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from the Archives:

I la Logle Kerbilca, ga nermoi nerbi lopo rigclemao lo coirpozfa

kulgrudjo ji vi le mela Lojbandias, monca lopo cortakma.

'And the Loglandian Airforce is only (for one-motive) necessary-for

the-mass-of-events-of discouraging (courage-without-making)

the-mass-of rebel (authority-opposing) tribesmen

(culture-group-members) that-are in the (the) Lojbandian (type)

mountains from-the-mass-of raidings.'

"The Loglandian Airforce is needed only to discourage raids by

rebel tribesmen up in the Lojbandian mountains."


Taken from the Loglan site... rebel tribesmen in the Lojbandian mountains...

.u'i za'a le loglo ke vinji jenmi ca'o fusra le kijno ('Rotten because of the oxygen', huh? What is this, Lojban Rock Lyrics ojbanic Rock?!) (I think it means "rusty")