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Lojban Survival Corpus

This page features a collection of Lojban phrases wich probably are the most vital from the practical point of view.

Note that the translation isn't literal and it only reproduces semantics (sense) of the phrases.

||Is it safe here?|xu ti snura

It is not safe here.|ti to'e snura

It is safe here.|ti snura

Who are you?|do mo


No danger!|na ckape


This human isn't an enemy.|le ti remna na bradi

I want to eat.|mi djica lonu citka

Where can I find food?|lo cidja cu zvati ma

Can you help me?|xu do kakne lonu sidju mi

Please, help me!|.eo ko sidju mi

What's this?|ti mo

What is your name?|do se cmene ma

My name is ...|mi'e ...



Where can I find water?|lo djacu cu zvati ma

I want to drink|mi djica lonu pinxe||