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This page contains, in rather unwieldy formats I'm sorry to say, data from the old BPFK site.


The contents of the six largest forums have been extracted from the SQL data and reformatted for wiki. Here is a list of all of the phpBB forums, listed by descending post count.

Forum Posts
Meta-BPFK 114
General Negators 106
Modal Aspects 73
lerfu forming cmavo 58
Administrative Issues 53
Morphology 48
Distance 33
Text Structure cmavo 29
gadri 29
Machine Grammar Issues 17
Aspect 16
brivla Negators 15
Directional Spatial 13
Intervals 9
Indirect Referers 7
Personal pro-sumti 7
Abstractors 5
pro-bridi 5
CLL Errata 5
Tense 4
Attitudinal Interrogatives 3
Discursives 3
Linkargs 2
Place Structure cmavo 2
Anaphoric pro-sumti 2
Mathematical Constants 2
Cmavo Miscellaneous 1