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places of 'cantaloupe'

x2= degree of ripeness, on a scale of 1 to 5

x3= utensil used to eat it with

x4= country of origin

x5= how many pieces you slice it into

x6= the country (or region) where it is eaten

Here's one that will drive poor Nick to drink!

It drives Nick to start screaming ".i mi ba'e djuno le du'u do xabju makau vauvau .o'onai" ---

only, uh, I don't :-) -- nitcion

.i curmi lenu lo'u najzme le'u ponse le cizra te gismu kei ki'u ledu'u lo'u najzme le'u na du zo najyzme .i

mi'e rab.spir

Yup. An ill-formed lujvo for an ill-formed concept. :-) Just as you can never step into the same river

twice, if I bring a knife rather than a spoon to the table, the cunning najzme, much like Father Proteus,

becomes a different najzme entirely((&*&). Meanwhile, thousands of cantaloupes in farms lay there,

hapless najzme befi zi'o beifu zi'o beifaxi6 zi'o, waiting to be harvested, shipped, delivered, and sliced,

so that they can at last attain lo mulno ka najzme no'u loka najzme be da bei de bei di bei daxi4

bei daxi5. -- nitcion (.i.a'o do ji'a se zdile doi maikl. vauzo'o)