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le dikni cartu be le selratni

the periodic table of the elements

= H He

= Li Be B C N O F Ne

= Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar

= K Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Br Kr

= Rb Sr Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te I Xe

= Cs Ba *A Lu Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn

= Fr Ra *B Lr Rf Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Ds


= *A: La Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb

= *B: Ac Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No


The regular place structure is "x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of a substance of foo group of specific type x2".

  • {jvsn alkali metal general=1} (default sodium): {jvsv sodna}
  • {jvsn halogen general=1} (default chlorine): {jvsv kliru}
  • {jvsn noble gas general=1} (default neon): {jvsv navni}


The regular place structure is "x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of foo element". There are no exceptions.

  1. {jvsn hydrogen general=1} (H): {jvsv cidro}
  1. {jvsn helium general=1} (He): {jvsv solnavni}
  1. {jvsn lithium general=1} (Li): {jvsv roksodna}
  1. {jvsn beryllium general=1} (Be): {jvsv jinmrberilo}
  1. {jvsn boron general=1} (B): {jvsv jicmrboro}
  1. {jvsn carbon general=1} (C): {jvsv tabno}
  1. {jvsn nitrogen general=1} (N): {jvsv trano}
  1. {jvsn oxygen general=1} (O): {jvsv kijno}
  1. {jvsn fluorine general=1} (F): {jvsv li'orkliru}
  1. {jvsn neon general=1} (Ne): {jvsv ninynavni}
  1. {jvsn sodium general=1} (Na): {jvsv sodna}
  1. {jvsn magnesium general=1} (Mg): {jvsv lidgusyjinme}
  1. {jvsn aluminium general=1} (Al): {jvsv jinmrmalume}
  1. {jvsn silicon general=1} (Si): {jvsv cancmu}
  1. {jvsn phosphorus general=1} (P): {jvsv sackycmu}
  1. {jvsn sulfur general=1} (S): {jvsv sliri}
  1. {jvsn chlorine general=1} (Cl): {jvsv kliru}
  1. {jvsn argon general=1} (Ar): {jvsv laznynavni}
  1. {jvsn potassium general=1} (K): {jvsv sodnrkali}
  1. {jvsn calcium general=1} (Ca): {jvsv bogjinme}
  1. {jvsn scandium general=1} (Sc): {jvsv jinmrskandi}
  1. {jvsn titanium general=1} (Ti): {jvsv jinmrtitani}
  1. {jvsn vanadium general=1} (V): {jvsv jinmrvanadi}
  1. {jvsn chromium general=1} (Cr): {jvsv rogjinme}
  1. {jvsn manganese general=1} (Mn): {jvsv jinmrmanga}
  1. {jvsn iron general=1} (Fe): {jvsv tirse}
  1. {jvsn cobalt general=1} (Co): {jvsv ridjinme}
  1. {jvsn nickel general=1} (Ni): {jvsv nikle}
  1. {jvsn copper general=1} (Cu): {jvsv tunka}
  1. {jvsn zinc general=1} (Zn): {jvsv zinki}
  1. {jvsn gallium general=1} (Ga): {jvsv fasyjinme}
  1. {jvsn germanium general=1} (Ge): {jvsv dotyjicmu}
  1. {jvsn arsenic general=1} (As): {jvsv arseniko}
  1. {jvsn selenium general=1} (Se): {jvsv lurcmu}
  1. {jvsn bromine general=1} (Br): {jvsv xunkliru}
  1. {jvsn krypton general=1} (Kr): {jvsv mipnavni}
  1. {jvsn rubidium general=1} (Rb): {jvsv xunsodna}
  1. {jvsn strontium general=1} (Sr): {jvsv jinmrstronti}
  1. {jvsn yttrium general=1} (Y): {jvsv jinmrtitri}
  1. {jvsn zirconium general=1} (Zr): {jvsv jinmrzirkoni}
  1. {jvsn niobium general=1} (Nb): {jvsv jinmrni,obi}
  1. {jvsn molybdenum general=1} (Mo): {jvsv mlibdena}
  1. {jvsn technetium general=1} (Tc): {jvsv runjinme}
  1. {jvsn ruthenium general=1} (Ru): {jvsv rukyjinme}
  1. {jvsn rhodium general=1} (Rh): {jvsv zgujinme}
  1. {jvsn palladium general=1} (Pd): {jvsv jinmrpaladi}
  1. {jvsn silver general=1} (Ag): {jvsv rijno}
  1. {jvsn cadmium general=1} (Cd): {jvsv jinmrkadmu}
  1. {jvsn indium general=1} (In): {jvsv blajinme}
  1. {jvsn tin general=1} (Sn): {jvsv tinci}
  1. {jvsn antimony general=1} (Sb): {jvsv antimoni}
  1. {jvsn tellurium general=1} (Te): {jvsv tedjicmu}
  1. {jvsn iodine general=1} (I): {jvsv zirkliru}
  1. {jvsn xenon general=1} (Xe): {jvsv fangynavni}
  1. {jvsn caesium general=1} (Cs): {jvsv blasodna}
  1. {jvsn barium general=1} (Ba): {jvsv tijyjinme}
  1. {jvsn lanthanum general=1} (La): {jvsv jinmrlantano}
  1. {jvsn cerium general=1} (Ce): {jvsv jinmrseri}
  1. {jvsn praseodymium general=1} (Pr): {jvsv jinmrprase,odimi}
  1. {jvsn neodymium general=1} (Nd): {jvsv jinmrne,odimi}
  1. {jvsn promethium general=1} (Pm): {jvsv fagycevjinme}
  1. {jvsn samarium general=1} (Sm): {jvsv jinmrsamari}
  1. {jvsn europium general=1} (Eu): {jvsv ronjinme}
  1. {jvsn gadolinium general=1} (Gd): {jvsv jinmrgadolini}
  1. {jvsn terbium general=1} (Tb): {jvsv jinmrterbi}
  1. {jvsn dysprosium general=1} (Dy): {jvsv jinmrdisprosi}
  1. {jvsn holmium general=1} (Ho): {jvsv jinmrxolmi}
  1. {jvsn erbium general=1} (Er): {jvsv jinmrberbi}
  1. {jvsn thulium general=1} (Tm): {jvsv jinmrtuli}
  1. {jvsn ytterbium general=1} (Yb): {jvsv jinmrtiterbi}
  1. {jvsn lutetium general=1} (Lu): {jvsv jinmrluteti}
  1. {jvsn hafnium general=1} (Hf): {jvsv jinmrxafni}
  1. {jvsn tantalum general=1} (Ta): {jvsv jinmrtantalu}
  1. {jvsn tungsten general=1} (W): {jvsv jarjinme}
  1. {jvsn rhenium general=1} (Re): {jvsv jinmlreni}
  1. {jvsn osmium general=1} (Os): {jvsv jinmrbosmi}
  1. {jvsn iridium general=1} (Ir): {jvsv jinmrdiridi}
  1. {jvsn platinum general=1} (Pt): {jvsv jinmrplati}
  1. {jvsn gold general=1} (Au): {jvsv solji}
  1. {jvsn mercury general=1} (Hg): {jvsv margu}
  1. {jvsn thallium general=1} (Tl): {jvsv jinmrtali}
  1. {jvsn lead general=1} (Pb): {jvsv cnisa}
  1. {jvsn bismuth general=1} (Bi): {jvsv jinmrbismu}
  1. {jvsn polonium general=1} (Po): {jvsv jicmrpoloni}
  1. {jvsn astatine general=1} (At): {jvsv klirlxastati}
  1. {jvsn radon general=1} (Rn): {jvsv dircynavni}
  1. {jvsn francium general=1} (Fr): {jvsv fasysodna}
  1. {jvsn radium general=1} (Ra): {jvsv dircyjinme}
  1. {jvsn actinium general=1} (Ac): {jvsv jinmrtaktini}
  1. {jvsn thorium general=1} (Th): {jvsv lidycevjinme}
  1. {jvsn protactinium general=1} (Pa): {jvsv jinmrprotaktini}
  1. {jvsn uranium general=1} (U): {jvsv jinmrvurani}
  1. {jvsn neptunium general=1} (Np): {jvsv jinmrneptuni}
  1. {jvsn plutonium general=1} (Pu): {jvsv jinmrplutoni}
  1. {jvsn americium general=1} (Am): {jvsv merjinme}
  1. {jvsn curium general=1} (Cm): {jvsv jinmrkuri}
  1. {jvsn berkelium general=1} (Bk): {jvsv jinmrberkeli}
  1. {jvsn californium general=1} (Cf): {jvsv jinmrkaliforni}
  1. {jvsn einsteinium general=1} (Es): {jvsv jinmrtainctaini}
  1. {jvsn fermium general=1} (Fm): {jvsv jinmrfermi}
  1. {jvsn mendelevium general=1} (Md): {jvsv jinmrmendelevi}
  1. {jvsn nobelium general=1} (No): {jvsv jinmrnobeli}
  1. {jvsn lawrencium general=1} (Lr): {jvsv jinmrlorensi}
  1. {jvsn rutherfordium general=1} (Rf): {jvsv jinmlruterfordi}
  1. {jvsn dubnium general=1} (Db): {jvsv jinmrdubni}
  1. {jvsn seaborgium general=1} (Sg): {jvsv jinmrsiborgi}
  1. {jvsn bohrium general=1} (Bh): {jvsv jinmrbori}
  1. {jvsn hassium general=1} (Hs): {jvsv jinmrxasi}
  1. {jvsn meitnerium general=1} (Mt): {jvsv jinmrmaitneri}
  1. {jvsn darmstadtium general=1} (Ds): {jvsv jinmrdarmctati}

A few of these names don't match the etymologically of the English; they are intentional variations. Many names are fu'ivla where there is an English etymology to replicate; these should probably be changed. Some of the fu'ivla are inaccurate renditions of the original names. More work is required. mi'e zefram