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Days of the week

Numeric system

Rafsi are based on numeric rafsi. Starts with 1=Monday, or 0=Sunday. Advantages include compatibility with some languages (e.g. Chinese, Russian) and ISO numbering. Disadvantages include clashing with numbering in other languages (e.g. Portuguese, Greek)

English Lojban Etymology
Monday pavdei pa (one)
Tuesday reldei re (two)
Wednesday cibdei ci (three)
Thursday vondei vo (four)
Friday mumdei mu (five)
Saturday xavdei xa (six)
Sunday zeldei / nondei ze (seven) / no (zero)

Spectral / rainbow system

Rafsi based on the primary and secondary colors of the visible light spectrum. This system is novel; an advantage is that purple can also result from a mixture of blue and red, thus reflecting the cyclic nature of the week.

English Lojban Etymology
Sunday xundei xunre (red)
Monday najdei narju (orange)
Tuesday peldei pelxu (yellow)
Wednesday ri'odje / ri'ordei crino (green)
Thursday cicnydei cicna (cyan)
Friday bladei blanu (blue)
Saturday zirdei zirpu (purple)

Elemental system

Rafsi based on historic alchemical/celestial associations. The planetary associations with the days are Western, the elemental associations with the planets are Eastern. The end result is reflected in languages like Japanese and Vietnamese.

English Lojban Etymology
Sunday soldei solri (Sun)
Monday lurdei lunra (Moon)
Tuesday fagdei fagri (fire, associated with Mars)
Wednesday jaudje / jaurdei djacu (water, associated with Mercury)
Thursday mudydei mudri (wood, associated with Jupiter)
Friday jimdei jinme (metal, associated with Venus)
Saturday derdei dertu (earth/dirt, associated with Saturn)

Months of the year

Numeric system

English Lojban
January pavma'i
February relma'i
March cibma'i
April vonma'i
May mumyma'i
June xavma'i
July zelma'i
August bivma'i
September sozma'i
October pavnonma'i / duvma'i
November pavypavma'i / felma'i
December pavrelma'i / gamyma'i

Unified calendar proposals