house of the Rising Sun

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(A touchstone for the use of attitudinals in translating overtones.)

There is a house in New Orleans,

They call the Rising Sun,

And it's been the ruin' of many a poor boy,

And Lord, I know, I'm one.

My mother was a tailor,

She sewed my new blue jeans,

And my daddy was a gamblin' man,

Way down in New Orleans.

Now the only thing that a gambler needs,

Is a suitcase and a trunk,

And the only time that he is satisfied,

Is when he comes home drunk.

She's got one foot on the platform,

The other on the train,

I'm going back to New Orleans,

Gonna wear that ball and chain.

So mama, tell your children,

Not to do what I have done,

To spend their life in sin and misery,

In the House of the Rising Sun.

Repeat 1st verse

Is this page here in the hope that someone will translate it, or because Mark chid And e on Lojban List for saying my daddy was a gambling man, he sold my new blue jeans?

mu'onai doi sutyzunti

  • pau oiro'apei ju'onai i ni'o ta'o sei jboske se'u zo sutyzunti cmene po'o i lu doi do noi sutyzunti li'u ge valsi lo nu tavla lo se tavla be lo bacru be lo'e no'a xi ro kei noi va'i lo vlagirzrvocativu gi ba'e ji'a skicu i mi'e and

fu'e.auro'a.a'onaicairo'e .uinairo'i.u'unaisairo'a

lebi'u la NA,lenz. ku dinju

cu selcme zo cernyzda

.i ra spogau so'i

to'e se funca .e mi

.i taxfu fenzba mamta

.i mibypre pakybla ji'a

.i cunso kelci patfu

vi le bi'unai tcadu

.i le bardu bevytanxe

.e le cmalu lo kelci cu sarcu

.i le xalka zdakla cunkei

po'o cu cunkei gleki

.i denpa stizu cpana

jamfu .i trene drata

.i tcadu bi'unai krefu

je se bapli mibypre

.i doi mamta ko kajde le panzi

le ckape poi fasnu mi

.i dunku je betri nunsre

nenri la cerni zdani

lebi'u la NA,lenz. ku dinju

cu selcme zo cernyzda

.i ra spogau so'i

to'e se funca .e mi


e'o jarco le basna i And i pu je ca ku na (ku) ka'e drani sanga snada

i ji'a ma se valsi zo mibypre lo'e jbobau be do i fi lo'e mi jbobau ku go'i fe la'e zoi glico one glico (My use of "mibypre" is explained here. I don't think it is inconsistent with the (British mainly) usage you are referring to.)

  • mi no'u la and do tugni