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cilre fi ro le gismu


Henri Tuhola // server: nick: Cheery

Timo Paulssen // server: nick: timonator

License: Public Domain


  • make sure you have python installed.
  • run to make your personal -file.
  • run and follow further instructions in program.

I accept any help. Especially porting. When you do something nice for this project, feel free to add your name up to Credits with my name.

Version 2 changes:

  • interface separated from logic and important functions. This way providing possibility for graphical interface in future.
  • sqlite removed and replaced with tiny customized mini serialisation tool found in my personal projects folders - database is not needed and on way in such small system.

Version 3 changes:

  • timonator solved the porting problems in version 2, thanks timonator! :)
  • fixed a bug which caused program act randomly.
  • fixed a bug which caused program to destroy saves. (:cry:) (too much bugs for such program)

Upcoming changes:

  • maybe update for training another kind of things about lojban as well.
  • user feedback which requires action.
  • improve readme and explain how do you get it all out of gismutrainer.