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[18:40] <vensa> btw: why is {ve'a}="small space" and {ve'i}="TINY space"? why not "medium" and "small"... this isn't mcdonalds! :P

[18:40] <Twey> WHAT HAPPEN !!

[18:40] <ksion> vensa: I'd say the opposite { mi jai se jai se bandu do fai(xipa) lonu do vi zvati kei faixire lonu catra lo cribe}

[18:40] <vensa> how do I SHOT WEB

[18:40] <selpa`i> vensa: u'isai

[18:40] <ksion> valsi ve'u

[18:40] <valsi> ve'u = location tense interval: a large region of space.

[18:41] <ksion> valsi ve'a

[18:41] <valsi> ve'a = location tense interval: a small/medium region of space.

[18:41] <kribacr> .i da punji le jbama

[18:41] <ksion> See, it's small/medium.

[18:41] <vensa> ksion: but xalbo just contradicted you. no?

[18:41] <ksion> vensa: yes.

[18:41] <@xalbo> .i da fi'o se xlali ma'a gasnu lo jbama

[18:41] <vensa> valsi ve'i

[18:41] <valsi> ve'i = location tense interval: a tiny region of space.

[18:42] <vensa> I still dont like the "tiny"

[18:42] <kribacr> Yours is way better. :P

[18:42] <kribacr> coi cmalu

[18:42] <kribacr> .yy. pinji la'a

[18:43] <@xalbo> yeah, need to fix the verbiage. All of those trios should be small/unmarked/large.

[18:43] <vensa> ve'i pinji bu'u la kribacr

[18:43] <kribacr> .ui

[18:43] <vensa> xalbo: iesai, will {za} and {ze'a} also be unmakred?

[18:44] <ksion> mi na da'i se jai cfipu la kribacr fai lonu spuda lu do mo li'u lu se pinji li'u kei u'i

[18:44] <@xalbo> Yes.

[18:45] <@xalbo> So only medium in that we're not saying it's large or small

[18:45] <vensa> .ie

[18:45] <vensa> si i'e

[18:46] <ksion> It's like that now, too.

[18:46] <UukGoblin> toljifyje'u

[18:47] <vensa> ksion. it isnt clear from the def

[18:47] <vensa> valsi za

[18:47] <valsi> za = time tense distance: medium distance in time.

[18:47] <ksion> u'isai Since when defs are clear? :)

[18:47] <vensa> doesnt say "unspecifiedD"

[18:47] <vensa> yeah... :(

[18:48] <vensa> xalbo: I cant find ZI or ZEhA in the BPFK sections, except a reference in here: http://www.lojban.org/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=BPFK+Section%3A+Tense

[18:48] <vensa> in {puza} it says "medium time" and not "unspecified" :(

[18:49] <@xalbo> Time distance. It indicates that the event is separated in time from the speaker or reference point. When tagging a sumti, the sumti specifies the time separation distance.

[18:49] <@xalbo> http://www.lojban.org/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=BPFK+Section:+Distance

[18:50] <vensa> that doesnt say "unspecified" either :(

[18:51] <vensa> it's really sad that the defs arent clear enough. I even made a special cmavo that explicitly specifies *unspecified* becuz I didnt understand the existing cmavo that way

[18:51] <vensa> valsi za'ai

[18:51] <valsi> za'ai = time tense distance: an unspecified distance in time

[18:51] <vensa> valsi ze'ai

[18:51] <valsi> ze'ai = time tense interval: an unspecified amount of time

[18:52] <@xalbo> it doesn't have to say unspecified; it just doesn't specify.

[18:52] <vensa> it *specifies* MEDIUM

[18:53] <@xalbo> The byfy page doesn't.

[18:53] <@xalbo> "Proposed definition definition differs from CLL and ma'oste in that "medium" has been removed, so that a basic form is available when the size of the interval is not particularly significant."

[18:53] <vensa> hehe

[18:53] <vensa> yeah I just caught sight of that note :)

[18:54] <vensa> ok

[18:54] <vensa> I see this section isnt even red... :(

[18:55] <vensa> so it's far from being accepted?

[18:57] <@xalbo> I guess so. Looks pretty good, though.

[18:59] <vensa> is the section complete? y isnt it up for votes?

[18:59] <@xalbo> I don't know.