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A new use for the cmavo soi, as proposed by la selpa'i

cmavo: soi (SOI)

Proposed Definition

bridi relative clause. Restricts or gives additional information about the containing bridi. Contains a {ke'a}, whose antecedent is the containing bridi ({lo su'u no'a}). Corresponds loosely to adverbs in natural languages.

Proposed Grammar

term <- ... / SOI_clause free* subsentence SEhU_elidible / ...

SOI_clause <- SOI_pre SOI_post
SOI_pre <- pre_clause SOI spaces?
SOI_post <- post_clause

SOI <- &cmavo ( s o i ) &post_word

See Also:

  • {ke'a}
  • {poi}
  • {sei}
  • {to}

Gloss Word

  • bridi relative clause


mi citka lo titspi soi cafne
I frequently eat candy.
soi vlile se'u lo mudri vrogai cu porpi
Violently, the wooden door shattered into pieces.
ge mi soi cafne gi do soi nalcafne cu klama lo zarci
I often, and you seldom, go to the market.
.ai mi zenba lo ka jbota'a soi dikni
I'm going to speak Lojban more regularly!
su'o prenu soi nu na pairnu'i cu xusra lo du'u ro jbopre cu lazni
Some people, in an event of injustice, claim that all Lojbanists are lazy.
do pu ga'orgau lo canko soi mi pacna
You closed the window, hopefully.
mi fliba lo ka tavla lo mi jatna kei soi mabla
I failed to talk to my boss, which sucks.
mi cadzu lo canxaskoi soi ke'a li pa cacra
I walk on the sand beach for one hour.
su'o roi ku mi ze'a lo cacra be li za'u pa mu cu sipna soi ui no da djuno
Sometimes I sleep for over fifteen hours, which fortunately nobody knows."


broda soi ke'a brode == lo su'u broda cu fasnu gi'e brode

Both the main bridi and the soi bridi are asserted.

soi terms always have top-scope, meaning they scope over any quantifiers, negations or tenses that precede them. When multiple soi are used in the same bridi, they are understood to have equal scope.


The old soi vo'a usage for "vice versa" becomes invalidated in favor of a more useful and flexible cmavo that has applications in a wide range of situations as shown in the examples.