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The most widely spoken constructed language, designed by Zamenhof in the late 19th century as an international auxiliary language, or auxlang. See Also read "Esperanto, the Agressor Language!"

Formerly (in the 'Tweeners era) a substantial number of Lojbanists were familiar with Esperanto. This no longer appears to be the case. Read Lojban and Esperanto

How many still do? nitcion, xorxes...maiky'elsym...cein...stivyn...

  • I thought Esperanto was pretty famous. I first heard of it when I was seven or eight years old, long before I ever heard of Lojban. --Plastic Raven
    • (1) Wiki chat sucks; use the mailing list. (2) He means "familiar" as in "can speak".
      • Oh. Well, it seems that most people who start with Lojban never really want to try any other constructed languages. --Plastic Raven

The gismu spero was suggested for Esperanto, but rejected.

lei la esperanton prenu.

shouldn't this be "lei me la esperanton. prenu"? If you want a tanru, yes. But this isn't necessarily a tanru. lei la esperanton. prenu expands to lei prenu pe la esperanton much as le mi cukta expands to le cukta pe mi.