would make a good Lojban host name

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Save this for when lojban.org has so many services that it can't all run off one box. (uhm? it's not like google.com runs from one box. 1 domain does not equal 1 machine. The stated issue is not an issue.)

Apostrophes in hostnames are impossible. However, if you subscribe to the philosophy of permitting h as an alloglyph of the apostrophe, you can use that, or you may omit it entirely in cases where it would not form a diphthong

Single-word-untranslatable words

  • koizva (good for a router, perhaps)
  • selgei


  • djig
  • talen
  • r

Service Names

  • nuzba for a news server
  • cmene for DNS name-server
  • mrilu for a mail server
  • etc, or lujvo that are a little more descriptive.


  • linsi (from the current chain.lojban.org)
  • ckafybarja
  • jmavra
  • taflumpurmo
  • sigyfespalta