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la jboselkei is translation platform for Lojban.

It's a site for posting non-Lojban texts, Lojban translations of those texts, and reviews of the translations, with a wonderfully complicated rating system. You don't have to give your email address or location to register, despite being requested.

It is possible to click a link under Lojban text you are composing, to submit it to the online parser to be validated.

Martial arts offer various colors of belts. The chess community uses a system for ranking players. Lojban has an online translation game where Lojban-speakers can grade each other's translation attempts and track our overall scores. It can be a fun learning tool and will help to expand the corpus of usage examples. As the FAQ says: "la jboselkei isn't primarily a rating system; it is a dynamic bilingual database of Lojban to which everyone can contribute."

Designing a meaningful system was a challenge in sociology, ethics, and valid testing. The end result is promising! By harnessing the wisdom of crowds, la jboselkei could end up being the best thing to happen to Lojban ever.

Remember the scene from "Wayne's World The Movie" in which Wayne speaks only a word or two of Cantonese and the subtitle translates it as "The irony is, I feel partly responsible for her self-nullifying behavior"? That text will be my next post to la jboselkei.

Check it out and add to your bookmarks!