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Memorize is a simple and user-friendly flashcard program. It is written in java, and so should run on most operating systems.


  1. ownload the latest version, and put it somewhere where you won't accidentally delete it.
  1. Run the program, open a .jml wordlist, select the category you'd like to learn, and hit the green "Learn" button.

Word lists

You will need a wordlist (in the form of a jml file) unless you'd like to make your own cards from scratch.

  • {file name="gismu-english_to_lojban-grouped_by_learning_order.jml" page="jMemorize instructions" desc="List for learning to communicate with lojban gismu"}
    • Question: English word, and a place-structure hint ("What gismu is being described?")
    • Answer: the gismu, the place-structure, rafsi, and extrainfo
  • {file name="gismu-lojban_to_english-grouped_by_learning_order.jml" List for learning to communicate lojban gismu.="jMemorize instructions" desc="List for learning to understand lojban gismu"}
    • Question: a gismu ("What is the definition of this gismu?")
    • Answer: the english translation, the place-structure, the rafsi, and the extrainfo

Detailed instructions:

Installing the program

  1. Point your browser to the Memorize download page
  1. Select the latest revision (the one with the highest numbers), which is 0.9.2 as of this writing.
  1. Select any SourceForge mirror out of the links on the right, and then follow the link at the top if the download does not start.
  1. Choose an appropriate directory for the program.
  1. You will now have an executable ".jar" file in your download directory. This jar file is the program, and may be executed by double-clicking. You may want to create a shortcut to add to your start menu, or to your desktop.

Using the program

Execute the program by double clicking the "jMemorize-###.jar" file. A window with an empty graph at the top, and an empty list at the bottom should appear.