jugytai jbopemci

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I have started experimenting with a new form that i call

jugytai jbopemci, inspired by the Chinese verseform

shih. It is basically four lines of one four-gismu

tanru each. In the Chinese form, there are rhymes on

even numbered lines, or else ABAB; this may or may not

be practicable in Lojban. Also, various parallelisms

are used. For instance, thinking of each pair of lines

as a couplet, the gismu in the same position in the

second line of the pair, might be an opposite or comple-

mentary to the similarly positioned gismu in the first

line of the pair... Another idea i have had is to use

alliteration, in the Old English fashion of two of the

gismu of the first of two lines alliterating with one

gismu (near the beginning) of the second of the pair.

So far i have only written one poem that satisfies

these criteria: mela vonovobu.. Comments solicited.

mi'e maikl.

(from jbosnu:

"kurfa pemci

mlecu smani xanri jecta daspo

.i bebna kanla tcica vimcu datni

.i remna cedra kandi lunra gusni

.i sefta cnita palci dzena smaji

.i daspo datni gusni smaji lenku"

"kurfa kurfa pemci

daspo datni gusni smaji lenku

.i datni krici crida sorcu dinju

.i gusni crida cedra fanmo facki

.i smaji sorcu fanmo dzena palci

.i lenku dinju facki palci terpa")