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the sound written as ng in English is an allophone of lojban n. Lojban ng is pronounced as an n or an ng followed by a g. While most people understand this, it is quite common to see ng in transliterations of that sound when there is no g in the pronunciation. Examples include bangrtlingana for klingonwhich is pronounced with /iNga/ in the middle instead of the intended /iNa/ (see transliterating 'tlhIngan'), as well as two of the place names in jecrkolorado - does anyone here pronounce the plosive g in 'colorado springs'? (note: turns out the coloradans do. Ignore that example, klingon is still a case in point.) I didn't thing so. /N/ is to be transliterated as {n}, as {n} is the only thing that can possibly be pronounced as /N/. {ng} is /ng/ or /Ng/ and NOTHING ELSE.