau le nu lanli le mi'u namcuMathematic is a science of how numbers are related to each other based on their analysis.
Related words: datni, fatci, djuno, cipra, pensi, jimpe

satcix1(entity) is exact to precision x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo satci — exact.
i le mi'u jubme cu satci rau da le ka mitre li re le ka claniThe table is exactly two meters long.
i le mi'u jubme cu satci le mitre be li pi no pa rau da le ka mitre li re le ka claniThe table is two meters long within an error of 0.01 meters.
Related words: sarxe, dunli, merli, mapti, kancu, mintu

satrex1(entity) strokes x2(entity) with x3(entity)

lo se satre — stroked.
i la kevin pu satre pa mlatu le xanceKevin stroke a cat with a hand.
Related words: mosra, pencu

sau [preposition from sarcu]requiring ...

i do ba nenri sau le nu do cusku le ckiku valsiYou enter with the requirement of saying a password.

savrux1(entity) is a noise to x2(entity) perceived via x3(property of x2)

lo savru — noise.
i da savru bu'u le mi'u kumfaThe room is noisy.
i le vi ru'i nai gusni se la'u li du'e savru mi le ka se viskaThese flashes are too noisy.
Comment: noise can refer not only to sound but to any "noisy", i.e. irritating or chaotic objects.
Related words: sance, cladu, kerlo, smaji, tirna, siclu

sazrix1(entity) operates machine x2(entity) with goal x3(property of x1)

lo sazri — driver, operator. lo se sazri — driven, operated.
i pa pendo be mi pu sazri le minji le ka kakpa le dertuMy friend operated the machine to dig ground.
Related words: gidva, xlura, pilno, tutci, jitro, gunka

se [place converter] — switches 1st and 2nd places of verb

i mi se slabu le mi'u nanmu i va'i le mi'u nanmu cu slabu miI am familiar with the man.

se ba'i [preposition from se basti]being a replacement of ..., adverb: instead

i se ba'i ku mi pu citka pa tortaInstead, I ate a cake.
i mi ne se ba'i do pu zukteI did it instead of you.

se cau [preposition from se claxu]lacking ...

se du'u [clause prefix] — turn clause into quote

i mi pu cusku fi la edvard fe le se du'u le karce pe mi cu spofuI told Eduard that my car is broken.
Comment: x1(text) is the sentence expressing the clause x2 (clause). Used for reported speech.

se ja'e [preposition from se jalge]resulting from ...

i se ja'e le ka pu cinmo le mabla vau mi pu gunka no daBecause of my bad mood I didn't work.

se ji'u [preposition from se jicmu]given that ..., based on ...

i ma pemci se ji'u le mi'u se sangaWhat is the lyrics of the song?

se ka'a [preposition from se klama]going to ...

i mi pu cadzu se ka'a le mi'u rirxeI walked to the river.
Comment: in the clause where seka'a is used x1 is the one who goes.

se la'u [preposition]to the degree of ... (number follows)

i le mi'u prenu cu clani se la'u li so'iThe person is very tall.
i le nu cuxna se la'u li du'e nanduIt's too hard to choose.
i ti se la'u li so'o boskeThis is jungle, not a real forest.
i le mi'u dinju se la'u li so'i banliTo a large degree the building is great.
Comment: shows the degree in which the verb is true.

se mau [preposition from se zmadu]more than ...

i nelci do fa mi ne se mau la alisI like you more than Alice likes you.
i mi nelci do ne se mau la alisI like you more than Alice.
Comment: the clause itself describes the comparison.

se me'a [preposition from se mleca]less than ...

i nelci do fa mi ne se me'a la alisI like you less than Alice likes you.
Comment: the clause itself describes the comparison.

se ni'i [preposition from se nibli] — adverb: logically therefore

i ro gerku cu danlu i se ni'i nai bo ro danlu cu gerkuAll dogs are animals. However, it doesn't follow from that that all animals are dogs.
i mi pu na zvati le mi'u tcadu i se ni'i bo na ku ka'e ku mi penmi la kevinI wasn't in the city so I couldn't meet Kevin.

se pi'o [preposition from se pilno]with ..., using ...

i mi citka se pi'o pa forca i mi pe se pi'o pa forca cu citkaI eat with a fork.
Comment: in the clause where se pi'o is used x1 is user.

se rai [preposition from se traji]being most in ...

i mi ro roi jinga se rai le ka claniI always win being the tallest one.
Comment: x1 of the clause corresponds to the most one in comparison specified after se rai.

se va'u [preposition from se xamgu]for ..., for the benefit of ...

i mi se va'u do mo'u klamaI arrived for you.
Comment: beneficiary case tag.

se'a [interjection modifier] — self-sufficiency, se'a nai — dependency

i fa se'a le mi'u verba pu kelciThe child played by himself.
i fa se'a nai le mi'u cifnu cu cadzuThe infant walks but not by himself.
Related words: lacri

se'i [interjection modifier] — interjection is self-oriented, se'i nai — interjection is oriented towards others

i oi se'i mi pu sreraOh, I made a mistake.
i oi se'i nai da spofu botpi bu'u le loldiSomeone would be discontented, there is a broken bottle on the floor.
Related words: drata

se'o [interjection]I know from a dream, vision, or personal revelation

i se'o do ba snadaI have a feeling you will succeed.
Comment: za'a is for expressing external experience, se'o is for expressing internal experience.
Related words: senva

se'u [terminator] — ends a construct started with: sei

seftax1(entity) is a surface of object x2(entity) ...

lo sefta — surface.
i le sefta be le mi'u najnimre cu xutlaThe orange has a soft surface.
Related words: tengu, crane, flira, plita, bliku

sei — turn verb into interjection

i sei mi morji do samplaAs I remember, you are a programmer.
i sei mi bebna le mi'u zarci cu se stuzi le drataSilly me, the store is in another place.
Comment: ends in a selbri (main verb).

seksix1(entity) in activity or state x2(property of x1) exhibits biological or social sexuality x3(property of x1)

lo seksi — sexy. lo se seksi — sexual activity. lo te seksi — social gender, biological gender.
i ti noi finpe ca seksi le ka punji le sovda vau le ka fetsiThis fish demonstrates its female sexuality by laying eggs.
i do seksi le ka se asna vau le ka ninmuYou took a sexy feminine pose.
i le mi'u tigni cu seksi le ka dasni pa tordu skaci vau le ka ninmuThe actor shows her female sexuality by wearing a short skirt.
Related words: gletu, nakpinji, plibu, vibna, vlagi

selbrivlax1(text) is a morphologically defined predicate word, verb word

lo selbrivla — verb word.
i zo mlatu selbrivlamlatu is a selbrivla.
Comment: mlatu, e'ande, zildukse are selbrivla.
Related words: lujvo, gismu, zi'evla, cmavo

selcix1(entity) is a cell, atom, basic subunit of body x2(entity)

lo selci — indivisible, cell, atom, basic subunit.
i mu'o nai do ro selci be le xadni cu cmima pa le so'i klesiFurthermore, each cell in the body belongs to one out of many classes.
Comment: kantu allows to express properties of particles.
Related words: kantu, ratni, gradu

selfux1(entity) serves x2(entity) with service x3(property of x1)

lo selfu — servant. lo se selfu — master. lo te selfu — service.
i le mi'u gerku cu selfu mi le ka bevri le cutciThe dog serves me by bringing shoes.
Related words: sidju, sarji, gunka
  1. N/A

sencix1(entity) sneezes

i gau ko ganlo fa le moklu be do ca le nu do senci gi'a kafkeCover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.
Related words: bilma, kafke

senpix1(entity) doubts that x2(proposition) is true

lo senpi — irresolute.
i mi senpi le mi'u du'u ba carviI doubt if it will rain.
i le jalge ca'o se senpiThe result is still in doubt.
Related words: jinvi, krici, djuno, birti

sentax1(entity) is a layer of material x2(entity) within structure x3(entity)

lo senta — layer.
i ti senta le spati le cmana jo'u le vacriThis is a layer of plants between the mountain and the air.
Related words: flu'ente, nenri, rirxe, sepli, snuji, jbini, bitmu, sruri, skalera

senvax1(entity) dreams about x2(proposition, idea, event, state)

lo senva — dreamer. lo se senva — dream.
i mi senva le nu mi vofli ne'i le dilnuI dream about flying in the clouds.
i mi senva tu'a le sance be le carviI dream the sound of rain.
Related words: sipna, xanri

seplix1(entity) is separate from x2(entity), separated by x3(entity)

lo sepli — separate, alone.
i zo i te sepli le jufra le jufrai separates sentence from sentence.
i le briju pe mi cu sepli le zdani be mi zo'ei ze'a le cacraMy office is one hour away from my home.
i le xamsi ti ma sepliWhat is the distance to the sea?
Related words: bitmu, snuji, senta, fendi, curve, jinsa, bitmu, marbi

setcax1(entity) inserts or puts x2(entity) into x3(entity)

lo se setca — inserted.
i le mi'u mikce cu setca pa jesni pa birka be la alis se gau le nu le mi'u xukmi cu muvdu le cibluThe doctor inserted the needle into Alice's arm so that the chemical got into the blood.
Related words: rinci, tisna, punji, jbini, nenri, jmina, culno, kunti, catlu

sevzix1(entity) is a self of x2(entity: by default x1)

i mi lumci le sevziI wash myself.
Comment: sevzi is usually used in lujvo. Outside lujvo lo nei is usually used instead.
Related words: mi, prenu, menli, jgira

sfanix1(entity) is a fly of species x2(taxon)

lo sfani — fly (insect).
i xu le vi sfani cu ckapeAre these flies dangerous?
Related words: cinki, bifce

sfasax1(entity) punishes x2(entity) for x3(event of x2, state of x2, action of x2, ) with punishment x4(event of x2, state of x2)

lo se sfasa — punished. lo te sfasa — reason for punishment. lo ve sfasa — punishment.
i le mi'u rirni pu sfasa le mi'u verba le ka jai gau spofu fai le palta vau le ka na e'ande vo'e le ka kelci bu'u le zdaniThe parent punished the child for breaking the plate by not allowing playing at home.
Comment: x4 is the state the punished one gets.
Related words: cnemu, pleji, venfu, zekri, canja, dunda, jdima, jerna, kargu, prali, dapma, cirko, jinga

sfofax1(entity) is a sofa

lo sfofa — sofa.
i au mi te vecnu le pa sfofaI would like to buy a sofa.
Related words: nilce

sfubux1(entity) dives or swoops to x2(entity) from x3(entity)

lo sfubu — diver.
i mi pu sfubu le lenku djacu le korbi be le lalxuI dived to the cold water from the shore of the lake.
Related words: farlu

si — erases one last Lojban word. non-Lojban text is treated as one word

i au mi citka le pa kokso si perliI'd like to eat a coconut, no, pear!
i mi pu cusku zoi gy.hello, friends!.gy. si zoi gy.hello, kids!.gy.I said "Hello, friends!", ehm, no, "Hello, kids!"

si'a [interjection]similarly, si'a nainot similarly

i mi si'a pu vitke le mi'u tcadu i sa'u go'i ca pa drata nancaI also visited the city (just in another year).
i mi nelci le finpe si'a naiBut i like fish.
Comment: ji'a means additionally, si'a means similarly implying that there is another salient difference.
Related words: simsa, panra

si'au [interjection]It seems

i si'au le mi'u fetsi cu xebni doIt seems, she hates you.
i si'au le mi'u ctuca pu na pacnaIt seems, the teacher was disappointed.

si'e [verb] — turn number into verb denoting portion of a mass

i le stati cu kakne le ka zukte su'o zabna i ku'i le go'i cu mo'a si'e lei se gugdeSmart people can do nice things. But they represent a too small fraction of citizens.
i le stati prenu cu kakne le ka zukte le zabna i ku'i le stati cu mo'a si'e lei se gugde prenuSmart people can do nice things. But they represent a too small fraction of citizens.
Comment: x1(entity) is the n-th part of mass x2(entity). The number (n) is put in front of si'e, pi mu here would mean 0.5, i.e. half.

si'o [clause prefix] — turn clause into verb

i mi nelci le si'o xunreI like the color red.
Comment: x1 (clause) is a concept described in the clause that follows.

si'u [preposition from sidju]with the help of ...

i le mi'u verba ca kakne le ka cadzu vau si'u le rirniThe child is able to walk now with the help of parents.
Comment: in the clause where si'u is used x1 is the one being helped, the help itself is described by the clause.

si'u nai [preposition from na sidju]without help, adverb: oneself

i mi kakne le ka punji si'u naiI can put it myself.

siclux1(entity) whistles sound x2(sound, text)

lo se siclu — whistled.
i le mi'u nakni pu ca'o siclu le claduHe was whistling something loud.
Related words: sance, tonga, sanga, zgike, savru

sicnix1(entity) is a coin ...

lo sicni — coin.
i ti me le sicni poi jdini lei fraso turniThis is a coin issued by French government.
i mi pu cpacu ci le sicni poi rupnu li paI got three coins one dollar each in value.
Related words: fepni, jdini, rupnu

sidbox1(proposition) is an idea about x2(entity) by thinker x3(entity)

lo sidbo — idea.
i mi pu na te sidbo do le ka se la'u li xo kau ka'e xendo miI had no idea of how kind to me you can be.
Related words: ciksi, jijnu, mucti, jinvi, nabmi, pensi, xanri, si'o

sidjux1(entity) helps x2(entity) do x3(property of x2)

lo sidju — helper.
i pei e'o do sidju mi le ka tadni le cmaciCould you help me in studying math?
Related words: si'u, rirni, sarji, vipsi, ferti, selfu

sigjax1(entity) is a cigar or cigarette ...

lo sigja — cigar, cigarette.
i xu le mi'u smani ca'o damva'u le sigjaIs the monkey smoking a cigarette?
Related words: danmo, jelca, tanko, marna

silkax1(entity) is a silk produced by x2(entity)

lo silka — silk.
i la alis pu dasni pa silka pastuAlice was wearing a silk dress.
i le silka be le ankabuta ka'e tsaliSpider's silk can be durable.
Related words: curnu, bukpu, cilta

silnax1(entity) is some salt, NaCl ...

lo silna — salt.
i e'o ko te cpacu le silna miPlease, pass me the salt.
i le silna be le sodna cu cidjaA salt of Sodium is a food.
Related words: sakta

simlux1(entity) seems to have x2(property of x1) to observer x3(entity) ...

i mi te simlu fi do fe le ka se la'u li du'e tadniIt seems to me that you are studying too hard.
i le mi'u nu troci pu simlu le ka na sarcuThe attempt seemed to be unnecessary.
Related words: catlu, viska, simsa, zgana, ganse, jarco

simsax1(entity) is similar to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2 with kau)

lo simsa — similar.
i le skapi be le mi'u ninmu pu simsa le snime le ka blabiHer skin was white as snow.
i mi simsa le'e cipni le ka zifreI am free as a bird.
i do simsa fi so'i da fe le mensi be miYou are a lot like my sister.
i pa pendo be mi mi simsa le ka xabju ma kau i pa pendo be mi mi jibni le ka xabju ma kauMy friend and I live in similar apartments. My friend and I live nearby.
Comment: jibni is used when the difference is something generally measurable, whereas simsa is about difference in quality.
Related words: dunli, frica, mintu, panra, simlu, vrici

simxux1(entity set) mutually do x2(relation between members of x1, contains two places for ce'u)

lo se simxu — done mutually.
i do jo'u mi simxu le ka pramiYou and I love each other.
Related words: kampu, mintu

sincex1(entity) is a snake of species x2(taxon)

lo since — snake.
i ko na terpa le sinceDon't be afraid of snakes.
Related words: curnu, danlu, respa, vindu

sinmax1(entity) respects x2(entity)

lo se sinma — respected, venerated.
i no prije cu se sinma le se gugde be le gugde be vo'aNo wise man is respected by inhabitants of his own country.
Related words: banli, censa, misno, nelci, prami, salci, jgira

sinsox1(number) is the trigonometric sine of angle x2(number)

lo sinso — sine.
i li no sinso le radno be li pai0 is the sine of "pi" radians.
Related words: tanjo

sinxax1(entity, text) is a sign meaning x2(property of x1) to observer x3(entity)

lo sinxa — sign. lo se sinxa — meaning of a sign.
i fi le karce e le cadzu fa le xunre gusni cu sinxa le ka bilga le ka co'u muvduFor cars and pedestrians red light is a sign that they must stop.
Related words: lerfu, tcita, barna, mifra, smuni

sipnax1(entity) is asleep, sleeps

lo sipna — asleep.
i le mi'u verba ca'o sipnaThe child is sleeping.
Related words: senva, tatpi, cikna, sanji

sirjix1(entity) is straight or direct between x2(entity) ...

lo sirji — straight, direct (straight).
i le mi'u dargu cu sirji le snanu jo'u le bertiThe road goes straight from the south to the north.
Related words: korcu, linji, kuspe

siskux1(entity) searches for x2(property of x3) among x3(entity full set)

i mi sisku le ka te ciska vau le nenri be le mi'u nilceI'm searching in the furniture for something that one can write on.
Related words: mitysisku, zvafa'i, facki, snada, fliba

sistix1(entity) ceases, stops x2(action of x1, process of x1, state of x1)

lo se sisti — ceased, stopped.
i ko sisti le ka bebna tavlaStop babbling!
Related words: fanmo, mulno, cfari, denpa, fliba

sitnax1(entity) is a quotation, citation, reference to source x2(entity) citing information x3(proposition)

lo se sitna — quoted source.
i mi cusku lo sitna be la alis bei le du'u le mamta nau nu'o mo'u klama le zdaniI quoted Alice referring to the fact that the mother is not yet at home .
Related words: krasi

sivnix1(entity) is private, personal to x2(entity)

lo sivni — private.
i le tadji be le nu zbasu le poi tai kukte vau stasu cu sivni miHow to make such a tasty soup is a secret to me.
Related words: gubni, mipri

skacix1(entity) is a skirt ...

lo skaci — skirt.
i mi pu te vecnu pa tordu skaciI bought a short skirt.
Related words: taxfu, palku

skalerax1(entity) are stairs with steps x2(entity)

lo skalera — stairway, stairs. lo se skalera — step of stairs.
i ti skalera le ci jarkiThese are stairs with three narrow steps.
Related words: stapa, loldi, senta

skamix1(entity) is a computer ...

lo skami — computer.
i le skami pe mi cu spofuMy computer is broken.
Related words: kancu, minji, pensi

skapix1(entity) is a skin, leather, bark from x2(entity)

lo skapi — skin, leather, bark (of tree).
i le skapi be le cnebo be mi cu xunreThe skin on my neck is red.
Comment: pilka is a more general term.
Related words: pilka, calku, kerfa

skarix1(entity) is of colour x2(entity) as perceived by observer x3(entity) ...

lo skari — coloured, colored. lo se skari — colour, color.
i le mi'u dacti cu skari le xunreIt is colored red.
i le mi'u xrula cu skari le tsani miTo me the flower has the color of the sky.
Comment: x2 is the prototype having the color, e.g. lo tsani (sky) or lo xunre (red)
Related words: blanu, bunre, cicna, cinta, crino, grusi, narju, nukni, pelxu, xunre, zirpu, carmi, kandi, xekri, blabi

skicux1(entity) tells about, describes x2(object, event, state) to x3(entity) with description x4(property of x2)

lo skicu — describer. lo se skicu — described, told about. lo ve skicu — description.
i le gidva pu skicu fi mi'a fe le nu mi'a cliva ca le lerci vau le nu le aftobuso nu'o mo'u klamaThe guide explained to us that we would leave later in that the bus hadn't yet arrived.
i mi pu skicu pa cinri lisri pa panzi be miI told an interesting story to my child.
Comment: skicu is to tell, cusku is to say, tavla is to talk, benji su'o notci is to notify. The second place of skicu is filled with a topic like skicu su'o dansu (tell about dancers), the second place of cusku is filled with a text like cusku zo dansu (to say "dance"")
Related words: lisri, tavla

skijix1(entity) is a skate or ski for surface x2(entity) of sled x3(entity)

lo skiji — skate, ski, runner on a sled. lo te skiji — sled, ski kit.
i ai mi se marce le skiji be le djacuI am going to water ski.
i ei mi cikre le skiji be le djacu bei tiI should repair runners of this water sled.
Comment: sometimes lo te skiji (ski kit) consists of lo skiji (runners) only.
Related words: sakli, marce, cutci

skinax1(entity) is a video clip, movie about x2(entity) ...

lo skina — movie, film, video clip. lo se skina — plot of a movie.
i mi pu zgana pa skina be le cridaI watched a movie about magical beings.
Comment: can be applied to streaming video.
Related words: tivni, vidni, pixra, finti

skorix1(entity) is rope of filaments or material x2(entity)

lo skori — rope, cable. lo se skori — filament of a rope, filament of a cable.
i ti skori bi daThis cable consists of 8 filaments.
i tu skori le jinmeThat is a metal cable.
Comment: describes the object as consisting of more than one filament unlike cilta.
Related words: cilta, jgena, marna, bikla, li'anzi

skurox1(entity) is a groove in x2(entity)

lo skuro — groove, trench. lo se skuro — grooved surface.
i le mi'u skuro be le dertu cu ganraThe trench in the ground is wide.
Related words: plixa

slabux1(entity) is familiar to observer x2(entity) in x3(property of x1) ...

i mi na se slabu la kevinI'm not familiar with Kevin.
i la alis cu slabu mi le ka jukpa le kukte tortaAlice is familiar to me in cooking tasty cakes.
Related words: fange, clani, citno, cnino, se djuno

slakax1(text) is a syllable in language x2(entity)

lo slaka — syllable.
i zoi zoi.sla.zoi slaka la lojban"sla" is a syllable in Lojban.
Related words: sance, valsi, bangu

slamix1(entity) is a quantity of acid ...

lo slami — acid.
i le slami pu jai rinka le nu le xance be mi cu cortuThe acid made my hand hurt.
Related words: slari, nimre

slanux1(entity) is a cylinder ...

lo slanu — cylinder.
i mi zgana le nu le karce pe mi zi'e pe le xa mei slanu cu zmadu le laldo karce pe mi le ka vlipa vau so'i daI notice that my 6-cylinder car is much more powerful than my old car.
Related words: kamju, gunro

slarix1(entity) is sour to x2(entity)

lo slari — sour.
i le limxone cu slari so'e remnaLemon is sour to most people.
i le mi'u ladru cu sutra le ka slariThe milk turns sour fast.
Related words: slami, titla, kurki, nimre

slasix1(entity) is some plastic ...

lo slasi — plastic.
i ti noi dakli cu slasiThis bag is plastic.
Related words: rutni, boxfo, bukpu

sligux1(entity) is solid ...

lo sligu — solid.
i le mi'u ladru mo'u dunja gi'e ca sliguThe milk froze and is now solid.
Related words: runta, litki, gapci, jdari, dunja, pulce, jduli

slilux1(entity) oscillates with period x2(clause) through states x3(state full set, state full sequence)

lo slilu — oscillating. lo se slilu — period of oscillation.
i le mi'u gerku pu jersi le mi'u jatna fau le ka jai gau slilu le rebla be vo'aThe dog followed the master, wagging its tail.
i pa bombila pu slilu le snidu le ka te gusni le xunre jo'u le blanuA light bulb was flickering every second changing from red to blue light.
i le mi'u re nanla pu slilu fi le ka bajra se ka'a jo'u te ka'aThe two boys were running to and fro.
Related words: dikni, rilti, morna, desku, janbe, boxna

slirix1(entity) is a quantity of sulfur

lo sliri — sulphur.
i le sliri cu se pilno fi le ka zbasu le sackiSulfur is used for making matches.
Related words: xukmi, panci, pelxu

slujix1(entity) is a muscle controlling body part x2(entity) ...

lo sluji — muscle.
i ko palpi le sluji be le birka be miTouch and feel the muscle of my arm.
Related words: rectu, xadni, zajba

slunix1(entity) is an onion of species x2(taxon)

lo sluni — onion.
i ai mi co'e le tamca jo'u le sluniI'm going to have a tomato and an onion.
i ti noi stasu cu se vrusi le sluniThis soup tastes of onions.
Related words: stagi

smacux1(entity) is a mouse of species x2(taxon)

lo smacu — mouse.
i pa mlatu mo'u kavbu pa smacuA cat has caught a mouse.
Related words: ratcu

smadix1(entity) guesses, conjectures x2(proposition) is true about x3(entity)

lo se smadi — guess (hypothesis).
i mi na birti le se smadi be mi bei le tcimaI'm not sure in my guess about the weather.
i mi smadi le nu mi'o ba bai ze'u cadzuI guess you and I will have to walk for long time.
Related words: djuno, facki, jijnu, sruma

smajix1(entity) is quiet at observation point x2(entity) ...

lo smaji — silent.
i e'o do smajiPlease, be quiet.
i le mi'u xamsi cu simlu le ka smaji tiThe sea looks quiet in sound from here.
Related words: kerlo, panpi, savru, tirna

smakax1(entity) feels the taste x2(entity)

i mi smaka le tasta be le mi'u najnimreI taste the taste of the orange.
i mi smaka pa najnimreI taste an orange.
i mi smaka su'o titlaI feel something sweet.
Related words: tasta, vrusi, ganse, palpi, viska

smanix1(entity) is a monkey or ape of species x2(taxon)

lo smani — monkey.
i le mi'u boske cu culno le smaniThe forest is full of monkeys.
Related words: mabru, danlu

smokax1(entity) is a sock ...

lo smoka — sock.
i mi fliba le ka zvafa'i le smoka pe miI can't find my socks.
Related words: cutci, taxfu

smucix1(entity) is a spoon or scoop for x2(clause) ...

lo smuci — spoon, scoop.
i ko citka se pi'o le pa smuciEat with a spoon.
i ti smuci le nu kakpa le dertuThis is a scoop for digging ground.
Related words: dakfu, forca, tutci

smunix1(entity, text) is a meaning of x2(entity, text) accepted by observer x3(entity)

lo smuni — meaning. lo se smuni — meaningful.
i ma lojbo smuni zoi poi spanoWhat is the Lojban for Spanish "hola"?
i mi pu te smuni zoi zoi.y.zoi le nu mi na birtiBy saying y I meant that I wasn't sure.
Related words: jimpe, sinxa, valsi, tanru, gismu, lujvo, cmavo, jufra

smuskux1(entity) says x2(clause) for audience x3(entity)

lo smusku — who says. lo te smusku — audience.
i la jasmin pu smusku le jitfa doJasmine lied to you.
i la kevin pu smusku le nu do nitcu le nu mi sidju doKevin said that you need my help.
Comment: x2 is a clause, not a quote (unlike cusku)
Related words: cusku, retsku, spusku, spuda, cu'u, bacru, tavla, casnu, bangu, dapma, jufra, pinka

snadax1(entity) succeeds at x2(event of x1, state of x1, achievement of x1) because of effort x3(event of x1, state of x1, property of x1)

lo te snada — successful effort.
i mi pu snada le ka gasnu tu'a le fagri vau le ka jai gau mosra pa grana pa granaI succeeded in producing fire by rubbing one stick against another.
Related words: fliba, troci, jgira

snanux1(entity) is to the south of x2(entity) (entity) ...

lo snanu — southern.
i le pendo be mi cu xabju bu'u le snanu be tiMy friend live to the south of this place.
Related words: berti, stuna, stici, farna

snidux1(clause) is x2(number) seconds long ...

lo snidu — second-long event.
i le nu mi pu bajra cu snidu li pa muI ran in 15 seconds.
Comment: if x2 is not used denotes one second in duration
Related words: cacra, junla, mentu, tcika, centi

snimex1(entity) is some snow

lo snime — snow.
i le mi'u snime cu lenkuThe snow is cold.
Related words: bratu, carvi, bisli

snipax1(entity) sticks or adheres to x2(entity)

lo snipa — sticky, glue.
i le cirla pu snipa le moklu be miThe cheese sticked to my mouth.
Related words: tarla, viknu

snujix1(entity) is a sandwich of x2(entity) sandwiched between x3(entity group)

lo snuji — sandwich.
i mi pu citka pa snuji be le rectu bei le nanbaI ate a bread sandwich with meat inside.
Related words: midju, nenri, sepli, senta, jbini, bitmu, sruri

snurax1(entity) is safe from threat x2(entity)

lo snura — safe from a threat.
i mi'o snura le ka se gunta le bramlatuWe are safe from a possible attack of big cats.
Related words: ckape, kajde, marbi, terpa, xalni, bandu

snutix1(event of x2, state o f x2) is an accident on the part of x2(entity)

lo snuti — accident.
i le ka darxi la alis pu to'e snuti la kevinIt was deliberate on the part of Kevin to hit Alice.
i le mi'u ka srera pu snuti le mi'u lanliThe error happened accidentally on the part of the researcher.
Related words: zukte, cunso

so [digit/number]9, nine

i so tadni ca catlu doThere are 9 students looking at you.

so'a [digit/number]almost all

i so'a prenu ca zukcfu no daAlmost all people are idle now.
i le mi'u se gunka se la'u li so'a mulnoThe work is almost done.

so'e [digit/number]most

i so'e prenu cu nelci le pliseMost people like apples.

so'i [digit/number]many

i so'i prenu ca pindiMany people are poor.

so'o [digit/number]several

i mi pu tavla so'o prenuI talked to several people.

so'u [digit/number]few

i so'u prenu ca zvati le mi'u zarciThere are a few people now in the store.

sobdex1(entity) is some soya of species x2(taxon)

lo sobde — soya.
i ti stasu le sobdeThis is a soya soup.
Related words: dembi, gurni

sodnax1(entity) is a quantity of alkali metal ...

lo sodna — alkali metal.
i la natriium cu sodnaSodium (Na) is an alkali metal.
Related words: jilka, jinme

sodvax1(entity) is a quantity of soda, carbonated beverage of brand x2(taxon)

lo sodva — soda.
i mi pu pinxe le sodva be le bisli krujiI was drinking an ice cream soda.
Related words: jilka, jinme

soljix1(entity) is a quantity of gold

lo solji — gold.
i le solji cu karguGold is expensive.
i le letri te jorne poi le solji cu sefta cu xe benji se la'u li rauElectrical junctions with gold surfaces are good transmitters.
Related words: ricfu, rijno, narju, pelxu

solrix1(entity) is the sun of home planet x2(entity) ...

lo solri — sun.
i ti solri so'o barda planetaThis is a home star of several big planets.
Related words: gusni, lunra, mluni, planeta, santa, terdi, tarci

sombox1(entity) sows x2(entity) in x3(entity)

lo se sombo — sown.
i xu do mo'u sombo le mi'u tsiju le dertuHave you sown the seeds in the ground?
Related words: crepu, tsiju

soncix1(entity) is a soldier of army x2(entity)

lo sonci — soldier. lo se sonci — army of soldiers.
i ti se sonci pa ki'o ji'i daThis is an army of approximately 1000 soldiers.
Related words: damba, jenmi, xarci, pulji

sorcux1(entity) is a store or deposit of x2(entity) ...

lo sorcu — store, deposit, stockpile.
i ei mi klama le sorcu be le cidjaI should go to a food store.
i xu le mi'u sorcu be le datni cu aktiIs the data store active?
Comment: vreji is record of information or computer file, lo sorcu is bound to a location, lo se sabji is stored, reserved that is not necessarily tied to a location.
Related words: banxa, panka

sorgux1(entity) is sorghum of species x2(taxon)

lo sorgu — sorghum.
i ra pu jai gau farvi fai le sorgu te zu'e le ka jai gau citka le jipciHe was growing sorghum to feed chickens.
Related words: gurni

sortax1(entity) sorta is/does x2(property of x1)

lo sorta — sorta, sort of.
i mi sorta le ka glekiI'm sort of happy.
Related words: simsa, klesi

sovdax1(entity) is an egg or pollen from organism x2(entity)

lo sovda — egg.
i mi pu lebna so'o sovda be le jipciI took several hen eggs.
Comment: sovda is pollen, tsiju is spore or embryo-containing egg. Hen eggs used as food are usually unfertilized and thus are sovda.
Related words: ganti, gutra, mamta, patfu, rorci, lanbi, tarbi

spajix1(event, action) surprises x2(entity)

lo spaji — surprising event. lo se spaji — surprised.
i mi se spaji le nu do kakne le ka zgipli le tabraI am surprised that you can play the horn.
Related words: marvele, jenca, bredi, suksa

spalix1(entity) polishes x2(entity) with polish x3(entity) ...

lo te spali — polish.
i le mi'u ninmu cu spali le xadni be vo'a le caklaThe woman polished her body with a chocolate.
Related words: mosra, sraku, xutla

spanox1(entity) is Spanish in x2(property of x1)

lo spano — Spanish.
i xu le mi'u ninmu cu spanoIs she Spanish?
Related words: ketco

spatix1(entity) is a plant of species x2(taxon)

lo spati — plant (organism).
i le mi'u spati cu banroThe plant is growing.
Related words: genja, grute, gurni, latna, rozgu, stagi, tricu, tsiju, tujli, xruba, xrula, pezli, srasu

spenix1(entity) is married to x2(entity) under custom x3(proposition) ; x1 is a spouse of x2

lo speni — spouse, wife, husband.
i le speni be mi cu se jibri le ka mikceMy spouse works as a doctor.
Related words: prami, gletu

spisax1(entity) is a portion or piece of x2(entity)

lo spisa — portion, piece. lo se spisa — portioned.
i ko sabji le pa spisa be le plise miGive me a piece of an apple.
Related words: pagbu

spitax1(entity) is a hospital treating patient x2(entity) for condition x3(property of x2)

lo spita — hospital. lo se spita — patient of a hospital.
i tu spita le verba le te bilma pe gau le vidruThat is a hospital treating children for viral diseases.
Related words: bilma, mikce

spofux1(entity) is broken in function x2(property of x1)

lo spofu — broken. lo se spofu — broken function.
i le mi'u molki cu spofu le ka cupra le purmoThe mill is broken and is not producing the flour.
Related words: daspo, katna, porpi, se xrani, cikre

spojax1(entity) explodes or bursts into pieces x2(entity)

lo spoja — exploding.
i le mi'u jbama pu spoja le pagbuThe bomb exploded into pieces.
Related words: porpi, pagbu, cecla, jakne, jbama

sportivox1(entity) is a sportsman / sportswoman practicing type of sports x2(entity)

lo sportivo — sportsperson, sportsman, sportswoman. lo se sportivo — sports.
i mi sportivo la tenisI practice tennis.
Related words: zajba, sluji, dansu

spudax1(entity) responds or answers to stimulus x2(entity) with response x3(property of x1)

lo spuda — responder. lo se spuda — stimulus for a response. lo te spuda — response.
i mi pu spuda le se retsku le ka spusku zo je'uI responded to the question by replying "Yes."
i le mi'u prenu pu spuda le se friti be le mi'u fetsi le ka cmilaThe person responded to her offer with laughter.
i le mi'u skami na spudaThe computer is not responding.
Related words: cusku, retsku, nabmi, danfu, spuda, cpedu

spuskux1(entity) responds with x2 x2(text) to x3(entity)

lo spusku — responder. lo se spusku — reply, response, answer.
i au la jasmin ba spusku zo je'u miI wish Jasmine replies "Yes" to me.
Related words: cusku, spuda, bacru, tavla, casnu, cu'u, bangu, dapma, jufra, pinka

srajix1(entity) is vertical in reference frame x2(entity)

lo sraji — vertical.
i le mi'u grana cu simlu le ka sraji miThe rod seems to be standing vertically from my position.
Related words: sanli, pinta

srakux1(entity) scratches x2(entity)

lo sraku — abrasive, cutting (abrasive), scratching. lo se sraku — scratched.
i mi pu sraku le stedu be miI scratched my head.
Comment: sraku does not imply that material is removed, kakpa implies that, though.
Related words: guska, katna, mosra, plixa, kakpa, spali

sralox1(entity) is Australian in x2(property of x1)

lo sralo — Australian.
i xu tu noi nixli cu sraloIs that girl Australian?
Related words: glico

sranax1(entity) is relevant to x2(entity)

lo srana — relevant.
i e'o do ciska le srana be le fatci se lifri be doPlease write about related to your real experience.
i xu le mi'u nu do litru cu srana le jibri be doIs your journey a business trip?
Related words: ckini, ponse, steci

srasux1(entity) is a blade of grass of species x2(taxon)

lo srasu — blade of grass.
i le bakni cu nitcu le srasuCows need grass.
Comment: expanse of grass is loi srasu.
Related words: spati

srerax1(entity) errs in doing x2(property of x1) ...

lo se srera — error, mistake.
i mi pu srera le ka cuxna ma kau noi speni miI made a mistake in choosing my spouse.
i mi pu srera le ka klama la madridI made a mistake by going to Madrid.
Comment: when using kau x2 can specify the actual act considered an error.
Related words: drani, cfila, fliba

srumax1(entity) assumes that x2(property of x3) is true about x3(entity)

lo se sruma — assumed.
i mi sruma le nu racli vau le nu ca'o smajiI think it'd be rational to continue keeping silence.
Related words: smadi, birti

srurix1(entity) encloses or surrounds x2(entity) in direction x3(entity)

lo sruri — enclosing. lo se sruri — enclosed.
i le mi'u ckule cu se sruri le cmana joi le lalxu le ro korbiThe school is surrounded by mountains and lakes from all sides.
Related words: karli, senta, snuji, vanbi, se nenri, se jbini, bartu, djine

stacex1(entity) is honest with x2(entity) about x3(property of x1)

lo stace — honest.
i ko stace mi le ka pu smusku le nu do pu zukte ma kauBe honest with me in saying what you did.
i sei mi stace mi na djunoFrankly, I don't know.
i sei mi stace na vajni miFrankly, it's not important to me.
Related words: tcica, jetnu, jitfa, mipri

stagix1(entity) is an edible part of plant ...

i au stasu le stagiI'd like a vegetable soup.
i ti noi genja cu patlu stagiThis root is a vegetable of potato plant.
Comment: includes edible fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots, leaves, stems, flowers, buds.
Related words: grute, kobli, narge, sluni, spati, sunga, tamca

stakux1(entity) is a ceramics ...

lo staku — ceramic.
i mi se cinri tu'a le jungo stakuI have an interest in Chinese ceramics.
Related words: kliti

stalix1(entity) stays or remains at x2(entity)

lo stali — staying, remaining.
i mi te mukti le ka stali vi ku ze'a le djedi be li ciI am going to stay here for three days.
Related words: vitno, zasni, ralte, stodi, xabju, stuzi, renvi

stanix1(entity) is a stem or trunk of plant x2(entity)

lo stani — stem, trunk. lo se stani — plant with a stem (organism).
i pa cribe ca'o cpare le stani be pa clani tricuA bear is climbing up a trunk of a high tree.
Related words: tuple, mudri

stapax1(entity) steps on surface x2(entity) using limbs x3(entity)

i le mi'u xirma pu jundi stapa le bisli le suftiThe horse carefully stepped on the ice with her hoofs.
i mi pu stapa se ka'a le mi'u cripuI stepped to the bridge.
Related words: bajra, plipe, cadzu, skalera

stasux1(entity) is some soup with ingredients x2(entity)

lo stasu — soup. lo se stasu — ingredient of a soup.
i mi pu citka le stasu be le dembi jo'u le silnaI ate a bean soup with salt.
Related words: sanmi, mixre, salta, sanso

statix1(entity) has talent for doing x2(property of x1)

lo stati — talented. lo se stati — talent.
i ra stati le ka zbasu le bambolaShe has talent for making dolls.
Related words: jinzi, certu, rarna, larcu, kakne

stebax1(entity) feels frustration about x2(clause)

lo steba — frustrated. lo se steba — frustrating situation.
i le mi'u nakni pu steba le nu la alis di'i panteHe was frustrated of Alice's regular complaints.
Related words: cinmo

stecix1(property of x2) is specific only to x2(entity) among x3(entity full set) ; x2 is the only one, are the only ones being or doing x1 among x3

lo steci — specific feature. lo se steci — having a specific feature.
i fi le jmive fa le remna cu se steci le ka pilno le xisluAmong living beings, only humans use wheel.
Related words: po'e, srana, se ponse, ckini, tcila, tutra

stedux1(entity) is a head of x2(entity)

lo stedu — head.
i le stedu be le mi'u verba cu glareThe child's head is hot.
Related words: drudi, mebri, xedja, besna, flira, mapku

stelax1(entity) is a lock for sealing x2(entity), with mechanism x3(property of x1)

lo stela — lock. lo se stela — sealed with a lock. lo te stela — locking mechanism.
i ti stela ti noi tanxe vau le ka te setca le mapti ckikuThis is a lock for sealing this box; a suitable key is to be inserted into it.
Comment: x3 describes how this mechanism works to open/close x1.
Related words: ckiku

sterox1(entity) is x2(number) steradians ...

i le te kojna be fi ti cu stero li paThe vertex of this cone subtends 1 steradian.
Related words: centi

sticix1(entity) is to the west of x2(entity) in frame of reference x3(entity)

lo stici — western.
i la amerik cu stici la afrik tiAmerica is to the west of Africa when viewed from here.
Related words: stuna, berti, snanu, farna

stidix1(entity) suggests x2(idea, action) to x3(entity)

lo stidi — advisor. lo se stidi — piece of advice, suggestion, proposal.
i da'i do stidi tu'a ma noi gustaWhat restaurant would you recommend?
i le se stidi be le mi'u fetsi pu du le nu daspo le mi'u dinjuHer proposal was to destroy the building.
Related words: tcica, xlura

stikax1(event) adjusts, makes x2(property of nonce place) change, vary in degree x3(entity)

lo stika — regulating event. lo se stika — adjusted.
i le nu vlile brife cu stika le se zukte be mi le so'i meiStormy winds change my actions a lot.
Comment: binxo describes that entity turns into another entity, galfi is to turn one entity into another one. cenba describes how entity changes its state while remaining the same entity, stika is to make entity change its state.
Related words: cenba, galfi, binxo, zasni, stodi

stizux1(entity) is a seat, bench, chair

lo stizu — seat, chair, bench.
i e'a do jai gau muvdu fai le mi'u stizu ti gi'e zutseFeel free to move the chair here and be seated.
Related words: nilce, zutse, jubme, ckana

stodix1(entity) is static, constant, unchanging in x2(property of x1) ...

lo stodi — constant.
i ra stodi le ka jinvi ma kauHe is stable in is views.
Related words: cenba, stika, stali, vitno, manfo, zasni, tinsa, jdari

stomaxux1(entity) is a stomach, digestive organ of x2(entity)

lo stomaxu — stomach.
i le stomaxu be mi cu culnoI am full.
Related words: rango, betfu, moklu, risna, livga

stunax1(entity) is to the east of x2(entity) in frame of reference x3(entity)

lo stuna — eastern.
i le nurma zdani be mi cu stuna le mi'u tcadu zdani tiMy rural house is to the west of the city apartment when viewed from here.
Related words: stici, berti, snanu, farna

sturax1(entity) is a structure, arrangement with components x2(entity full set, entity)

lo stura — structure. lo se stura — structured.
i le dinju cu stura le blikuBuildings are structures made of bricks.
i le jufra cu stura le valsiSentence is a structure made of words.
Comment: x2 describes the whole set. For a particular member of a set use cmima.
Related words: ganzu, morna, ciste, lujvo, greku, gerna

stuzix1(entity) is an inherent site of x2(entity)

lo stuzi — site, place (location).
i ma stuzi le spitaWhere is a hospital?
Comment: unlike zvati the verb stuzi describes inherent places.
Related words: jmive, diklo, bu'u, zvati, tcini, xabju, jibni, judri, lamji, mokca, stali

su'a [interjection]I generalize, su'a naiin particular

i le speni be mi be'o poi du la alis cu xebni le birje i je su'a ro ninmu cu xebni le birjeAlice, which is my wife, hates beer. And that shows that all women hate beer.
i mi nelci le ninmu y ju'e su'a nai la alisI like women ... Alice in particular.
Comment: su'a is generalizing, extrapolating from specific cases, induction. su'a nai is making the most likely explanations from some premises, abduction. ja'o is applying general rules, all of the premises to specific cases, deduction..

su'e [digit/number]at most ..., no more than ...

i su'e re prenu ca zvati le mi'u dinjuThere are at most two people in the building.

su'iplus, addition operator (symbol + in math)

i li pa ci su'i mu du li pa bi13 + 5 = 18.

su'o [digit/number]at least ..., no less than ...

i su'o ci prenu pu cliva le mi'u zdaniAt least three people left the building.
i su'o prenu ca jundiAt least one person is attentive now.
i mi pu xagji se la'u li su'oI was hungry to some degree.

su'u [clause prefix] — turn clause into verb

i le su'u mi tadni vau be le pruce cu nanduMy learning is hard process.
i le nu catlu le pindi vau be le se lifri pu cizraIt was a strange experience to look at the poor man.
Comment: x1 (clause) is the clause (that follows) that has the type x2. Allows to specify the type of the clause.

sudgax1(entity) is dry of liquid x2(entity)

lo sudga — dry.
i le mi'u grute cu sudga le jisraThe fruit is dry of juice.
Related words: cilmo, litki, runta

suftix1(entity) is a hoof of x2(entity)

lo sufti — hoof.
i ei do lasna le cutci le sufti be le xirma le dinkoYou should fit the shoe to the horse's hoof with nails.
Related words: xirma

suksax1(entity) suddenly, sharply changes at point x2(entity, event) in process x3(process, property)

lo suksa — sudden change.
i le nu mi co'a cikna cu pu suksa le cabdei le temci be le nu mi sipnaToday I woke up fast.
Comment: doesn't necessarily imply surprise of change
Related words: sutra, temci, slilu, zi, vitci, cfari, vlile, spaji

sumjix1(entity) is the sum of x2(same type as x1) plus x3(same type as x1) plus x4(same type as x1) ...

lo sumji — sum. lo se sumji — summand.
i li bi sumji li mu li ci8 = 5 + 3.
Comment: can have any number of places. Starting from x2 they represent summands.
Related words: jmina, jalge, mulno, pilji

sumnex1(entity) smells the scent x2(entity)

lo se sumne — scent.
i mi sumne le panci be le xrulaI smell the scent of flowers.
i mi sumne le xrulaI feel a flower scent.
Related words: nazbi, panci, cpina, ganse, zgana

sumtix1(text) is an argument, noun / name / pronoun of predicate x2(property of nonce place) filling place x3(text)

lo sumti — noun, name, pronoun, verb argument. lo se sumti — verb, predicate. lo te sumti — place of a verb argument.
i zo mi sumti le ka dunda vau zo fimi is the third argument of the verb dunda.
Comment: x3 quotes a preposition (like fa or to'o) that puts the argument into its position.
Related words: bridi, darlu, gismu

sungax1(entity) is some garlic of species x2(taxon)

lo sunga — garlic.
i le sunga cu se panci le carmiGarlic gives off a strong odor.
Related words: stagi

sunlax1(entity) is some wool from x2(entity)

lo sunla — wool.
i le sunla be le lanme cu xutlaLamb's wool is soft.
Related words: kosta, kumte, lanme, kanba, bukpu, kerfa

surlax1(entity) relaxes by doing x2(property of x1)

i mi surla le ka vreta pa sfofaI relax myself by lying on a sofa.
Related words: dunku, tatpi, zukcfu, vreta

sutrax1(entity) is fast or quick at doing x2(event, state of x1)

lo sutra — fast, quick. lo se sutra — done fast.
i la alis pu sutra le ka punji le mi'u botpi le mi'u tanxeAlice was fast enough in putting the bottle into the box.
Related words: masno

sy [pronoun]s (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like sy is for the last lo sanmi used.

ta [pronoun]that (near you)

i e'o do dunda ta noi penbiPlease, give me that pen near you.

ta'a [vocative] — Shows that the speaker interrupts the dialog

i ta'a le nobli ma se zvati le sivni kumfaPardon for interrupting, but where is the toilet?

ta'e [preposition of aspect]habitually (habitual aspect)

i mi ta'e citka le pliseI used to eat apples.
i le verba ta'e ze'i co'a tatpiChildren tend to quickly get tired.

ta'i [preposition from tadji]by method ..., adverb: methodically

i ta'i ma do pu mo'u klama tiHow did you get here?
Comment: the clause describes the event happening via this method.

ta'o [interjection]by the way, ta'o naireturning to main point

i ta'o do nanca maBy the way, how old are you?
i ta'o nai mi platu le ka vitke la moskov de'i li jy dy reBack to the point, I'm planning to visit Moscow on Tuesday.
Related words: ni'o, vajni

tabnox1(entity) is a quantity of carbon

lo tabno — carbon.
i le kolme cu marji le tabnoCoal consists of carbon.
Related words: kolme

tabrax1(entity) is a musical horn, trumpet

lo tabra — trumpet, horn (musical instrument).
i le xanto cu bacru le simsa be le sance be le tabraElephants produce sounds similar to trumpet.
Related words: zgike

tadjix1(property of nonce place) is a method for doing x2(property of nonce place) ...

lo tadji — method. lo se tadji — done methodically.
i le nu jai gau glare cu tadji le nu jukpa le sovdaHeating is how you cook an egg.
Related words: ciste, pruce, zukte, pluta, ta'i

tadnix1(entity) is a student of x2(entity)

lo tadni — student. lo se tadni — studied.
i mi tadni le cmaciI study math.
Related words: ckule, cilre, ctuca

tagjix1(entity) is tight, snug on x2(entity) in x3(property of x1) ...

lo tagji — tight, snug.
i le mi'u kosta cu tagji le mi'u verba le ka bekpi se pagbuThe coat is tight on the child in its back part.
Related words: trati, jarki, kluza, rinju

tai [preposition from tasmi]like ..., in manner ..., resembling ...

i la kevin cu zukte ro da tai i ja'e bo mi jimpe no deKevin does everything in such a way I can't understand anything.
i ba zi le nu le vorme co'a kalri vau le mi'u nakni pu klama le nenri tai le nu mi'a ca'o denpa tu'a le mi'u nakniAs soon as the door opened, he got in as if we were waiting for him.
Comment: the clause describes the event happening in this manner.

taksix1(entity) is a taxi

lo taksi — taxi.
i ai mi klama fu le taksiI'm going to take a taxi.
Related words: aftobuso, tcadu, karce

talsax1(entity) challenges x2(entity) at x3(property of x2)

i mi pu talsa le mi'u nakni le ka facki le danfuI challenged him in finding the answer.
Related words: jinga, damba, darlu, jivna, nandu

tamcax1(entity) is a tomato of species x2(taxon)

lo tamca — tomato.
i mi na nelci le tasta be le tamcaI don't like the taste of tomatoes.
Related words: grute, stagi

tamjix1(entity) is a thumb or big toe on limb x2(entity) ...

lo tamji — thumb.
i mi pu darxi le tamji be mi se pi'o pa mruliI hit my thumb with a hammer.
Related words: degji, tance, xance, jamfu

tamnex1(entity) is a cousin to x2(entity) by bond x3(proposition)

lo tamne — cousin.
i do tunba mi le ka patfu be le patfuYou are my cousin since we have the same paternal grandfather.
Related words: dzena, famti, mensi, bruna, tunba

tanbox1(entity) is a board or plank ...

lo tanbo — board, plank.
i ne'a le tanbo pu sanli fa pa nixli noi le flira zo'u darsi cismaA girl with a cheeky smile on her face was standing at the blackboard.
Related words: bliku, kubli

tancex1(entity) is a tongue of x2(entity)

lo tance — tongue.
i gau ko punli fa le tancePut the tongue out.
Related words: moklu, bangu, nazbi, tamji, degji

tanjox1(number) it a tangent of angle x2(number)

lo tanjo — tangent.
i li pa tanjo le radno be li pai fe'i vo1 is the tangent of "pi/4" radians.
Related words: sinso

tankox1(entity) is a quantity of tobacco of species x2(taxon)

lo tanko — tobacco.
i ra vasxu le tankoHe smokes tobacco.
Related words: sigja, marna

tanrux1(text) is a compound verb formed with component x2(text) that modifies x3(text) (entity, text) ...

lo tanru — compound verb, tanru.
i lu sutra bajra li'u cu tanru zo sutra zo bajramelbi ractu is a tanru (compound verb) with seltau sutra and tertau bajra.
i zoi gy.drip tanru"drip fry" is a tanru.
Related words: gismu, smuni

tansix1(entity) is a pan, shallow basin, sink for contents x2(entity) ...

lo tansi — shallow basin, pan, sink. lo se tansi — contents of a pan.
i ti tansi le saltaThis is a bowl for salad.
Related words: baktu, palne, palta, patxu, kabri, botpi

tanxex1(entity) is a box or crate for contents x2(entity) ...

lo tanxe — box. lo se tanxe — contents of a box.
i ra pu bevri pa tanxe be le penbiHe brought a box of pens.
Related words: bakfu, botpi, cutne, dacru

taplax1(entity) is a tile ...

lo tapla — tile.
i le sefta be le mi'u dargu cu vasru le taplaThe road pavement contains tiles.
Comment: for tapla the third dimension is uniform and relatively thin, for karda the third dimension is insignificant.
Related words: bliku, kubli, matci, karda, bliku, kurfa, matci, plita, tarmi

tarbix1(entity) is an embryo with mother x2(entity) and father x3(entity)

lo tarbi — embryo. lo se tarbi — mother of an embryo. lo te tarbi — father of an embryo.
i le mi'u ninmu pu cusku fi le mi'u nanmu fe lu ti tarbi mi do pe na ku li'uShe said to him "It's not your baby." (about her not yet born child).
Related words: gutra, mamta, patfu, sovda, rorci, tsiju, grute

tarcix1(entity) is a star ...

lo tarci — star.
i xu nai pluka fa le ka catlu le tarci ca le nicteIsn't it pleasant to look at stars at night?
Related words: solri, tsani

tarlax1(entity) is a quantity of tar ...

lo tarla — tar.
i mi na kakne le ka lumci le creka le tarlaI can't clean my shirt of the tar.
Related words: kolme, pesxu, snipa

tarmix1(entity) is the shape of x2(entity)

lo tarmi — shape, form (figure), look (appearance). lo se tarmi — having a shape.
i le balnema cu se tarmi le finpeWhales have the form of fishes.
Comment: lo te marji is physical shape.
Related words: nejni, te marji, tapla, bliku, kubli, kurfa, cukla, mapti, morna, sarlu

tartix1(entity) behaves oneself in manner x2(property of x1) ...

lo se tarti — behaviour, behavior.
i traji xamgu se tarti do fa le ka da'i smajiThe best behaviour for you would be keeping silence.
Related words: cnano, spuda, tcaci, cilce, jikca, marde

taskex1(entity) thirsts for x2(entity)

lo taske — thirsty.
i mi taskeI'm thirsty.
i mi mutce taske le jisraI'm dying for a juice!
Related words: nitcu, djica, xagji, pinxe

tasmix1(clause) is the way or manner in which x2(clause) happens

lo tasmi — manner.
i le ka plipe ga'u le bitmu pu tasmi le nu mi pu co'a zvati le purdiJumping over the fence, this is how l got into the garden.
Related words: tai, ta'i, tadji

tastax1(entity) is a taste of x2(entity)

lo tasta — taste.
i le tasta be le mi'u nanba cu titlaThe bread has a sweet taste.
Related words: smaka, vrusi, kukte, silna

tatpix1(entity) is tired of x2(clause, property of x1)

lo tatpi — tired. lo se tatpi — tiring.
i mi tatpi le nu do so'i roi panteI'm tired of your numerous complaints.
Related words: cikna, sipna, surla

tatrux1(entity) is a breast of x2(entity)

lo tatru — breast.
i ra se tatru le bardaShe has big boobs.
Related words: ladru, mabru

tavlax1(entity) talks to x2(entity) about x3(entity, text) in language x4(entity)

lo te tavla — subject of a talk.
i ko smaji ca le nu mi tavla la alis fo la lojban fi le nu pramiKeep silence when I'm talking to Alice in Lojban about love.
Comment: skicu is to tell, cusku is to say, tavla is to talk, benji su'o notci is to notify. The second place of skicu is filled with a topic like skicu su'o dansu (tell about dancers), the second place of cusku is filled with a text like cusku zo dansu (to say "dance"")
Related words: bacru, casnu, darlu, ciksi, bangu

taxfux1(entity) is a garment worn by x2(entity) ...

lo taxfu — garment.
i ti noi sunla kosta cu taxfu le zvati be le cmana gi'e jai bandu fi le nu lenkuThis fur coat is used by those who are in mountains and protects from cold.
Related words: creka, cutci, daski, dasni, gluta, kosta, mapku, palku, pastu, skaci, smoka, lunbe

tcacix1(property of x2) is a custom or habit of x2(entity) ...

lo tcaci — custom, habit. lo se tcaci — having a habit.
i ra se ke xlali tcaci le ka batci le jgaluHe has a bad habit of biting his fingernails.
Related words: fadni, kampu, lakne, jinzi, ckaji, cnano, tarti, ritli, javni, zekri

tcadux1(entity) is a city or town of area x2(entity) ...

lo tcadu — city, town.
i le ralju tcadu be le bu'u gugde cu darno tiThe main city of this country is far away from here.
Related words: jarbu, nurma, cecmu

tcanax1(entity) is a station, node for component x2(entity) of a network

lo tcana — network station, network node. lo se tcana — network with a station.
i ti tcana le treneThis is a train station.
Related words: dargu, litru, pluta, trene, ciste, ve mrilu, tivni, cradi, ve benji, fonxa, letri, fatri

tcatix1(entity) is some tea brewed from x2(entity)

lo tcati — tea. lo se tcati — leaf of tea.
i mi pinxe le tcati be le crino pezliI'm drinking tea brewed from green leaves.
Related words: ckafi

tcemix1(entity) is compared with x2(entity)

i mi poi tcemi do bardaI am big compared to you.
Related words: zmadu

tcenax1(entity) extends to range x2(entity) in x3(property of x1) from range x4(entity)

lo tcena — stretchy.
i le bratu carvi cu tcena fo ti fe le drata gugde le vlileThe violent hail spreads from here to another country.
Related words: kuspe, pruni, preja, ranji, trati

tcicax1(event of x2, experience of x2) tricks or misleads x2(entity) into x3(event of x2, state of x2, action of x2, belief of x2)

lo tcica — misleading event. lo se tcica — tricked, misled.
i le nu le jbari cu xunre cu tcica mi le ka pensi le nu to'e se ckape le ka citka le mi'u jbariThe red color of the berry misled me into thinking that it's safe to eat it.
Related words: stace, xlura, stidi, kajde

tcidux1(entity) reads x2(text) from medium x3(entity)

lo tcidu — reader. lo se tcidu — readable, text to be read. lo te tcidu — document to be read.
i mi mo'u tcidu le se ciska le mi'u bitmuI have read what is written on the wall.
Related words: ciska, cukta, karni

tcikax1(number) is the time of x2(state, event) happening on day x3(clause) at location or timezone x4(entity)

lo tcika — time of day. lo te tcika — time zone.
i le fetsi pu ku ca le se tcika mo'u klamaShe arrived on time.
i mi ca le se tcika ba'o mo'u klamaI arrived in time.
i li cy pa ci tcika le nu ei mi'o cliva vau le bavlamdei1 pm tomorrow is when we should leave.
i li cy so my ci no tcika le nu le pa zarci co'a akti vau le cabdei tiThe shop starts working today at 9:30.
i li cy pa no my mu sy re ze tcika le nu le jakne co'a vofli vau le cabdei la nipon.Today at 10:05:27 (Japanese timezone) is the time of the rocket starting the flight.
Comment: in x1 cy is put before hours, my is put before minutes, sy is put before seconds.
Related words: detri, de'i, cacra, cerni, donri, djedi, junla, nicte, mentu, snidu, temci, vanci, dirba, mokca

tcilax1(entity) is a detail of x2(entity)

lo tcila — detail, feature. lo se tcila — detailed, having features.
i le bangu cu ro roi vajni tcila le mi'u cecmuLanguage is always an important detail of a society.
Related words: diklo, steci

tcilokoiotlix1(entity) is a pumpkin of species x2(taxon)

lo tcilokoiotli — pumpkin.
i xu do pu'i smaka le sanso be le tcilokoiotliHave you ever tasted pumpkin sauce?
Related words: grute

tcimax1(clause) is the weather at place x2(entity)

lo tcima — weather.
i lu ma tcima la moskov ca le cabdei li'u lu le solri li'u"What is the weather today in Moscow?" "It is sunny."
Related words: brife, bumru, carvi, dilnu, bratu

tcinix1(property of x2) are the circumstances of x2(object, event, process)

lo tcini — situation, circumstances, condition (state), chance (condition).
i ma tcini le mi'u nu do pu farluHow did you fell down (what were the circumstances of your falling)?
i le nu tadni le saske poi le no'a na nelci cu cizra tciniStudying a branch of science that you don't like is a crazy situation.
Related words: stuzi, zvati, vanbi, ve pruce, ckaji, zasni

tcitax1(entity) is a label of x2(entity) showing information x3(property of x2)

lo tcita — tag, label. lo se tcita — tagged, labelled. lo te tcita — information on a tag.
i ti noi sinxa cu tcita le valsi le ka cninoThis symbol labels words as being new.
Related words: sinxa, cmene, judri

te [place converter] — switches 1st and 3rd places of verb

i mi pu te vecnu pa karce pa pendo be miI bought a car from my friend.
i va'i pa pendo be mi pu vecnu pa karce miIn other words, my friend sold a car to me.

te be'i [preposition from te benji]sent to ...

i le mi'u prenu pu cusku da te be'i miHe said something to me.
Comment: in the clause where te be'i is used x1 is the sender.

te fi'e [preposition from te finti]created with purpose ...

i le mi'u za'u mei ba'o pilno le minji pe te fi'e le nu cpacu le ctileThey no longer use machines created to get oil.

te ka'a [preposition from te klama]going from ...

i mi pu bajra te ka'a le mi'u za'u meiI ran away from them.
Comment: in the clause where teka'a is used x1 is the one who goes.

te rai [preposition from te traji]preferring out of ...

i le fragari cu se nelci mi te rai le jbariOut of berries, I like strawberries most.
Comment: x1 of the clause describes the most one in this comparison, the clause itself describes the comparison.

te zu'e [preposition from te zukte]with a goal of ..., adverb: for a purpose

i le mi'u prenu cu gunka te zu'e le ka co'u morjiHe works in order to forget.

te'ai [subscript] — subscript prefix, attaches a numeral showing dimension of a measurement verb

i le vi foldi cu mitre te'ai re li pa no noThis field is 100 square meters.
Comment: mitre te'ai re is square meters, mitre te'ai ci is cubic meters.

te'o [digit/number]exponential e (approximately 2.71828)

i li te'o te'a vei ka'o pi'i pai ve'o du li ni'u pae(i × π) = -1.

temcix1(clause) is the elapsed time from x2(clause) to x3(clause)

i le cacra be li ci cu temci le nu mi co'a klama fi le dinju vau le nu le mamta mo'u klama le dinjuThree hours passed from the time I left the building till the time the mother arrived at it.
Related words: cacra, cedra, citsi, ranji, tcika, junla, renvi

tendex1(entity) tends to do or be x2(property of x1)

lo tende — having tendency.
i le mi'u nakni cu tende le ka smusku le jitfaHe tends to lie.
Related words: lakne, zukte, fanta, ckaji, tcaci, cafne, fadni, cnano

tenfax1(entity, number) is the exponential result of x2(same type as x1) to the power of x3(number)

lo tenfa — exponential result. lo se tenfa — exponential base. lo te tenfa — exponent.
i li so tenfa li ci li re9 is the exponential result of 3 to the power 2.
Related words: dugri

tengux1(property of x2) is a texture of x2(entity)

lo tengu — texture. lo se tengu — having a texture.
i le pilka be le mi'u tricu cu se tengu le ka rufsuThe rind of the tree has a rough texture.
Related words: sefta, rufsu, xutla

terdix1(entity) is the home planet of inhabitants x2(entity)

lo terdi — home planet, earth (planet).
i ti terdi le remnaThis is the planet of humans.
Comment: lo dertu is ground, dirt. But bu'u lo terdi is on the ground.
Related words: lunra, planeta, solri, kensa, tsani

terpax1(entity) fears x2(clause)

lo terpa — fearful, afraid of. lo se terpa — causing fear.
i mi terpa le nu le mamta cu viska tiI'm afraid that my mom will see this.
Related words: snura, xalni, xanka, virnu

tertox1(entity) is a trillion, 1012 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i ti noi tcana cu terto le bitni be li bi le ka vasruThis network station stores 1 Terabyte of data.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

ti [pronoun]this (near me, here)

i ma jdima tiWhat is the price of this?
i ko stali tiStay here.

ti'a [preposition of cardinal direction]to the rear of ..., adverb: behind

i ti'a do karceThere is a car behind you.

ti'e [interjection]I hear (hearsay)

i ti'e ba carviThey say it will rain.
i ti'e le mi'u prenu cu zabna mikceShe is said to be a good doctor.
Related words: tirna, sitna, tcidu

tignix1(entity) performs x2(property of x1) for audience x3(entity)

lo tigni — performer. lo se tigni — performance. lo te tigni — audience of a performance.
i le mi'u za'u mei cu tigni le ka sutra dansu vau le tadniThey are performing a fast dance before students.
Related words: jarco

tiljux1(entity) is heavy or massive in x2(property of x1)

lo tilju — heavy.
i ti noi tanxe cu je'a tilju le ka gau muvdu re'o le loldiThis box is really heavy in dragging it on the floor.
Related words: linto, carmi, bunda, junta

tinbex1(entity) obeys rule x2(property of x1) made by x3(entity)

lo se tinbe — rule obeyed.
i mi tinbe le te minde doI obey your command.
Related words: tolpro, minde, lacri, javni, flalu, zekri

tincix1(entity) is some tin

lo tinci — tin.
i le mi'u tanxe cu marji le tinciThe box is made of tin.
Related words: lante, boxfo, cnisa, jinme

tinsax1(entity) is rigid, stiff in direction x2(entity) against force x3(clause) ...

lo tinsa — rigid, stiff.
i le mi'u falnu cu tinsa le pinta le mi'u brifeThe sail is rigid in horizontal direction against the wind.
Related words: toltinsa, bapli, jdari, nandu, torni, trati, xarnu, danre, stodi

tirnax1(entity) hears x2(entity) ...

lo se tirna — heard.
i mi pu tirna le sance be pa palta poi ca'o porpiI heard the sound of a plate breaking.
Related words: kerlo, sance, smaji, savru, voksa, ganse, zgana

tirsex1(entity) is a quantity of iron

lo tirse — iron.
i le solji ne se mau le tirse cu tiljuGold is heavier than iron.
Related words: jinme, gasta, molki

tisnax1(entity) is filled with material x2(entity, property of x1) ; x2 pours into x1

i le mi'u kicne cu tisna le pimluThe cushion is filled with feathers.
Related words: culno, kunti, rinci, setca

titlax1(entity) is sweet or sugary to x2(entity)

lo titla — sweet, sugary.
i le mi'u badna cu titla miThe banana tastes sweet to me.
Related words: sakta, slari, kurki

tivnix1(entity) is a video camera or TV center streaming x2(entity) via medium x3(entity) to TV receiver x4(entity)

lo tivni — streaming video camera, streaming TV center. lo se tivni — streamed video.
i ti ca'o tivni pa skina la internet le skami pe le zdani be miThis camera is streaming video via the internet to my home computer.
Related words: cradi, skina, vidni, benji, tcana

tixnux1(entity) is a daughter of x2(entity)

lo tixnu — daughter. lo se tixnu — parent of a daughter.
i ma nuzba le tixnu be doHow is your daughter?
Related words: bersa, se rirni, verba, nixli, fetsi, mamta, mensi

toto ... toi are parentheses, mark parenthetical comments

i lei mi'u verba to lei mi'u rirni pu zvati le zarci toi pu klama le bartuThe children (the parents were at the store) went outside.

to'e [left scalar particle]anti- (opposite on the scale). Modifies the construct to the right

i mi to'e ri'a nai snadaDespite that, I succeeded.
i to'e cafne fa le nu carvi bu'u tiIt rains here seldom.
i mi to'e nelci le perliI hate pears.

to'o [preposition of place]directly away from ...

i da pu renro pa rokci to'o le mi'u bitmuSomeone threw a stone from the direction of the fence.

to'u [interjection]in short, to'u naiin detail

i to'u mi na djuno le danfuIn short, I don't know the answer.
i to'u nai mi cliva ca le lamji vanciIn detail, I leave this evening.
Related words: tordu, clani, tcidu

toi [terminator] — ends a construct started with: to

toknux1(entity) is an oven for heating x2(entity)

lo toknu — oven. lo se toknu — baked in an oven.
i ti toknu le cidjaThis is an oven for cooking food.
i tu toknu le mudriThat is a wood burning stove.
Related words: jukpa, cidja, nanba

tolckirex1(entity) feels resentment, bitterness towards x2(entity) for action x3(property of x2)

lo tolckire — resentful.
i mi pu tolckire le ninmu le ka tarti le xlaliI felt resentful of this lady's bad behavior.
Related words: to'e, ckire

toldix1(entity) is a butterfly or moth of species x2(taxon)

lo toldi — butterfly, moth.
i mi zgana le tarmi be le nu le toldi cu vofliI observe how butterflies fly.
Related words: cinki

tolna'ex1(proposition) confirms, is an evidence for x2(proposition)

lo tolna'e — evidence.
i le mi'u du'u la kevin na xagji cu tolna'e le mi'u du'u la kevin pu citka le tortaThe fact that Kevin is not hungry is the evidence that he ate a cake.
i tolna'e le mi'u du'u mi ba na jingaIt's clear that I won't win.
Related words: natfe, nibli, tugni, zanru, xusra

tolpo'ux1(entity) is capable of performing functions x2(property of x1)

lo tolpo'u — functional, usable.
i le mi'u minji cu tolpo'uThe machine is functional.
Related words: to'e, spofu, akti, kakne

tolprox1(entity) surrenders, yields to x2(entity) in x3(entity, property of x1) ; x1 consents to do x3

i mi pu tolpro le pendo le ka klama le dinju be le nu skinaI accepted my friend's proposal to go to the cinema.
Comment: tugni is to agree with some statement, tolpro is to accept something and actually do it.
Related words: fapro, tugni, i'a, vi'o, bradi, darlu, damba, lanxe

tolrinsax1(entity) says goodbye, bids farewell to x2(entity) ; x1 sees x2 off

i so'i pendo cu tolrinsa la alisThere were many friends seeing Alice off.
Related words: rinsa, friti, a'oi, coi, co'o, di'ai

toltinsax1(entity) is flexible in direction x2(entity) under force x3(clause)

lo toltinsa — flexible.
i do simlu le ka toltinsa le ka tarti ma kau vau le se cpedu be le se prami be doYou seem to be flexible in your behavior under requests of your loved one.
Related words: tinsa, bapli, jdari, nandu, torni, trati, xarnu, danre, stodi

tolxankax1(entity) calm about x2(clause)

lo tolxanka — calm, tranquil, serene . lo se tolxanka — calm situation.
i e'o do tolxankaPlease, calm down.
Related words: xanka, surla, denpa, oi nai

tolycladux1(entity) has quiet sound at observation point x2(entity)

lo tolycladu — quiet (producing soft sound), soft (of sound).
i mi'a pu tolycladu tavlaWe talked quiet.
i e'o tolycladuPlease, be quiet!
i le bu'u purdi cu tolycladuThis garden is a quiet place.
i le mi'u minji cu tolycladu le bartuThe machine has a soft sound when listening from the outside.
Related words: cladu, sance, smaji, savru

tolzdix1(clause) is boring, dreary, wearisome, tedious to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo tolzdi — boring, tiresome, dreary, dull (boring). lo se tolzdi — bored.
i tolzdi se cau le zgikeIt's boring without music.
i mi se tolzdiI'm bored.
Comment: lo zdile has the opposite meaning, amuzing
Related words: zdile, cinri, panka, kelci

tongax1(sound) is a tone of pitch x2(entity) ...

lo tonga — tone. lo se tonga — tone pitch.
i le mi'u cipni ta'e bacru le tonga be le bardaThe bird produces a high pitch.
i le bakni cu bacru le tonga be le cmaluCows produces low pitch.
Related words: rilti, zgike, janbe, siclu

tordux1(entity) is short in length/width etc. x2(property of x1) ...

lo tordu — short.
i ti noi uenzi cu tordu le ka se pagbu xo kau valsiThis text is short in the number of words.
Comment: the first largest dimension. tordu, jarki and cinla specify the three dimensions of objects.
Related words: cmalu, jarki, caxno, cinla, clani

tornix1(entity) twists under force x2(clause)

lo torni — twisting.
i mi mo'u jai se torni le tornozeloI twisted my ankle.
Related words: tinsa, trati

tornozelox1(entity) is an ankle of x2(entity)

lo tornozelo — ankle.
i le djacu pu lamji le tornozelo be raThe water reached her ankles.
Related words: cidni, jamfu, tuple, jorne

tortax1(entity) is a cake containing ingredients x2(entity)

lo torta — cake, torte, tart, pie, flan.
i ti pu torta le grute e le kruji e le nanbaThis was a cake made of fruits, cream and bread.
Related words: nanba, panlo, toknu

tradukix1(entity) translates x2(text) to x3(text)

lo traduki — translator, interpreter. lo se traduki — text translated.
i do traduki zoi gy.Yay, hello!.gy. ma noi lojboHow would you translate "Yay, hello!" to Lojban?
i mi pu traduki lu coi ui li'u noi lojbo zoi gy.yay, hello!.gy. noi glicoI translated Lojban coi ui to English as "Yay, hello!"
i mi traduki le glico le lojboI translate from English to Lojban.
Comment: x2 and x3 can be filled with names denoting languages e.g. glico.
Related words: uenzi, cusku

trajix1(entity) is utmost in x2(property of x1) among x3(property of x1) (entity full set) ...

lo traji — utmost, most.
i la alis cu traji le ka clani vau le nixli pe ti noi ckuleAlice is the tallest among girls of this school.
Comment: milxe and mutce don't have similar x3.
Related words: rai, jimte, milxe, mutce, banli, curve, fanmo, krasi, manfo, prane, zmadu, mleca

tranox1(entity) is a quantity of nitrogen

lo trano — nitrogen.
i le vacri cu vasru le kijno e le tranoThe air consists of oxygen and nitrogen.
Related words: vacri

tratix1(entity) is taut, strained in direction x2(property of x1)

lo trati — taut, strained.
i le mi'u taxfu cu tarti le ka pintaThe dress is strained in horizontal direction.
Related words: tinsa, torni, tagji, tcena, kluza

trenex1(entity) is a caravan, a train of connected cars x2(entity group) on the route or railroad x3(entity) ...

lo trene — caravan, train (of cars). lo se trene — member of a caravan, car of a train, carriage (of a train).
i ti trene le mu meiThis train consists of 5 cars.
i so'i da trene le kumte la silka darguThere are many camel caravans on the Silk Road.
Related words: tcana, kumte

tricux1(entity) is a tree of species x2(taxon)

lo tricu — tree.
i le cribe cu kakne le ka cpare le tricuBears can climb trees.
Related words: cindu, ckunu, pezli, mudri, spati

trinax1(entity) attracts x2(entity) with x3(property of x1)

lo trina — attractive. lo se trina — attracted.
i le mi'u jibri cu trina mi le nu mi zifre le ka cliva le briju ca le nu mi djicaThe job attracts me in that I may leave the office when I want.
Related words: djica, nelci, rigni, xlura, magneti

trixex1(entity) is behind x2(entity) in frame of reference x3(entity)

i le mi'u karce cu trixe le mi'u tricu le mi'u cankoThe car is behind the tree when viewed from the window.
Related words: crane, rebla, mlana, pritu, zunle

trocix1(entity) tries to do x2(event of x1, state of x1, property of x1) ...

lo se troci — something tried.
i mi ba troci le ka cpare le mi'u tricuI will try to climb the tree.
i le troci ku po'o cu snada i ku'i le troci po'o cu flibaOnly the one who tries succeeds. But the one who only tries fails.
Related words: fliba, snada, cipra

tsalix1(entity) is strong in property x2(property of x1) ...

lo tsali — strong.
i ei do tsali le ka tadniYou should study hard.
i do tsali le ka lafti le tiljuYou are strong in lifting heavy objects.
Related words: ralci, ruble, carmi, vlipa

tsanix1(entity) is the sky at place x2(entity)

lo tsani — sky.
i le tsani be le mi'u xamsi cu klina gi'e banliThe sky in the sea is clean and magnificent.
Related words: gapru, kensa, tarci, terdi

tsapix1(entity) is a spice or seasoning causing flavor x2(entity)

lo tsapi — spice, seasoning. lo se tsapi — flavour of a seasoning, flavor of a seasoning.
i ti noi cidja cu culno le tsapi be le cpinaThis food is rich in hot spices.
Related words: vrusi

tsijux1(entity) is a seed, fertilized cell of organism x2(entity) for producing offspring x3(entity)

lo tsiju — seed, fertilized cell, spore.
i ti tsiju le manti le mamtaThis is a fertilized cell producing ant queen.
Comment: sovda is pollen, tsiju is spore or embryo-containing egg.
Related words: tarbi, dembi, grute, jbari, sombo, spati

tsinax1(entity) is a platform or stage at x2(entity) supporting x3(entity) ...

lo tsina — platform, stage.
i le tsani cu tsina pe'a le galtu le tarciThe sky is a high "pedestal" for stars.
Related words: greku, jubme

tsukux1(entity) arrives at x2(entity, property of x1) via x3(entity) ; x1 reaches x2

lo se tsuku — place of arrival.
i mi mo'u klama le xotli le ralju klajiI arrived at the hotel via the main street.
i mi kakne le ka mo'u klama le cmanaI can reach the mountain.
i le nu mi mo'u klama pu spaji le za'u daMy arrival surprised them.

tu [pronoun]that over there (not near me or you)

i xu tu du le aftobuso pe mi'aiIs that our bus?
i u'e cai tu moOh my, what is that over there?

tu'a — refers to a noun inside an abstraction noun. "tu'a [noun]" is equivalent to "lo nu co'e [noun]", e.g. djica tu'a lo pa plise = djica lo nu co'e lo pa plise

i mi djica tu'a le pa pliseI want an apple. I want something to happen with an apple (maybe, I want to eat it).

tu'etu'e ... tu'u — brackets for grouping sentences

i mi cadzu ka'ai le mi'u gerku i je ba tu'e mi jukpa le nanba i ja ca bo mi lumci le mi'u kumfa tu'uI will walk with the dog. And then I will either cook the bread or clean the room or doth both at the same time.

tu'o [digit/number] — prefix for uncountable nouns, null operand (used in unary mekso operations)

i tu'o sluni cu zvati le mi'u patxuThere is a mash of onions in the pot.
Comment: outside math formulae indicates that number can't be applied to the noun.
Related words: zi'o

tu'u [terminator] — ends a construct started with: tu'e

tubnux1(entity) is a tube made of x2(entity) with the hole made of x3(entity)

lo tubnu — tube, sleeve, hose. lo se tubnu — material of a tube. lo te tubnu — content of a tube.
i ti noi ponjo se sanmi cu tubnu le rismi le sovda be le finpeThis Japanese meal is a tube of rice with caviar as its filling.
Comment: x3 can be air, water, etc.
Related words: kevna, canlu, slanu, kamju

tugnix1(entity) agrees with x2(entity) that x3(proposition) is true ...

i mi tugni do le nu ti noi purdi cu melbiI agree with you that this is a beautiful garden.
Related words: sarxe, mapti, darlu, natfe, panpi, sarji

tujlix1(entity) is a tulip of species x2(taxon)

lo tujli — tulip.
i le mi'u tujli ba zi se xrula daThe tulips will bloom soon.
Related words: spati

tumlax1(entity) is a parcel of land at x2(entity)

lo tumla — terrain, parcel of land.
i ti tumla pa drata gugdeThis is a land of another country.
Related words: vacri, xamsi, tutra, gugde, xamsi

tunbax1(entity) is a sibling of x2(entity) by bond x3(property of x1)

lo tunba — sibling.
i do tunba mi le ka se mamta gi'e se patfuYou are my sibling since we are born from the same mother and father.
Related words: bruna, mensi, tamne

tunkax1(entity) is a quantity of copper

lo tunka — copper.
i xu le tunka cu narjuIs copper orange?
Related words: jinme, lastu, ransu

tunlox1(entity) swallows

i ra pu tunloHe made a swallowing movement.
Related words: citka, pinxe, galxe

tuntax1(entity) pokes, stabs, pricks x2(entity)

i le mi'u dakfu cu tunta le tuple be miThe knife is poking my leg.
Related words: balre, dakfu, darxi, fanza, jicla, katna

tuplex1(entity) is a leg of x2(entity)

lo tuple — leg.
i je'u ma'a se tuple vo daWe actually have four legs.
Related words: stani, zbepi, jamfu, jimca, sanli

turnix1(entity) governs people or domain x2(entity set)

lo turni — governor.
i ra turni le bu'u gugdeHe governs this country.
Related words: catni, minde, tutra, jecta, gugde, ponse, jitro

tutcix1(entity) is a tool used for x2(property of x1)

lo tutci — tool. lo se tutci — purpose of a tool.
i le vlaste cu plixau tutci le nu tadni le banguDictionary is a useful tool for studying languages.
Comment: basic tool types: salpo, pulni, cfine, klupe, jendu, xislu, vraga, balre, mruli, cinza, garna, pijne, pambe, canpa, utensils: forca, smuci, dakfu.
Related words: cabra, minji, lo se pilno, zukte, sazri

tutrax1(entity) is territory controlled by x2(entity)

lo tutra — territory.
i le tutra be le manti cu zenbaThe territory controlled by ants is extending.
Comment: needs not be land.
Related words: catni, turni, jecta, gugde, ponse, steci, tumla

ty [pronoun]t (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like ty is for the last lo tutra used.

u [conjunction for nouns]whether or not

i coi le jbopre u le certuHello, Lojbanists (whether or not you are experts).
Related words: ju, a, e, ji, o, u

u bu [pronoun]u (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like u bu is for the last lo uenzi used.

u'a [interjection] — gain, u'a nai — loss

i u'a sinxa le nu mi pu draniAha, that's a sign that I was right.
i u'a nai la rob pu zabna gerkuSnif, Rob was a good dog.
i u'a nai mi pu nu'o mo'u pinxe le stasuI haven't eaten up soup.
Related words: jinga, cnemu, prali, cirko

u'e [interjection]Ooh! (wonder), u'e naiPff! (commonplace)

i u'e le mi'u lalxu cu je'a melbiWow, the lake is really beautiful.
i u'e nai lalxuSo what? It's just a lake.
i u'e ti noi jbari so'i mei cu je'a kukteWow, these berries are indeed tasty.
Related words: marvele, fadni

u'i [interjection]Ha-ha! (amusement), u'i naiBlah (weariness)

i u'i pa mlatu cu troci le ka kavbu le rebla be vo'aHa-ha, a cat is trying to capture its tail.
i u'i nai mi pu tirna le xajmi lisri pe doBoring, I heard your funny story.
Related words: se zdile, se xajmi, xalbo

u'o [interjection] — courage, boldness, u'o cu'i — timidity, shyness, u'o nai — cowardice

i u'o mi do ba jai gau snuraI'm coming to your rescue!
i u'o cu'i xu mi zifre le ka staliErm, may I stay here?
i u'o nai mi na klama le nenriOh no, I'm not going to enter.
Related words: virnu

u'u [interjection]Sorry! (repentance)

i u'u mi pu sreraSorry, I made a mistake.
Related words: xenru, zungi

ua [interjection]Aha! Eureka! I get it! (discovery), ua naiDuh! I don't get it! (confusion)

i ua nai ma smuni le se cusku be doHuh, what's the meaning of your words?
i ua le mi'u penbi cu nenri le mi'u tanxeOh, the pen is inside the box.
Related words: facki, cfipu, sisku

ue [interjection]Dear me! Yow! Hey?! Wow! (surprise), ue cu'i — not really surprised, ue nai — expectation

i ue do xa'o zvati tiHey, you are already here!
i ue cu'i do ca'o sipnaWell, no surprises, you are still sleeping.
i ue nai ro da cu praneEverything is perfect, just as I expected.
Related words: spaji

uencux1(entity) is a document containing, describing x2(entity)

lo uencu — document. lo se uencu — content of a document.
i mi jinvi le du'u le vi uenci be le nu farvi fa le mi'u bangu cu mutce le ka vajniI think that these documents containing the development of the language are very important.
Related words: uenzi, jaspu, xatra, pikta, karni, papri, pelji, vreji, cukta, ciska, tcidu

uenzix1(text) is a text about x2(entity)

lo uenzi — text. lo se uenzi — content of a text.
i ti uenzi le vajni fasnuThis is a text about important events.
Related words: cusku, traduki, bangu, tcidu, lerfu, ciska

ui [interjection]Yay! Hooray! Yippie! Yahoo! Whee! (happiness), ui naiAlas! (unhappiness)

i ui mi pu jai zu'e penmi le mi'u fetsiYay, I had a meeting with her.
i ui nai mi flibaAlas, I failed.
Related words: gleki, fu'au

uo [interjection]Voila! (completion), uo nai — incompleteness

i uo mi facki pa danfuVoila, I found a solution!
i uo nai do tu na ru'e darxiOh, you almost hit it.
Related words: mulno, mansa, fanmo, snada

uu [interjection]Oh dear! Poor thing! (pity, compassion), uu naiMwa ha ha! (cruelty)

i uu a'o do ba jinga ca le drataOh you poor thing, I hope you will win another time.
i uu nai do ba me le selfu be miMwa ha ha, you will be my slave!
Comment: in English the word pity is often connected with the feeling of superiority which would be uu ga'i — pity combined with a sense of superiority, or uu vu'e — pity combined with a sense of virtue


Related words: kecti

va [preposition of group VA]... space units apart

i le mi'u prenu cu sanli va le mitre be li re ki miThe man is standing two meters away from me.
i le va tanxe cu vasru le pliseThat box contains apples.
Comment: specifies the distance, e.g. in meters .

va'e [verb] — turn number into verb denoting position on scale

i ro prenu cu su'o va'e le ka bebnaEvery person is stupid to some degree.
Comment: x1(entity) is at n-th position on scale x2(property of nonce place with kau). The number (n) is put in front of va'e.

va'i [interjection]in other words

i mi ponse so'u jdiniI have little money.
i va'i mi pindiIn other words, I'm poor.
Related words: cusku, te smuni

va'o [preposition from vanbi]provided that ..., on condition that ..., under conditions ..., in environment ...

i da'i mi ba zukte i va'o bo do staliI would do it provided that you stay.

va'u [preposition from xamgu]thanks to ..., due to ..., benefiting from ...

i mi co'a ricfu va'u le nu mi carmi gunkaI became rich thanks to my hard work.

vacmursex1(entity) happens at the twilight of day x2(clause) at location x3(entity)

lo vacmurse — twilight.
i le fetsi pu mo'u klama le dinju pe mi ca le vacmurse be le prulamdei bei vo'eYesterday at twilight, she arrived at my house.
Related words: cerni, kandi, vanci

vacrix1(entity) is some air from place x2(entity) ...

lo vacri — air.
i mi vasxu le noi culno le kijno jo'u le pluka panci vau vacri be le purdiI breathe the air of the garden full of oxygen and pleasant scents.
Related words: gapci, kijno, trano, tumla, vasxu, xamsi

vai [digit/number] — hex digit F (decimal 15), fifteen

i mi ba penmi do de'i li cy vaiI will meet you at 3pm.

vajnix1(entity) is important to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo vajni — important.
i na vajni miI don't care.
i le nu do di'i tavla fo la lojban cu vajni mi le ka se jalge le nu do certu tu'a la lojbanRegularly talking in Lojban is important to me in that it results in you becoming an expert in Lojban.
Related words: banli, ralju, vamji, dirba, kargu, pajni

valsix1(text) is a word meaning x2(property of nonce place) in language x3(entity)

lo valsi — word. lo se valsi — meaning of a word.
i zoi valsi le ka pagbu vau le spano"parte" means "part" in Spanish language.
Related words: slaka, bangu, cmavo, cmene, gismu, jufra, rafsi, smuni

vamjix1(entity, property of x2) is what x2(entity) is worth of to x3(entity) for use x4(property of x2)

lo vamji — value. lo se vamji — having value.
i ti noi cukta cu se vamji le barda mi le nu mi lanli ce'uThis book is worth a lot to me for studying.
i ti noi cukta cu se vamji le ka carmi zanru ce'uThis book is worth high praising.
Related words: jdima, jerna, vecnu, dirba, janta, kargu, pleji, vajni

vamtux1(entity) vomits x2(entity)

i le mi'u verba cu vamtu le pu se citka vo'aThe child vomited what he had eaten.
Related words: rigni, kafke, flu'ente, sputu

vanbix1(entity) is part of environment x2(entity)

lo vanbi — part of an environment. lo se vanbi — environment.
i le mi'u vanbi cu so'i meiThere are many factors.
i le se vanbi be le mi'u jufra cu sinxa le nu le cusku pu na junriThe context of this sentence is a sign that the author wasn't serious.
Related words: va'o, sruri, jibni, jbini, ferti, tcini

vancix1(entity) happens in the evening of day x2(clause) at location x3(entity)

lo vanci — evening.
i vanci coiGood evening!
i ca vanciIt's evening now.
i ai ca le vanci be le bavlamdei bei vo'e mi vitke le mamta be miI'm going to visit my mother tomorrow evening.
Related words: cerni, cermurse, vacmurse, tcika

vanjbax1(entity) is a grape of plant x2(taxon)

lo vanjba — grape.
i tu vasru le plise e le vanjba e le tcilokoiotli e le drata gruteIt contains apples, grapes, pumpkin and other fruits.
Related words: vanju, jbari, grute, tsiju, narge

vanjux1(entity) is some wine from grapes x2(entity)

lo vanju — wine. lo se vanju — wine grape.
i ti vanju le xunre vanjbaThis is wine from red grapes.
Related words: barja, birje, xalka, jikru, fusra

vasrux1(entity) is a container or vessel containing x2(entity)

lo vasru — container, vessel. lo se vasru — contents of a vessel, contained.
i le mi'u tanxe pu vasru so'i cuktaThe box was full of books.
Related words: bartu, jbini, nenri, zvati, cpana, botpi, lanka

vasxux1(entity) breathes x2(entity)

lo se vasxu — breathed.
i e'u mi'o vasxu le so'o vifne vacriLet's breathe some fresh air.
Related words: fepri, kijno, vacri

vau [1st meaning] — in a clause with one main verb shows the end of that clause

i mi jinga vau uiI won, yay!

vau [2nd meaning] — in a clause with several main verbs all the sumti after vau are applied to every main verb

i mi so'o roi masno cadzu gi'e so'o roi bajra vau to'o le ckuleSometimes I walk slowly from the school, sometimes I run away from it.

ve [place converter] — switches 1st and 4th places of verb

i le mi'u ve pluta cu torduThe route is short.

ve'a [preposition of group VEhA]covering some space ...

i da lalxu ve'a le kramu be li re ki'o le ka mitreThere is a lake covering 2,000 square meters.

ve'e [preposition of group VEhA]covering the whole space

i bu'u le mi'u kumfa ve'e dertuIt's dirty all over the room.

ve'i [preposition of group VEhA]covering a small space ...

i le tapla poi farlu fi le mi'u drudi cu porpi le ve'i spisaThe tiles that fell from the roof broke into small pieces.
i le va ve'i cmana cu se gacri le srasuThat hill is covered with grass.
i da lalxu ve'i le kramu be li re bei le ka mitreThere is a puddle covering two square meters.

ve'o [terminator] — ends a construct started with: vei

ve'u [preposition of group VEhA]covering a large space ...

i lei mi'u verba pu zbasu pa ve'u snimeChildren made a snowball.
i xu do pu'i jibni le ve'u xamsiHave you ever been near the ocean?

vecnux1(entity) sells goods or service x2(property of x3) to x3(entity) for goods or service x4(property of x1)

lo vecnu — seller, vendor. lo se vecnu — sold. lo ve vecnu — price of something sold.
i mi pu te vecnu le plise le rupnu be li reI bought apples for 2 dollars.
i mi pu te vecnu le ka se ctuca fi la lojban ze'a le cacra be li ciI bought three hours of Lojban lessons.
i mi pu te vecnu le ka jorne le kibroI bought an internet connection.
Related words: canja, dunda, janta, pleji, jerna, kargu, prali, zarci, vamji, jdima, fepni, friti, jerna, rupnu

vedlix1(entity) remembers experience x2(clause)

lo vedli — witness.
i mi vedli le ka kansa la alis bu'u tiI remember being with Alice at this place.
Comment: morji describes memory of general knowledge (facts, concepts), vedli describes personal experience, autobiographical events, episodic memory.
Related words: morji, lifri

veivei ... ve'o — brackets for math expressions

i li vei ci su'i pa ve'o pi'i re du li bi(3 + 1) x 2 = 8.
i li ci su'i pa pi'i re du li mu3 + 1 x 2 = 5.

venfux1(entity) takes revenge against x2(entity) for wrong x3(property of x2) by doing x4(property of x1)

lo te venfu — reason for revenge. lo ve venfu — vengeance (act).
i la kevin pu venfu la alis le ka kusru la kevin vau le ka cinba la alis re'o pa li'anpiHe took a revenge on Alice being rude to him by kissing her on the cheek.
Related words: sfasa, cnemu

vensax1(entity) is spring of year x2(entity) at location x3(entity)

lo vensa — springtime.
i ca le vensa be le re no no mu moi bei la australiias mi pu na zvati le zdani be mi gugdeDuring Australian winter of year 2005 I wasn't in my home country.
Related words: citsi, crisa, critu, dunra

verbax1(entity) is a child aged x2(clause) immature in x3(property of x1)

lo verba — child.
i ti noi mlatu cu verba le masti be li ci le ka ca'o pinxe le ladru pe le mamtaThis cat of three months old is still a kitten since he still drinks mother's milk.
Related words: cifnu, makcu, citno, panzi, nanla, nixli, se rirni, bersa

vi [preposition of group VA]... space units apart, adverb: near

i le mi'u prenu cu sanli vi le mitre be li re ki miThe man is standing near, only two meters away from me.
i le vi plise cu titlaThis apple is sweet.
Comment: ne'a mi means near me. vi specifies the distance, e.g. in meters .

vi'a [preposition of group VIhA]throughout an area (in 2-dimensional space)

i mi pu litru vi'a le mi'u gugdeI travelled across the country.
i mi pu klama vi'a le mi'u tcaduI moved around the city.

vi'e [preposition of group VIhA]throughout a space-time (in 4-dimensional interval)

i xu do pensi le vi'e pixraAre you thinking of the whole picture?
i le prenu vi'e cenbaPeople change in time and space.

vi'i [preposition of group VIhA]along a line (in 1-dimensional space)

i ai mi cadzu vi'i le mi'u klajiI'm going to walk along the street.
Comment: curved lines can also be specified with vi'i.
Related words: sirji

vi'o [vocative]will do that, wilco (expresses compliance)

i lu ko lumci le mi'u kumfa li'u lu vi'o do li'u"Clean the room." "Will do."

vi'u [preposition of group VIhA]throughout a space (in 3-dimensional space)

i le fagri pu preja vi'u le mi'u zdaniThe fire spread across the building in all directions.

vibnax1(entity) is a vagina of x2(entity)

lo vibna — vagina.
i xu ti pixra le vibna be pa bakniIs this a picture of a cow's vagina?
Related words: seksi, gletu, nakpinji, plibu, vlagi, mabla

vidnix1(entity) is a screen, video monitor for function x2(property of x1)

lo vidni — screen, video monitor. lo se vidni — function of a screen.
i ti vidni le ka jai gau zgana le se klani be le livlaThis is the screen for showing the amount of fuel.
Related words: skina, ve tivni

vidrux1(entity) as a virus of species x2(taxon) capable of infecting x3(entity)

lo vidru — virus.
i ti vidru la rotavirus le remnaThis is Rotavirus that infects humans.
Related words: jurme

vifnex1(entity) is fresh or unspoiled

lo vifne — fresh, unspoiled.
i xu le mi'u finpe cu vifneIs the fish fresh?
Related words: fusra

vikmix1(entity) excretes waste x2(entity) from x3(entity) via x4(entity)

lo se vikmi — excreted waste, excrement.
i le mi'u verba cu vikmi le pinca le xadni le nakpinjiThe child excretes the urine from the body via the penis.
Related words: cigla, kalci, pinca, xasne

viknux1(entity) is viscous, of thick consistency ...

lo viknu — viscous, thick (viscous).
i le mi'u jisra cu viknuThe juice is thick.
Related words: denmi, snipa

vimcux1(entity) removes or subtracts x2(property of x3) from x3(entity) leaving x4(entity)

lo se vimcu — removed. lo ve vimcu — remainder after removal.
i no ladru cu ve vimcuNo milk left.
i mi pu vimcu le jbari le mi'u torta le matneI removed berries from the cake leaving the butter.
Related words: lebna, muvdu, cpacu, canci, cliva, jdika

vindux1(entity) is poisonous or toxic to x2(entity)

lo vindu — toxic, poisonous.
i le cakla cu vindu le gerkuChocolate is a poison to dogs.
Related words: cidja, since

vinjix1(entity) is an aircraft for carrying x2(entity) ...

lo vinji — airplane, aircraft. lo se vinji — cargo of an aircraft, passenger of an aircraft.
i mi pu ca'o vofli bu'u pa vinji be le prenuI was flying in a passenger's airplane.
Related words: vofli, sabnu

vipsix1(entity) is a vice in x2(property of x1) to principal x3(entity)

lo vipsi — subordinate, vice-president, vice-.
i la kevin cu vipsi fi mi fe le ka platuKevin is my vice in planning.
Related words: krati, sidju

virnux1(entity) is brave in x2(property of x1) ...

lo virnu — brave. lo se virnu — done bravely.
i do pu virnu le ka klama le nenri be le jelca dinjuIt was brave of you to enter the burning house.
Related words: terpa, darsi

viskax1(entity) sees x2(entity) ...

lo se viska — seen.
i pa plise zo'u mi viska le se skari be ri i le mi'u plise cu skari le xunreThere is an apple. I see a color of it. The apple is colored red.
i mi viska le tarmi be pa najnimre i ri se tarmi le cuklaI see the form of an orange. The orange is round.
i mi pu viska le nu le mi'u fetsi cu limnaI saw her swim.
Related words: catlu, jvinu, kanla, minra, simlu, djuno, jimpe, zgana, ganse

vitcix1(entity) is intermittent in x2(property of x1)

lo vitci — irregular, intermittent.
i le mi'u bombila cu vitci le ka te gusni i ja'o le mi'u bombila cu spofuThe light bulb gives an intermittent light. It must be broken.
Related words: ranji, rufsu, suksa

vitkex1(entity) is a guest of x2(entity) at x3

lo vitke — guest.
i mi vitke le mensi be mi bu'u la moskovI visited my sister in Moscow.
i ko vitke mi le zdani be miBe my guest at my home!
i mi pu'o cpedu le ka vitke mi le zdani be mi vau so'o pendoI am about to invite a few friends to my home.
Comment: x3 marks not necessarily where the visit actually takes place but to where the guest was invited.
Related words: friti, klama, zasni, xabju, zvati

vitnox1(entity) is permanent in property x2(property of x1) ...

lo vitno — permanent.
i ti noi senta le dertu cu vitno le ka bisliThis layer of soil is permanently frozen.
Related words: stodi, cimni, zasni, manfo, stali

vlagix1(entity) is a vulva of x2(entity)

lo vlagi — vulva.
i le vlagi be ti noi bakni cu jai se bilmaThe vulva of this cow has symptoms of a disease.
Related words: seksi, gletu, nakpinji, plibu, vibna, mabla

vlastex1(text) is a dictionary with words x2(entity)

lo vlaste — dictionary.
i le se cukta be ti cu vlaste le lojboThis book is a Lojban dictionary.
Related words: valsi, liste, slaka, bangu, cmavo, cmene, gismu, jufra, rafsi, smuni

vlilex1(event, state, action) is violent; x1 is an act of violence

lo vlile — violence.
i le brife pu vlileIt was a storm.
Related words: suksa, jursa

vlipax1(entity) has the power to bring about x2(clause) ...

lo vlipa — powerful. lo se vlipa — power, might.
i ma vlipa le nu co'a carviWho is powerful enough to cause rain?
Comment: kakne is able to do something or to be someone, vlipa is to be powerful enough to bring about events in other entities
Related words: kakne, tsali, jitro, ruble

vo [digit/number]4, four

i vo manti ca plipe le mi'u tricuThere are 4 ants climbing the tree.

vo'a [pronoun] — refers to the 1st noun of the main clause of the current sentence

i la kevin cu zvati le zdani be vo'aKevin is at home.
i la alis cu se pluka le ka tavla vo'aAlice likes to talk about herself.

vo'e [pronoun] — refers to the 2nd noun of the main clause of the current sentence

i mi tavla do ba'e vo'eI'm talking to you about YOU!

vo'i [pronoun] — refers to the 3rd noun of the main clause of the current sentence

i xu do pu cusku fi mi fe zo'e pe vo'iDid you say to me something about me?

vo'o [pronoun] — refers to the 4th noun of the main clause of the current sentence

i mi tavla fo la lojban fi vo'oI'm talking in Lojban about Lojban.

vo'u [pronoun] — refers to the 5th noun of the main clause of the current sentence

i mi pu klama fu le karce fe le patfu be mi be'o noi ta'o pu dunda vo'u miI went by car to my father who, by the way, had granted me it.

voflix1(entity) flies using means x2(entity)

i le toldi cu vofli le nalciButterflies fly using wings.
Related words: cipni, klama, vinji

voi — turn clause into relative clause: what I describe as being or doing ...

i le ca vanci cu pluka i le tai ditcu voi vanci na cafneThis evening is pleasant. Such time that is this evening doesn't happen often.
Comment: lo gerku voi blabi is There are dogs whom I describe as being white..

voksax1(sound) is the voice of x2(entity)

lo voksa — voice.
i le voksa be le mi'u ninmu cu to'e claduThe woman's voice is quiet.
Related words: sance, tirna, bacru

voltax1(entity) returns to x2(entity, property of x1) from x3(entity, property of x1)

i mi volta le ka finti le pemci vau le ka finti le prosaI return to writing poems after writing prose.
i mi volta la kaliforniias la niponI returned to California from Japan.
i ko jai gau volta fai le mi'u jdiniReturn the money.
Related words: trixe, krefu, benji, rapli

vormex1(entity) is a doorway between x2(entity group) ...

lo vorme — doorway.
i ti du le vorme poi ve klama le mi'u zarciThis is the doorway to the store.
i tu noi kevna cu vorme le re kumfaThat hole is a doorway between the two rooms.
Related words: canko, ganlo, kalri, murta, pagre, bitmu, kuspe

vragax1(entity) is a lever for doing x2(action) with fulcrum x3(entity) and arm x4(entity)

lo vraga — lever. lo se vraga — purpose of a lever. lo te vraga — fulcrum of a lever. lo ve vraga — arm of a lever.
i ti noi jinci cu vraga le ka se pi'o ce'u katna le pelji vau le midju le re meiThese scissors is a lever for cutting paper with the fulcrum in the middle and two arms.
Related words: tutci, pulni

vrejix1(entity) is a record of x2(entity) about x3(entity) in medium x4(entity)

lo vreji — record (file), file (record). lo se vreji — recorded information. lo te vreji — information storage medium, data carrier.
i ti vreji le pu se cusku be mi le skami le peljiThis is a paper record of what I said in past about computers.
Related words: sorcu, datni, papri

vretax1(entity) lies, reclines on x2(entity)

i do pu vreta le ckana ji le sfofaWere you lying on the bed or on the sofa?
Related words: cpana, surla, zutse, ckana, lazni

vricix1(entity) is miscellaneous in x2(property of x1)

lo vrici — miscellaneous, assorted.
i le za'u vi mlatu cu vrici le ka skari ma kauThese cats vary in color.
Related words: vrici, klesi, girzu, frica, simsa, panra

vrudex1(entity) is virtuous in x2(property of x1)

lo vrude — virtuous.
i ra vrude le ka sidju le prenuHe is virtuous in helping people.
i la kevin na ji'e vrudeKevin isn't moral to such degree.
Related words: palci, xamgu, marde, zabna

vrusix1(entity) is a taste or flavor of x2(entity)

lo vrusi — taste, flavor. lo se vrusi — having a taste.
i le vrusi be le mi'u finpe cu carmiThe fish has a strong flavour.
Comment: vrusi can describe a combination of taste and smell.
Related words: kukte, tsapi, cpina, panci

vu [preposition of group VA]... space units apart, adverb: far away

i le mi'u prenu ca zvati vu ci trene tcana ki miThe man is now far away, three train stations from me.
Comment: specifies the distance, e.g. in meters .

vu'e [interjection] — expressing virtue, vu'e nai — expressing sin

i ie vu'e sarcu fa le nu le mi'u tcadu cu se daspoIt's my virtue, I agree that the city should be destroyed.
i mi djica vu'e nai le nu do na clivaMy sin, I don't want you to leave.
i ui vu'e nai mi pu citka pa titla poi mi pu zekri lebnaYay, I ate a candy that I had stolen.
Related words: vrude, zungi

vu'o [terminator] — ends place consisting of several nouns so that a relative clause or an interjection can be put after it making it apply to the whole place

i zo oi e zo ua vu'o poi do pu cusku cu srana xu le jibri be doAre "Ouch" and "Eureka" that you said related to your job?

vu'uminus, subtraction operator (symbol in math)

i li pa pa vu'u bi du li ci11 - 8 = 3.

vy [pronoun]v (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like vy is for the last lo vacri used.

vy bu [pronoun]w (letter)

xa [digit/number]6, six

i xa cipni ca vofliThere are 6 birds flying.

xa'o [preposition of aspect]already, describes what started before the given point and still taking place

i mi pu xa'o citka pa tortaI ate a cake too early.
i ue do ti xa'o zvatiWow, you are already here.

xabjux1(entity) dwells or lives in x2(entity)

lo xabju — inhabitant. lo se xabju — home.
i do xabju ma noi gugdeWhat country do you live in?
i do xabju ma noi tcaduWhat city do you live in?
Comment: a synonym to se zdani.
Related words: ginka, zdani, zvati, stuzi, jmive, stali, vitke

xadbax1(entity) is half of x2(same type as x1) ...

lo xadba — 1/2, half.
i mi pu katna le mi'u plise le re xadbaI cut the apple in half.
i le pa xadba be le mi'u plise cu fusraHalf of the apple is rotten.
Related words: mulno, pagbu

xadnix1(entity) is a body or corpse of x2(entity)

lo xadni — body (corpse).
i le xadni be le mi'u ninmu cu claniThe woman's body is long.
Related words: menli, pruxi, sluji, mulno, cutne

xagjix1(entity) is hungry for x2(entity)

lo xagji — hungry.
i mi xagji le rectuI am hungry for meat.
Related words: cidja, citka, djica, nitcu, taske

xagrix1(entity) is a pipe, reed musical instrument ...

lo xagri — reed instrument, pipe, oboe, saxophone, clarinet. lo se xagri — reed (of a musical instrument).
i le mi'u nixli pu zgipli le xagriThe girl was playing the pipe.
Related words: zgike

xajmix1(entity, text) is funny to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo xajmi — funny.
i le mi'u verba gerku cu xajmi mi le ka plipe tai ma kauThe puppet seems funny to me in how it jumps.
Related words: bebna, cisma, cmila, fenki, zdile

xaksux1(entity) consumes or uses up x2(entity)

lo xaksu — consumer. lo se xaksu — consumed.
i le mi'u karce cu xaksu le so'i livlaThe car consumes a lot of fuel.
Related words: citka, festi, daspo, livla, pinxe

xalbox1(entity) is frivolous about x2(property of x1)

lo xalbo — frivolous, non-serious.
i mi pu xalbo le ka stidi le nu ra gidva mi'oI wasn't serious in suggesting that he guides us.
Related words: junri, linto

xalkax1(entity) is a quantity of alcohol of components x2(entity) ...

lo xalka — alcohol.
i ti xalka le se zbasu be fi le vanjbaThis is alcohol made of grapes.
Related words: birje, jikru, vanju

xalnix1(entity) panics about x2(event, state)

lo xalni — alarmist, panic-monger. lo se xalni — panic situation.
i le mi'u fetsi pu xalni le ka da'i nai pu se cinba pa fange nanmuShe panicked when she was kissed by an unfamiliar man.
Related words: ckape, snura, terpa, xanka

xamgux1(entity) is beneficial to x2(entity) ...

lo xamgu — good (beneficial).
i ba zi ku mi se xamguSoon I'll be okay.
i le plise cu xamgu le nu kanro i ji'a je le plise cu kukteApples are good for your health. And, in addition, they taste great.
Related words: melbi, xlali, vrude, zabna

xampox1(entity) is x2(number) amperes ...

i ti noi minji cu xampo li reThis machine has a current of 2 amperes.
Related words: letri, flu'ente, centi

xamsix1(entity) is a sea or ocean at place x2(entity) ...

lo xamsi — sea.
i ti xamsi le bertiThis is a northern sea.
Related words: daplu, djacu, lalxu, rirxe, tumla, vacri, zbani, ctaru

xancex1(entity) is a hand of x2(entity)

lo xance — hand.
i le xance be do cu jai pluka fai le ka se palpiYour hands are pleasant to the touch.
Related words: birka, degji, jitro, xlura, jamfu, tamji

xankax1(entity) worries about x2(clause) ...

lo xanka — nervous, anxious. lo se xanka — nervous situation.
i mi xanka le nu do se la'u li xo kau kanroI am concerned for your health.
Related words: xalni, terpa, raktu

xanrix1(clause) is imaginary to x2(entity)

lo xanri — imaginary event.
i mi na kakne le ka se xanri le nu mi sazri le treneI can't imagine myself driving a train.
Related words: fatci, senva, zasti, cfika, dacti, menli, sidbo

xantox1(entity) is an elephant of species x2(taxon)

lo xanto — elephant.
i le xanto cu se nazbi le claniElephants have long noses.
Related words: mabru, barda

xarcix1(entity, property of x3) is a weapon for use against x2(entity) used by x3(entity)

lo xarci — weapon.
i le ka dunda le titla cu xarci le verba le makcuGiving sugar sweets is a weapon against children used by grown-ups.
Related words: jenmi, sonci, catra

xarjux1(entity) is a pig of species x2(taxon)

lo xarju — pig.
i xu le xarju cu simsa le remnaAre pigs similar to humans?
Related words: mabru, cange

xarnux1(entity) stubbornly opposes x2(entity, state, force) in bringing about x3(event, state) ; x1 is obstinate

lo xarnu — obstinate.
i le mi'u nakni cu xarnu le mamta be vo'a le ka na volta le zdaniHe was obstinate in front of his mother in not returning home.
i le mi'u fetsi ca xarnu fi le ka jinvi ma kauShe is obstinate in her opinion.
Related words: tinsa, pante, bapli, fapro

xaslix1(entity) is a donkey of species x2(taxon)

lo xasli — donkey.
i le xasli ne se mau le xirma cu tsaliDonkeys are stronger than horses.
Related words: xirma, kumte

xasnex1(entity) is sweat from x2(entity) (entity) ...

lo xasne — sweat. lo te xasne — sweat gland.
i le xasne be ra cu se cigla tiHis sweat is secreted by these glands.
Related words: pinca, vikmi, cigla

xatrax1(entity) is a letter to x2(entity) from x3(entity) with content x4(text)

lo xatra — letter (message). lo se xatra — recipient of letter. lo te xatra — sender of a letter. lo ve xatra — contents of a letter.
i ti xatra la alis mi le se du'u mi prami la alisThis is a letter to Alice from me where I as saying I loved her.
Comment: lo notci is any message. xatra emphasizes the communication between author and recipient, the content of the letter may not easily be categorized to a 'subject'.
Related words: notci, ciska, mrilu, papri

xatsix1(entity) is 10-18 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le mi'u vidru cu xatsi le grake le ka tiljuWeight of the virus is 1 attogram.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

xazdox1(entity) is Asian in x2(property of x1)

lo xazdo — Asiatic.
i le mi'u tcaci cu steci le xazdo gugdeThe custom is specific to Asian countries.
Related words: friko, jungo, rusko, ropno

xe [place converter] — switches 1st and 5th places of verb

i mi xebni le kibro xe mriluI hate internet mail system.

xebnix1(entity) hates or despises x2(clause)

i mi xebni le ka zgana le nu do se tasmi le simsaI hate seeing you like this.
Related words: djica, nitcu, rigni, prami, nelci

xectox1(entity) is a hundred of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

lo xecto — 100, hundred.
i le mi'u rirxe cu xecto le mitre le ka condiThe river is 100 meters deep.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units, le xecto be le mlatu is the 100 cats.
Related words: centi

xedjax1(entity) is a jaw of x2(entity)

lo xedja — jaw.
i mi pu carmi cmila i ja'e bo mi na ru'e jai se torni le xedjaI was laughing so hard that I nearly dislocated my jaw.
Related words: stedu

xei [digit/number] — hex digit E (decimal 14), fourteen

i mi ba cliva de'i li cy xeiI will leave at 2pm.

xekrix1(entity) is black

lo xekri — black.
i nandu fa le nu zvafa'i le xekri mlatu bu'u le manku kumfaIt's hard to find a black cat in a dark room.
Related words: blabi, grusi, manku, skari, xekri, kandi, carmi, blanu, bunre, cicna, crino, narju, nukni, pelxu, xunre, zirpu

xendox1(entity) is kind to x2(entity) in doing x3(action of x1)

lo xendo — kind (generous), warm-hearted. lo te xendo — act of kindness.
i ra pu xendo mi le ka dunda pa sanmi miHe was kind to me in providing me with a meal.
Related words: cinmo, kecti, pendo, kusru

xenrux1(entity) regrets x2(clause, property of x1)

lo se xenru — regretted.
i do ba xenru le ka lazniYou will regret your laziness.
Related words: u'u, zungi

xexsox1(entity) is 1018 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le xexso be le snidu bei le ka ditcu cu gigdo le nanca be li ji'i ci re bei le ka ditcu1 exasecond is approximately 32 billion years.
Comment: by default, x3 specifies the number of units.
Related words: centi

xi [subscript] — subscript prefix, attaches a numeral to a pronoun, preposition, place converter or a verb word giving new meanings

i mi se xi ba'e pa prami la kevinI love (love!) Kevin (not that he loves me).
i mi do se xi vei pa e re pramiI love you, and you love me.
i fa xi xo'e mi fa xi xo'e do viskaYou, I see (maybe you see me, maybe I see you, context will tell).
Comment: se xi re is the same as se, se xi ci is the same as te. se xi pa just emphasizes the normal order of places as if there wasn't se xi pa put here.

xindox1(entity) is Hindi in x2(property of x1)

lo xindo — belonging to Hindi.
i le mi'u uenzi cu xindoThe text is in Hindi.

xinmox1(entity) is some ink of color x2(entity) used by writing device x3(entity)

lo xinmo — ink. lo se xinmo — color of ink. lo te xinmo — ink pen.
i le penbi pe mi co'u te xinmo fi daMy pen has run out of ink.
i ti xinmo le blanuThis is blue ink.
Related words: penbi

xirmax1(entity) is a horse of species x2(taxon)

lo xirma — horse.
i le mi'u grusi xirma pu'i sutraThe gray horse is fast.
Related words: sufti, xasli, kumte

xislux1(entity) is a wheel of vehicle x2(entity) ...

lo xislu — wheel. lo se xislu — wheeled.
i xu do mo'u cikre le mi'u xisluHave you fixed the wheel?
Related words: carce, karce, pulni, tutci

xlalix1(entity) is detrimental to x2(entity) ...

lo xlali — bad.
i le nu le speni be mi cu bilma cu xlali da'i miAn illness of my spouse would be bad for me.
Related words: palci, mabla, xamgu, betri

xlurax1(entity) lures or influences x2(entity) into x3(event of x2, action of x2, state of x2) ...

i do pu xlura sa'u mi le ka te vecnu ti noi dinju vau ta'i le ka jai gau cenba fai le jdimaYou just lured me into buying this house by changing the price.
Comment: achieved state x3 can be specified with mo'u.
Related words: djica, mukti, trina, jitro, sazri, tcica, xance, stidi, kajde, magneti

xo [digit/number] — asks for the digit or number (that should go into the place to which xo is put)

i xo prenu ba zvati le mi'u nu penmiHow many people will be present at the meeting?
i lu do nanca li xo li'u lu pa ci li'u"How old are you?" "Thirteen."

xo'e [digit/number] — a number unspecified or known from context

i re xo'e prenu pu zvati le mi'u kumfa20 - 29 people were present in the room.
Related words: tu'o, xo, zo'e, co'e, do'e

xo'o [interjection modifier] — verbal irony, xo'o naiI mean it! (sincerely)

i je'u xo'o do ne se mau djunoYes, of course, you know better (sarcastically)!
i xo'o nai sai do pu se la'u li rau gunkaWith full sincerity, I can tell you that you worked enough.
Comment: For xo'o the intended meaning is the opposite of that expressed by the words used, in xo'o nai it explicitely marks the intended meaning as matching the words. Sarcasm isn't necessarily implied.

xotlix1(entity) is a hotel or inn ...

lo xotli — hotel.
i la uestern poi xotli cu zvati maWhere is "Western" hotel?
Related words: barja, gusta

xrabox1(entity) is Arabic in x2(property of x1)

lo xrabo — Arabic.
i le pendo be mi cu xraboMy friend is Arabic.

xranix1(entity) injures x2(entity) ...

i le mi'u nanla pu xrani le cidni be vo'a ja'e le nu ri cortuThe boy injured his knee so that it hurt.
i le jalge be le mi'u nu xrani cu ckapeThe injury is dangerous.
Related words: cortu, daspo, spofu, katna, porpi

xrisox1(entity) is Christian in x2(property of x1)

lo xriso — Christian.
i le mi'u nanmu pu klama pa malsi be le xrisoThe woman went to a Christian temple.
Related words: jegvo, lijda

xrubax1(entity) is some buckwheat of species x2(taxon)

lo xruba — buckwheat.
i bu'u la nipon le prenu cu citka le xruba nudleIn Japan people like eating buckwheat noodles.
Related words: spati

xrukix1(entity) is a turkey of species x2(taxon)

lo xruki — turkey.
i xu do pu su'o roi citka le xrukiHave you ever eaten turkey?
Related words: cipni

xrulax1(entity) is a flower of plant or species x2(taxon)

lo xrula — flower.
i le se xrula poi do viska cu rozguThis flower is a rose.
i ti noi xrula cu rozguThis flower is a rose.
Related words: spati

xu [interjection] — true-false question, xu nai — false-true question

i xu do pu djunoDid you know?
i xu nai do pu djunoDidn't you know?

xukmix1(entity) is the chemical x2(entity) with purity x3(property of x1)

lo xukmi — chemical.
i ti noi djine cu xukmi le solji li pi mu bi muThis ring is 58.5% pure gold (58.5 out of 100 parts is pure gold).
Related words: curve, cidro, marna, nimre

xunrex1(entity) is red

lo xunre — red.
i ko dunda le mi'u xunre cukta miGive me the red book.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, nukni, narju, rozgu, zirpu

xusrax1(entity) claims, asserts that x2(proposition) is true

lo xusra — claimant. lo se xusra — claim.
i le djuno be le zmadu cu xusra le se zmaduWho knows more claims less.
i xu do xusra le mi'u du'u le mi'u terdi cu carna le mi'u solriAre you asserting that the Earth goes round the Sun?
Related words: natfe, nupre

xutlax1(entity) is smooth

lo xutla — smooth.
i le mi'u djacu cu simlu le ka xutla tai le ka blaciThe water looks smooth as glass.
Related words: plita, rufsu, tengu, dikni, pinta, sakli, spali

xy [pronoun]x (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like xy is for the last lo xendo used.

yErr, hesitation noise

i mi te vecnu le vi plise e y le vu perliI'm buying these apples and, umm, the pears over there.
Comment: maintains the floor while speaker decides what to say next.

y bu [pronoun]y (letter)

Comment: prefixed with me'o is a quotation of the letter. When used alone refers to the last noun with the verb starting with this letter like y bu is for the last la yrl used.

y'y [pronoun] — ' (apostrophe; letter)

za [preposition of group ZI] — (time units) ... ago or in ... (time units), adverb: some time ago (unspecified or known from context) or in some time

i mi ba volta za le djedi be li ciI will return in three days.
i mi pu volta za le nanca be li muI returned 5 years ago.
Comment: often used after pu or ba.
Related words: zi, za, zu

za'a [interjection]I observe

i oi nai za'a melbi tcimaOh, what a nice weather.
i za'a le mi'u aftobuso cu jai lerciApparently, the bus is late.
i za'a cladu bu'u le bartuI can hear the loud sound outside.
i ja'o carmi carviSo it must be raining heavily.
Comment: za'a is for expressing external experience, se'o is for expressing internal experience.
Related words: zgana, lanli

za'e [left interjection] — marks the following construct as nonce (made up for this specific context) or as used not in its usual meaning

i mi pu za'e derpi i va'i mi pu smusku le jai se bebnaI "derped". In other words, I said something stupid.
Related words: ba'e, za'e

za'o [preposition of aspect] — still lasting after the given point

i mi pu za'o citka le titla ba le nu mi mo'u citka le sanmi pe miI kept eating candies after my meal was over.

za'u [digit/number]greater than ... (number follows); by default denotes plural number

i le mi'u za'u verba ca'o citka le mi'u kumfaThe children are eating in the room.
i za'u prenu pu'o klamaMore people are about to come.
i xu do djica za'u djacuDo you want more water?

za'u re'u [preposition] — adverb: again

i e'o do za'u re'u cuskuCould you repeat that?

zabnax1(entity) is superb, admirable in x2(property of x1) ...

lo zabna — superb, admirable.
i le mi'u jisra cu zabna le ka se tastaThe juice is superb in taste.
i ra zabna le ka se sanceHer voice is cool.
Related words: mabla, xamgu, funca, vrude, banli

zajbax1(entity) is a gymnast performing x2(property of x1)

lo zajba — gymnast. lo se zajba — gymnastic feat.
i ra zajba le ka se rilti muvduHe is a rhythmic gymnast.
Related words: sluji, dansu

zalvix1(entity) grinds x2(entity) into powder x3(entity)

lo te zalvi — powder produced by grinding.
i mi'a zalvi le maxri le purmoWe grind wheat into flour.
Related words: daspo, purmo, marxa, pulce, canre, molki

zanrux1(entity) approves of x2(event)

i mi zanru le mi'u se platu be doI approve of your plan.
Related words: natfe

zarcix1(entity) is a market selling x2(entity) ...

lo zarci — market (trading site).
i le mi'u zarci be le rectu de'i li cy vo co'u aktiThe butchery closes at 4 o'clock.
Related words: vecnu, canja, dinju, banxa

zargux1(entity) is a buttock of x2(entity)

lo zargu — buttocks.
i le mi'u ninmu mo'u batci le zargu be le mi'u nanmu se pi'o le xanceShe pinched his buttocks with a hand.
Related words: ganxo, mabla

zasnix1(entity) is temporary in property x2(property of x1) ...

lo zasni — temporary.
i ti noi dinju ba zasni le ka mi xabjuI will temporarily live in this building.
Related words: vitno, stodi, cenba, galfi, binxo, stika, stali, tcini, vitke

zastix1(entity) exists or is real to x2(entity) under metaphysics x3(proposition)

lo zasti — existing.
i do zasti mi le se senva be miYou are real for me in my dreams.
Related words: fatci, xanri

zbabux1(entity) is some soap(entity) ...

lo zbabu — soap.
i ti noi zbabu cu se zbasu fi le jilka jo'u le grasu jo'u le djacuThis soap is made of alkali, fat and water.
Related words: lumci, fonmo

zbanix1(entity) is a bay of coast x2(entity)

lo zbani — bay. lo se zbani — coast, shore.
i ti zbani le tumla pe la niponThis is a coast of the Japanese land.
Related words: lalxu, xamsi

zbasux1(entity) makes or assembles x2(entity) from parts x3(entity)

lo zbasu — assembler.
i zbasu le cirla le ladruCheese is made from milk.
i xu do mo'u zbasu le mi'u dinjuHave you finished building the house?
Related words: cupra, larcu, rutni, finti, gundi

zbepix1(entity) is a pedestal, stand supporting x2(entity) ...

lo zbepi — pedestal, stand.
i ti zbepi le tansiThis is a stand for the pan.
Related words: jamfu, jicmu, jubme, tuple, ckana, cpana, loldi, sanli

zdanix1(entity) is a home of x2(entity) ; x2 inhabits x1

lo zdani — home. lo se zdani — inhabitant.
i le zdani be mi cu zdani be doMy home is your home.
Related words: dinju, ginka, kumfa, se xabju

zdilex1(clause) is amusing to x2(entity) in x3(property of x1)

lo zdile — amusing. lo se zdile — amused.
i le mi'u verba mlatu cu zdile mi le ka tai ma kau plipeThe kitten is amusing in how it jumps.
Comment: lo xajmi is funny.
Related words: cinri, panka, kelci

ze [digit/number]7, seven

i li cy ze tcika tiIt's 7 o'clock.

ze'a [preposition of group ZEhA]during ... , adverb: for some time (unspecified or known from context)

i mi pu ze'a sipnaI slept for a while.
Related words: ze'i, ze'a, ze'u, ze'e

ze'e [preposition of group ZEhA]eternally

i mi ba ze'e prami doI will always love you.
i mi ze'e prami doI loved, love and will love you.
Related words: ze'i, ze'a, ze'u, ze'e

ze'ei — being put before two words creates a word with the meaning of the word to the left and the grammar of the word to the right

i panpi ze'ei coiPeace to you! (as a greeting).
Comment: binds two arbitrary words together to form a nonce word whose semantics are indicated by the left word and whose grammar is the same as that of the right word. Useful for creating function words without having to allocate experimental cmavo forms.
Related words: zei

ze'i [preposition of group ZEhA]during ... (a short time), adverb: for a short time

i ai mi ze'i sipnaI'm going to take a nap (to sleep for a short time).
Related words: ze'i, ze'a, ze'u, ze'e

ze'o [preposition of place]across, outwards, beyond ...

i da tricu ze'o le mi'u rirxeThere is a tree across the river.

ze'u [preposition of group ZEhA]during ... (a long time), adverb: for a long time

i mi pu ba le ka citka ze'u sipnaI took a long nap after eating.
Related words: ze'i, ze'a, ze'u, ze'e

zei — makes one single word out of two

i lei certu pu pilno le xy zei kantuExperts used X-rays.
Related words: ze'ei

zekrix1(event of nonce place, state of nonce place) is a crime to x2(entity)

lo zekri — crime.
i xu le ka catra le mabru cu zekri doIs killing mammals a crime to you?
Related words: flalu, sfasa, zungi, palci, lijda, pajni, javni, tcaci, marde, pulji, tinbe

zenbax1(entity) increases in x2(property of x1) by amount x3(entity)

lo zenba — increasing.
i mi zenba le ka se cfipu vau so'i daMy confusion increased a lot.
i e'o do zenba le ka masno le ka tavla i e'o do zenba masno tavlaWould you please speak more slowly?
Related words: jdika, zmadu, banro, jmina

zeptix1(entity) is 10-21 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le xa no re selci be le marji cu zepti le molro le ka se canluOne zeptomole (zmol) of substance contains 602 particles.
Related words: centi

zetrox1(entity) is 1021 of x2(same type as x1) in x3(property of x1)

i le djacu po le xamsi be le mi'u terdi cu zetro le litce be li ji'i pa pi vo le ka se canluThe volume of seawater in the Earth's oceans is approximately 1.4 zettalitres (ZL).
Related words: centi

zganax1(entity) observes x2(entity) using sense x3(property of x1) ...

lo zgana — observer, spectator.
i mi zgana koShow yourself.
i mi zgana le zgike e le skinaI'm listening to the music and watching a movie.
i mi zgana le mi'u tcini le ka tirnaI'm monitoring the situation by listening.
i le mi'u ctuca pu jai se zgana fai le ka zvati pa barjaThe teacher was spotted in a bar.
Related words: ga'a, ganse, viska, catlu, tirna, pencu, sumne, kurji, canci, catlu, jarco, lanli, pinka, simlu

zgikex1(sound) is music performed by x2(entity)

lo zgike — music.
i le zgike be le mi'u za'u cipni na claduThe music of the birds isn't loud.
Related words: damri, dansu, flani, janbe, jgita, pipno, rilti, tabra, tonga, xagri, siclu

zgiplix1(entity) plays on a musical instrument x2(entity) music x3(entity)

lo zgipli — musician. lo se zgipli — musical instrument.
i do certu le ka zgipli le flani le melbiYou are a pro in playing beautiful melodies on the flute.
Related words: zgike, pilno

zi [preposition of group ZI]recently or soon

i mi ba volta ba zi le cacra be li paI will return soon, in an hour.
i gau mi do ba djuno ba zi le nu mi mo'u klamaI will inform you as soon as I arrive.
Comment: often used after pu or ba.
Related words: zi, za, zu

zi'e [connective for relative clauses]and

i le mi'u prenu poi pu tavla do zi'e noi blondine cu bruna mi vau ue peiThe man that talked to you and who is blond is my brother, surprised?
Related words: je, e, gi'e

zi'evlax1(text) is a zi'evla

lo zi'evla — zi'evla.
i zo zigzagi zi'evlazigzagi is a zi'evla word.
Comment: zi'evla is a type of Lojban verb defined by the form of the word.
Related words: selbrivla, gismu, lujvo, cmavo

zi'o [pronoun] — marks the place as deleted from the place structure, not applicable thus forming a new verb

i zi'o traduki zo coi zoi gy.hello!.gy.coi is translated as "Hello!"
i le jmive cu se zbasu zi'o le selciLiving beings are made from cells.
Comment: a place marked with zi'o becomes irrelevant.

zifrex1(entity) is at liberty or free to do or be x2(event of x1, state of x1) ...

lo zifre — free to ... (at liberty).
i mi zifre le ka zukte le se nelci be miI am free to do what I like.
Related words: pinfu, rinju, bilga, e'ande, kakne, frili

zigzagix1(entity) is a line with the shape of a zigzag

lo zigzagi — zigzag.
i le mi'u pluta be le mi'u cmana pu zigzagiThe route to the mountain zigzagged.
Related words: boxna, linji

zilduksex1(entity) is in excess, is too much for x2(property of x1) to take place

lo zildukse — excess.
i le mi'u nu mi tatpi cu zildukse le nu mi sidju doI'm too tired to help you.
Related words: bancu, banzu, ricfu, zmadu

zinkix1(entity) is a quantity of zinc

lo zinki — zinc.
i le mi'u cidja cu vasru le zinkiThe food contains zinc.
Related words: jinme

zirpux1(entity) is purple

lo zirpu — purple, violet.
i le mi'u taxfu cu zirpuThe dress is purple.
Related words: skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, nukni, blanu, xunre

zivlex1(entity) invests resources x2(entity) into x3(entity, property of x1) expecting profit x4(entity)

lo zivle — investor. lo se zivle — invested. lo ve zivle — interest (financial).
i ra pu zivle le jdini le ka sidju pa cnino sangaHe invested money in a new singer.
i ai mi zivle le nejni le ka prami do vau le nu do prami miI take a chance on loving you so that you will love me.
Related words: prali, canja, jbera, dejni, ponse

zmadux1(entity) exceeds or is more than x2(entity) in x3(property of x1 and x2 with kau) by amount x4(entity)

lo zmadu — more. lo se zmadu — less.
i ra zmadu mi le ka tilju vau le ki'ogra be li pa noHe weighs ten more kilograms than I do.
Related words: mau, mleca, zenba, jmina, bancu, zildukse, traji

zmikux1(entity) is automatic in function x2(property of x1) ...

lo zmiku — robot, automatic. lo se zmiku — function of a robot.
i le mi'u vorme cu zmiku le ka co'a kalriThe door opens automatically.
Related words: macnu

zo — turn verb into noun that is a quote

i zo gleki cmene miGleki is my name.
Comment: zo and one single Lojban word after it make a quotation, it works as a noun. To quote compound particles, compound verbs and phrases use lu'u. To quote arbitrary sequences of words use lo'u ... le'u.
Related words: zoi, la'o, zo, lu ... li'u, lo'e, lo'u, mu'oi

zo'a [preposition of place]alongside, by the side of ...

i mi pu cliva le mi'u karce zo'a le mi'u malsiI left the car by the side of the temple.

zo'e [pronoun] — noun unspecified or known from context

i zo'e carviIt's raining.
i la edvard pu cusku zo'e pe le mi'u pa gerkuEduard said something about the dog.

zo'eisomething about ..., something associated with ...

i mi pu na djuno zo'ei le mi'u nabmiI didn't know of the problem.
Comment: equivalent to zo'e pe.
Related words: tu'a

zo'i [preposition of place]on this side of ...

i mi sanli bu'u le klaji zo'i le mi'u muzgaI'm standing on the street on this side of the museum.
i mi zutse le korbi be pa lalxu zo'i pa laldo cinduI'm sitting by the lake on this side of an old oak.

zo'o [interjection modifier]Kidding... (humorously), zo'o cu'i — that might be either serious or a joke, zo'o naiseriously

i zo'o peiAre you kidding?
i e'u zo'o renro la kevin ti noi kevnaLet's throw Kevin into this hole (kidding ...).
i mi kakne le ka plipe fi le mi'u ve'i cmana vau zo'o cu'iI might be able to jump from the hill.
i zo'o nai do jai fanzaSeriously, you are annoying.
Related words: xajmi, junri

zo'u — separates topic and comment

i le danlu zo'u mi nelci le mlatuAs for animals, I like cats.
i vo da poi gerku vau re de poi prenu zo'u da batci deThere are four da (that are dogs) and there are two de (that are men) such that each dog (da) bites the two men (de).
Related words: zoi, la'o, zo, lu ... li'u, lo'e, lo'u, mu'oi

zoi — turn foreign text into noun that is a quote

i lu coi ro do li'u se traduki fi zoi gy.hello, everyone!.gy. noi glicocoi ro do is translated to English as "Hello, everyone!"
Comment: quotes a text that can be not Lojbanic. The quotation is to be wrapped with pauses from both sides and with an additional Lojbanic word around them from both sides (this word must not be used within the text quoted). Usually the separating Lojbanic word is the first letter of the language in the quotation.
Related words: zoi, la'o, zo, lu ... li'u, lo'e, lo'u, mu'oi

zu [preposition of group ZI]long ago or in a long time

i la alis pu cliva zu le nanca be li pa noAlice left ten years ago (a long time).
Comment: often used after pu or ba.
Related words: zi, za, zu

zu'a [preposition of cardinal direction]to the left of ..., adverb: leftwards

i ko catlu pa karce pe zu'a doLook at a car to the left of you.

zu'ai [pronoun] — shows mutual activity between this place and the first place of the current clause

i mi tavla do le mlatu i je do tavla mi le mlatu i va'i mi jo'u do tavla zu'ai le mlatuI talk to you about cats, and you talk to me about cats. In other words, we talk to each other about cats.
i do jo'u la alis jo'u mi tavla zu'aiYou, Alice and I talk to each other.
i do jo'u mi jo'u la alis pu damba zu'aiYou, I and Alice had a battle royale.
Comment: the mass of members is described in the first place (e.g. by connecting nouns with jo'u).

zu'e [preposition from zukte]with an actor ..., adverb: via a free will

i ko jai zu'e tirna miListen to me!
i zu'e ko viska le mi'u pixraLook at the picture!
i zu'e mi tirna le zgikeI listened to the music.
Comment: the clause describes the event done by the actor.

zu'i [pronoun] — noun typical for this place

i mi pu penmi zu'i bu'u zu'iI met the usual people at the usual place.

zu'u [interjection]on the one hand, zu'u naion the other hand

i zu'u le mi'u jufra cu satci le ka se smuniOn the one hand, the sentence is exact in meaning.
i zu'u nai se la'u li du'e claniOn the other hand, it is too long.
Related words: tcemi, frica, dukti

zukcfux1(entity) is busy doing x2(property of x1) for purpose x3(property of x1)

lo zukcfu — busy.
i mi zukcfu le ka jai gau bredi fai le cidja vau le ka jai gau citka fai le mi'u gerku pe miI am busy preparing food to feed my dog.
Related words: zukcfu, surla

zuktex1(entity) takes action x2(action of x1) for purpose x3(clause)

lo zukte — actor. lo se zukte — action taken. lo te zukte — purpose of action.
i mi zukte le se gunka be mi tu'a miI'm doing my own work for myself.
i xu do ca'o zukte le cipraAre you performing a test?
i mi zukte le ka darxi le mi'u nakniI intentionally hit him.
i mi ba zukte ro sarcu le nu do nelci miI would do everything so that you like me.
Comment: lo zukte is who do something themselves, lo gasnu is agent who causes something.
Related words: zu'e, gasnu, snuti, bapli, gunka, jalge, krinu, mukti, rinka, fasnu, minji, prenu, ciksi, jibri, pilno, pluta, tadji, tutci

zumrix1(entity) is some corn or maize of species x2(taxon)

lo zumri — maize.
i mi sombo le samcu e le zumriI plant yams and maize.
Related words: gurni

zungix1(entity) feels guilty about x2(clause, property of x1)

i mi zungi le ka pu smusku le jitfaI feel guilty about having told a lie.
Related words: u'u, cinmo, xenru, zekri

zunlex1(entity) is to the left of x2(entity) in frame of reference x3(entity)

lo zunle — left (in direction).
i le mi'u dinju cu zunle le mi'u rokci tiThe house is to the left of the rock if viewed from here.
Related words: zu'a, pritu, mlana, crane, trixe, farna

zuntix1(event, state) interferes with or disrupts x2(event, state, process) due to x3(property of x1)

lo se zunti — hindered, disrupted.
i le mi'u gerku cu zunti le nu mi lumci le kumfa vau le ka plipeThe dog leaping hinders me from cleaning the room.
Related words: fanta, dicra, fliba, fanza, raktu, klina, bandu, cfipu, ganlo

zutsex1(entity) sits on x2(entity)

i e'a do zutse le stizuYou may sit down on the chair.
Related words: stizu, cpana, vreta

zvafa'ix1(entity) finds x2(property of x1) at x3

lo se zvafa'i — found (in possesion).
i mi pu zvafa'i le mi'u penbi tu noi kumfaI found the pen in that room.
Related words: facki, ralte, sisku, cirko, penmi, claxu

zvatix1(entity) is present at x2(entity)

i le sivni kumfa cu zvati maWhere is the toilet?
i mi pu zvati pa nu penmiI was at a meeting.
Comment: stuzi is for a stable/inherent location. cabna is time equivalent of zvati
Related words: stuzi, jbini, nenri, se vasru, cpana, diklo, jibni, cabna, lamji, tcini, xabju, jmive, jundi, vitke

English to Lojban Dictionary

— (subtraction operator)vu'u

? (yes/no question)xu

. (symbol)me'o denpa bu

( (bracket)vei

) (bracket)ve'o

/ (division operator)fe'i

, (comma)me'o slaka bu

' (letter)me'o y'y


+ (addition operator)su'i

× (multiplication operator)pi'i



1/10lo decti

1/100lo centi

1/2lo xadba


10lo dekto

100lo xecto

1000lo kilto







2.71828 ... (number)te'o


3.14159 ... (pi)pai







A (hex digit)dau

a (letter)me'o a bu

a/an (one)lo, lo pa

abdomenlo betfu

ablelo kakne

to be able tokakne

that is about

to talk about ...tavla fi

which is about

about to ...pu'o


something abovelo gapru

what is abovelo se cnita

to abradeguska

to abradesraku

Abrahamic (Judaic, Christian, or Moslem)lo jegvo

abrasivelo guska

abrasivelo sraku

to absorbcokcu

absorbedlo se cokcu

absorberlo cokcu

to accept (to consent)tolpro

to accept (to take)lebna

accidentlo snuti

to accompanykansa

account (bill)lo janta

account (description)lo ve skicu

account (explanation)lo ve ciksi

account (history)lo citri

account (registry to a service)lo jaspu

accountable forlo fuzme

acidlo slami

to acquirecpacu

acquiredlo se cpacu

across ... (on the opposite side)ze'o

to actzukte

in actionlo akti

action takenlo se zukte

activelo akti

active operationlo se akti

actorlo zukte

with an actor ...zu'e

actual (not just apparent or even false)lo fatci


to addjmina


addresslo judri

address systemlo te judri

to adhere tosnipa

adjacentlo lamji

adjacent to'o

to adjuststika

adjustedlo se stika

admirablelo zabna

adornedlo se jadni

piece of advicelo se stidi

advisorlo stidi

affairlo cuntu

affixlo rafsi

word with affixeslo se rafsi

afraid oflo terpa

Africala afrik

Africanlo friko

after ... (in time)ba

in the aftermathba'o

againza'u re'u

agelo se renvi

agedlo laldo

agentlo gasnu

with active agent ...gau

aggregatelo gunma


long agozu

to agree withtugni

aha! (discovery)ua


ahoy! (greeting in a piratic manner)a'oi

ailment treatedlo te mikce

ain't?xu nai

airlo vacri

aircraftlo vinji

airplanelo vinji

alarmistlo xalni

alas! (unhappiness)ui nai

alcohollo xalka

strong alcoholic drinklo jikru

alelo birje

Alicela alis

alienlo fange

alivelo jmive

alkalilo jilka

alkali metallo sodna


all but ...da'a

all except ...da'a

all of youro do

alleylo klaji


to allowe'ande

what is allowedlo te e'ande

almost (about to be)se la'u li so'a

almost allso'a

aloneka'ai no drata

alonelo sepli

alone (without help)si'u nai

along a linevi'i

along with'u

alongside ...zo'a

alphabetlo se lerfu

alphabetic symbollo lerfu






alwaysro roi

Americala amerik

American (of the United States)lo merko

to be among (between)jbini

to be amongme

among otherspo'o nai

amountlo se klani

amphibianlo banfi

amusedlo se zdile

amusinglo zdile

something analysedlo se lanli

analystlo lanli

to analyzelanli

ancestorlo dzena







and also ...ce

and notgi'e nai

and respectively ...fa'u

and so on'o

and then ...ce'o






anglelo jganu

angrylo fengu

animallo danlu

anklelo tornozelo

Anne (personal name)la an

to annoyfanza

annoyed personlo se fanza

annoying eventlo fanza

anotherlo drata

another thingmi'u nai

answerlo se spusku

to answerspusku

to answer tospuda

antlo manti


anuslo ganxo

anxiouslo xanka

in any casefau ro da

anywayta'i ro da


apparatuslo cabra

to appearto'e canci

applelo plise

to approve ofzanru

approximately ...ji'i

Arabiclo xrabo

archlo bargu

Are you ...?xu do

area of expansionlo se preja

to arguedarlu

armlo birka

arm (weapon)lo xarci

arm of a leverlo ve vraga

armylo jenmi

army of soldierslo se sonci


to arrange (organize)ganzu

to arrive attsuku

artlo larcu

arthropodlo cinki

artificiallo rutni

piece of artworklo arte

as (in the form of)se tai

as (in the manner)tai

as (to the same degree)du'i

as I already saidke'u

as much as ...du'i

as said by'u

as soon asba zi

asanalo asna

ashamedlo ckeji

ashesfesti lo nu fagri

Asiala asiias

Asiaticlo xazdo

to askretsku

to ask forcpedu

askerlo retsku

asleeplo sipna

to assemblezbasu

assemblerlo zbasu

to assertxusra

association (organization)lo bende

assortedlo vrici

to assumesruma

assumedlo se sruma

to astonishmarvele

at ... (some place)bu'u

at ... (some time)ca

at any timeca ro da

At ease!ju'i cu'i

at firstpa mai

at leastdo'a nai

at least'o

at most'e

atomlo ratni

atomlo selci

atomic numberlo se ratni

to attackgunta

attackedlo se gunta

attackerlo gunta

object of attentionlo se jundi


attentivelo jundi

to attracttrina

attractedlo se trina

attractivelo trina

audacious behaviourlo se darsi

audiencelo te cusku

audiencelo te smusku

audience of a performancelo te tigni

auntlo famti

Australiala australiias

Australianlo sralo

someone with authoritylo catni

automaticlo zmiku

autumnlo critu

avenuelo klaji

to avoidrivbi

avoided eventlo se rivbi

someone awakelo cikna

awarelo sanji

away from'o

awfullo mabla

aww! (love)iu

axis of rotationlo se carna

axlelo jendu

axle of a pulleylo te pulni

B (hex digit)fei

b (letter)me'o by

babylo cifnu

back (of body)lo bekpi

back to the main pointta'o nai

backboneloi verteba

bacterialo jurme

badlo xlali

to bafflecfipu

baffledlo se cfipu

baglo dakli

baked in an ovenlo se toknu

balancedlo lanxe

balconylo balni

baleen whalelo balnema

balllo bolci

bamboolo bambu

bananalo badna

band (team)lo bende

banklo banxa

bank ownerlo se banxa

bank systemlo se banxa

bannerlo lanci

barlo barja

barelo lunbe

bark (of tree)lo skapi

barleylo bavmi

base of a conelo se konju

base of a logarithmlo te dugri

based on ji'u

basiclo jicmu

basic subunitlo selci

shallow basinlo tansi

basislo jicmu

basketlo lanka

baylo zbani

to be (one of)me

be (to be equal)du

beadlo bidju

bear (animal)lo cribe

to bearbevri

to beatdarxi

beater of a drumlo se damri

beautifullo melbi

logically because'i

because of reason'u

because of the cause ...ri'a

to becomebinxo


bedlo ckana

beelo bifce

beerlo birje

beetlo betka

before ... (in time)pu

to befriendco'a pendo

befuddling eventlo se burna

to begpikci

to begincfari

beginninglo cfari

beginning (first part) of an eventlo krasi

to behavetarti

behaviourlo se tarti


Beijingla beidzin

live beinglo jmive

belief (fact in which one believes)lo se krici

to believekrici

believerlo krici

belllo janbe

bellylo betfu

to belong to (be a part of)pagbu

to belong to (be owned by)se ponse

to belong to (the group)me

what is belowlo se cpana

benchlo stizu

what is beneathlo cnita

beneficiallo xamgu

benefitlo prali

benefiting from xau

bentlo korcu

berrylo jbari

besidesta'o ji'a

bestlo traji be lo ka zabna, lo te rai zabna

betterse mau xau

betterzmadu fi lo ka xamgu

between ... and'i

between ... and ... (ordered)bi'o

something betweenlo jbini

to be betweenjbini

between me and'u

beveragelo se pinxe

beyond ...ze'o

beyond (in space)fe'e ba'o

to bid farewell totolrinsa

biglo barda


billlo janta

to bindlasna

biped (on two feet legs)lo se jamfu be re da

birdlo cipni

birth giverlo se jbena

bit (data)lo se bitni

to bitebatci

bittenlo se batci

bitter (taste)lo kurki

blacklo xekri

bladelo balre

bladelo guska

Blah! (weariness)u'i nai

blanketlo boxfo

blocklo bliku

to block (prevent from happening)fanta

to block (prevent from passing)julne

blondlo blondine

bloodlo ciblu

bloody (bad)lo mabla

bloominglo se xrula

blow (wind)brife

bluelo blanu

boardlo tanbo

boatlo bloti

body (corpse)lo xadni

body positionlo asna

to boilfebvi

something boilinglo febvi

bomblo jbama

bonelo bongu

boo! (disapproval)i'e nai

booklo cukta

boredlo se tolzdi

boringlo tolzdi

bornlo jbena

to be bornjbena

to borrowjbera

borrowedlo se jbera

bosslo jatna

bothro lo re

both or nonegi'o

both or nonego

both or nonegu'o

both or nonejo

both or noneo

bottlelo botpi

bottomlo dizlo

bow of a guitar, stringed musical instrumentlo se jgita

boxlo tanxe

boylo nanla

brainlo besna

to brakejabre

branchlo jimca

brasslo lastu

bravelo virnu

bravely donelo se virnu

Brazilianlo brazo

breadlo nanba

to breakporpi

breastlo tatru

to breathvasxu

breathedlo se vasxu

bridgelo cripu

brightlo carmi

to bringbevri

bristle of a brushlo te burcu

broadlo ganra

to broadcastcradi

broadcast receiverlo ve cradi

broadcastedlo se cradi

broadcasterlo cradi

broadcasting stationlo te cradi

broadly construeddo'a

brokenlo spofu

broken functionlo se spofu

bronzelo ransu

brotherlo bruna

browlo mebri

brownlo bunre

brunetlo brunete

brushlo burcu

to brush againstse mosra

bubble in foamlo te fonmo

bucketlo baktu

buckwheatlo xruba

Buddhistlo budjo

to build (form by combining materials)zbasu

buildinglo dinju

building with a balconylo se balni

building with a windowlo se canko

bulb (of a plant)lo balji

light bulblo bombila

bulgelo punli

bulletlo danti

bundlelo bakfu

to burnse fagri

to burpkafke

to burst intospoja

buslo aftobuso

business (activity)lo cuntu

business (commercial activity)lo te kagni

business (company)lo kagni

busylo zukcfu

butje ku'i

butterlo matne

butterflylo toldi

buttockslo zargu

buttonlo batke

by ... (alongside)zo'a

by (instrument)se pi'o

by defaultna'o

by method ...ta'i

by the wayta'o


C (hex digit)gai

c (letter)me'o cy

cabbagelo kobli

cabin of a vehiclelo sabnu

cablelo skori

cakelo torta

Californiala kaliforniias

to call (on the phone)jorne

to call (to name)te cmene

calmlo tolxanka

calm situationlo se tolxanka

camello kumte

cameralo kacma

camplo ginka

camperlo se ginka

canlo lante

can (to be able)kakne

canallo naxle

cancerlo kenra

something cannedlo se lante

capablelo kakne

captainlo jatna

to capturekavbu

carlo karce

car of a trainlo se trene

caravanlo trene

member of a caravanlo se trene

carbonlo tabno

cardlo karda

carelo nu kurji

to take care ofkurji

to care ofse vajni

caretakerlo kurji

cargolo se bevri

cargo of a boatlo se bloti

cargo of a carlo se karce

cargo of a carriagelo se carce

cargo of an aircraftlo se vinji

carriagelo carce

carriage (of a train)lo se trene

carrierlo bevri

to carrybevri

case (occurrence)lo fasnu

case (recurrence)lo krefu

cassavalo samcu

catlo mlatu

causelo rinka

to causegasnu

to cause effectrinka

cavitylo kevna

to ceasesisti

ceasedlo se sisti

to celebratesalci

celestial body with a satellitelo se mluni

celllo selci

centerlo centero

at the center of it and of distance ... aroundmi'i

ceramiclo staku

ceremonylo ritli

chainlo li'anzi

chairlo stizu

chalklo bakri

to challengetalsa

challenginglo nandu

chance (condition)lo tcini

by chance (random)lo cunso

to changestika

to change intogalfi

channello naxle

chaoslo kalsa

chaoticlo kalsa

chaoticlo se ganzu

character (in a story or play)lo participe

character (letter)lo lerfu

character (property)lo jinzi

characterizing ...kai

chartlo cartu

to chasejersi

chasedlo se jersi

chaserlo jersi

cheeklo li'anpi

cheekylo darsi

cheeselo cirla

cheetahlo bramlatu

chemicallo xukmi

chestlo cutne

chickenlo jipci

chieflo ralju

childlo verba

child of a fatherlo se patfu

child of a motherlo se mamta

Chineselo jungo

chocolatelo cakla

to choosecuxna

what is chosenlo se cuxna

Christianlo xriso

churchlo malsi

ciao! (hello! or goodbye! depending on context)co'oi

cigarlo sigja

cigarettelo sigja

cipher for encryptionlo te mifra

circlelo cirkulo

circumstanceslo tcini

to citesitna

citizen of a countrylo se gugde

citruslo nimre

citylo tcadu

claimlo se xusra

to claim (state a fact)xusra

claimantlo xusra

clarinetlo xagri

classlo klesi

grammatical clauselo brisni

clawlo jgalu

claylo kliti

cleanlo jinsa

to cleanlumci

clearlo klina


cleverlo stati

to climb oncpare

clocklo junla

to closejai gau ganlo

closedlo ganlo

clothlo bukpu

cloudlo dilnu

rain cloudlo te carvi

club (association)lo bende

clumplo punli

clumsylo juxre

to clutchjgari

cmevla (Lojban word ending in a consonant)lo cmevla

coachlo aftobuso

coallo kolme

coastlo se zbani

cockroachlo blato

coconutlo kokso

coffeelo ckafi

coinlo sicni

colanderlo te rinci

coldlo lenku

collarlo karli

to collide withjanli

colorlo se skari

color of inklo se xinmo

coloredlo skari

colourlo se skari

colouredlo skari

comblo kombitu

to combinejmina

to comeklama

come on! (instigation, provocation)e'e

comfortablelo kufra

comma (symbol)me'o slaka bu

command (order)lo te minde

to commandminde

commandedlo se minde

commanderlo jatna

commanderlo minde

to commencecfari

commendablelo zabna

commentlo pinka

committeelo kamni

commoditylo se canja

commonlo kampu

common cold (disease)la zukam

in common with'u

communitylo cecmu

member of a communitylo se cecmu

community with something publiclo se gubni

companylo kagni

compatiblelo mapti

compelled by force ...bai

to competejivna

competentlo kakne, lo certu

competitionlo te jivna

competitorlo jivna

to complain aboutpante

completelo mulno

to completejai gau mulno


complexlo pluja

component of a masslo se gunma

composition of matterlo se marji

compound verblo tanru

computerlo skami

computer programlo proga

computer programlo se sampla

concealedlo se mipri

to concern (to be on mind of)se pensi

to concern (to be relevant)srana

concurrentlo cabna

condemnedlo se dapma

to condenselunsa

condensinglo lunsa

condition (necessary)lo sarcu

condition (state)lo tcini

under conditions that'o

to conduct (guide)gidva

conelo konju

to confirmtolna'e

to confusecfipu

confusedlo se cfipu

confusinglo cfipu

congruentlo panra

coniferlo ckunu

to conjecturesmadi

connectedlo jorne

consciouslo sanji

constantlo stodi

to consumexaksu

consumedlo se xaksu

consumerlo xaksu


to containvasru

containedlo se vasru

containerlo vasru

contemptiblelo mabla

content of a textlo se uenzi

contents of a baglo se dakli

contents of a basketlo se lanka

contents of a bottlelo se botpi

contents of a boxlo se tanxe

contents of a bucketlo se baktu

contents of a cuplo se kabri

contents of a documentlo se uencu

contents of a jellylo se jduli

contents of a letterlo ve xatra

contents of a magazinelo se karni

contents of a packlo se bakfu

contents of a panlo se tansi

contents of a potlo se patxu

contents of a tubelo te tubnu

contents of a vessello se vasru

in context'e

to continue (persist)ranji


to contradictnatfe

contradictionlo natfe


contrary to expectationlo ranxi

in contrastku'i

in controllo jitro

to controljitro

under controllo se jitro

to convincebapli

convincedlo birti

cooklo jukpa

to cookjukpa

cooked foodlo se jukpa

cool (nice)lo zabna

copperlo tunka

to copulategletu

copylo fukpi

cordlo cilta

corklo korka

cornerlo kojna

corporationlo kagni

correctlo drani

cost (amount of money)lo jdima

to costrupnu

cosylo se kufra

cottonlo mapni

to coughkafke

to countkancu

to count onlacri

countrylo gugde

countrysidelo nurma

court (group of judges)loi pajni

cousinlo tamne

to coverpunji lo gacri

covered by a curtainlo se murta

cowlo bakni

cracklo fenra

craftlo se larcu

crappylo mabla

to crash intojanli

crayonlo pinsi

crazy actionlo fenki

creaelo te polje

creamlo kruji

to createfinti

creation (object created)lo se finti

creatorlo finti

creaturelo se finti

creature (animal)lo danlu

creditor of debtlo te dejni

crewlo bende

crimelo zekri

crocodilelo krokodilo

crop fieldlo te crepu

crops of a gardenlo te purdi

to crossklama fo lo kruca

crowlo korvo

crowd (of people)loi prenu

cruel actionlo kusru

to crushmarxa

crustlo pilka

to cryklaku

to cry outkrixa

crystallo krili

cubelo kubli

culturelo kulnu

cuplo kabri

to curemikce

curiouslo kucli

currentlo cabna

current (flow)lo flecu


curtainlo murta

cushionlo kicne

customlo tcaci

to cut (erode)sraku

to cut intokatna

cutting (abrasive)lo sraku

cyan (color)lo cicna

cylinderlo slanu

D (hex digit)jau

d (letter)me'o dy

damplo cilmo

to dancedansu

dancerlo dansu

dandylo zabna

dangerouslo ckape

to dare (be audacious)darsi

darklo manku

darn! (complaint)oi

data carrierlo te vreji

on date/time'i

datestamplo detri

daughterlo tixnu

dawnlo cermurse

day (daylight time)lo donri

day (full day)lo djedi

the day beforelo prulamdei

the day that followslo bavlamdei

daytimelo donri

deadlo morsi

dear (of great value)lo dirba

dear me! (surprise)ue

deathlo nu morsi, lo nu co'a morsi

debaterslo casnu

debtlo se dejni

debtorlo dejni

to decayfusra

to decidejdice

to decide oncuxna

decoration (ornament)lo jadni

to decrease injdika

decreasinglo jdika

deeplo condi

deerlo mirli

to defendbandu

deficientlo claxu

to the degree of ...ji'e

delight (happiness)lo ka mutce lo ka gleki, lo ka gleki

delight (pleasure)lo ka se pluka

delightfullo zabna

to demandminde

to demonstratejarco

demonstrated propertylo se jarco

denominatorlo te parbi

denominator of a fractionlo te frinu

denselo denmi

to denynatfe

to depend on (to have a necessary condition)se sarcu

to depend on (to have relation)fancu

deplorablelo mabla

depositlo sorcu

descendantlo se dzena

to describeskicu

describedlo se skicu

describerlo skicu

descriptionlo ve skicu

to deservejerna

deservedlo se jerna

deservinglo jerna

to design plotplatu

designerlo enge

desirable (nice)lo zabna

to desiredjica

something desiredlo se djica

to despisexebni

destination of a ridelo se klama

destinylo dimna

to destroydaspo

destroyedlo se daspo

destroyerlo daspo

detaillo tcila

in detailto'u nai

detailedlo se tcila

to detectganse

to develop intofarvi

dictionarylo vlaste

to dieco'a morsi

to differ fromfrica

differentlo drata

something differentlo frica

difficultlo nandu

to digkakpa

diggerlo kakpa

digit (of body)lo degji

dimlo kandi

dim sum (dish)lo pelmeni

dimensionlo cimde

diplomatlo jansu

diplomatic negotiationlo te jansu

direct (constant without interruption)lo klina

direct (straight)lo sirji

to direct (to aim at)jai zu'e farna

to direct (to manage)sazri

directionlo farna

direction of a windlo se brife

direction of rotationlo te carna

dirtlo dertu

dirty (full of dirt)culno lo dertu

to discoverfacki

discovererlo facki

discoverylo se facki

to discusscasnu

diseaselo te bilma

disease curedlo te mikce

disease prevented by vaccinelo te jinku

disgustinglo rigni

dish of a meallo se sanmi

to disruptdicra

to disruptzunti

disruptedlo se zunti

to dissolverunta

dissolvinglo runta

distantlo darno

distressedlo dunku

distressing eventlo se dunku

distributedlo fatri

to disturbraktu

disturbedlo se raktu

ditto (the same thing)mi'u

to dive intosfubu

diverlo sfubu

to dividefendi

dividedlo se fendi

dividend of a quotientlo se dilcu

dividerlo fendi

not divisiblelo selci

divisor of a quotientlo te dilcu

to do (to act)zukte

Do you ...?xu do

Do you remember ...xu do morji

doctorlo mikce

documentlo uencu

document to be read fromlo te tcidu

doglo gerku

dolllo bambola

dolphinlo delfinu

domain of a universelo se munje

domain of function argumentslo se fancu

to donatedunda

I am done talkingmu'o

donkeylo xasli

doorlo gacri be lo vorme

doorwaylo vorme

dot (symbol)me'o denpa bu

doubtlo nu senpi

to doubtsenpi

doubtless (likely)la'a sai

doubtless (who doesn't doubt)lo na senpi

down from'a


to draglacpu

something draggedlo se lacpu

drainlo te rinci

to drainrinci

draining liquidlo rinci

drawerlo dacru

dreamlo se senva

to dream aboutsenva

dreamerlo senva

drearylo tolzdi

dresslo pastu

to drinkpinxe

drinkerlo pinxe

to drive (e.g. a machine)sazri

drivenlo se sazri

driverlo sazri

droplo dirgo

to drop (let fall)curmi lo nu farlu

drumlo damri

something drunklo se pinxe

drylo sudga

ducklo datka

due to xau

duh! (confusion)ua nai

dull (boring)lo tolzdi

dumplingslo pelmeni

during ...ze'a

during ...ze'i

during ...ze'u

dustlo pulce

dutylo se bilga

to dwellxabju

E (hex digit)xei

e (letter)me'o e bu

e (number)te'o'a


each of the lo

each otherzu'ai

earlo kerlo

earlier eventlo purci

earlier eventlo se balvi

early eventlo clira

to earn (deserve)jerna

earnestlo junri

earth (planet)lo terdi

earth (soil)lo dertu

easternlo stuna

easylo frili

to eatcitka

eatenlo se citka

eaterlo citka

to echominra

echoedlo se minra

economic systemlo jikni

edgelo korbi

something with an edgelo se korbi

Eduard (personal name)la edvard

eek! (fear)ii

effectlo se rinka

egglo sovda


either ... or nai

either ... or ...o nai

elasticlo pruni

elbowlo cidni

electriclo letri

electroniclo di'anzi

elephantlo xanto


elflo crida

embryolo tarbi

to emitdirce

emitterlo dirce

emotionlo se cinmo

emotional (live being)lo cinmo

emphasis (something emphasized)lo se basna

to emphasizebasna

employedlo se jibri

emptylo kunti

to enclosesruri

enclosedlo se sruri

enclosinglo sruri

to encounterpenmi

encounteredlo se penmi

encrypted textlo mifra

not encrypted textlo se mifra

end (ending)lo fanmo

to endjai gau fanmo

to endsisti

to endurerenvi

enemylo bradi

someone who has an enemylo se bradi

energylo nejni

type of energylo se nejni

enginelo matra

Englishlo glico

enjoyablelo zabna


enoughrau mei

to enterklama lo nenri

enthusiasticlo entuzi

enviouslo jilra

environmentlo se vanbi

in environment'o

part of an environmentlo vanbi

to envyjilra

equallo dunli

to be equal todu


equally (in importance)ra'u cu'i

eralo cedra

to erodeguska

to erodesraku

erosivelo guska

err (hesitation noise)y

to err insrera

errorlo se srera

to escape faterivbi


ethereallo pruxi

ethical standardslo marde

ethicslo marde

eureka! (discovery)ua

Europela e'uropas

Europeanlo ropno

to evaporatefebvi

even (surprisingly)ue

eveninglo vanci

event being preventedlo se fanta

event celebratedlo se salci

event justifiedlo se krinu

ever (at any time)ca ro da

hasn't evernu'o

every (each)ro lo

evidencelo tolna'e

evillo palci

to evolve intofarvi

Eww! (repulsion)a'u nai

exactlo satci

examplelo mupli

for examplemu'a

to exceedzmadu

all except ...da'a

excesslo zildukse

excrementlo kalci

excrementlo se vikmi

to excretevikmi

excreted wastelo se vikmi

execrablelo mabla

to existzasti

existinglo zasti

expansion arealo se preja

to expectkanpe

expensivelo kargu

to experiencelifri

experienced by...ri'i

experienced eventlo se lifri

experiencerlo lifri

expertlo certu

to explainciksi

explanationlo ve ciksi

to explodespoja

explodinglo spoja

explosive of a bomblo se jbama

exponentlo te tenfa


exponential baselo se tenfa

exponential resultlo tenfa

expounderlo ciksi

to express (to communicate)cusku

to express (to communicate)smusku

to extendkuspe

to extend totcena

external genitalialo plibu

extremelo mutce

eyelo kanla

F (hex digit)vai

f (letter)me'o fy

fabulouslo zabna

facelo flira

factlo fatci

in factca'a

factorylo fanri

factuallo fatci

to fail atfliba

fairylo crida

to fall tofarlu

falselo jitfa

it's false that ku

familylo lanzu

family memberlo se lanzu

famouslo misno

fancier (liker)lo nelci

far awayvu

to bid farewell totolrinsa

farmlo cange

farm productionlo ve cange

farmerlo te cange

to fartkafke

fastlo sutra

fast donelo se sutra

to fastenlasna

fastenedlo jorne

fastenedlo se lasna

fastenerlo lasna

fatlo plana

fatherlo patfu

father of an embryolo te tarbi

favorablelo zabna

causing fearlo se terpa

to fearterpa

fearfullo terpa

featherlo pimlu

featheredlo se pimlu

featurelo tcila

having featureslo se tcila

to feellifri

feeling (impression)lo se cinmo

feeling (sensation)lo se ganse

feeling (what is felt)lo se lifri

femalelo fetsi

feminine traitlo te fetsi

fencelo bitmu

fertilelo ferti

fertilized celllo tsiju


too fewmo'a

fieldlo foldi

crop fieldlo te crepu

field of expertiselo se certu

field of mathematicslo se cmaci


figlo figre

to fightdamba

fighterlo damba

filament of a cable, ropelo se skori

file (record)lo vreji

to fill withtisna

filmlo skina

filterlo julne

final partlo fanmo

finalelo fanmo

finally (in the end)ca lo fanmo

finally (lastly)ro mai

to findzvafa'i

fine! (approval)i'e

fingerlo degji

fingernaillo jgalu

finishlo fanmo

to finishjai gau mulno

firelo fagri

firmlo jdari

firstpa moi

firstlypa mai

fishlo finpe

to fit (to suit)mapti

fitting (e.g. of a dress)lo no'e tagji

fitting (matching)lo mapti


to fix (repair)cikre

to fix (to make rigid)jai gau tinsa

flaglo lanci

flanlo torta

flasklo botpi

flavorlo vrusi

flavour of a seasoninglo se tsapi

flawlo cfila

flawedlo se cfila

flealo civla

flexiblelo toltinsa

to flirt withfirca

to floatfulta

floorlo loldi

flowlo flu'ente

flow (current)lo flecu

to flowflecu

to flowflu'ente

flowerlo xrula

flulo influ'enza

fluentlo flu'ente

fluidlo flu'ente

fluid of a welllo se jinto

to flushrinci

flusteredlo burna

flutelo flani

fly (insect)lo sfani

to flyvofli

foamlo fonmo

focus of a lenslo te lenjo

foglo se bumru

foggylo bumru

foldlo te polje

to foldpolje

foldedlo se polje

folklo prenu

to follow (go after)jersi

to follow (keep track)jundi

foodlo cidja

foollo bebna

foolish actionlo se bebna

footlo jamfu

association footballla fudbol

for examplemu'a

for one (not excluding other)po'o cu'i

for some timeze'a

for the benefit of va'u

for the benefit of ...xau

forcelo bapli

to forcebapli

foreheadlo mebri

forestlo boske

to forgetco'u morji

to forgivefraxu

action forgivenlo te fraxu

forklo forca

form (figure)lo tarmi

to form (to compose)se pagbu

to form (to create)zbasu

form of energylo te nejni

formerpu, pe pu

former eventlo pu fasnu

forwardmo'i ca'u

found (in possesion)lo se zvafa'i

foundationallo jicmu



foxlo lorxu

fractionlo frinu

fractionlo parbi

fragilelo ralci

fragrancelo panci

fraillo ruble

framelo greku

in frame of reference'i

free to ... (at liberty)lo zifre

to freezedunja

Frenchlo fraso

frequent eventlo cafne

freshlo vifne

frictionlo mosra

friendlo pendo

frivolouslo xalbo

beginning from ...ra'i

from starting point ...ra'i

something in frontlo crane

to the front of'u

to frownfrumu

fruit (of a plant)lo grute

frustratedlo steba

frustrating situationlo se steba

fucking (bad)lo mabla

fuello livla

fuel for firelo se fagri

fulcrum of a leverlo te vraga

fulllo culno

full stop (symbol)me'o denpa bu

fun (funny)lo zdile

functionlo fancu

function done manuallylo se macnu

function of a bodily organlo te rango

function of a machinelo se minji

function of a robotlo se zmiku

function of a screenlo se vidni

function of an apparatuslo se cabra

function of banklo te banxa

functionallo tolpo'u

fundamental principlelo jicmu

fungilo mledi

funguslo mledi

funnylo xajmi

furlo kerfa

to furnishnilce

furniturelo nilce

furthermoreke'u nai

in futureba

future eventlo balvi

future eventlo se purci

future tenseba

g (letter)me'o gy

gadri (grammatical particle converting verbs to nouns)lo gadri

Gah! (despair)a'o nai

to gain (to become)co'a

to gain (to obtain)cpacu

game (played)lo se kelci

gardenlo purdi

gardenerlo se purdi

garliclo sunga

garmentlo taxfu

who wears a garmentlo dasni

garment wornlo se dasni

gaslo gapci

to gather atjmaji

gathererslo jmaji

gathering placelo se jmaji

gemlo jemna

biological genderlo te seksi

social genderlo te seksi

genelo jgina

generallo kampu

in general (usually)so'e roi ku

generally (usually)so'e roi ku


gentlemanlo nobli, lo nobli nanmu

to getcpacu

get it! (discovery)ua

ghostlylo pruxi

giftlo se dunda

girllo nixli

gismu (a type of Lojban verb)lo gismu

to givedunda

to give birthse jbena

given that ji'u

giverlo dunda

gladlo se pluka

glandlo cigla

glasslo kabri, lo blaci kabri

glass (substance)lo blaci

to glide onsakli

glovelo gluta

gluelo snipa

to go toklama

to go upklama lo gapru

with a goal of ...te zu'e

goatlo kanba

godlo cevni

goddamn (bad)lo mabla

goerlo klama

going from ...te ka'a

going to ka'a

I am going toai

goldlo solji

gonadlo ganti

I'm gonna

good (beneficial)lo xamgu



gooselo gunse

I got your messageje'e

to governturni

governorlo turni

gownlo pastu

grainlo gurni

grammarlo gerna

grammatical clauselo brisni

grammatical particlelo cmavo

grammatical relationshiplo bridi

to grantdunda

grapelo vanjba

to graspco'a jgari

grasslo srasu

expanse of grassloi srasu

gravylo sanso

graylo grusi

greaselo grasu

great (huge)lo ve'u barda

great (superior)lo banli

greater than ... (number)za'u

greenlo crino

to greetrinsa

gridlo gredile

grilllo gredile

to grimacefrumu

to grindzalvi

grippelo influ'enza

groovelo skuro

grooved surfacelo se skuro

ground (floor)lo loldi

ground (soil)lo dertu

grounds of knowledgelo ve djuno

grouplo girzu

group with something in commonlo se kampu

to growbanro

grr! (aggression)le'o

to guard (to protect)jai gau snura, bandu

guess (hypothesis)lo se smadi

to guesssmadi

guestlo vitke

guide (conductor)lo gidva

to guidegidva

guitarlo jgita

gunlo cecla

gunlo se danti

gutlo canti

gymnastlo zajba

gymnastic featlo se zajba

ha-ha! (amusement)u'i

habitlo tcaci

having habitlo se tcaci


haillo bratu

hairlo kerfa

halflo xadba

halogenlo kliru

to halt (come to a halt)sisti

hammerlo mruli

handlo xance

on the one handzu'u

on the other handzu'u nai

to hang fromdandu

to happenfasnu

happening to...ri'i

happylo gleki

harborlo marbi

hard (difficult)lo nandu

hard (not soft, resistant to pressure)lo jdari

harmoniouslo sarxe

harsh eventlo jursa

to harvestcrepu

harvested croplo se crepu

harvesterlo crepu

hatlo mapku

to hatexebni

to have (to keep)ralte

to have (to possess)ponse

to have to do withse cuntu, bilga lo ka se cuntu

havenlo marbi

hele nakni, le pa nakni

headlo stedu

head of a hammerlo te mruli

healthylo kanro

heaplo derxi

to heartirna

heardlo se tirna

I heard youke'o nai

heartlo risna

heaven (sky)lo tsani

heavylo tilju

heirlo cerda

heldlo se jgari

helixlo sarlu


helmetlo mapku

to helpsidju

without helpsi'u nai

with the help of'u

Help yourself!e'a

helperlo sidju

hemplo marna

her (belonging to her)nei', 'no'a', 'ri' can be used to refer to earlier nouns. pe le fetsi used after nouns as in lo penbi pe le fetsi', literally pen of her.

herebu'u ti

here and nownau

heritagelo se cerda

hey! (driving attention)ju'i

hey?! (surprise)ue



hiddenlo se mipri

to hidemipri

to hide oneselfmipri lo nei

highlo galtu

high-qualitylo zabna

higher (complex)lo pluja

higher (evolved)lo se farvi

hilllo ve'i cmana

hinderedlo se zunti

belonging to Hindilo xindo

his (belonging to him)nei', 'no'a', 'ri' can be used to refer to earlier nouns. pe le kani used after nouns as in lo penbi pe le nakni', literally pen of him.

historylo citri

having historylo se citri

to hitdarxi

hmm... (interest)a'u

hmph! (complaint)oi

Ho-hum (disinterest)a'u cu'i

to hold (have and keep possession)ralte

hold (store)lo sorcu

to holdjgari

to hold up againstsarji

holderlo jgari

holelo kevna

holylo censa

homelo se xabju

homelo zdani

at homebu'u lo zdani

home planetlo terdi

homogeneouslo manfo

honestlo stace

Hong Kongla siiangan

honor (respect)lo nu sinma

hooflo sufti

hooklo genxu

hooray! (happiness)ui

hope (expected event)lo se pacna

I hopea'o

to hope forpacna


horizontallo pinta

hornlo jirna

horn (musical instrument)lo tabra

horselo xirma

hoselo tubnu

hospitallo spita

hotlo glare

hotello xotli

hour (interval)lo cacra

hour (timestamp) – prefix cy. E.g. de'i li cy so means at 9 o'clock

hour-long eventlo cacra

houselo dinju

howta'i ma


to howlcmoni

hugelo ve'u barda

huh? (confusion about something said)ki'a

humanlo remna

humanityloi remna

hundredlo xecto

hungrylo xagji

to huntkalte

hunterlo kalte

to hurt (feel pain)cortu

husbandlo speni

hydrogenlo cidro


i (imaginary i)ka'o

i (letter)me'o i bu

I am ... (self-identification of the speaker)mi'e

I am not (denial of the speaker's identity)mi'e nai

I and youmi'o

I don't knowmi na djuno

I don't understand ...mi na jimpe

I don't want that ...mi na djica lo nu

I know that ...mi djuno lo du'u

I think that ...mi jinvi lo du'u

I want that ...mi djica lo nu

I'm happy thatmi gleki lo nu

icelo bisli

idealo sidbo

I have no idea! (lack of certainty)ju'o nai

identicallo mintu

iffau, va'o, ga nai ... gi

if and only ifgi'o

if and only ifgo

if and only ifgu'o

if and only ifjo

if and only ifo

Ignore me!ju'i nai

illlo bilma

illuminatedlo se gusni

illuminatorlo te gusni

imaginary eventlo xanri

imaginary ika'o

immateriallo mucti

immediate (adjacent)lo lamji

immersedlo jinru

immorallo palci

to implynibli

importantlo vajni

improbablyla'a nai

in ... (inside)ne'i

in a long timezu

in any casefau ro da

in common with'u

In my opinion ...mi jinvi lo du'u

in some timeza

in the aftermathba'o

incidentally (low in importance)ra'u nai

to include (enclose)vasru

to increase inzenba

increasinglo zenba


indivisiblelo selci

industrial plantlo molki

industrial processlo te gundi

industrylo gundi

inert gaslo navni

infantlo cifnu

inferiorlo mabla

infinitelo cimni

to influencexlura

influenzalo influ'enza

to inform (to give information)jai gau djuno

informationlo datni

informationlo info

information on a taglo te tcita

information storage mediumlo te vreji

ingredient of a mixturelo se mixre

ingredient of a saladlo se salta

ingredient of a souplo se stasu

to inhabitxabju

inhabitantlo se zdani

inhabitantlo xabju

to inhalesakci

inhaledlo se sakci

to inheritcerda

inheritedlo se cerda

inheritorlo cerda

to injurexrani

inklo xinmo

ink of a penlo se penbi

ink penlo te xinmo

innatelo jinzi

innerlo nenri

insectlo insekto

to insertsetca

insertedlo se setca


something insidelo se bartu

inside of'i

instantlo mokca

insteadse ba'i

insurance compensationlo ve binra

to insurebinra

insured thing or personlo se binra

insurerlo binra

intellectlo intele

to intend toaidji

intended actionlo se aidji

intenselo carmi

not intenselo kandi

to interest (be of interest to)cinri

interest (financial)lo ve zivle

interestedlo se cinri

interestinglo cinri

to interferezunti

intermittentlo vitci

intermittentlyru'i nai

internetlo kibro

interpreterlo traduki

to interruptdicra

to intersectkruca

point of an intersectionlo te kruca

intestinelo canti

intone'i, ne ne'i

intrinsiclo jinzi

to intuitjijnu

intuitively knownlo se jijnu

to inventfinti

to investzivle

investedlo se zivle

investorlo zivle

invisible (not seen)lo na se viska

invisible (the one not possible to see)lo na ka'e se viska

invoicelo janta

IRC userlo irci

ironlo tirse

ironiclo ranxi

irregularlo vitci

irregularlydi'i nai

irresolutelo senpi

irritatinglo cpina

something Islamiclo muslo

islandlo daplu

Isn't it so that ...xu na ku

isn't it?xu nai

isotope numberlo te ratni

it (the event)le fasnu

it (the object)le dacti

it seemssi'au

It's necessary to ...sarcu fa lo nu

it's possible that ...cumki fa lo nu

j (letter)me'o jy

jacketlo kosta

Japanla nipon

Japaneselo ponjo

jarlo botpi

Jasmine (personal name)la jasmin

jawlo xedja

jealouslo jilra

jellylo jduli

joblo jibri

in a joblo se jibri

to join (to unite)jai gau jorne

joinedlo jorne

jointlo janco

journallo karni

judgelo pajni

to judgejdice

to judgepajni

juicelo jisra

to jump toplipe

jungleslo boske

just (recently)pu zi sai


justificationlo krinu

k (letter)me'o ky

to keep (maintain possession)ralte

keeperlo ralte

keptlo se ralte

kernello kernelo

Kevin (personal name)la kevin

key (of a lock)lo ckiku

kidding ... (humorously)zo'o

to killcatra

killedlo se catra

killerlo catra

kindlo klesi

kind (generous)lo xendo

act of kindnesslo te xendo

kinglo nolraitru

to kisscinba

kissedlo se cinba

kneelo cidni

knifelo dakfu

to knitnivji

knotlo jgena

something with a knotlo se jgena

to knowdjuno

known factlo se djuno

l (letter)me'o ly

labello tcita

labelledlo se tcita

to lackclaxu

lacked by ...cau

lacking cau

ladylo nobli, lo nobli ninmu

lakelo lalxu

parcel of landlo tumla

land mass with a mountainlo se cmana

languagelo bangu

in language ...bau

source language for translationlo ve fanva

language of a sentencelo te jufra

largelo barda


to lashbikla

lastlo ro moi

late eventlo lerci

later eventlo balvi

later eventlo se purci

laterallo mlana

lateral of an anglelo te jganu

laudablelo zabna

to laughcmila

to launchcecla

to launchrenro

lawlo flalu

to laypunji

layerlo senta

action lazily avoidedlo se lazni

lazylo lazni

lead (metal)lo cnisa

to leadgidva

leaderlo jatna

leader of a teamlo te bende

leaflo pezli

leaf of tealo se tcati

to learncilre

learnedlo se cilre

learnerlo cilre

leastto'e traji

leatherlo skapi

to leavecliva

left (in direction)lo zunle

to the left of ...zu'a


leglo tuple

legal rightlo krali

legume seedlo dembi

lemonlo limxone

lenslo lenjo

leopardlo bramlatu

lesslo mleca

lesslo se zmadu

less than'i

less than me'a

no less than'o

to let (permit)e'ande

to let happencurmi

Let's ... (suggestion)e'u

letterlo lerfu

letter (message)lo xatra

lettucelo kobli

level (degree or amount)lo se klani

leverlo vraga

lidlo drudi

lidlo gacri

something with a lidlo se drudi

something with a lidlo se gacri

to lie (horizontally)vreta

lifelo nu jmive, lo nu renvi, lo se renvi

to liftlafti

something liftedlo se lafti

light (illumination)lo gusni

light (not heavy)lo linto

light bulblo bombila

lightninglo lindi

lightweightlo linto

likablelo zabna

like ...tai

to likenelci

likedlo se nelci

limb with a jointlo se janco

limb with fingers or toeslo se degji

limitlo jimte

something with a limitlo se jimte


linelo linji

along a linevi'i

in lineku'i nai

line of a gridlo se gredile

linenlo matli

link of a chainlo se li'anzi

lionlo cinfo

liplo ctebi

liquidlo litki

liquid spitlo se sputu

liquorlo jikru

listlo liste

I'm listening! (in radio communications)re'i


to live (exist)zasti

to live (survive)renvi

to live (to be alive)jmive

to live inxabju

lively (full of energy)jai zu'e renvi

liverlo livga

living beinglo jmive

llamalo kumte

lo se smuni sturasemantic structure

lo te gerna sturagrammatical structure

locallo diklo

locationlo stuzi

location of gatheringlo se jmaji

location of painlo se cortu

locklo stela

lock (of a key)lo se ckiku

locking mechanismlo te stela

loglo liste

logarithmlo dugri

loggedlo se liste

logiclo logji

Lojban (language)la lojban

Lojbaniclo lojbo

Lojbanistlo jbopre

Londonla london

longlo clani

long agozu

for a long timeze'u

no longer'o

look (act of looking)lo nu catlu

look (appearance)lo tarmi

to look atcatlu

to look formitysisku

to look forsisku

to look likesimlu

looplo clupa

looselo kluza

loosely speakingsa'e nai

lorelo saske

to losecirko

loserlo cirko

lostlo se cirko

lotuslo latna

loud (producing loud sound)lo cladu

loud placelo se cladu

louselo civla

lovablelo zabna

love (event)lo nu prami

to loveprami

lovedlo se prami

to be loved byse prami

loverlo prami

lowlo dizlo

of low-qualitylo mabla

luck (good or bad)lo funca


lujvo (compound verb made of affixes)lo lujvo

lunglo fepri

to lurexlura

m (letter)me'o my

machinelo minji

Madridla madrid

magazinelo karni

magenta (color)lo nukni

magical eventlo makfa

magicianlo te makfa

magnetlo magneti

to mailmrilu

mail systemlo xe mrilu

mailedlo se mrilu

mailerlo mrilu

back to the main pointta'o nai

main verb of a clauselo se brisni

mainly (in importance)ra'u

maizelo zumri

to makezbasu

make yourself at homefi'i

malelo nakni

mammallo mabru

manlo nanmu

mangolo mango

manifested propertylo se jarco

mannerlo tasmi

in manner ...tai

manuallo macnu


too manydu'e

marklo barna

to mark (to put a mark)jmina lo barna, jai gau barna

market (trading site)lo zarci

marvelouslo marvele

masslo gunma

master (able)lo kakne

master (of a servant)lo se selfu

matlo matci

match (lighter)lo sacki

to mate withgletu

materiallo marji

material objectlo dacti

material of a tubelo se tubnu

math expressionlo mekso

mathematicslo cmaci

matterlo marji

to matter (to be important)vajni

matter judgedlo se pajni

maturelo makcu

you maye'a

maybe (uncertainty)ju'o cu'i


meallo sanmi

to mean (to have meaning)se smuni

I mean it!xo'o nai

meaninglo smuni

meaning of a signlo se sinxa

meaning of a wordlo se valsi

meaningfullo se smuni

means (instrument)lo tutci

means (method)lo tadji

means of imprisonmentlo te pinfu


measure (action)lo se zukte

measure (quantity)lo se klani

measure (tactic)lo se platu

to measuremerli

measuredlo se merli

measurerlo merli

meatlo rectu

medium (in difficulty/easiness)lo no'e frili, lo no'e nandu

medium of transmissionlo xe benji

to meetpenmi

meh! (indifference)au cu'i

Mei Li (personal name)la meilis

to meltca'o co'a litki

meltinglo pu'o litki

memberlo cmima

member of a communitylo se cecmu

member of a teamlo se bende

to mendcikre

menu of choiceslo te cuxna

mercurylo margu

messlo kalsa

messagelo notci

I have received your message messageje'e

metallo jinme

methodlo tadji

method of analysislo te lanli

method of gathering informationlo te info

method of getting informationlo te datni


methodically donelo se tadji

methodology of a sciencelo te saske

middlelo midju

mightlo se vlipa

mildlo milxe

milklo ladru

milllo fanri

milllo molki

milletlo cunmi

mindlo menli

minerallo kunra

minus (prefix of negative numbers)ni'u

minus (subtraction operator)vu'u

minute-long eventlo mentu

miscellaneouslo vrici

miserablelo mabla

to misleadtcica

misleading eventlo tcica

misledlo se tcica

to miss (to feel the lack of)caucni

missilelo se cecla

mistlo se bumru

mistakelo se srera

mixturelo mixre

mm! (love)iu

to moancmoni

moanerlo cmoni

to mock atckasu

modestlo cumla

modifierlo galfi

to modifygalfi

moistlo cilmo

mollusclo luska

momentlo mokca

monarchlo nolraitru

moneylo jdini

money units (dollars / roubles / euro / yuan)lo se rupnu

monkeylo smani

monsterlo monsuta

month-long eventlo masti

Moon (major natural satellite)lo lunra

moon (satellite)lo mluni

moral rightlo krali

moral standardslo marde

moralslo marde

morelo se mleca

morelo zmadu

what is moreke'u nai

more [with ... being/doing] mau

more than mau

no more than'e

more to come'o nai

morninglo cerni

Moscowla moskov

Moslemlo muslo

mosslo clika


the mostlo traji

being most in rai

with the most one being ...rai

mothlo toldi

motherlo mamta

mother of an embryolo se tarbi

motivatedlo te mukti

motivelo mukti

with the motive of'i

mouldlo mledi

mountainlo cmana

mountain arealo se cmana

mouselo smacu

mouthlo moklu

to move tomuvdu

movielo skina

musclelo sluji

museumlo muzga

mushroomlo gumri

musiclo zgike

musical instrumentlo se zgipli

musicianlo zgipli

Muslimlo muslo


to mutually dosimxu

mutually donelo se simxu

mwa ha ha! (cruelty)uu nai

mype mi

mythlo ranmi

n (letter)me'o ny

naillo jgalu

nail (tack)lo dinko

nakedlo lunbe

namelo cmene

to namete cmene

namegiverlo te cmene

to be nano (in size)nanvi

narrativelo lisri

narrowlo jarki

nationlo natmi

nature (property)lo jinzi

nayje'u nai


something that is nearlo jibni

nearly (almost)se la'u li so'a

neatlo cnici

necessary conditionlo sarcu

necklo cnebo

to neednitcu

needlelo jesni

needle of a comblo te kombitu

neither ... norge nai ... gi

nephewlo nakni se famti

nephewlo se famti

nervelo nirna

nervous personlo xanka

nervous situationlo se xanka

network with a stationlo se tcana

neutrallo nutli

neverno roi

Nevermind!ju'i nai

newlo cnino

New Yorkla nuiork

newslo nuzba

newspaperlo karni

next (following)lo za'u moi, lo se lidne

next to'a

nicelo zabna

nickello nikle

niecelo fetsi se famti

niecelo se famti

night-timelo nicte


nitrogenlo trano

no (false)je'u nai

no (number)no

no less than'o

no longer'o

no more than'e

no oneno da, no prenu

noblelo nobli

nobodyno da, no prenu

network node, stationlo tcana

noiselo savru

nonsenselo se smuni be no da

noodleslo nudle

neither ... nor nai ... gi nai

normlo cnano

North Americanlo bemro

northernlo berti

noselo nazbi


Not at all! (in reply to thanks)je'e do

not sure that birti lo du'u

not sure that birti lo nu

not yetnu'o

nothingno da, no dacti

to notifycusku lo notci

nounlo sumti


nucleuslo kernelo

nuh-uh! (disinclination, reluctance)au nai

numberlo namcu

number of recurrenceslo te krefu

numeratorlo se parbi

numerator of a fractionlo se frinu

nutlo narge

nut (kernel)lo kernelo

nut kernello ve narge

nut shelllo te narge

o (letter)me'o o bu

oaklo cindu

oatslo mavji

obeselo plana

to obey ruletinbe

object of attentionlo se jundi

obligationlo se bilga

oboelo xagri

to observezgana

being observedga'a

observed by'a

observerlo zgana

to observer'a

obstinatelo xarnu

to occurfasnu

to occurrapli

occurrencelo fasnu

occurrencelo krefu

of (belonging to)ne, pe, be

of (that inalienably belongs to ...)po'e

of (that is about ...)pe

of courseli'a

to offerfriti

offeringlo se friti

office (bureau)lo briju

offspringlo panzi

oftenso'i roi

to happen oftencafne

oh dear! (pity)uu

OK (acceptance)i'a

oldlo laldo

omelet, omelettelo omle

on date/time'i

to be on, uponcpana

once (one day, upon a time)ca pa da

once (one time)pa roi


one day (at some time in the future or in the past)ca da

oneself (without help)si'u nai

onionlo sluni


the only differencelo te panra

ooh! (wonder)u'e

oomph! (effort, endeavour)a'i

openlo kalri

to openjai gau kalri fai

to operatesazri

operatedlo se sazri

active operationlo se akti

in operationlo akti

operatorlo sazri

to opinejinvi

opinionlo se jinvi

having opinionlo jinvi

in my opinionpe'i

to have an opinionjinvi

opponent in a competitionlo se jivna

to opposefapro

oppositelo dukti

... or ... (or both)ja

either ... or nai

orangelo narju

order (command)lo te minde

to orderminde

ordinarylo fadni

bodily organlo rango

to organizeganzu

organizedlo te ganzu

not organizedlo se ganzu

organizerlo ganzu

orifice with lipslo se ctebi

originlo cupra

something with an originlo se cupra

origin of a ridelo te klama

origin of a transmissionlo ve benji

ornamentlo jadni

to oscillateslilu

oscillatinglo slilu

otherlo drata

other than'e

otherwise equal to'a

ouch! (complaint)oi

ought to (advice)e'u

ought to (obligation, duty)e'i, bilga

ought to be so (probability)la'a

out (away from the inside)fa'a lo bartu

outcome of an eventlo jalge

outerlo se nenri

outer spacelo kensa

outsidese ne'i, bu'u lo bartu

something outsidelo bartu

outstandinglo zabna


ovenlo toknu

over (end of speech)mu'o

over and out (at the end of discussion)fe'o

over therevu

to owedejni

own (belonging to)pe

to ownponse

to be owned byse ponse

ownerlo ponse

oxidizer of firelo te fagri

oxygenlo kijno

p (letter)me'o py

packlo bakfu

padlo matci

pagelo papri

paged booklo se papri

paged documentlo se papri

something paid forlo ve pleji

paillo baktu

painlo nu cortu

who feels painlo cortu

paint (coloring substance)lo cinta

paint baselo te cinta

palelo pilda

palm treelo palma

to palpatepalpi

panlo tansi

to panic aboutxalni

panic situationlo se xalni

panic-mongerlo xalni

pantherlo bramlatu

pantslo palku

papayalo rutpapaia

paperlo pelji

parallello panra

parasitelo parji

parcel of landlo tumla

parent (procreator)lo rorci

parent (rearer)lo rirni

biological parentlo se panzi

parent of a daughterlo se tixnu

parent of a sonlo se bersa

Parisla paris

parklo panka

partlo pagbu

participantlo participe

to participate atparticipe

party (celebration)lo nu salci, lo te salci

passengerlo se marce

passenger of a boatlo se bloti

passenger of an aircraftlo se vinji

passing through'o

passportlo jaspu

someone having a passportlo se jaspu

in pastpu

past eventlo purci

past eventlo se balvi

past tensepu

pastelo pesxu


patient (being cured)lo se mikce

patient (experiencer)lo lifri

patient of a hospitallo se spita

patternlo morna

to pause fordenpa


to paypleji

to pay attentionjundi

payeelo te pleji

payerlo pleji

paymentlo se pleji

state of peacelo nu panpi

pearlo perli

pebblelo bidju

pedestallo zbepi

to peepincivi

peello pilka

pelmenilo pelmeni

penlo penbi

pencillo pinsi

penetrablelo klina

to penetratepagre

penislo nakpinji

peoplelo prenu

people (nation)loi se natmi

people to whom the rule is appliedlo te javni


perfectlo prane

to performtigni

performancelo se tigni

performerlo tigni

perhapsju'o cu'i

periodlo ditcu

period (symbol)me'o denpa bu

period of oscillationlo se slilu

permanentlo vitno

who has permissionlo se e'ande

permit (artifact or document rendering something allowed or legal)lo jaspu

to permite'ande

to persistranji

persistantlo ranji

personlo prenu

to petsatre

petroleumlo ctile

pff! (feeling of commonplace)u'e nai

phew! (relaxation)o'u

to phonatebacru

phonelo fonxa

phone networklo se fonxa

not physicallo mucti

pi (number)pai

pianolo pipno

picturelo pixra

picture on a chartlo se cartu

picturedlo se pixra

pielo torta

piecelo spisa

piece of something brokenlo se porpi

pierced by a pinlo se pijne

piglo xarju

pigment of a paintlo se cinta

pillarlo kamju

pinlo pijne

pincerlo cinza

to pinchbatci

pinklo labyxu'e

pipelo xagri

to pisspincivi

tone pitchlo se tonga

place (location)lo stuzi

to placepunji

place of a verb argumentlo te sumti

place of arrivallo se tsuku

place with a lakelo se lalxu

placedlo se punji

places of a grammatical clauselo te brisni

planlo se platu

to planplatu

plane (shape)lo plita

planetlo planeta

planet with a moonlo se lunra

planklo tanbo

plannedlo se platu

plannerlo platu

plant (organism)lo spati

to plant (place in soil)sombo

plant with a stem (organism)lo se stani

plant with leaveslo se pezli

plant with legumeslo se dembi

plasticlo slasi

platelo palta

platformlo tsina

platterlo palne

play (drama)lo draci

to play (instrument)zgipli

to playkelci

playerlo kelci

playthinglo keltci

to pleadpikci

pleasant eventlo pluka


to pleasepluka

please repeat!ke'o

pleasedlo se pluka

pleasurelo ka se pluka

plot of a dramalo se draci

plot of a movielo se skina

plot of a storylo se lisri

plot of a work of fictionlo se cfika

ploughlo te plixa

to ploughplixa

ploughedlo se plixa

ploughmanlo plixa

plowlo te plixa

plowedlo se plixa

plowmanlo plixa

to pluckcrepu

plumlo flaume

plural numberza'u


pocketlo daski

poemlo pemci

point (dot)me'o denpa bu

point of an intersectionlo te kruca

point of view (opinion)lo se jinvi

point of view (position from which things are viewed)lo te jvinu

points defining a linelo se linji

poisonouslo vindu

to poketunta

police officerlo pulji

polishlo te spali

to polishspali

politelo clite

polite behaviourlo se clite

politylo jecta

to ponderpensi

poollo lalxu

poorlo pindi

poor thing! (pity)uu

portionlo spisa

portion of a distributed thinglo te fatri

portionedlo se spisa

Portugueselo porto

poseurtarti lo ka drata lo nei

body positionlo asna

not in possesionlo se cirko

possessedlo se ponse

possiblelo cumki

possiblyla'a cu'i

possibly can ...ka'e

possibly can and at least once actually is or does ...pu'i

possibly can but actually not'o

to postmrilu

posture (of body)lo asna

potlo patxu

potatolo patlu

powderlo purmo

powder produced by grindinglo te zalvi

powerlo se vlipa

powerfullo vlipa

praiseworthy (nice)lo zabna

pre-sealed containerlo lante

to precedelidne

preciouslo dirba

precisely speakingsa'e

predicatelo se sumti

preferring out of ...te rai

to prepare foodjukpa

prescribed by a rulelo se javni

present (gift)lo se dunda

present (pertaining to the current time)lo cabna

to present atzvati

present tenseca

to press (apply pressure)danre

press (media)lo karni

pressurelo danre

pretty (moderately, to some degree)se la'u li so'o

pretty (pleasing)pluka

to preventfanta

preylo se kalte

pricelo jdima

something having a pricelo se jdima

having a price measured in dollars / roubles / euro / yuanlo rupnu

price of something soldlo ve vecnu

price-makerlo ve jdima

to pricktunta


principallo ralju

printlo prina

printerlo te prina

prisonerlo pinfu

privatelo sivni

prize in a competitionlo ve jivna

prize wonlo se jinga

probablelo lakne


problemlo nabmi

problemlo se danfu

problematicjai nabmi

processlo pruce

process being finishedlo se fanmo

process inputlo se pruce

process of productionlo te cupra

process outputlo te pruce

to procreaterorci

procreatorlo rorci

to producecupra

producerlo cupra

productlo se cupra

product of a factorylo se fanri

product of an industrylo se gundi

product of multiplicationlo pilji

profitlo prali

expected profit of an investmentlo ve zivle

to program (a computer program)sampla

computer programlo proga

computer programlo se sampla

programmerlo sampla

I promisenu'e

to promisenupre

I promise you'e

promisedlo se nupre

pronounlo sumti

proper (fitting)lo mapti

proper (intrinsic)lo jinzi

propertylo se ckaji

property (possessed)lo se ponse

proposallo se stidi

proprietorlo ponse

prosaic textlo prosa

proselo prosa

proteinlo lanbi

to protestpante

protesterlo pante

protonlo protoni

protrusionlo punli

proudlo jgira

to prove (to be a proof)se jetnu

to providesabji

providedlo se sabji

provided that'o

providerlo sabji

pshaw! (disbelief)ia nai


pubic arealo plibu

publiclo gubni

to pulllacpu

something pulledlo se lacpu

pulleylo pulni

pumplo pambe

pumpkinlo tcilokoiotli

pungentlo cpina

to punishsfasa

punishedlo se sfasa

punishmentlo ve sfasa

pupil of a schoollo ve ckule

purelo curve

purplelo zirpu

created with the purpose ...te fi'e

for a purposete zu'e

purpose of a planlo te platu

purpose of a toollo se tutci

purpose of an actionlo te zukte

purpose of creationlo te finti

to pushcatke

to putpunji

to putsetca

of high qualitylo zabna

of low qualitylo mabla

quantitylo se klani

quantumlo kantu

queenlo nolraitru

questionlo preti

questionlo se retsku

quicklo sutra

quiet (producing soft sound)lo tolycladu

to quotesitna

quoted sourcelo se sitna

quotientlo dilcu

r (letter)me'o ry

rabbitlo ractu

raccoonlo arxokuna

to radiatedirce

radiationlo se dirce

radix pointpi

raillo garna

rainlo carvi

rain cloudlo te carvi

randomlo cunso

range of functionlo te fancu

rarelo rirci

ratlo ratcu

rather (on the contrary)ku'i

rather (preference) – see au: au + two clauses

rational eventlo racli

ravenlo korvo

raviolilo pelmeni

raw material for a factorylo te fanri

raw materials for creationlo ve finti

rays focused by a lenslo se lenjo

to reach over (touch by virtue or extent)kuspe

to readtcidu

readablelo se tcidu

readerlo tcidu

readylo bredi

ready to receivere'i

real (existing)lo zasti

real (fact)lo fatci

real (occurring)lo fasnu

really (truly)je'u

really (very)mutce

to rearrirni

to the rear of ...ti'a

reasonlo krinu

receiver of a giftlo te dunda


recipe for cookinglo te jukpa

recipient of letterlo se xatra

to reclinevreta

record (file)lo vreji

recorded informationlo se vreji

rectanglelo kurfa

recurrencelo krefu

redlo xunre

reed (of a musical instrument)lo se xagri

reed instrumentlo xagri

in reference frame'i

to reflectminra

reflectedlo se minra

refugelo marbi

regentlo nolraitru

to regretxenru

regrettedlo se xenru

regularlo dikni


relatedlo ckini

relationshiplo te ckini

grammatical relationshiplo bridi

to relax bysurla

relevantlo srana

religionlo lijda

religious belieflo te lijda

religious believerlo se lijda

to rely onlacri

to remainstodi

to remain atstali

remainder after removallo ve vimcu

remainder of a quotientlo ve dilcu

remaininglo stali

remarklo pinka

to remembermorji

to remember experiencevedli

rememberedlo se morji

to removevimcu

removedlo se vimcu

to repaircikre

repairedlo se cikre

repairerlo cikre

I repeatke'u

to repeatrapli

please repeat!ke'o

repeating eventlo rapli

to replace (be replacement)basti

something replacedlo se basti

replacement (object)lo basti

being a replacement of ba'i

replicalo fukpi

replylo se spusku

report (account)lo ve skicu

report (written account)lo ve skicu uencu, lo uencu be lo ve skicu

to represent (be an proxy)krati

to represent (serve as a sign or signal for)sinxa

representativelo krati

reptilelo respa

to requestcpedu

something requestedlo se cpedu

requirementlo sarcu

requiring ...sau

resembling ...tai

resentfullo tolckire

to resistfapro

to respectsinma

respectedlo se sinma

to respondspuda

to respondspusku

responderlo spuda

responderlo spusku

responselo se spusku

responselo te spuda

responsible forlo fuzme

to rest (to relax)surla

restaurantlo gusta

restrainedlo rinju

restraininglo se rinju

result of an eventlo jalge

resulting from ja'e

resulting in ...ja'e

resuming ...di'a

to retainralte

retreatlo marbi

to return tovolta

returning to main pointta'o nai

to revengevenfu

rewardlo se jinga

rewardlo ve cnemu

to rewardcnemu

rewardeelo se cnemu

rewarderlo cnemu

having rhymelo rimni

to rhyme withrimni

rhyming with somethinglo se rimni

rhythmlo rilti

having rhythmlo se rilti

ribbonlo dasri

ricelo rismi

richlo ricfu

riderlo klama

right (correct)drani

right (direction)lo pritu

to the right of ...ri'u


rigidlo tinsa

ringlo djine

ring of a chainlo se li'anzi

ritelo ritli

riverlo rirxe

roadlo dargu

robelo pastu

robotlo zmiku

rocklo rokci

to rock (be nice)zabna

rocketlo jakne

rodlo grana


to rollgunro

roomlo kumfa

rootlo genja

ropelo skori

rose (of color)lo labyxu'e

rose (plant)lo rozgu

to rotfusra

to rotatecarna

rotatinglo carna

rotten (bad)lo mabla

rotten (finished rotting)lo mo'u fusra

rottinglo fusra

rough (in texture)lo rufsu

roundlo cukla

routelo pluta

routelo ve klama

to rubsatre

to rubse mosra

rubberlo ckabu

rulelo javni

rule obeyedlo se tinbe

to runbajra

runnerlo bajra

runner on a sledlo skiji

Russiala rosiias

Russianlo rusko

ryelo mraji

s (letter)me'o sy

sadlo badri

sad eventlo se badri

safe from a threatlo snura

sagelo prije

what is saidlo se cusku

saillo falnu

sailboatlo te falnu

saladlo salta

salarylo se jerna

saltlo silna

to be same (identical)du

same (similar)lo simsa

to be the same asdu

sandlo canre

sandwichlo snuji

sane eventlo racli

sarcastically saying ... (opposite to literal meaning)xo'o

satellite (in outer space)lo mluni

satisfiedlo se mansa

to satisfymansa

satisfyinglo mansa

saucelo sanso

saucerlo palta

to save (keep safe)jai gau snura, bandu

saxophonelo xagri

to saycusku

to saysmusku

to say goodby totolrinsa

who sayslo cusku

who sayslo smusku

scalelo ckilu

scale with unitslo se gradu

scentlo se sumne

schoollo ckule

sciencelo saske

scissorslo jinci

scooplo smuci

scopelo se kuspe

having scopelo kuspe

to scrapeguska

scraperlo guska

to scratchsraku

scratchedlo se sraku

scratchinglo sraku

screenlo vidni

to scrub againstse mosra

sealo xamsi

sealed with a locklo se stela

to search formitysisku

to search forsisku

searcherlo mitysisku

seasonlo citsi

seasoninglo tsapi

seatlo stizu

to seat (to make sit)jai gau zutse

to seat (to put)punji

second (after first)re moi

second-long eventlo snidu

secretion of a glandlo se cigla

to seeviska

seedlo tsiju

seem to be ...simlu lo ka

to seem to besimlu

it seems that'au

seenlo se viska

to seizelebna

to sellvecnu

sellerlo vecnu

selma'o (series of Lojban particles)lo se cmavo

selma'o (series of Lojban particles)lo selma'o

selvalo boske

to send (to mail)mrilu

to sendbenji

sender of a letterlo te xatra

to senseganse

sent by'i

sent to ...te be'i

sentencelo jufra

separatelo sepli

sequencelo porsi

serenelo tolxanka

not seriouslo xalbo

someone seriouslo junri

seriouslyzo'o nai

servantlo selfu

to serveselfu

servicelo te selfu

setlo se cmima



to sewfenso

sex (biological)lo te ganti

sexual activitylo se seksi

sexylo seksi

shadowlo ctino

to shakedesku

shallowlo caxno

shallow basinlo tansi

shame on me!o'a nai se'i

what a shame!o'a nai

shameful eventlo se ckeji

shapelo tarmi

having shapelo se tarmi

shape of matterlo te marji

sharplo kinli

to shatterporpi

shele fetsi, le pa fetsi

sheeplo lanme

sheetlo boxfo

shelflo kajna

shelllo calku

nut shelllo te narge

shelterlo marbi

shirtlo creka

shittylo mabla

shoallo jmifa

to shockjenca

shockedlo se jenca

shocking eventlo jenca

shoelo cutci

shorelo se zbani

shortlo tordu

in shortto'u

for a short timeze'i

should, it should be so that ...[I]ei

to shovecatke

shovello canpa

to showjarco

siblinglo tunba

sibling of a brotherlo se bruna

sibling of a sisterlo se mensi

side (lateral edge)lo mlana korbi

by the side of ...zo'a

on this side of ...zo'i

signlo sinxa

silentlo smaji

silklo silka

silverlo rijno

similarlo simsa

similarlypa'a ku


simplelo sampu


simultaneouslo cabna

simultaneousely with ... (in time)ca

sincerely (literally feeling what I say)xo'o nai

sinelo sinso

to singsanga

singerlo sanga

sinklo patxu

sinklo tansi

sisterlo mensi

to sit onzutse

sitelo stuzi

situationlo tcini


skatelo skiji

skilo skiji

ski kitlo te skiji

skinlo skapi

skirtlo skaci

skylo tsani

sledlo te skiji

to sleepsipna

sleetlo bratu

sleevelo tubnu

slicelo panlo

slicedlo se panlo

to slidesakli

slopedlo salpo

slowlo masno

to slow downjabre

smalllo cmalu

covering small region of spaceve'i

to smashmarxa

smelllo panci

to smellsumne

to smilecisma

smokelo danmo

to smokedamva'u

smokerlo damva'u

smoothlo xutla

snakelo since

to sneezesenci

snowlo snime

snuglo tagji

so (for that reason)i se ki'u bo

so (I assume)ru'a

to soak upcokcu

soaplo zbabu

soccerla fudbol

social (being extroverted, outgoing)lo jikca

to socializejikca

socklo smoka

sodalo sodva

sofalo sfofa

softlo ranti

soft (of sound)lo tolycladu

soillo dertu

soldlo se vecnu

soldierlo sonci


solidlo sligu

solution (answer)lo danfu

solution (mixture)lo te runta

solution to a problemlo danfu

to solve a problem (find a solution)facki lo danfu


some time (one day)ca da

somethingzo'e, da

there is somethingda

sometimes (occasionally)me'i ro roi

sonlo bersa

songlo se sanga


sorghumlo sorgu

sorry! (repentance)u'u

sort oflo sorta

sortalo sorta

soundlo sance

sound of a belllo se janbe

souplo stasu

sourlo slari

sourcelo cupra

South Americanlo ketco

southernlo snanu

to sowsombo

sownlo se sombo

soyalo sobde

spacelo canlu

space (area beyond atmosphere of planets)lo kensa

spaced (separated)lo sepli

spam (deplorable e-mail)lo mabla se mrilu

Spanishlo spano

to speaktavla

speaker of a languagelo se bangu

speaking impartiallypa'e

special (of particular interest, value)lo steci

specieslo jutsi

specific featurelo steci

having specific featurelo se steci

spectatorlo zgana

to spend (consume)xaksu

spherelo bolci

spicelo tsapi

spiderlo ankabuta

spirallo sarlu

spirit (ghost)lo pruxi

spiritslo jikru

spirituallo pruxi

spit (of a liquid)lo se sputu

to spitsputu

to split intokatna

un- spoiledlo vifne

spongelo panje

spontaneouslo rarna

spoonlo smuci

sporelo tsiju

sportslo esporte

sportsmanlo ninmu se esporte

sportspersonlo se esporte

sportswomanlo nanmu se esporte

spotlo barna

spouselo speni

to spread overpreja

spring (elastic)lo pruni

spring (of fluid)lo jinto

spring waterlo se jinto

springtimelo vensa

square root of -1ka'o

to squeezedanre

to stabtunta

stagelo tsina

stage of a processlo ve pruce

stage of developmentlo ve farvi

stairslo skalera

stairwaylo skalera

stance (in a discussion)lo se darlu

stance (of body)lo asna

standlo zbepi

to stand onsanli

standardlo manri

starlo tarci

starchlo jalna

startlo cfari

to startcfari


state (condition)lo tcini

political statelo jecta

to stay atstali

stayinglo stali

steello gasta

steepsalpo lo barda

stemlo stani

step of stairslo se skalera

to step onstapa

sticklo grana

to stick tosnipa

stickylo snipa

stifflo tinsa


stimulus for a responselo se spuda

to stink (be bad)mabla

to stirjicla

to stitchfenso

stock (supply)lo sorcu

stockpilelo sorcu

stomachlo stomaxu

stonelo rokci

to stopsisti

stoppedlo se sisti


storelo sorcu

storylo lisri

straightlo sirji

straight (constant without interruption)lo klina

strainedlo trati

strainerlo te rinci

strangelo cizra

strategy (when isn't separated from tactic)lo se platu

strawberrylo fragari

streamed videolo se tivni

streaming TV centerlo tivni

streaming video cameralo tivni

streetlo klaji

stretchylo tcena

strickenlo se darxi

to strikedarxi

who strikeslo darxi

stringed musical instrumentlo jgita

striplo dasri

stripelo dasri

to strokesatre

strokedlo se satre

stronglo tsali

strucklo se darxi

structurelo stura

structure of a systemlo se ciste

structuredlo se stura

to struggledamba

struggle between enemieslo te bradi

studentlo tadni

studiedlo se tadni

studylo cipra

stufflo marji

to stunjenca

stupidlo bebna

subject of a commentlo se pinka

subject of a messagelo se notci

subject of a poemlo se pemci

subject of a questionlo se preti

subject of a sciencelo se saske

subject of a talklo te tavla

subject taughtlo te ctuca

subject taught in a schoollo te ckule

could, would ... subjunctive moodda'i

subordinatelo vipsi

subsetlo klesi

to subtractvimcu

suburban arealo jarbu

to succeed atsnada

successlo nu snada

successful effortlo te snada

to suck (be bad)mabla

to sucksakci

suckedlo se sakci

suddenlo suksa

to suffice (be enough)banzu

sugarlo sakta

sugarylo titla

to suggeststidi

suggestionlo se stidi

to suitmapti

sulphurlo sliri

sumlo sumji

summandlo se sumji

summerlo crisa

sunlo solri

the Sunla sol

sunglo se sanga

superblo zabna

supply (stock)lo sorcu

to supportsarji

supportedlo se sarji

supporterlo sarji

surelo birti

I'm sure (certainty)ju'o

surfacelo sefta

surface on which something is printedlo se prina

to surprisespaji

surprisedlo se spaji

surprising eventlo spaji

to surrendertolpro

to surroundsruri


to surviverenvi

survivorlo renvi

to swallowtunlo

sweatlo xasne

sweat glandlo te xasne

sweetlo titla

swelllo zabna

to swellplana

to swellpunli

swellinglo punli

to swimlimna

swimmerlo limna

swollenlo plana

swollenlo punli

to swoop intosfubu

syllablelo slaka

symptom of an illnesslo se bilma

systemlo ciste

in system'e

t (letter)me'o ty

tablelo jubme

tactic (when isn't separated from strategy)lo se platu

taglo tcita

taggedlo se tcita

taillo rebla

tailedlo se rebla

to takelebna

to take care ofkurji

to take part inparticipe

something takenlo se lebna

talelo lisri

talentlo se stati

talentedlo stati

talk about ...tavla fi

to talk totavla

tangentlo tanjo

tanrulo tanru

Taoistlo dadjo

tarlo tarla

target language for translationlo te fanva

tartlo torta

tastelo tasta

tastelo vrusi

to taste (feel the taste)smaka

having tastelo se vrusi

tastylo kukte

taught audiencelo se ctuca

tautlo trati

taxlo cteki

tax collectorlo ve cteki

taxable propertylo se cteki

taxilo taksi

taxonlo jutsi

taxpayerlo te cteki

tealo tcati

to teachctuca

teacherlo ctuca

team (crew)lo bende

member of a teamlo se bende

tear weptlo se klaku

telephonelo fonxa

to tell aboutskicu

templelo malsi

temporarylo zasni


to tendtende

having tendencylo tende

term (regulation)lo javni

terrainlo tumla

territorylo tutra

territory of a countrylo te gugde

test (act of examination)lo cipra

testedlo se cipra

textlo te gerna

textlo uenzi

text to be readlo se tcidu

text to be translatedlo se fanva

text translatedlo se traduki

texturelo tengu

having texturelo se tengu

to thankckire

thank you!ki'e

thankfullo ckire

thanks to xau


that ... (starting a relative clause)poi

that inalienably belongs to ...po'e

that is about

that one over theretu

that one thereta


over therevu

there existsbu'a

there existsbu'e

there existsbu'i

logically thereforese ni'i ku

theyle za'u mei

they sayti'e

thick (in space)lo rotsu

thick (viscous)lo viknu

thinlo cinla

thing (material object)lo dacti

I think ... (have an opinion)pe'i

to think (opine)jinvi

to think (ponder)pensi

thinkerlo pensi

thirdci moi

to thirst fortaske

thirstylo taske


this onevi

this one hereti

thoughtlo se pensi

thread (cord)lo cilta

to threaten