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some people on lojban irc are using this to coordinate an online game of nomic, with the authorization of the WikiMaster, so don't fiddle with it unless you know you're involved in the game.

DeLong 24

Kominek 33

Reed 63

Robey -8

  • 301. Transmute rule 207 into an immutable rule. passed unanimously
  • 302. Transmute rule 109 into a mutable rule. failed. split vote.
  • 303. Change rule 209 to read "At no time may there be more than 50 mutable rules." Failed, 3 against, 1 for.
  • 304. A -1 point penalty shall be given to those who take more than 10 minutes to make a rule. Failed 2 for, 2 against
  • 305. Change rule 206 to read "When a proposed rule-change is defeated, the player who proposed it loses 20 points.". Failed, 3 against, 1 for.
  • 306. Transmute rule 201 into an immutable rule. pass unanimously.
  • 307. Amend rule 210 such that the second paragraph is eliminated, and 210 reads, in its entirety, as "Players may not conspire or consult on the making of future rule-changes unless they are team-mates." Failed, two for, two against.
  • 308. The proposer of a rule shall be assumed to have voted yes for it. failed. 1 for, 3 against.
  • 309. Transmute rule 105 to mutable status. Failed, +2 -2.
  • 310. anyone mentioning "eris", goddess of discord in a proposal is awarded one point, in addition to whatever they may gain or lose due to the outcome of the proposal. passed, 3 to 1.
  • 311. In tribute to "Eris", goddess of discord, rule 310 is transmuted to immutable. Failed, split vote.
  • 312. Rule 204 is ammended so that a player does not recieve 10 points for voting against a proposal if they were the last to vote. Passed 3 for, 1 against
  • 313. All proposed rule-changes must be documented at [1] (herafter "The Wiki"), regardless of whether they pass. The end of a turn is signified when The Wiki is updated. Failed, split vote.
  • 314. amend rule 213 so that the text "the first player unable to complete a turn is the winner" is changed to "the player who has the most points at the time is the winner." passed 3 to 1
  • 315. Enact a new rule which states, "Voting on a proposal does not begin until the proposer states in #lojbannomic on the words, "By the grace of Eris, voting may begin.". Once those words have been stated by the proposer, no further changes may be made to the proposal." Failed, split vote.
  • 316. Eris, my wet dream of a goddess, caused me to ingest massive amounts of hallucinogens to come up with a kickass rule: A player may create a new entity, called a "Corporation", during their rule proposal turn. The corporation has the power to vote, however, the cost of the corporation is 30 points, which, when deducted from the player's points must still leave the player with a positive amount of points. Naturally, the player controls the corporation's vote. Failed, split vote
  • 317. rule 207 is hereby ammended to read "Each player is given one vote, plus any votes allocated to them under the affects of later rules. No votes other than the afformentioned are afforded to a player."
  • 318. before a rule is proposed, any player may, if they desire, discard 50 points, and increase their votes by 1. if the player does not have at least positive 50 points, they make not acquire the extra vote. (but they may still chose to discard 50 points and not get the vote.) Hail Eris! - defeated, split vote
  • 319. Eris told me that it would be a good idea to enact a rule stating that before the proposal phase of a player's turn, that player may transfer a positive amount of points to any other player, or allow another player to transfer a positive amount of points to the player whose turn it currently is, granted that in either case, the transfer is subject to mutual consent. Passed, 3:1.
  • 320. A player cannot recieve points from another player if it puts him within 40 points of the winning amount. passed 3 to 1.
  • 321. At the beginning of any turn, any player may purchase shares in the "Eris Corporation" for 10 points. After each future turn a dividend of 4 points is payed to a player for each share owned. A player may not go below 0 points to purchase shares. Failed 2:2.
  • 322. everyone's score, except for jay's, increases by 10 points, one time. failed split vote
  • 323: In the name of Eris, I propose the following rule be enacted: "During the point transfer phase as created by rule 319, a player may transfer a positive sum equal to 1/8 of a second player's total score (which must also be positive) to that second player for 1 point of stock in the second player. At the end of each turn, every player holding stock gains or loses points equal to 1/8 of the points earned/lost by the player of whom stock is held, multiplied by the amount of stock points held by the stockholder. With all calculations performed for the purpose of this rule, results shall be rounded up to the nearest whole number." Failed, 1:3. Dirty bastards. ;)
  • 324. Eris has decreed that weaponry is allowed! At the begining of any turn a player may purchase a "Seeker" for 6 points. This is a highly dangerous, one-time use weapon that will inflict 1 point of damage on the victim that the player aims the weapon at. Unlimited quantities may be purchased. A player may not go below 0 points to purchase seekers. Failed 1:3
  • 325. Ammend rule 310 to exclude rules which include the name "eris" in a nonessential fasion such as "In the name of Eris, ..." or "Eris told me, ...". Failed 3:1.
  • 326. repeal rule 209 passed 3 to 1
  • 327. During the monetary transfer phase of a player's turn (as prescribed by rule 319), that player may purchase a Factory (which produce dolls of Eris, quite the hot commodity, and oddity as well) for the price of 10 points. During this same phase, a player may transfer points to one of their factories. Passed, 3:1.
  • 328. Eris likes beer. In tribute to beer, we can now hoard beer in the form of "Beer points"! Everyone is granted with 10 beer points and gains one beer point at the start of each new circuit. Failed, split vote. Bastards!
  • 329. Transmute rule 201 to immutable status.
  • 330. Rules proposed with a number one less than that of a prime number earn the proposer an extra point if they pass. failed split vote.
    • Reed gives Delong 10 points. Delong accepts
  • 331. At the end of each player's turn, a Factory owned by that player will generate one point for every five points it has. Points generated by a Factory will be transferred to the player designated by its owner, or the points may remain in the factory. At no other time may points held by a Factory be transferred. Passed, 3:1.
  • 332. If a player successful passes a rule where its number is divisible by 7 or 11, he gains the use of Eris' Scepter, which grants him the power of 2 votes (1 additional vote) for 2 turns. Failed, split vote.
  • 333. transmute 207 to mutable status. passed 3:1