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from Jboske:

la pycyn cusku di'e

>(what is the official line on requantifying an already quantified


The closest thing to an official line is the last section

of chapter 16, which does not make sense as far as I can tell

The way I interpret requantification is this: The second

time a variable is quantified, there is an implicit

restriction to the same set to which the variable was

restricted the first time. So if the first appearance is

{Q1 da poi broda}, and the second appearance is {Q2 da poi brode},

then this last one is equivalent to {Q2 de poi broda zi'e poi

brode}. Which quantifier Q1 is plays no role in the second

quantification. If Q1 were to play a role (as the Book suggests)

then we would have strange consequences, like {su'o da poi broda}

and {naku no da poi broda}, which should be equivalent, giving

different results for the second quantification

mu'o mi'e xorxes

See also existential requantification.