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There are two systems of naming months in use: one based on the zodiac, and one based on numbers. The place structure is "x1 is foomonth in year x2 in calendar x3"; this is not according to jvojva but makes it easy to specify dates as "the day nth of the foomonth of the year mmmm".

|{jvsn January general=1}|{jvsv kanbyma'i}|{jvsv pavma'i}|

|{jvsn February general=1}|{jvsv jaurbeima'i}|{jvsv relma'i}|

|{jvsn March general=1}|{jvsv fipma'i}|{jvsv cibma'i}|

|{jvsn April general=1}|{jvsv lanma'i}|{jvsv vonma'i}|

|{jvsn May general=1}|{jvsv bakma'i}|{jvsv mumyma'i}|

|{jvsn June general=1}|{jvsv matsi'uma'i}|{jvsv xavma'i}|

|{jvsn July general=1}|{jvsv mlajukma'i}|{jvsv zelma'i}|

|{jvsn August general=1}|{jvsv cinfyma'i}|{jvsv bivma'i}|

|{jvsn September general=1}|{jvsv xlima'i}|{jvsv sozma'i}|

|{jvsn October general=1}|{jvsv laxma'i}|{jvsv pavnonma'i}|

|{jvsn November general=1}|{jvsv rebjukma'i}|{jvsv pavypavma'i}|

|{jvsn December general=1}|{jvsv celma'i}|{jvsv pavrelma'i}|

There are also systems of naming the days of the week based on Oriental elements and numbers.

|{jvsn Sunday general=1}|{jvsv soldei}|{jvsv pavdei}|

|{jvsn Monday general=1}|{jvsv lurdei}|{jvsv reldei}|

|{jvsn Tuesday general=1}|{jvsv fagdei}|{jvsv cibdei}|

|{jvsn Wednesday general=1}|{jvsv jaurdei}|{jvsv vondei}|

|{jvsn Thursday general=1}|{jvsv mudydei}|{jvsv mumdei}|

|{jvsn Friday general=1}|{jvsv jimdei}|{jvsv xavdei}|

|{jvsn Saturday general=1}|{jvsv tedydei}|{jvsv zeldei}|