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I commented "I am not on any of the mailing lists, because I carelessly read yahoo's "privacy" policy first." This got some answers. mi'e jezrax

A great reason to stop hosting the lists at yahoogroups and have Robin host them at --Adam

  • That would be an improvement if Robin's up for it. Would they still be archived at Yahoo, or what? The archives are valuable. mi'e jezrax
    • Robin has said that he would be happy to host the lists, and that the archives are trivially reproducible. --Adam
      • Jay (Kominek) is happy to have lojban-beginners moved, if the main list moves, as well.

In a flurry of activity, Robin is now mirroring the main list via, and the beginner's list is moving, completely. xod has made noises indicating that jbosnu will move, as well.