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colour terminology

For specific colour terms, the place structure is "x1 is foo coloured". There are no exceptions.

Basic colours:

  • black (or very dark): {jvsv xekri}
  • grey: {jvsv grusi}
  • white (or very light): {jvsv blabi}
  • red: {jvsv xunre}
  • orange: {jvsv narju}
  • brown: {jvsv bunre}
  • yellow: {jvsv pelxu}
  • green: {jvsv crino}
  • cyan: {jvsv cicna}
  • blue: {jvsv blanu}
  • purple: {jvsv zirpu}
  • magenta: {jvsv nukni}

The six basic colours {jvsv xunre}, {jvsv pelxu}, {jvsv crino}, {jvsv cicna}, {jvsv blanu}, and {jvsv nukni} could be understood to divide up the (circular) hue range into six segments. {jvsv narju} and {jvsv zirpu} are perhaps additional segments overlapping these? Or are they non-overlapping? {jvsv bunre} seems to depend on saturation and brightness for its definition. Can someone comment on this? Is there an official mapping between these words and the colour cylinder? Someone has produced a ist of representative colours.